Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Review

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation

I never stop looking for great foundations!  When I heard Hourglass launched a new foundation, I couldn’t wait to try it.  I have been impressed with all the Hourglass products I have used and it’s one of my favorite makeup lines.  This summer, their latest release is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick.  It is now available in Sephora stores as of July 21.  There are 26 shades with a wide range of tones.  So far, reviews on Sephora.com are overwhelmingly positive!

Hourglass Vanish Foundation 26 shades

This is a stick foundation which is not normally something I purchase.  I tend to gravitate toward cream and liquid foundations.  But knowing this is an Hourglass product, I had high expectations and I can honestly say the product has delivered and once again, Hourglass has not disappointed me.  Hourglass conducted a consumer study with the Vanish Foundation and 100% of the users stated the product was easy to use. 97% stated it covered redness and skin imperfections and 94% stated it covered under eye circles, large pores, and skin discoloration.  Finally, 90% of the users testing the Hourglass Vanish Foundation reported the foundation covered hyper pigmentation and dark spots.  All in all these are astounding results and certainly warrant trying the product.

I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with this product and I can confirm that using less produces a more even, longer lasting, and natural look.  For example purposes, I swatched a heavy amount of above but this is not how much you would want to actually use.  The Hourglass Vanish Foundation is a highly pigmented formula with the coverage of a concealer yet an entirely weightless feeling on the skin.

I have achieved the best application following the manufacturer guidelines and dabbing 2 – 3 dots (not streaks) on the forehead, checks, and chin.  I’ve gotten the best results using the Hourglass Vanish brush specifically designed for use with this product.  I have other similar brushes but the shape and density of this brush will produce optimal results.  Also, I found using the Hourglass Veil Primer (which has always been a favorite primer of mine) yielded an even more radiant and longer lasting result.   When using the primer, the recommended amount of product, and buffing it well into the skin – results were beautiful and flawless.  Also, the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation is long lasting and I tested it on the hottest of Phoenix days.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush

According to Hourglass, this product will give you a “your skin but better” result with sheer or buildable coverage that is not detectable on your skin.  It is designed to wear for 12 hours and also waterproof.

A foundation and concealer in one, Vanish Foundation’s concentrated formula is infused with double the amount of pigment versus traditional foundations for instant full coverage in one application. The long-wearing, waterproof formula provides 12 hour coverage, and the innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into the skin. Encased in a unique triangular bullet for precise application along the contours of the face, it can be used to contour and highlight. It features an array of shades and it’s designed specifically to be used with the Vanish Foundation Brush for the most seamless finish.

You can find the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick for $46 at Sephora.  The Vanish Seamless Foundation Brush is also available at Sephora for $46.  I hope you give it a try because I truly think you will fall in love with this product just like I have.

What’s your favorite Hourglass product?  I think I might have too many to I love to be able to pick just one!

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15 thoughts on “Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Review

  1. Very intriguing product and a great review. I love hourglass powders and would be tempted to try this, but I would need to visit a counter abroad first to ensure a good colour match.
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

    1. I have found that Hourglass takes their time putting out new products and when they do, it’s typically very good quality! If you try MatchMyFoundation.com or the Sephora matching software, it does a pretty good job. I’ve always tested it and it comes out right. This one is so new, it might not be in there yet but those sites have worked really well for me. I am totally in love and addicted to their powders. I use them everyday. A day without Hourglass powder would be a bad day!

      1. Oh those are great tips to find a match, though I might have to wait a little for this to be uploaded. So tricky when my nearest hourglass counter is a country away.
        Love their powders as well, they just make you look healthy and glowing 😀

    1. Well, they are not as high some luxury brands but I agree a bit more costly. I have used a lot of their products and I must say I think they are worth every penny. I don’t work for them or get anything to say that but honestly, their blush, strobing powder, and ambient lighting powders, I can’t live without! Liquid lipsticks are great oo. I say give them a try, if you don’t like it, you can return it but I think you will love their quality.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I bought this foundation at Sephora last weekend and I love it. It’s everything you said and the coverage is amazing. I never would have thought. Great review. I’m really glad I gave it a try!

  3. Gorgeous results on the swatch you did. I want to try this foundation. I use the Lancôme 24 hour and I feel it’s too heavy. This one is really light?

  4. Is there a brush you could recommend to use with this other the Hourglass brush? Theirs is really expensive.

    1. I don’t own that is the same density. But you could grab one and walk around Sephoa to see if you could fine something. I do think their brush makes a different though and it designed to get to hard to reach places. You could also test it out with some different brushes and see if you like the result of not.

  5. This is a great review. I did see these in Sephora the other day and wondered about them. I know how much you swear by these products. I wish i saw this review when I was there. I was never a fan of stick foundations. I think I would try this.

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