Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths

Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing ClothsAs convenient as they are, I had given up on facial cleansing cloths long ago because they always left an oily residue on my skin.  I tried countless brands and all the cloths left me feeling like I needed to wash my hands after touching them.  Let alone wipe my face with the stuff.  Gross!  No way could I clean my face with those things!  Finally, I discovered Kaia’s Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing Cloths and these leave my skin clean, refreshed, and moisturized!  I never thought it was possible!

I love the concept of cleansing cloths.  I want to have them in my gym bag, car,  purse, office… well just about everywhere.  I kept buying different brands in hopes of finding something I could use on my skin that left me feeling refreshed.  Everything I bought, went in the trash.  Oil-free may be on the label but there is something in the mainstream products I have tried that feels oily and disgusting.  I gave up on the hopes using these convenient products until Kaia contacted me and shared information about their products.  I was so disappointed in all the products I had tried, I was hesitant to test this product but I found these cloths are 99% natural and winners of the Best Natural/Organic Product from the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards.  I thought maybe they would be different than the others and they definitely are!

Kaia’s Founder, Mary Further,  is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the beauty & cosmetic industry.  She is an animal-lover and all her products are cruelty-free and never tested anywhere on animals.   Kaia is also committed to eliminating synthetic ingredients in their product formulations to deliver natural and toxic-free products.  The company is based in Toronto, Canada and developed with women on the go in mind. 

Kaia’s Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Wipes are … well,  juicy!  How could they actually live up to that description?  I had to think about that for a while because when I first tried them out, I thought the name was completely fitting.  After giving it some serious thought, the reason I think they are juicy is because they have a very sweet and delicious scent.  A scent that makes your mouth water.  After trying the product, I asked the company if there was almond extract in the formula because the product had a sweet scent that reminded me of it.  There is no almond extract and the beautiful and mouth watering scent comes from honey and eight essential oils the cloths soak in.  The formula is pure and natural.

Kaia's Juicy Bamboo product review


Juicy Bamboo products review
Adorable packaging!

Kaia’s packaging is positively adorable! Who wouldn’t want to receive this as a gift?  Inside the carton is a plastic tub that contains 30 cloths for $15.50.  The cloths are soft and made of bamboo fibers imported from Asia.  They are manufactured in the US and 100% biodegradable.  They are very effective at cleansing the skin and while they will remove waterproof eye makeup and heavy full coverage makeup, it is recommended eye makeup remover and/or makeup remover be used prior to the cleansing cloths.  I found that it requires a lot of rubbing to get off heavy, stubborn eye makeup and it can be more easily removed using a product specifically designed for that purpose.  I have been able to remove all my facial makeup with no issues using the cloths and I wear a lot of products.

Visit Kaia’s website to order their beautiful cloths and don’t forget to stop in and take a peek at their Instagram page.  It’s super cute!   I asked Kaia’s team if they had anything special coming up the for the holiday season and they do!  They will be releasing new holiday packaging for their cleansing cloths which would make a great stocking stuffer.  Here’s a peek at what it might look like.

Kaia holiday cleansing cloths product review

Follow Kaia on social media and watch for new and exciting all natural products coming up in 2016!  I hope you decide to give these cleansing cloths a try.  If you have given up on cleansing cloths as I had, you won’t be disappointed with Kaia’s product.  I promise!

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10 thoughts on “Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths

  1. Also, just had to say, your image had me really confused at first until I realized it was just you being cheeky, LOL. “What?? It’s a drink? But also a cleansing cloth? That sounds very unsanitary!!”

  2. Wooow, what a super product! I completely agree, I’ve always avoided cleansing cloths because they felt gross and oily – I’d just resort to wiping my face with a cold babywipe if I had to, lol! 30 for $15.50 isn’t awful, but not really something I can afford to splurge on now… maybe for my birthday, I’ll order them! Always good to keep the skin clean in winter. Everyone talks about oily summer skin, but my skin is always super clogged and oily and just plain unhealthy looking in winter. Bah! Thanks for the excellent product spotlight as always. =)

    1. These are really nice cloths. I did love them! But you know… I also found the Burt’s Bees ones to be a good option too. (For less money) – The one in the orange packaging is awesome and no oily gross residue. I have them at work and in every car now! LOL (Give them a try and they are super affordable)

      1. Ahh, that’s much more up my alley. Only, doesn’t BB test on animals?? Ah, such a hard to please customer! ;P I’ll keep an eye out, though!

        1. I’m not sure. I haven’t researched them. Although Victoria Styles is working directly with them from livingdisrobed.com – she would know for sure if they do any animal testing.

  3. The packaging is too cute! I feel the same way about the cleansing cloths. Most left me feeling greasy and just flat out gross. I stopped buying them at some point. I’m glad you found some that work better for you. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

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