HUGE MAC GIVEAWAY! Win 10 MAC Lipsticks (Closed)

MAC Lipstick Giveaway

It’s GIVEAWAY time!  What better way to bid farewell to the summer than with a giveaway for a new lipstick collection?  Victoria Styles and I are giving away 10 MAC LIPSTICKS!  Please review the guidelines in the post and rules for entry.  We’ve made entry easy and are very excited to bring you this incredible giveaway!

You read that introduction right!  Victoria Styles of and got together again and you know what that means?  A big giveaway!  We are giving away 10 MAC LIPSTICKS  to one lucky follower of our blogs!  The best part is that you get to choose any 5 shades you want!  We will choose the other 5 shades that we think would be perfect for you!

This is not a sponsored giveaway.  This is funded by Victoria and myself.  It is our way of saying thank you and letting you know how much we appreciate your ongoing support.  We truly adore our followers and we want you to know that.  We came up with a giveaway that we thought you would absolutely love and we hope to bring you many more in the future!


  • Max Prize Value: $210 USD (includes sales tax)
  • Prize is 10 new MAC lipsticks (must be in current stock)
  • Open to all followers – International Giveaway
  • Giveaway ends Sep 30, 2015 PDT at Midnight
  • Winner will be selected at random and announced by Oct 2, 2015
  • Must be 18 years of age to enter (if you aren’t, call in mom or dad!)
  • You may  earn additional entries via Social Media (See details in RULES below)
  • If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 14 days of being announced, another winner will be chosen

Please be aware if you subscribe via Social Media or the blogs for the giveaway and then unsubscribe, you will not be eligible to enter future giveaways.


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605 thoughts on “HUGE MAC GIVEAWAY! Win 10 MAC Lipsticks (Closed)

  1. It’s so hard for me to get a eyeline right and straight. The eyes are end different.

  2. Right now I have a huge issue with redness on my face and dry/oily skin. After having kids, the skin on my face just isn’t the same. It’s no where near as smooth as it used to be and I feel very ugly because of it!

  3. still trying to find the best waterline eyeliner coz even though they claim that it’s “waterproof” it keeps messing my eye makeup after few hours of application..please help! thank you :*

  4. My biggest beauty challenge is trying to make my makeup look natural, while still trying to make myself look older. I’m in my 20s and still get mistaken for a 17 year old :-/

  5. I have plenty of isuues! One is, wel I have small lips so I would love to know what color I should and shouldn’t wear. It’s a really not much talked about subject witch would be great and Informational if you helped me out. Also, what foundation is adaptable for oily skin, I hate my skin witch is hard to find good coverage. Lastly, I struggle tween chossing what best fits my skin, powder makeup or cream makeup? I will like to see some comparisons. & thank you for a great giveaway. Much luck and wish you greatness.

    1. I would suggest trying the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation or a foundation from Clinique. The Tarte is gorgeous and the Clay is drying and it’s great coverage. But you also need a good skin care regimen and a primer that will help minimize oil (I use Repechage Mineral Skin Shield – seems expensive but it’s 2 oz of product where others for 1/2 the cost are 1 oz). I always use a liquid foundation or cream set with powder.

  6. My biggest challenge is finding a primer and foundation for my extremely oily skin. The primers seem to make my skin more oily.

  7. Hi Janine,

    I think my biggest challenge has always been my under eye circles. My eyes are already hollow and having dark circles makes them look even more worse. Please let me know about what products should I use or what should be done to permanantly get rid of them. Another concern is my dry skin. Applying moisturizer does help me get rid from getting tiny little bumps on face but thats just temporary. I want my face to look fresh, smooth and hydrated.

    P.S. Thanks for the giveaway! ^_^ m so excited.. have already subscribed to you and Victoria and have left comments.

    1. I will be doing a post on dark circles soon. Lots of people struggle with that, including me. I had recent rhinoplasty so I’m battling some residual dark circles from that too! It’s often more than just makeup. There’s color correcting and concealer that really does the trick for me. I think NARS creamy radiant is the best but started just won an award for theirs so I need to try it!

  8. My biggest beauty problem right now is that I’m in my mid twenties and starting to get fine lines under my eyes that really show up when I wear makeup

  9. I have to agree with winged liner… tips and tricks!! I hate having really pretty shadow then I do my liner and ruin everything 🙁

  10. My biggest challenge would be brows. I don’t want to plug them as they are very fair, they are so fair that now that I’ve gone redheaded they cannot be seen and I want tham to have a slight reddish tone not brown as any regular brow pencil. Can you help me?

  11. My biggest challenge is covering dark circles with a “safe” makeup – without chemical disrupters

  12. My current challenge is that Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Foundation in Creamy Ivory has been discontinued and the Vanilla is far too dark. I am devastated as I have tried numerous other foundations but there is no comparison in terms of coverage and texture. I can never understand why companies always discontinue popular products or colours. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. XO

    1. I love the Estée Lauder Double Wear. You could attempt lighten the darker shade but I don’t know if that would be successful. There are tints you can purchase and add but I’d suggest mixing it with another much lighter foundation so you only need very little to add (something from Estée Lauder). I do find that Make Up For Ever HD with a MAC mineralized powder gives me a very similar amount of coverage. I get a lot of compliments on the MUFE foundation when I wear it. Dior Star is also fantastic. I did a post of full coverage foundations (just search on foundation and it will come up)

  13. Hello! one of my biggest problem is I find it really hard to apply eyeliner. I wish you could give me some tips. Thanks

  14. One of my beauty issues is black heads! They are so annoying and won’t go away. I haven’t tried very many things but what used to work for me doesn’t anymore. Would love to win though! My Instagram sn is: iamnivi ????

  15. My biggest beauty challenge right now is scars, i get hyper pigmentation so my acne scars are dark and takes for ever to fade. I can’t use fade creams or vitamin c products, it actually makes my skin break out. And the real good products are expensive. what should i do?

    1. I would check with a dermatologist because you could get a prescription product that may be covered by medical insurance. But if you are repeatedly getting acne, that sounds like the source of the problem. Something needs to change in your skin care routine or possibly you need a prescription product to solve that…

  16. It was very difficult to choose foundation to my skin tone, so I bought to 2 colors and blend it. That makes my make up more natural.

        1. For liquid eyeliner, I would recommend Stila Stay All Day Liner, it’s outstanding! That’s your problem with your hair… you can’t use a cheap shampoo. You have to use better products. Some are expensive, I know but a 2 in 1 shampoo is a big no no. I would suggest trying out the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner. It will run you about 40.00 for the products, but I think you will notice a massive difference. At a minimum, you could try the new oil shampoos from Loreal but if you want to change your hair, you have to make more of an investment there. The 2 in 1 shampoo will just destroy it. =(

  17. My eyebrows are my biggest problem! I can never seem to get the shape right for my face (round and kinda chubby) and they always seem really fake when I use a pencil (which is all I have available right now)

  18. I did all the steps to enter! <3 praying to win, i have never owned mac but heard AMAZING things!
    My biggest beauty challenge is my eyebrows. EVERYTHING to do with my brows, i can't shape them and i either overpluck or underpluck.
    I have fairly thin brows but if i use a pencil it looks fake and overdone.

  19. I honestly have the hardest time picking out good lipsticks for my skin and hair color. I want to be adventurous and try new bold colors so this would be so amazing to win!

  20. My biggest beauty challenge is trying to get eyeliner on properly and thinly. I always over do it and then I have to take it all off. HELP!

  21. My biggest challenge is my skin. I want my skin to glow, and have smaller pores etc.

  22. My biggest beauty challenge would be the contouring with creams concelers never comes out right its either way to dark or way to white and my nose never can get that lol 🙂

  23. My biggest challenge is eyeliner! I can never get it right with the first try and even if I do it right on one eye I then mess with the other one! I have tried using tape but nothing…

  24. My biggest problem right now is matching the perfect eye look with a fall lippy (lipstick/matte lip/ or lipgloss) i tremendously need help with matching the right eyelook with the right matte fall lip. Thanks

  25. Hmm my biggest beauty struggle.. I’d have to say my pores!! I’ve tried many facial scrubs, moisturizer, primers, loose powders and setting spray but it doesn’t give me the finish I’d like. OH and I can’t seem to perfect my winged liner 🙁

  26. My biggest beauty challenge is setting my makeup so it lasts throughout the day.Is their a way to make your foundation waterproof so that it lasts long?

    1. Using a good primer that helps reduce oil production helps. I set my foundation with MAC mineralized powder (usually) and you could use a setting spray. Some foundations are formulated to wear longer than others.

  27. Wow! I love the fact that you answer back with advice to EVERYONE, Janine! You are so kind and lovely <3 kisses
    P.S. : it's irinaaadeforce from INSTAGRAM haha x

  28. I don´t know how to contour my pale skin face… I would like to know products without look too brown or too orange. Thank u so much!!!

    1. It sounds like you could be trying bronzer – as they will definitely look reddish. The colors for contouring are cool browns – sort of grayish. There is usually a good light tone in most palettes and you don’t need much and it should be blended out well using a good quality brush.

  29. Hey there! So probably my biggest beauty challenge is covering my dark under eye circles. I do know a couple tricks but by the middle of the day they still show up!

  30. Hi,I am really lousy with eyeliner and false eyelashes….I can not decide how long to make my eyeliner line (I love really thin lines but I always make them too thick and it is not working for me)….This giveaway is really fun and whoever wins will be really lucky

    Following both of you on twitter (sassypout),email,word press (sassypout), bloglovin (sassypout), IG(sassy_pout),retweeted and reposted
    thank you for the chance

  31. My biggest beauty problem is that when i apply my foundation it make my skin dry quickly i don’t know why N

  32. My biggest beauty challenge these days is that I just suffered from chickenpox and have dark and deep marks on my face, so I would love a some tips on how to remove or fade away these!! And a concealer which will make these look invisible 🙂
    P.S: Awesome giveaway 🙂

  33. My biggest beauty problem is getting my lipstick to to look equal because when I do them one side is sharper and thinner than the other. Could you do a post on how to get them the same? I’d appreciate it so much!

    1. Typically, people’s lips are not perfectly symmetrical. What you notice may not be something anyone else is aware of. However, the easiest way to correct this is to use a liner that is a match to the lipstick and draw a thicker line on the outer edge of the lip to make the thinner side appear more full.

    1. I do too! And of my favorites is quite drying. Try adding a couple drops of argan oil on the back of hand and blending it with your foundation. Then apply the blend to your face. You will get added moisture from the argan oil, no clogging of pores, a reduction in the natural oil produced by your skin (if you have aily skin) and an absolutely beautiful and flawless finish with the foundation.

  34. my biggest beauty challenge is my hair I have naturally curly hair which is long at the moment and I dont want to cut it but keeping it tangle free is a hassle and a chore Some tips on good hair products tips for taming my hair would be much appreciated

  35. My biggest beauty challenge is make equal the outlined cat eyes, I always get different in each eye. You would have some trick to make them equal? Thank you:) I have shared in all my social networks this giveaway! Facebook :RoooLedesma and Twitter:Roochy_TH

  36. My biggest beauty challenge is perfecting a no makeup makeup look. I don’t want to seem like I’m wearing a lot of makeup whil enhancing my features.

  37. My biggest beauty challenge is keeping my mascara from getting all underneath my eyes… I also have trouble finding a good lip product to go underneath lipstick to keep my lips from getting scaly!

  38. My biggest beauty challenge is applying makeup without it looking cakey. The weather is always hot in my country and it is frustrating to look good with makeup ????

  39. Cold weather is coming and my cheeks especially have been flaky and dry when I put on foundation. I do moisturize and also exfoliate sometimes (maybe not as much as I should) do u know any other ways to minimize the harshness of the skin during cold seasons?

    1. Exfoliating with a good exfoliator, which you are doing and using a good moisturizer in the day and night. I have the same problem only it’s my chin. My skin gets really dry when I start running the heater so I have to use heavier moisturizers. I’ve started adding argan oil to my foundation which helps my skin a lot and a good moisturizing mask but not clay (that would dry you out more) would help during the winter. Some foundations are more drying than others as well but if you use the argan oil that helps.

  40. My biggest makeup challenge is my makeup creasing when I smile/laugh a lot 🙁 lol I guess I just smile too much. 😀
    Thank you for the chance to win. x

  41. Mi biggest beauty challenge is to do a perfect black smokey eye that looks sexy and not like Iñv been punched in the eye, I would love to see a post aout that girl! and I would love to win the mac lipsticks, the colours are gorgeous

  42. First of all thank you for tis amazing giveaway!
    I have a very delicate dry skin,I wold like an appropriate hydrating product or cream.

  43. My biggest beauty challenge is the right eyeliner do I use black or brown and my second challenge is my eyebrows are thin how to make them full and not look fake

  44. Hi! Since my first comment did not get posted here , and I also got the solution from you on Twitter I am posting about my second beauty challenge. I always seem to be clueless when it comes to cleansers. What are my best options out there for eye and lip make up? What should I take into account when I buy cleansers? Love, from sudeshna_mb on Instagrma , Molly CashewRaisin on Facebook, and Monalisha_SB on twitter! 🙂

  45. Wow this is an amazing giveaway. I personally most have problems with eyeshadow placement and blackheads on my nose

  46. Hi Janine, Thank you for the giveaway! My biggest beauty challenge is trying to make my eyes look bigger since I have really small eyes. Kisses from Italy ????

  47. I wear glasses, so my biggest issue (especially in hot weather) is not having my makeup wind up on the rims of my glasses instead of on my face! I’ve tried a couple of different setting powders but I haven’t found one that works yet.

    1. That’s a tough one because the rims sitting there might make you sweat a bit too and break up the foundation. You’d have to apply super light foundation there for sure. Have you tried the Laura mercier secret brightening? You can get a sample and try it

  48. My biggest beauty challenge is getting my skin clear. If you have any advice on how to get rid of acne i would love it hear it!

    1. If it’s really bad, see a dermatologist. Sometimes long term antibiotics low dose may be needed or there’s other options. Do you use a salicylic face wash twice daily? And a little topical product?

  49. My biggest struggle is finding the best water eyeliner most of them affect me and irritate me so I stopped using it but I really need one another thing is my dry skin if you can recommend the perfect primer and or foundation that’s not really pricey I would be so grateful thank you. Also I will share your amazing giveaway on instagram I I’m doing this correctly and thank you both ladies.

    1. In my million years of using makeup, Lancôme kohl liner has never let me down and it glides on soft and lasts. You don’t have to tug or anything. You could try that one and see. Primer… Hard with drug store!! I buy NYX pore perfecting and think it’s great!! Foundation .. I’ve heard Loreal mattifying is good but I haven’t tried it. The Loreal true match is ok. If you could spend a little more, you could get MAC which is going to be hugely better than anything in the drug store. That would be best value for higher end. Worth a few extra dollars because the difference in quality is profound

  50. Winged liner is also my biggest challenge but I think that’s also because I don’t have a globe line or it’s not as visible at least 😉 I love winged eyeliner though…

  51. Hi Janine 🙂 I’m learning so much just by reading all the comments and your response to them! I would loooove to win this giveaway! It would be a dream

    My biggest beauty challenge is finding a good waterproof mascara. What mascara do you use? Right now I use Clinique. Thank you!

    1. I struggle with mascara!! I almost always wear fake lashes but if I don’t… I curl my lashes, and then use roller lash and Loreal voluminous over that. Lancome Defincils is also great but I don’t have any at the moment

  52. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers….???? My biggest beauty challenge is finding the perfect concealer to hide pimple marks…???? I’ve tried a few already but after dabbing a powder there it goes again…. It would be a great help if you can help me find one that is affordable. I am a mother of three and buying expensive make up is way down my list of things to buy. ???? That’s why I join this huge giveaway and hoping to win so I can use mac lipstick. I’m a big fan of Mac. I’ve got quite a few that’s why I know the quality and I love it…. Thank you and please continue to inspire us, specially moms ????.

    Also if you could also include a liner that won’t smudge and won’t make me look a panda at the end of the day….???? a million thanks!

    1. Good concealers are actually hard to come by. It’s one of the few areas I think is worth the extra money. If you were going to take the plunge, I’d recommend NARS Radiant Concealer. MAC Studio Fix is also fantastic and less expensive than the NARS. I think the FitMe concealer is popular but I have found it gets patchy under the eye after it wears a little while.

      For liners… are you looking for a liquid liner or gel liner?

    1. It’s STILL a little swollen but I’m going to post my final results soon. It’s still sore (feels like a ball hit me in the face LOL) but the swelling has gone down quite a bit. No one told me I’d be PLAGUED by boogers after this procedure. Ugh

  53. my biggest challenge for the makeup is able to match the colors on the eyes, because I can not always find the perfect combination of more colors thank you for this amazing giveaway follow you on instagram: deborah d’agnese

  54. Hi Janine.. I have a beauty concern.. I love to buy makeup and beautiful palettes. I’m a makeup hoarder. I have hazel eyes and I tend to stick to purple/lavendar shades and green/gold shades. I know there are SO many other options but I’m lost. It would be amazing if you could do a post for us hazel eyed ladies in different looks besides my same old go-tos that I have been using for years. Thank you so much.

    1. You have the most versatile color of all! Lucky! I will plan a post on this. I’m getting the new VICE palette this weekend and I’ll start thinking about some nice fall looks.

  55. Hiiiiiiiiiiii Janine, I love your blog! My name is Jasmine. I think the biggest beauty challenge for me is the bipolar weather changes here in Hawaii. My skin varies month to month due to the drastic day to day weather changes here. One day its raining the next day is humid and 90- something degrees. Some days are cold and windy, other days are hot and humid. I never know if my skin will be dry or oily. One week my face can be dry and makeup not appealing in some areas of my face. Other days it can be as oily as can be. Whats your biggest makeup/beauty advice for someone like me that skin change with the weather?
    xoxo Jasmine

    1. We have weird weather in Phoenix too. Up to 118 degrees (basically I fry) and then afternoon rain and humidity. OMG! Lol. I have seen using a zinc oxide based sunscreen which doubles as a blur primer from Repechage. If you go back a few posts I reviewed it. I love that product and it seems to work no matter what the weather is doing. ????

    2. When it’s colder, I’d keep a heavier duty moisturizer on hand. I’ve used La Mer and it’s a favorite but it’s very expensive. If honestly recommend oil of Olay regenerate microsculpt as a day moisturizer in cold and Sunday days. I have a large collection of creams but I turn to this one a lot and I know that even celebrity makeup artists use it. It’s very good.

  56. Hi ???????? my twin sis and I are loving your blog , we think it’s such an inspiration to see a blog where you can help woman with questions on makeup and anything beauty related , it’s something that we will consider in the future.

    Although we do makeup and it is our passion, we also struggle with some things, no one is perfect and we think learning from other people helps us grow and there will always be something new to learn in the beauty and makeup industry.

    One beauty struggle is having perfect healthy skin, although makeup is our passion we also think our skin our (base) is fundamental in makeup application.

    So what are some skin care products that have helped you maintain a hydrated and acne free and clean pore face? We would love to know .

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway this would be a dream for us. We will repost on Instagram our makeup page is @beautybyzaara ????????

  57. My biggest beauty challenge is trying to find that perfect moisturizer for my skin which is starting to get those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. I also have oily skin so many moisturizers are too oily and give me acne. It’s hard to find something for oily, acne prone, aging skin!

  58. My skin is very oily and my foundation doesn’t last throughout the day. How can I make it last? I need some great primer suggestions. Thanks.

  59. I also have a challenge with toning!! Do you recommend any products to make my skin colour tone more even? X????X

  60. My biggest beauty challenge is finding the right moisturizer for my oily skin, I would love if you recommend one for me!

    1. Liquid pen if day Stila All Day Liquid Liner. Gels are similar. I don’t buy expensive ones, maybelline’s product is great! It’s the brush that is going to be the key to success

    2. My biggest beauty challenge is trying new things-a bold lip,or a purple-toned blush,winged liner(that’s actually more of an “I just can’t do it” issue,lol).I’m afraid I just won’t look right, or draw.I understand this may be more of maybe a confidence thing, and I am worki,g on that also,but I see these beautiful colors-especially lippies,and I want them,but feel strange moving out of my comfort zone.I am trying,little by little,and this giveaway is DEFINETLY putting me in the right direction,as there are like 6 MAC lipsticks that I am drooling over at them moment-each one a little more bold them the next.I guess what my issue is is coming out of my makeup shell.I want to try new things!I just need a little more confidence.Janine,I KNOW you can give me some advice-you’re ALWAYS rocking some amazing look,lips,eyes,a crazy-fierce highlight…so,what do you think?
      This giveaway is a dream come true,too.You guys really are AMAZING,sponsoring this.
      Thank you both for the chance to win 10(OMG-TEN!) beautiful lippies,and also the chance to boost my confidence a bit along the way.xx

      1. I have had a fear for years and I could not and would not wear bolder lipsticks. Only maybe 2 months ago did I get over it!! I got an in between shade to gradual break myself in. MAC Captive. It’s gorgeous and it’s darker but not too dark and it creates a gorgeous warmth. I wore that off and on for a couple weeks and then I felt ok about going darker and bolder and I got MAC Rebel and MAC Diva for the fall! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. My biggest beauty challenge is liquid eyeliner.. Always has been! I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t smudge everywhere after a couple of hours and leaves me looking like a panda! ????

  62. How to use charcoal eyeliner without smudging/transferring it onto my lower lashes. If you can share some tips, that would be lovely!

  63. Hey!! Em 18 n i have reallyy wierd small white head on my nose…i always try to exfoliate them but it never goes …its doesnt show from far but in close up pics it shows really badly n so i cannot click my makeup luks ….n second thing is my hair is breaking a LOT its getting thinner everyday ..n i actually had decent hair but now its so thin dat scalp shows sometimes!! I cannot afford expensive products …n i dnt no wat to do…if u have any home remedies plz help me out ????????

  64. Hi. I use to have the most beautiful skin,smooth texture,supple and poreless as im getting older its become blotchy and my pores are literally caves and my nose looks like a cactus plant because of white heads. I have used clay masks, pore perfectors,texturisers and they all work for a limited time then back to one. The rest of my body is lovely.
    Help me?

    1. Hmmm. Blotchy red? I have a product for redness I am posting later this week. It’s not cheap but the line is spectacular! Have you thought about trying microdermabrasion? It’s reasonably priced and non invasive. If that failed, and nothing else is working, I’d say a mild peel would fix you up! Nothing extreme though.

  65. My biggest beauty challenge is my skin, it’s quite oily and I get a lot of spots on my back aswell as my face!! But if I use anything which relives oiliness it makes my skin dry and itchy!! I need something that not to harsh on my skin x

  66. Hello, my biggest beauty challenge is my oily skin, I’ve tried everything such as matte foundations, de-slicking powders, primers, and after an hour my skin is super shiny again! Please help!

    1. I’m hearing this a lot from people. My husband has such oily skin that I can SMELL the oil. I’ve got him much better so I will definitely do a post on this. One of things that has really helped him is a very high quality salicylic acid facial wash twice a day – consistently. Are you using anything specific for cleansing?

      1. Yes I found that benzoyl peroxide works better for me, I use clean and clear continuous control acne cleanser with 10% benzoyl peroxide.

        1. Here’s a bonus tip for you….. oily skin doesn’t wrinkle as much as dry and normal skin! You could try an occasional mask (like a clay mask) which is specific for oily skin but you don’t want to dry your skin out so you have to be careful with those. Maybe try one or two, see if it makes a difference and then observe how long the results last for you.

  67. My biggest beauty challenge is how to contouring the nose, my nose shape isn’t straight 🙁 and its really hard for me to contouring it! (Ps : I followed you both in the blog,twitter also retweeted it and I followed you in Instagram)

  68. My biggest beauty struggle is trying to contour my chubby cheeks you think you could tell me some tips to help slim me down low ????

    1. I was just looking at your IG photos, I don’t think your cheeks are chubby at all! I can see though that it would be a challenge to contour and if you want to, you should be using a very cool tone color (not a bronzer) and come in very lightly in that zone where the contour goes. Blend the blush well to create that shadow effect but not a line of delineation between the two. However, with your EYES, I would not do anything to distract from them and play that feature up because your eyes are absolutely stunning! Just using highlighter is really the trend now as well.. and you’ve got perfect features for that!

  69. My biggest Beauty challenge is putting on eyeshadow & blending it with other colors . Always wanted to try different looks but I can’t seem to get it . Also what makes it stay on all day? Great giveaway !! Thanks so much ! #fingerscrossed 🙂

    1. This is something I’m going to do a post on… but I can share a few things that might help. People will debate this but I think an eye primer is a necessity. It creates a barrier so the oils in your skin don’t disturb the shadow. (Try Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, or a Paint Pot from MAC). You will also notice colors pop more! Blending? This is going to be the quality of the product and the tools you use. I did a post search on “brushes” and I talked about some really affordable AWESOME eye shadow brushes from Sigma. The brush matters! The quality of the product matters too. Certain shadows are formulated differently and I find they are more blendable than others. For a budget friendly product, try Make Up Geek shadows. For a palette, I would highly recommend the Lorac Pro Palette 1 (2 is also fantastic but start with 1 as the colors are great) or the Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Palette. The reason I recommend these are the quality of the product and the tones. Especially the Tarte palette, they are already grouped for you into tones that look beautiful when blended together (with good brushes, of course) and you don’t need 20 … you really just need a few essential brushes.

  70. What a fantastic giveaway! My biggest beauty challenge is finding the right foundation. With warm, yellow undertones and a very fair complexion it’s hard to find the right match. I’m taking your advice and am looking into NARS, MAC and Estee Lauder’s double wear. My birthday is next Friday and I will be purchasing myself a new foundation. Wish me luck ????

    1. AWESOME! All of those are great. I rotate between MAC Studio Fix, Make Up For Ever HD, Estee Lauder DW, NARS Luminous Weightless, and right now I’m also using Dior Star but the Dior foundations are not yellow at all and there are far less in the color range. NARS doesn’t have a color range like MAC or Estee Lauder but they are more yellow based. Let me know what you get!

  71. Amazing giveaway!! I struggle with achieving a perfect winged eyeliner. I can line my eyes and do the wing on one side but as soon as I try and replicate it on my other eye, I end up messing it up and then I just remove the wing and just have lined eyes. I would love to know how to achieve the perfect wing on both eyes and which products are best suited for this. If I should use a gel based liner/liquid liner/pen liner.
    I also struggle with baking and strobing. I don’t think I am using the right products because it ends up looking patchy and not blended and natural.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog

  72. My biggest beauty challenge is accepting my pale skin. Finding the right foundation has always been a problem because sometimes the lightest shade is too dark.

  73. I always struggle with finding the right primer. Something that can help hide pores and also keep my makeup in its place without being oily. Iv tried so many now but none impressed me. Any suggestions? nothing worse than doing fabulous makeup and an hour later it’s a mess lol. And we are heading into summer now in SA and the heat isn’t helping. My mac prep and prime finishing powder helps set afterwards but i feel like life would be much better if I find a primer that works with my skin. Xxx ????

    1. A primer with zinc oxide would likely help. I use Repechage Skin Shield and it seems expensive but it’s the same as everything else. It’s 2 oz vs 1 oz of product. It keeps me from sweating and getting oily. I’ve also been mixing a touch of Argan oil in with foundation and that helps to teduce sebum production and then of course set with a good quality matte powder. For an inexpensive option, NYX pore perfecting primer is a good dupe for Porefessional but I really like the Repechage product because I don’t sweat and in Phoenix it’s 115-118 F in the summer with a monsoon season. Yuck!

  74. My biggest beauty issue is that I have the flattest, most lifeless hair, and way too many flyaways! Thank you so much for the giveaway 🙂

  75. My biggest beauty challenge is how to add some radiance to my 55-year-old face. I could also use some updates on makeup application.

  76. Hello ^^
    Please do you have any advice/tips for a beginner (me) who also loves makeup 🙂 (what can I say I’m a woman^^)…..For under eyes darkness and how to apply the eyeliner perfectly….
    Wish you all the best 🙂
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway ^^ <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. I catch them in all the different places each night – so if you post it here and on Facebook… I see it. When you post on Facebook, I get a notification or Victoria Styles does and we both track. =)

  77. Thanks for this lovely giveaway! ♥
    My beauty challenge: fight dull skin, as we approach winter ^.^
    I follow both blogs ( and shared/tag on twitter (@colinetouil); facebook (coline touil) and instagram (@coline_touil)

  78. One of my biggest beauty challenges is that I keep getting millia on my undereye area, also hiding undereye darkness without it creasing! I am 44 so I have a few wrinkles as well! I have tried Benifit erase paste and eve pearl salmon concealer and I can still see darkness.

    1. I think if you use a color corrector, then foundation, then a really good concealer (such as NARS) you won’t have creasing and you should get good coverage of the darkness. I have a post on concealers and color correcting. I’ve had to switch to that method otherwise my dark circles will show.

  79. I am just getting into “face makeup” (conturing and highlighting, concealing etc.). Do you have any tips for a begginer? Thanks ❤????

  80. My biggest beauty challenge is having the perfect shade of foundation. I cant seem to find the BEST foundation for my skintone. Its always either too dark or too light >.<

  81. I m always having issues with my under eye concealer the whole baking and setting process is not working to we’ll for me what are the basics steps to setting your under eye concealer

  82. My biggest challenge is getting full coverage without looking like my face is caked in make-up. I have red blotchy areas that are hell to cover! Also second the post for winged eyeliner, never come out the same!

    Amazing giveaway, have followed via email here but via wordpress at!


    1. For the redness, try a green color corrector before foundation. Then you don’t have to over apply foundation to hide it. I add Argan oil now to my foundation which gives it a very nice flawless finish but still full coverage

      1. Ahh will have to get some, my powder has green pigments in it but doesn’t really effect my blotchiness! Thank youuu!

  83. Biggest beauty concern would be achieving “flawless” looking skin throughout the day. I usually use a primer and MAC liquid foundation, set with powder but throughout the day my make up seems to.. wear off? I have uneven skin tone , red spots and blemishes that start to show.
    I think I need to try some different foundations maybe.

  84. My beauty challenge is trying to get my eyeliner to be an actual full looking line instead of choppy looking, if that makes sense. LOL! I keep trying to subscribe to your blog, but I’m getting an error message every time. My email is ilikevindiesel(at), I don’t know if there is a way you can subscribe me or if I need to just keep trying? Thanks!

  85. My biggest beauty challenge is finding the colors that work best for me without splurging on high-end products.

  86. My biggest beauty challenge is hiding the tiny facial hairs. Every time in attempt to hide the tiny winy facial hair, I over go with either foundation/concealer. I tried laser treatment, but instead of reducing my hair it increased it and also I couldn’t bear the pain, so dint continue it,.. It’s tiny, I hope the makeup can cover it,.. but wanted to know what need to be applied. Please help me,.. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

    1. I have blonde peach fuzz and it drives me crazy. I see some blonde people with very noticeable facial hair and some with more noticeable peach fuzz….. basically I have shaved my face before (yes, I admit it) and sometimes I just leave it…. I am pretty sure mine isn’t that bad but it has become a fear of mine. I really do not think there is anything that you can put on it. have you tried nair>? I was working at cvs and someone told me that it worked for them.

      1. That peach fuzz is something everyone has…. I wouldn’t recommend a product like Nair. It may irritate your skin and it could cause a breakout. It’s not designed for the skin on your face. I have that same blonde fuzz. I did have it removed recently with dermaplaning (if you go back a few posts on my blog you’ll see it and I embedded a video of the process). It will grow back and really the dermaplaning with respect to that fuzz is no different than shaving it off or waxing it. The dermaplaning offers other skin benefits though but it caused me to break out. I imagine the fuzz is noticeable to you but it’s unlikely anyone else notices it. (Unless they are actually looking for it and if they are, then they are weird!)

  87. My biggest beauty challenge is to disguise pimples! I wear foundation and concealer, but the redness doens’t disapear!

    1. You should try a green concealer to cover any redness since it cancels it out 🙂 i use this trick since i have redness and acne too! Hope this works for you!

  88. Retweeted @aishwaryamoha10 🙂
    My biggest beauty challenge have been to get the right shade of concealer and foundation. I’m dusky skinned girl from India and there are very few brands that make shades for indian skin tones especially the dusky shades.. I would love it if you could help me with this dilemma 🙂
    Would love to win the giveaway.. have never owned a MAC product ever 😀

  89. What a wonderful giveaway!
    My biggest beauty challenge is probably applying false eyelashes. It should be easy, but I’m so bad at it! I’ll get one eye on, then totally mess up the other 😛

  90. Hi my biggest beauty challenge is how to put on the eye make up so it doesn’t look over the top. Even the colour choices. Is it okay to be dramatic with eye shadows? What is the exact shape in which eye shadow should be applied.

  91. My biggest beauty challenge is finding the confidence to not only wear more bold lip colors, but finding which ones match me. I’m just starting to get used to wearing red lip colors from sheer tints to liquid lacquers. But I’m still a little hesitant with corals, berries, and even nudes. I’m still very much confused as to finding what suits me, and even though I find the colors beautiful I’m a bit intimidated by them. I only have the confidence to wear bolder colors when I’m doing theatre and performing on stage, but that hasn’t transferred to everyday life.

  92. My biggest issue is my pores and scars. I’ve seen all kinds of posts and videos on different brushes, sponges, techniques, and primers and no matter what I do, I cannot get them covered… sigh. This is an awesome giveaway. A girl can dream can’t she? I’ve never worn nor owned MAC products. Money…

    1. There are some laser treatments that will resurface your skin. It’s a little rough but people get amazing results. You could always look into that or talk to a doctor about it if nothing is working and it’s really upsetting to you.

  93. You’re so generous! So i don’t know how to put eyeshadow under my eyes! I don’t know how to explain but in almost every tuto they put eyeshadow under their eyes!

  94. My biggest beauty challenge is how to do the winged eyeliner ! I have so much trouble. Do you have any tips, tricks or suggestions? Anything would be helpful! Thanks !
    IG: @girlquotesss_
    FB: Aden Quinn
    Twitter: @girlquotesss__

  95. my biggest beauty challenge is learning how to contour…. how to contour per face shape (which mine is mix of round and heart) and how to contour with pale skin without looking like a clown. apparently the new look is to look like you have a super amount of blush and bronzer on (aka kim K and Khloe K) but I have mixed feelings about it. my mom has always told me that when I wear makeup like that, I look like a crazy person that has gone off their meds. but idk. I just need to learn to contour in general and how to blend it in, and what products would be useful….. I basically use a big powder brush and put on a mosaic/bronzer/powder from physicians formula all over to give myself a natural looking ‘more tan’ color than my normal, pale self. then I put a line of darker bronzer right under/along my cheek bones. then I put a small amount of blush on the apples of my cheeks and kinda drag it upward and blend with the line of bronzer. I had heard you should make a fish face, and where the indents by your mouth are, you should add a circular amount of bronzer in there. but that just makes my face look more round….. so maybe you could help with that…I have never had a mac lipstick and there are so many that I have been dying to try! ty for the chance.
    if u need to reach me, my email is and that is what I am using to subscribe to both of your blogs

    1. With fair skin, you would need to use a very light color to contour. Usually the kits have a light tone just for that but…… contouring is really on it’s way out and what’s become super popular is just using the highlight. Easier and more natural too!

  96. Hi Thanks for the lovely giveaway <3
    My biggest challenge is how to make my foundation & lipstick last longer 🙁 :/

  97. My biggest beauty challenge is not having time to do the full face of makeup that I would like to every day. I need tips for the best possible 5-10 minute face!

  98. My biggest challenge is how to do countourning. I’m very pale and I look like dirty or too orange…

  99. my biggest challenge is how to make my foundation last longer .I have big pores and my foundation disappears into them after a few hours !!

    1. Thanks Marilena! I hear this quite a bit. I’m making notes to prioritize some upcoming blog posts with makeup tips and I’ll definitely be sharing some foundation tricks. I have the exact same problem!

  100. My Biggest beauty challenge is doing wings and also contouring I have no idea where to start

    Thanks for the giveaway – following you on Instagram, Twitter, FB and your blog

  101. My biggest beauty problem are acne scars. I hate them. No matter what I try it neve seems to work. And those spots make me feel ugly. I finished telling my husband that today. How could you love me. I know I shouldn’t say but but they bring my self esteem low sometimes. I think with wearing make up some times always makes me feel pretty. As God is my witness I’ve never owned any lipstick. Only lip gloss and chap stick. But those colors are amazing and I’m willing to try something new now that I’ll be getting older this month. Thank you in advance for the oppurtunity to enter this awesome giveaway.

    1. I know acne scars can be upsetting and my husband has then too. I don’t really notice or think about it. Your husband probably doesn’t either. He loves you for the person you are not whether or not your skin is perfect. But I understand believe me. La Roche Posay makes a line called Effaclear that may help. Of course you can think about chemicals peels or laser treatments that will permanently address the issue.

  102. My biggest beauty challenge is dealing with acne and i can never figure out the perfect skincare routine ! That id definitely need help with

  103. My biggest beauty challenge is foundation – I have combination skin and I haven’t found the right product that adjusts itself to my skin.

  104. My biggest challenge is trying to achieve a flawless skin with foundation! I feel like my face is too oily and never looks right.

  105. My biggest beauty challenge is eyeliner! i love it but i tried so many times to wear it but i just can’t make it perfect.

  106. My biggest challenge is making my make up last all day. As a teacher I’m often leaving the house around 6am and not getting back home till 8pm, all without the chance to touch up my make up. Any products or tricks to keep my face looking fresh and fantastic throughout the day and not exhausted and pale as the day goes on?

  107. My biggest beauty challenge is eyeliner. I love it but I never wear because I can’t apply it right!

  108. My biggest beauty challenge is making my skin appear poreless! I have tried lots of foundations, but I think it is a matter of technique. I hope one day I can solve this problem. Kisses x Irina

    INSTA : irinaaadeforce

  109. Wow, awesome giveaway! My biggest beauty challenge in under eye circles. I’m one of those people who always has them, even when I’m well rested. The girl I talked to at the makeup counter last time suggested making sure I have SPF in an eye cream. Any other tips?

    1. Try NARS Radiant concealer and apply after foundation. If that doesn’t work, use a color corrector before the foundation. Search on my blog for concealer. I explain more in a post and it also links to a color correcting post I did to help you find the right tone to hide whatever it is. Dark circles will be a pinky peach

  110. My biggest beauty challenge personally is finding the perfect foundation color for my skin tone. I seem to be a very fair cool olive tone. Makeup just doesn’t seem to exist that works 100%. I tend to go for light cool shades and they work, but aren’t perfect.

  111. My biggest beauty challenge is… to find correct false lashes. I can never get it perfect for my small eyes. I look like a drag queen. I need to find tutorials and brands for my eye shape. Thanks!

  112. I left a similar comment at Victoria’s blog – I have a problem with dark lipsticks. I loooove them, but I always mess up something when I apply them, so it usually ends as a disaster! I’d be great if you could make a post with some tips or advices on how to make a beautiful dark lips. 🙂

  113. Well let’s see here…..i would have to say I’d love some tips on contouring. I’ve never done it before & i would like to try it at least once. : )

  114. My biggest challenge is trying to contour I always feel like I’m doing it wrong I have such bad self esteem bc of my nose ???? is not the prettiest it makes me feel uncouncomfortable at times. Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway.

  115. contouring & eyeshadow application… I have the naked 3 pallette but can’t seem to re-create the looks from youtube =/ I think it may be the brushes I’m using?

  116. My biggest beauty challenge would have to be perfecting the winged eyeliner, I can never seem to apply it evenly and have it match on both eyes. I also have trouble keeping them from cracking, or smudging and fading. Eyebrows would also be another challenge, mind you, I’ve only just started to fill them in, but I always have the trouble of filling them in evenly, one eyebrow ends up being misshaped differently. The struggle is real.

  117. My biggest challenge with makeup is probably liquid eyeliner. Or eyeliner in the top lids. The liquid one I’ve tried a few times and always just get it all over the place and end up taking it off and giving up. With lining the lids, I always end up with a gap between the line and my eyelashes and it just looks ridiculous 🙁

  118. email subscriber. I have more of a red skin tone on my face and I would love to find a product that would help fade the redness and a great foundation that would help cover it up as well with it not feeling too cakey!

  119. My beauty challenge is doing eyeliner, and eye makeup in general. My Eyes are kind of inset so whenever I use eyeliner and mascara, it creases/transfers onto my lid, so it is hard for me to get a clean application…if that makes sense 🙂

  120. My biggest beauty challenge is using false eye lashes, ugh! I love them HOWEVER my eyes are slightly 2 different shapes. It’s a huge pain. Do you have any suggestions on the application process or perhaps a brand that has a more forgiving lash band??? Please help me solve this 🙂

  121. I am always looking for new tips and suggestions for covering acne as well as how to make eyes pop while wearing glasses – I wear think black frames so I usually end up doing dramatic eyes so people see them instead of just my frames. Thanks for offering this!

  122. Hello, my biggest beauty challenge would be when I wear foundation (I usually wear Kat Von D liquid foundation in Medium 62) is keeping my makeup matte looking, I have very oily skin and you can see it peeping through lol-so I’m thinking maybe I can be using a better primer? Any suggestions on that? Thanks in advance!

    1. Try a primer that has zinc oxide. It would help with preventing the production of oil. You could also mix a couple of drops of Argan oil in the foundation. I know it sounds counter-productive but it will also minimize the production of sebum.

  123. My biggest problem is that my eyes has one lid so I dont know how to make up look like I have 2 lids. It`s make me more confident <3 Thx u !!! Finally I can post a thought here <3

  124. And another ridiculously nice giveaway, you are too kind!
    Hmm, I am superbad at bronzer: I always end up looking way to orange and take it all off. Maybe some tips for great natural contouring and highlighting?

  125. My biggest beauty struggle is concealing my dark circles. I’m incredibly pale, so they’re even more visible… I do my best with concealer but I have yet to find something that covers them up and makes them look naturally concealed. Such a generous giveaway idea <3

  126. i think my biggest problem is that i have big pores and black heads , no matter how often i removed it .. it still come back stubbornly .. i have a very sensitive and acne prone skin too so i didn’t really dare to exfoliate / scrub it too often .. so far tried a lot of products but nope … and also have darker face skin color … darker about 1-2 shade from my neck and hands skin color .. not sure where is the problem .. i never forget to use spf product and never directly exposed on sunlight … because of that i can’t use bb cream or foundation that can match my face and my neck color …

  127. My biggest beauty challenge is contour and highlight, as many I would presume… It may be difficult for you to help with this one, as you have a stunning bone structure, but I have a ridiculously round face and always look muddy!!! xx

        1. It may help if you try a different brush. Synthetic brushes pick up a lot more product so it’s easy to get a blob on our skin that you have to work harder to blend out. Natural bristle brushes will offer a much lighter application. This might be a better option for you and you can build color as you prefer but the application will be lighter and softer resulting in less of a need to really blend blend blend to get it just right.

  128. Thanks for great giveaway! And a chance to try MAC at last, hope to win )))
    I am in my biggest beauty challenge now, my hair become so thin and i’m trying to repair it, unsuccessfully for now. But i will return my beautiful hair back!
    Subscribed via e-mail –

  129. I’d love to hear your thoughts on brands of air brush makeup! I’ve been dabbling with them in my freelance business and love to hear other beauty guru’s opinions!!!

    I definitely hit SUBSCRIBE to your page! Feel free to share the love back at <3

    Jaclyn Ramey_The Beauty Coach

    1. I have not really tried the airbrush makeup. The closest I’ve come is the Dior spray but that’s not the same and I did NOT like it. Maybe the only product ever produced by them that I didn’t like. I will definitely follow you back!!

  130. I have combination skin with a very oily T-zone. As if oil is not bad enough, I’m getting hot flashes which result in perspiration on my face! I’d love to find a way to keep my makeup from looking like a hot oily mess. Is this even possible?

      1. Well, yeah – if your skin gets oily, it’s a vicious cycle. A gentle salicylic cleanser 2x a day can really help get that under control. My hubby has major oily skin – so oily I can smell it!!!!! He’s started using a cleanser I got him 2x a day and oil is profoundly improved and he’s had no breakouts. It took about 8 weeks of diligent use but there’s improvement.

    1. You should check with your dermatologist before making changes but I have found products that contain zinc oxide help to reduce inflammation, prevent the production of sebum, and reduce sweating. Living in Phoenix, I can sweat in 10 seconds walking outside and face would melt. I’ve been using Repechage Mineral Face Shield as my makeup primer and sunscreen. I did a review on their stuff and you should take a look at it. You may find it would help you. Check with them and see if they can send you a sample or if you can return it, if it doesn’t work for you. I’m sure they can get a sample to you. I don’t sweat when I wear it and my face doesn’t get oily and makeup lasts all day. It has other beneficial ingredients but it’s the zinc oxide that might really help improve your issue.

  131. I have serious break outs from time to time. I wear makeup all the time, even though, I cleanse, exfoliate and moisture. I still get breakout. Recommend best products for this. Retweeted on twitter @Skaysopeachy

    1. I will be doing a whole series of posts based on people’s comments on these pages but aside of prescription grade products, have you tried the Effaclear Skin System from La Roche Posay?

  132. I think that’s a neat idea that the winner gets to pick only 5 of the 10 and YOU guys choose 5 – really cool! Because I myself, I’d be 1) overwhelmed with having to choose TEN lipsticks, and 2) will naturally gravitate toward “safe” or familiar shades. 😛
    Ok, a beauty challenge I have is that I do not know how to line my lips. I think one side of my lips is fuller than the other and I would possibly like to correct the shape slightly with a liner but I’m not sure how. 🙂

  133. Hello everyone! My biggest problem when I look at the mirror is my nose hands down. I would really really like to find a way for minimizing it , because it really make me feel unconfortable with myself and not at ease… it would be great if you helped me!

    I love mac lipstick! Finger crossed!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. For over 25 years I hated my nose and I wouldn’t even let anyone take pictures of me at certain angles. =(
      There are some ways to contour and make it appear smaller and more defined. I just had rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago but for many years I was very self conscious about it.

  134. My biggest beauty challenge is eyeliner. Not a wing, but just everyday eyeliner. I end up making a mess when I try and I find it makes my eyes look smaller, probably because I am not used to seeing myself with it on.

    1. It is hard to get used to a different look. I wear eye makeup all the time and I feel weird without it but it used to be the exact opposite. Myself and Victoria are collaborating on posts and putting some lists together so one of us will do a good eyeliner tutorial.

  135. My biggest beauty challenge is how to do a winged eyeliner and how to do eye makeup for hooded eyelids! I struggle with both of these but I lack the persistence to actually sit down to figure it out so I just never do. 🙁

  136. My biggest challenge is filling in my brows evenly. I just find it difficult making them both look the same. I am just wondering what is best products that are easy to use for eyebrows.

    1. I think gels are difficult to work with. I would suggest the Brow Wiz pencils for Anastasia Beverly Hills. They are available in numerous colors and very easy to use and apply.

  137. My biggest beauty challenge is my love of make up and love of all the pretty colors especially eyeshadow but I’m seriously lacking in the applying department, so maybe some tutorials or how tos would be really helpful!

  138. What an incredible giveaway. Thanks to both of you ^^, Subs. with mail:

    My biggest beauty challenge is eyeliner. I have hooded eyes and whenever I try to apply eyeliner, i fail. And I don’t believe it suits me either. However without eyeliner, my make-up never shows itself. 🙁

  139. My biggest beauty challenge is do eyeliner because I’m japanese then I have small eye so I can’t do this.
    Give me adivice to improve and give me your opinion about if japanese people be beautiful with eyeliner or the eyeliner makes the eye smaller.
    I’m from Brazil so sorry for my english.

  140. My biggest beauty challenge is doing the ombre look with my eyebrows. My eyebrows are very dark so it’s hard choosing the right colors. By the way my BIRTHDAY is OCTOBER 2! #LIBRA

  141. Hi! My biggest beauty challenge has to be keeping my hair looking and feeling smooth and hydrated. I have fine hair and don’t like to weigh it down with products or heavy shampoo/conditioner. Looking for oil/serum recommendations.

  142. Hello,
    Maybe a tutorial on how to get these eyebrows even as well as winged eyeliner. That’s a daily struggle of mine.

    -Vonecia Leigh????

  143. My biggest challenges are my acne scars and my reoccurring flare up tumor like acne. I never had so much as a pimple as a teenager, but when I turned 25, for my birthday I got adult onset acne. WORST birthday gift EVER! I’ve tried EVERYTHING to keep it under control. I also used to pick at these “tumors” which turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life! So now I cannot even look at myself in the mirror without cringing. When I see old photos without the scars, I cry. The only way I am able to manage it is by sticking to the same beauty regimine and using good cosmetic products, such as MAC. They might be expensive, but they are worth it. I will not leave my house without makeup on, and my foundation is almost as thick as the kind they use to hide tattoos. It works though, and thanks to several little helpers at Ulta, I finally found the right EVERYTHING for my face. I try to keep my face pretty simple, and I focus more on my attributes, my lips. Winning this contest would really benefit a girl like me because I ALWAYS wear signature red lipstick. It makes me look pulled together, even when I”m a mess inside. So thank you for this amazing opportunity to win products I actually NEED!

  144. My biggest beauty challenge is getting those eyebrows of mine looking perfect … I just cant get them looking sexy and natural the struggle is real and people make it look so easy and simple

  145. My biggest challenge right now is covering up my pesky acne scars. I’ve been having bad breakouts the past few months, it’s been horrible. I want to conceal without looking cakey

  146. Hi Janine,
    All the very best for your giveaway…its really amazing. Super huge fan of MAC lippies! 🙂
    My biggest makeup challenge is to prevent the makeup from oxidizing on my skin (it gets dull and oxidized in 2-3 hours!), so it would be great if you could share few tips on that. Also, which brushes would be ideal to blend different kinds of makeup (your top picks).

  147. With my hooded eyelids, my biggest beauty problem was doing winged eyeliner. I found doing little strokes along the lashline using a fine tip eyeliner pen really helped!

  148. My biggest beauty problem is winged eyeliner and getting them to match on both eyes. As well as finding out the correct angle for my eye. Laughs. Wonderful giveaway!

  149. My biggest beauty challenge would be coordinating eyeshadow and lipstick. I’m always regretting the lipstick I choose for a days look! Tips would be great.

  150. My biggest beauty challenge is: everytime i want to put my false eyelashes i fail miserably… is there a special angle to look do i have to look down? and also my skin is very oily and i cant find good face masks

    1. I’m going to do a post on lashes. To answer your question though, it helps if it’s new to you to look down so that you can get the band as close to your lash line as possible. If there’s a gap, it’s very obvious. Once you get the steps down and practice a little bit, it’s easy and you’ll pop them in honestly 2 minutes. In the next few posts, I’ll cover this. I know it sounds counterintuitive but argan oil helps suppress you from producing sebum. You may want to try that and mix it into your makeup as well. I don’t think the mask will solve the issue but rather ongoing changes in your skin care routine to minimize the production of the oil. I’ll have to research that a bit more but one thing to try would be a little argan oil and see if that slows things down a bit for you.

  151. My biggest beauty challenge is doing my brows perfectly! Some days I feel anything I use is not the right color, some days they look too over done. It’s a nightmare! Thank you both for this giveaway! Lots of kisses x

    My insta is : irinaaadeforce

  152. My biggest beauty challenge is my acne problem! They always pop up when i apply make up! I dnt know to hide them perfectly without applying alot of foundation or creams!

  153. My biggest beauty challenge is finding the perfect product to remove dark spots.
    thank you so much for the lovely chance! Shared on Twitter (@ilariaCCC) and Instragram (ilaccc). Fingers tightly crossed:)

  154. My biggest challenge of the day would have to be my eyebrows i fill them in so sometimes ones darker than the other or ones mishaped differently.. gosh why does it have to be so difficult.

  155. I generally don’t wear any makeup apart from eyeliner & lippy. My eyes are my best feature but i’ve yet to find a mascara that doesn’t dry out my lashes & I end up with them falling out in clumps – ugh! Any tips?

  156. my biggest beauty Challenge is hair color. The color requires a lot of maintenance due to the summer sun, and regular straightening (even more heat) causes FB ,Bloglovin, IG and Twitter username is sanam hana.I have done everything,retweet,share and repost.

      1. I just started using Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte in 101-classic ivory (very fair for my winter skin) and 102- shell beige (for summer. and actually I blend the two together and it makes an amazing custom color that looks great on my very light skin.
        I have fair skin so finding a foundation that doesn’t make me look orangey is hard. I love the color of these two plus the pro matte feels amazing and looks great. it’s a semi matte finish and lasts allllll day! I can even see it a little in the morning (if I was naughty and didn’t wash my face the night before. lol) it says it’s a medium coverage foundation but I would say it is def medium and medium to full. maybe this will help someone. In the summer I get oily and this helps a lot. so between fair skin people and people with oily skin, I think this foundation has got them covered. it covers acne marks great. the only thing I can’t get them to cover is one sun spot/age spot., and one thing I do not like about it, is it could be a little better with wrinkles but I just use something else on that one area on my forehead and just blend well. Iusually never use drug store makup (besides physicians formula) because it makes me breakout but I really like this foundation! it is gorgeous on!

  157. Wow! Incredible giveaway! I don’t have Mac lipsticks. I would love to win this! How amazing this would be! As for beauty tips. I have a hard time with eyeshadow and the different ways of applying it in terms of the styles. Like what colour to put on my eye lid or the crease. Also the wing to the eyeliner is always a challenge. Amazing giveaway!

    1. Winged eyeliner causes a daily anxiety attack for me! I’m logging all the challenges but I can tell you… When I switched to Stilas liquid liner? It was life changing. I still mess up all the time but it allows for excellent precision and really makes the fine winged flick a lot easier. For 20.00 it’s so worth it

  158. My beauty problem is that I have acne scars and I’d like to cover them but without getting my face caky cause I have a dry to normal skin .. Also my hair is so thin .. If there’s anything you’d recommend for that please tell me … Oh also pores .. My pores are so visible.. Is there anything that would make your skin look flawless

    1. I’m creating a list but … With hair it’s difficult. Definitely try biotin. I take that daily. And I’m just now testing reviv serum. I’m not sure there’s anything to go from fine hair to thick hair other than filling in with some extensions. The tape in last about a month, are reusable and super affordable. I’ve been looking into them

    2. Have you tried a pore filler primer? An affordable option to try which I think works great is NYX pore perfecting primer. That plus a buffing motion when applying foundation may make a huge difference for you.

    1. Hmmm! I’m just getting ready to start testing a special product to even out skin tone. Maybe it might be a good option but I haven’t started it yet. I have to fight with uneven skin tone every day! ????

  159. What a fantastic giveaway!
    My biggest beauty challenge is getting my under eye concealer to stay all day without looking dry or cakey. I would love to see you recommend some good under eye cream and/or primers!!
    Love the blog xxx

    1. I am working on that as I type!! I have just purchased Eyevage and I have high hopes! What concealer are you using? That how you set it can also cause some cakey issues.

      1. Can’t wait in that case!
        At the moment I’m using mac prolong wear but it looks super oily under my eyes (sigh). I’ve chnaged powders which i think may be the problem.

  160. Right now I am in search for good make up brushes! I’m tired of streaking brushes.mintried the clean the Mac brushes and it’s not the same 🙁 my Twitter ID @NaidooMr *fingers crossed* I love Mac!!!

  161. Would love to see comparison of the foundations which say they give airbrushed look as there are a few, or way of going from summer to winter skin and how to deal with colour change.

    1. I’m keeping a list. I have not had much luck with airbrushed foundations (like sprays) but rather getting a super flawless finish with a good full coverage foundation. I tried Dior’s spray… ???????????? and I’m a Dior lover

  162. My biggest beauty challenge is unclear skin, I have acnes and can’t get rid of it. I hate them sooo much. I’m sure you have a good advice for me, maybe some good product? 🙂

  163. My biggest beauty challenge is to hide dark circles under my eyes so I would be grateful if you will post some advices for those issues.

  164. Hi! I’ve yet to find a foundation suited for my oily skin. I only buy oil-free and mattifying, but I still can’t seem to find the right product for me

  165. I’d love to see a makeup looks! And amazing giveaways like this!
    My biggest beauty challenge is thin hair. I don’t know are you able to help me solve it!

  166. My biggest challenge are my thin lips. Sometimes I find it very hard to make my lips pop out.

    I did everything for the giveaway. When I entered LivingDisrobed Facebook page I only get an error.


  167. My biggest beauty challenge is my fine hair. I’m constantly trying to find ways to plump it up. Any suggestions for volumizing hair products would be great!

      1. I’ve tried L’oreal root booster, but it made my hair feel sticky. Same with Garnier’s texture tease spray. I also have tried Living Proof’s full thickening cream, but it did nothing for me 🙁
        I’m sure I’ve tried more that I can’t even remember! Lol
        My main concern is most products that add volume make my hair feel stiff. I wold love to have hair that’s soft AND full.

        1. Yes, the products that add volume definitely give the hair a dry and stiff feeling. They coat the cuticle and rough it up a bit to give you the volume. I struggle with them too. A line that is absolutely great is Oribe but you are going to get that dry feeling still. You might want to try a root booster vs the thickening serums or creams and sprays which instantly make you feel like you need conditioner. I use the Goldwell Root Booster which is very good and smells good but it adds that same texture in the root area. It might be a good compromise for you.

          I have not wanted to do extensions that are bonded in my hair but now they have the ones that tape in for about a month and they are not real expensive. I looked at 20″ which is the longest available and it was 350.00 for me in a high end salon. And I already have a lot of hair that is very long. If you just want to add fullness and were looking at 14-16″ for fullness, you could be down around 200-250.00. The thing is it’s very temporary. They can be reused once or twice…

          Spraying the underside of your hair with a flexible hairspray might help some too.

          1. Thanks for the great advice! I will look into the Goldwell Root Booster. I’ve been going back and forth on extensions for so long, but I think I may finally cave. I just want to know what it’s like to have full hair for once in my life! lol

  168. I would love to own any Mac Lipstick!! My biggest beauty challenge is hiding my tiny red spider veins around my nose and on my cheeks. It would be amazing to get rid of them completely but I have been told over and over that laser treatment is my only option.

    1. I had the same and aside of using some color correcting makeup to hide the blue, laser treatment would be the solution. I have had this done and it was not expensive (75.00) or painful. Mine was done using a Dunier laser. It took about 30 min and felt like a rubber band snap each time they used it.

      1. Really? That’s good to know. Thanks!! I always thought it was expensive. I love how my face feels after rolling but it’s more painful than a rubber band snap. Lol I would take that over this any day.

        1. I shopped around a bit and wound up going to a vascular specialist who had a nurse that did the laser work. The veins just vanish instantly but the procedure can leave what appears to be little scratches in some places. Those just heal like a normal scratch would and go away though. I told people my cat scratched me. LOL

            1. The only ones that came back are from the rhinoplasty so I’m going to zap a few again. I did have a large vein closed about 2 1/2 years ago by my eye and it regenerated itself but that is not uncommon. I zapped it again. The little capillaries won’t come back (at least not anytime soon) but your body will regenerate the blood vessels. Not necessarily in the same place or even visible though.

              1. Thanks so much for all the info. I didn’t realize it was inexpensive and easy. I’m in the Philadelphia area if you have any suggestions for laser treatment. I honestly wouldn’t could get away with a BB cream if it wasn’t for these spider veins.

                1. I don’t know of doctors in that area. But I’d just call around to a few vein specialists and ask them about their pricing. The way I found the Phoenix one was on yelp!

                    1. My in laws lived in Arizona it’s an absolutely beautiful state. We went every year for 10 years and I miss it now that they moved back here. At one point they moved to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) right before coming home so we got to visit Mexicio a few times too.

  169. My biggest challenge is finding a foundation that offers good coverage for dark spots, uneven skin and acne scars without feeling too heavy.
    Still looking for my hauly grail.

  170. My biggest beauty challenge is the skin on my arms-it’s scaly looking as I didn’t take care and exposed it too much to the sun and all maybe. I’m 55. You might be able to help me solve it by suggesting some lotion, serum or something of the sort.

    1. I would suggest you take a look at the line I posted about recently called La Isha. I would highly recommend one of their products combined with pomegranate oil to boost the hydration level. THe products are all natural and made with therapeutic essential oils geared toward women 40+.

  171. HI my name is Thuy Linh!!! My biggest challenge is that I dont know how make up for my eyes. I live in Viet Nam ( Asia) so ous style is kind of different. I love a big, lovely, cute with some tender colour. Can you give me some suggestion please. My eyes has one lid 🙁

  172. My biggest beauty prob are my lips!! No matter how much i try they are always dry n crack…. Many times i get uneven color on my lips because of that. Help me by advising any tips to moisturize my lips for long time.

    1. I’m collecting a list of challenges that I’ll research and do posts on but… Try some Argan oil or if you can get it, high quality cold pressed pomegranate oil mixed with a moisturizer. Pomegranate oil has an intense moisturizing effect. Smells bad but OMG it works.

  173. HI my name is Thuy Linh!!! My biggest challenge is that I dont know how make up for my eyes. I live in Viet Nam ( Asia) so ous style is kind of different. I love a big, lovely, cute with some tender colour. Can you give me some suggestion please. My eyes has one lid 🙁

    1. I did do a post on lightening skin using hydroquinone but for age spots I would suggest looking at a photo facial. They are not very costly and highly effective at removing age spots.

  174. Hey Janine I am a 27yr old from Cape Town, I don’t wear makeup but I do love my lipstick I would like to know what the basic “must haves” are when choosing make up? I work in a very professional environment and some days I do feel bare ????

  175. Looking for new devices or natural ways to help acne. Would love to know any new moisturizers that are not greasy yet help acne. Any new lazers from the dermatologist that people should try? Thanks Xox

  176. Janine, this is an amazing giveaway! My biggest beauty problem is winged liner… I suck at it! I always feel like it’s super heavy, too. So how can I do an easy winged liner that’s think and understated, but beautiful, too?

    1. I will do a post on winged liner but I’ve struggled quite a bit. If you use a gel liner, the brush is going to make a big difference. I think pens are easier and I would suggest the Stila Stay All Day Liquid liner. It allows for a very precision line so over building is less likely to happen. If the bottom of the wing is a little messsy, use a bit of toner (not makeup remover) and a pointed q-tip to clean up the line. Then you clean it up further with a little concealer and a flat blush.

        1. The problem with using makeup remover is they leave a residue on your skin and then when you try to draw back over the area, disaster!!! The liner products won’t adhere well to the skin. The toner won’t create that issue and the liner product will still adhere to your skin. I’ve had so many horrific liner disasters I’ve tried it all. I swear I’ve been an hour late redoing eye makeup. I always keep a less expensive toner around for this purpose and a pointy q-tip (the precision tips)

  177. I think my biggest challenge has always been the old chestnut: how do I properly look after my skin. I would love to read your thoughts on skincare products you use, recommend and why, your routine (morning/day/airplane mode).

    P.S. Thanks for the giveaway! Very excited! (Already) subscribed to you and Victoria and have left comments. 🙂

    1. I change may skin care routine a lot because I’m testing products but there are certain things I always do and some products I would highly recommend. I’ll include my AM and PM routines in an upcoming post.

  178. I have never found a foundation I liked…ever. I have tried Bare Minerals…everything. I just don’t like the feel on my skin. Plus I live in South Texas where you don’t just perspire, you sweat ….

  179. I think my biggest challenge is finding an eyeshadow primer that really works. Any chance you could help me before I’ve gone broke trying every single one?

  180. Can you recommend a really good nail polish remover? It’s something I’m constantly searching for.

  181. Hi Janine…. I hope I can win this giveaway 🙂 My biggest beauty challenge? Hmm… I’m too scared to try different makeup colours… You might be able to help me by making tutorials on how to play with more colours….

    1. I’ve always been afraid of colors too. I could definitely come up with a post on how I got over being afraid to wear color on my eyes, false lashes and red lips. It’s all about transitioning. Knowing good colors that are in between to help you make the transition will gradually break you in. =)

  182. Subscribe to ABEAUTIFULWHIM.COM WordPress chynnagaby
    Tell me your biggest beauty challenge and how I might be able to help you solve it!
    My biggest beauty Challenge is making my lips look bigger I tried doing the outline but doesnt look perfect.

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    Been a Loyal follower follow on Twitter @1chynna
    Leave a comment for Victoria
    Victoria do you post any pictures on your social media love to see your makeup skills.

  183. My biggest beauty challenge is having melasma – hormonal brown spots around my eyes and forehead. Trying to cover it and make it look natural is so challenging!

      1. I use Retin A. I have heard of Obagi but I’m waiting for the right time to do it (I.e be off work and out of sun and off birth control) and then also money. Sadly. Any ideas?

        1. Retin A is really good. I’ve started using that too. I’m not a huge fan of Obagi. Their products seem to be hit or miss. I bought their eye cream for 110.00 and it was a huge fail. =(

  184. My biggest beauty trouble right now is finding a good face wash. I like the ones with salicylic acid, but have trouble finding one that’s not so agressive to my skin.

  185. My biggest challenge in beauty has been working with the contours of my face, because being more round, I try to outline, I still do not make it good, also do not want to look like a haha clown maybe you could help me with this, perhaps it is repetitive but still I can not find a middle ground.

    1. this is my problem. and with the kardashians making the ‘my cheekbones definitely have a lot of makeup on’ look popular, I don’t know if I look like a clown or if there is a better way to do it. plus I have pretty fair skin in the winter and fair to light in summer.

      1. Well, remember they have celebrity makeup artists putting on their makeup every day and you are seeing photos that are likely retouched. If you come face to face with one of them outdoors wearing that makeup, the makeup would probably look extremely heavy. They are made up heavy for the camera. Makeup is a very personal thing. I would say wear the makeup that looks good on you when you look in the mirror. The Kardashian women are of Middle Eastern decent and the colors and skin tones are very different than a natural blonde or someone like you or I who have very fair skin. It’s like having curly hair and wanting it straight. And those who have straight hair want it to be curly! I appreciate how their makeup looks but I also appreciate the beauty of how a very fair red head may do her makeup. So, I guess what I’m saying is… you don’t have to copy them to look pretty – you will look beautiful if you wear makeup that accentuates your unique features.

  186. My biggest challenge is products to use on mature and combination skin (my forehead is very oily) I use blotting cloths constantly throughout the day..

  187. I love bright color eyeshadow , but I know I am really sucks to make it wearable for office life , I work as secretary in consumer product company , my biggest beauty challenge is how to wear bright color eyeshadow for work ? please do a tutorial for it 🙂 I just being boring to wear brown tone everyday, I know its looking good but yeah , I want colorful eyeshadow 🙂

  188. My biggest challenge is creating a dramatic eyeshadow look that doesn’t look ridiculous, as I have hooded/inset eyes (like blake lively’s for example!)

  189. My biggest beauty challenge is the dark circles under my eyes. I’m super pale so even when I get lots of sleep I always have them. I would like a good moisturizing concealer that doesn’t cake or settle into my little wrinkles.

    1. Using a moisturizer first would be very helpful. Try the ROC retinol deep wrinkle reducer for a good value and as far as concealer goes – the very best is NARS Radiant Concealer. Nothing covers better and looks more flawless than that product. It’s spectacular.

  190. Right now my biggest beauty challenge is finding a full coverage/crease free concealer for my dark circles + a setting powder that won’t emphasize fine lines under my eyes.

    1. I did a post the best concealers a while back. I would highly recommend NARS Radiant Concealer – and use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder to set it. It will NOT crease. However, if the NARS doesn’t cover well enough for you, then you need to consider a color corrector (check out my post on that – the two are actually linked). The NARS concealer has the best coverage while remaining very light and thin. There is a super high coverage Laura Mercier product but it is not as thin and undetectable as NARS. Hands down, NARS is the holy grail.

        1. I would say NARS concealer is one of the top 5 best products of all time that I’ve ever used. I have extra (in case something happens to one) and I switch between 2 shades. It’s a must have and very much the price.

  191. Hey Janine…great giveaway as always!

    So, my biggest beauty challenge…achieving a defined lip line. I have full lips, with my bottom lip being fuller than the top. But when I watch these great lipstick vids it seems everyone is able to get these perfect pouty lips with a perfectly defined heart-like lipline. Is it something that’s just natural or is it something that can be achieved with makeup??

    1. You can overdraw the line a bit but it sounds like you are ok with the bottom but the cupids bow isn’t as defined as you would like? Part of it may be the shape of the upper lip as well. A lot of people (more than you would like) use fillers in their lips to achieve that plumpness and perfect symmetrty.

  192. How to apply and wear loose glitter! Love to see tutorials or pictures of you wearing them, especially since winter is almost here (christmas, new year) I’d love to learn 🙂 Great giveaway!

    1. I am getting ready to do a post (it’s almost ready) on drug store products. I think there are some that perform just as well (if not better) than high end products. On the flip side, there are certain products in drug stores that no matter what they are…. they simply don’t measure up. Foundation is one of them. So, I’ll make sure to include in the post which products I have found worthy of spending more money on. Foundation is one – liquid liner is another. I’ll make sure to add a section about that as I’ll be working on posts to address the different concerns and questions that people have.

  193. My biggest beauty challenge is perfecting the winged liner. I can never get it perfect for my eye shape. Could you do a post for winged liner for different eye shapes, and maybe your favourite liners? Great giveaway!

        1. Hmmmm, that is a really difficult question. I would love to share some tips but to be honest, I don’t know what is effective or safe and that condition is not super common. So, I imagine that’s very difficult to deal with. I know there are some treatments available to help improve the skin but I’m not sure about combining makeup with that and you should talk to your doctor. Some makeup has great coverage but you should check with a doctor who specializes in that condition. There are also studio makeup products that will cover more than the typical stuff we can buy at Sephora.

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