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It’s really interesting how my children define a beautiful woman.  I have three sons aged 8, 16, and 17.  They tell me I’m beautiful and there is no association with my age.  What they see is a woman who takes care of herself and cares about others.  A woman who loves animals with a passion and enjoys many different things in life.  I’m fascinated by other cultures and treat people with kindness.  My children don’t notice whether I’ve gained or lost 5 pounds or am wearing a new lipstick.  What’s beautiful to them is who I am and what I stand for.  They see my mother who is in her seventies the same way.  Beauty to them is not based on age and I’m not going to be any less beautiful, to them, because I look different twenty years from now.  It’s too bad everyone can’t see beauty through the eyes of a child.  For the majority of our children, something will change their perception of beauty as they grow older.  That SOMETHING is exactly what I to focus on in this discussion that needs to change!  I’m honored to be a partner in RoC Skincare’s recent campaign, #ForYourAge.


I can’t count the times over the course of the past year someone thought they were complimenting me by saying I look good for my age.  I’m 47 years old.  They are also shocked when I ask them, what does that mean?  Most women who are 47 don’t look good?  The time of looking good is over for the majority of us?  We look good when we are 27 but at 47, it’s not expected?  My heart races as I type this because it’s a big problem within the media and our society.  According to a recent survey for RoC Skincare’s #ForYourAge campaign, 87% of women feel that society expects us to act our age but look younger.  Nearly 1 and 4 women feel it would be worse to admit their age than to share their salary.  I used to think I shouldn’t buy certain makeup products, listen to certain music, or wear my a hair a certain way because it’s not appropriate for my age.  Well, at least people won’t think it is, right?  They might talk about me behind my back and laugh at the things I do.  Should I care?

The moment I turned 35, I felt like I was in a new category of people and classified differently.  The free spirit and enthusiasm I carry with me as a human being was slowly being taken away and invalidated.  It was no longer age appropriate for me to be a free spirit.  That was something hard to face.  Well, here I am 12 years later and I have a different outlook on it.  If someone doesn’t like the things I do and who I am, they can steer clear of my path.  Why should I allow anyone to dictate who I am, how I feel, and what I choose to do?  Why am I only beautiful for my age?  Am I expected to be falling apart at the seams?  Seriously, why is this supposed compliment qualified by age?

Healthy Skin forties

I take care of myself and skin care is really important to me.  Do I look younger than my age?  I don’t know, maybe.  People say I do but we always see ourselves differently and we are our own worst critics.

Ragamuffin Cat

Yes, I do participate in aggressive cosmetic procedures and I’ve shared many blog posts about products and procedures I’ve tried over the years.  I LOVE skin care and  I love science!  That’s why I’m always experimenting.  It’s not because I’m insecure or trying to be someone different.  I’m a very curious person.  Cosmetic procedures and ingredients in skin care are fascinating to me.  You can go back 2 years and read educational posts I’ve published about the benefits of using retinol.  There’s a lot of scientific evidence about retinol and that’s why I’m so interested in it.  When I’m asked what I don’t substitute in my skin care routine, there are two things:  Vitamin C serum and Retinol.  Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and the #1 dermatologist recommended cosmetic age-fighting ingredient.

ROC Retinol Creme skin care Review

I’m excited to share a new product from RoC® Skincare  RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Daily Hydration Crème, and it’s available at Walmart.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get effective skincare products!

ROC Retinol Correxion Daily Creme skin care

ROC Correxion Daily Hydration Creme skin care

The new cream contains the maximum level of RoC® Retinol with intense hydration that lasts 24 hours.  Results are typically noticed within the first week of use and continue to improve over time.  I have been using retinol products for years and I really love the moisturizing effects of this new cream.  Since I’ve been using it, my skin looks refreshed, moisturized, and healthy!
ROC Campaign #ForYourAge
Please join me along with RoC® and celebrities such as Thandie Newton  who are encouraging people to celebrate who they are and how they want to feel.  We believe beauty is not in the number of candles on your birthday cake.  It’s what you stand for as an individual and the unique journey you’ve traveled during your life.  Every year, we discover new things about ourselves and the world we live in.  That discovery is unique for every woman and that’s what makes us beautiful at every age.  I think there’s a powerful message behind this movement and I hope you do too.

You can read more about the #ForYourAge campaign at  I strongly encourage you to visit their campaign page, review the results of their study, and think about how you can positively impact those around you.

Next time someone tells you that you look good for your age, what do you think you will say?  How can you encourage others to remove the age qualifier when speaking about the beauty of women?

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I’d like to extend a special thank you to RoC® Skincare for sponsoring this post and the confidence they bring to women every day.  All opinions expressed within this post are completely my own.

6 thoughts on “How I Feel When Someone Says I Look Good (for my age)

  1. I love the way you describe your sons’ love for you! <3
    You look good. PERIOD.
    I think people associate age with decreased beauty and it's something that needs to change.
    I'm obsessed with the ad campaign featuring Maye Musk – she looks so good!

    1. It’s really cute – children in general don’t see wrinkles, weight, or anything. They just see the person and oh how I wish society didn’t influence that. It’s truly example of how society and norms do though. Age is definitely associated with decreased beauty and it’s inevitable, everyone ages. It makes it difficult because a woman begins to feel bad about herself. Sort of like “it’s over for me”. I have to go check that ad! I’m going to Google it RIGHT NOW!! OXOX Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. This is a really interesting perspective. Thank you so much for sharing! I ordered that cream and can’t wait to try it out.

    1. The face cream has been great and you’ll find it’s very moisturizing. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s certainly something I didn’t give much thought about until this campaign. Now, it’s on my mind quite a bit!

  3. I never thought about this until I read your post. It is rather degrading to have the age comment tacked on to what is supposed to be a compliment.

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