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Products that are organic and natural are becoming more popular than ever. It makes sense considering research turns up alarming information regarding the damage that certain chemicals used in skin care and makeup can cause to our bodies.  InstaNatural has an entire product line of natural beauty products that are effective and use high quality ingredients. One of the biggest challenges I find with natural products is effectiveness. The company mission for InstaNatural is to produce products that are natural AND effective.

About InstaNatural – The Company

InstaNatural was started as a small business in Florida with a vision to provide natural, effective skin care solutions.  The company is currently a leading online distributor of beauty products and each product is offered with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  This is always nice to see from a company because it says they believe in their product and they care whether or not their customers are satisfied.

One of things I appreciate about this company is the founder started it because too many natural products on the market were not effective or contained ingredients that were not proven to be safe for use.  InstaNatural was founded on the premise to deliver personal care products that are safe and effective.  I can really appreciate that because many natural products, particularly makeup, has left me disappointed.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser


I’ve just started using this product and so far I really love the cleanser.  I wanted to share it with you while there is an opportunity to request a free sample from InstaNatural.

This is a gentle liquid-gel cleanser that contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant as well as green tea, chamomile, rose hip, aloe vera, and sugar cane.  The base of the cleanser is coconut water and I’ve found skin is left clean, hydrated, and refreshed.   With the use of the product over time, there are long term benefits but I haven’t had an opportunity to use the product long enough to validate the extent of the long term benefits.

The cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is gentle on the skin.  I didn’t experience any irritation or redness after using it.   The InstaNatural Vitamin C cleanser  has a very mild, herbal and citrus scent that I noticed and liked.  It is a thin gel that when applied to the face and combined with water, creates a soft and light lather.  The product rinses off easily and after using it, my skin was clean and there was no residue left behind.

InstaNatural VItamin C cleanser

With continued use of the Vitamin C cleanser, InstaNatural claims the following results can be expected:

  • Helps reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and other signs of aging
  • Carefully selected ingredients work together to rejuvenate the skin for a healthy complexion
  • Balancing formula keeps the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed
  • Decreases the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores

Retail price for InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser is $19.97 with a 100% money back guarantee on the product.

Get a Free Sample while supplies last

InstaNatural is offering free samples of this cleanser while supplies last so I would suggest you hurry and put in your request.  I’ve included a link below that will take you to a sample request page where you can enter your information and the company will send you a sample of the product


I hope you have an opportunity to grab a free sample of this product and give it a try!  Have a wonderful weekend beauties!

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7 thoughts on “Review: InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser

  1. I’ve used the cleanser for months now. Love it. I thought the smell at first was a little pungent but I like it now. There’s not a lot of perfumes in it like we’re all used to. The moisturizer lasts forever, as well as the cleanser. I’m finally satisfied with a face wash I can use twice a day and not feel like my face is cracking or covered in a layer of oil.

    1. That’s great news! I have continued to use this cleanser on and off (I use a lot of different cleansers) and I’ve always enjoyed it! Glad you do too!

    1. I hope you like it! I liked it because I felt like it was no frills. It was just a simple, clean, fresh cleanser. No perfume, no oiliness. I haven’t seen the samples but hopefully it will be enough to use for a few days. =)

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