How To Get The Glow and Lit From Within Look

get the glow lit from within look

There is an easy trick to get the glow or light from within look.  We all chase it but are often faced with several problems when we try to achieve it.   The wet look, greasy look, glittery look – it’s a challenge to get it right and natural looking.  In actuality, it’s simple to achieve without the undesirable effects and you don’t need an expensive product.

There are two different types of highlights that I typically look to achieve.  The simplest is where I highlight my cheekbones with a product like Mary-Lou Manizer or MAC Lightscapade.  That’s the easy highlighting and usually produces a good result.  The other type of highlight is a youthful, all over highlight, that appears to be a lit from within glow.   I used to assume the latter required professional lighting or special photography but you don’t need either.   If you want to invest the time  with contouring, I think you can get partially there  but to be honest, my typical makeup routing doesn’t involve a lot of contouring.  Why not, you ask?   There are several reasons.  First and foremost,  you can usually see all that makeup.   During the day, I don’t want to look that heavily made up.   In the day time, you may notice the different shades used don’t match the rest of the skin and it draws attention to the fact that you are wearing a lot of product on your skin.  Also, I don’t always want chiseled features.  Sometimes I just want to look youthful and fresh.  Finally,  I don’t do it that often because extensive contouring is time consuming and I’m already pushing the two hour mark every morning.  I don’t have another 20 minutes to tag on to contour my face.  If anything, I need to get ready faster.

There’s an easier way to get a glowing look without looking wet, greasy or glittery or investing a lot of extra time.  There are  luminescent foundations on the market but often they are shimmery or appear wet after they are applied.   A perfect example is Loreal Lumi.  It’s a great foundation but it looks greasy by itself.  This results in matting the product down and covering up the glow it intended to create (but really didn’t quite cut it).  There are also highlight powders but those are really designed to highlight your cheekbones.  If you start dusting them all over your face, you will look greasy.

Makeup Tutorial: The easiest way to get a natural looking glow:

1.  Start with a matte foundation with your preferred level of coverage (For me, that’s full coverage! When I want a matte full coverage foundation, I turn to MAC Studio Fix).  This makeup technique is not going to get extra coverage from a setting powder.  Therefore, all coverage must from the foundation.

2.  Apply a very thin layer of the foundation using whatever technique you normally do.  I use a Sephora Pro #56 natural brush and then follow back over my work with a Beauty Blender.

3.  Let the makeup set for a couple of minutes (Not 15 minutes, just a few so it dries).

4.  Depending on how much makeup you prefer to use, pour/pump some out on the back of your hand.  For me, it’s going to be about the size of a quarter.

5.  Add 2 – 3 drops of a liquid luminizer to the foundation.  Mix it well and use a Beauty Blender to blend it all over your face.  (Remember you have a thin layer of foundation  you already applied and you don’t want to disturb it.  A beauty blender will produce a better result than a makeup brush.  If you don’t have one, use your fingers)

6.  Once the illuminated foundation is applied, you can add additional liquid luminizer to your cheekbones and blend with your fingers or a Beauty Blender.

7.  Set your face with a translucent powder.  Do not use a powder foundation or tinted powder as it will cover up the luminescent effect created by the foundation.

8.  Finish off the look with blush, bronzer and whatever else you love to use.  I apply concealer at this time under my eyes as well.  You could apply a highlight powder instead of the liquid luminizer on your cheekbones.  This is the time you would add that if you choose to.

That’s it!  Now, you should have an all over natural lit from within glow using a foundation that you already know is a perfect match for you skin.   This is good technique if you have an oily complexion as most of the luminescent foundations will slide right off the skin after a few hours of wear when your skin begin to produce natural oils.  Since you are using  a matte foundation, you don’t have to worry about that happening and you don’t need a new expensive foundation to achieve a different effect.

Revlon Photo Ready IlluminatorThere are lot of liquid luminizers available but for this look, don’t need to invest in an expensive one.  If I thought it would make a big difference, I would tell you but I don’t think it’s necessary.   My recommendation is to use the readily available Revlon Photo Ready Skin Lights Face Illuminator.  It retails for approximately $12 USD.  There are similar products such as Benefit High Beam and NARS Illuminator but I have not noticed  a better end result when using higher end products.  The Revlon product comes in a pink, peach, champagne, or bronze color.  If you have fair skin, try the pink or champagne tonex and if your skin is medium or olive, the peach would work better.  For darker skin tones, the bronze color works best.

If you try this technique, I’d love to hear what you think of the results.   In my next makeup tutorial, which is a Kylie Jenner inspired look, I will share photos of myself using this technique.  Good bye for now!

Janine -XO


23 thoughts on “How To Get The Glow and Lit From Within Look

  1. Hi! I just tried this technique today and it was sooo cool!! I used Make up forever Ultra HD foundation and Nars Orgasm Illuminator. I did start with a primer since I’m always concerned about controlling my oily skin. I used a stippling brush only because I was rushing and didn’t feel like changing tools. But I have to say the effect was really nice! It’s glow, but not shimmery and shiny. In fact, my skin looks so nice today I decided to skip eye makeup, wear a faint coat of lip gloss and really just let my skin be the focal point. I’m definitely gonna play around with this technique some more. Thank you!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked it!!! Oh you combined awesome products too. Yay!! I always love to hear someone learned something or really enjoyed a tip!! You made my day!!! ???????????????? glad you are looking and feeling beautiful!!!!!!

  2. I like the idea of adding the luminizer to your makeup and mixing it in before applying it to your face. I used to use the luminizer first and then the foundation. So, I’m going to try it out. Thanks 🙂

    1. i like to use powder too. I just use the liquid with the illumination and then I’ll add some powder on my cheekbones. I love the powders though!

  3. Thanks for the tip!! Always better to learn how to look as flawless as you do. =9 I’ve never really highlighted before, maybe I’ll have to grab a liquid lumanizer…

    1. Give it a try!! The Revlon one works great. Just mix it in with your favorite foundation. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t and just use highlighter on cheeks. Today I did both.

  4. Sooo going to try that Revlon stuff- I’ve seen it a million times but have never seen a review (haven’t looked either) or asked anyone about it. I’m using the Benefit sunbeam now but hey, if I can save a few $$ and get the same glow for summer why not! Great post! xx

    1. I used to use it by itself but I discovered Mary-Lou from The Balm and that ended it. But Mary-Lou is a powder. Revlon took the product off the market I think in 2014 and everyone had a heart attack so they brought it back. Then it was sold out everywhere and now it’s regularly stocked. It is good on it’s own but in the foundation, it’s awesome. It’s glowy but not wet or shiny looking.

        1. Oh I can’t wait to hear what you think. I use the pink one with the MAC Studio Fix (about 3 good drops) and I love the result. I haven’t tried peach but my skin is pretty fair. Tell me what you think!

  5. Oh how fun! I can’t wait to see it in action! I usually use a powder to highlight. I might have to check out one of those illuminators and do some experimenting. It doesn’t get super oily looking over time does it? Because while my foundation does keep me rather matte, I still get a tad oily throughout the day. Especially during the Summer.

    1. It doesn’t get oily looking at all. But you would want to blend the liquid illuminator with a good matte foundation and use a good translucent powder. Whatever works best for you today. Should be good to go! Using a toner before your makeup may also help to reduce getting oily through the day. I have the same issue and I’m in Phoenix, so I have to be careful otherwise in the summer I’m in big trouble!

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