Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient strobe powder makeup
Left – Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Euphoric
Right – Ambient Strobe Lighting in Incandescent

There’s no product line I love more for highlighting and blurring than the Hourglass Ambient Lighting products.  Hourglass Cosmetics consistently nails it with the Ambient Lighting products.  This collection contains bronzing powders, blushers, finishing powders and now their latest addition, Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders.

I began using the Ambient Lighting Finishing Powders a couple year ago and haven’t gone a day without since purchasing them.  At the time I bought Ambient Lighting Powders, many products were coming out that promised radiance and blurring effects on the skin. Hourglass delivered on that promise.   With the new release of the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder and Strobe Light Sculptor, it was a no brainer for me.  These were must have products and once again, Hourglass Cosmetics produced a superior product!

Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder makeup

The new Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder is available in four shades.  These powders have been developed with Photoluminescent Technology that filters out harsh light and refines the appearance of the complexion.  The products also have been designed to avoid a metallic finish using ultra-fine micro pearl particles with varying reflection properties for a super natural look.  They can be used wet or dry depending on the intensity you desire.  Using the powders wet will provide a more dramatic finish appropriate for the evening.   I prefer to use the powders dry.  Whether applied wet or dry, they provide a soft and radiant highlight without glitter or a heavy made up fake look.

Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder available shades:

  • Brilliant Strobe Light – Shimmery gold powder / Lustrous highlight
  • Euphoric Strobe Light – Pearlescent beige powder / Natural highlight
  • Incandescent Strobe Light – Opalescent pearl powder / Celestial highlight
  • Iridescent Stroke Light – Illuminating pink powder / Soft highlight

Some of the other popular highlighters on the market are simply too glittery or metallic.  I see a lot of ladies looking as if they smeared butter on their face.  Without mentioning other brands, let me just say I’ve seen some greasy looking highlighters plaguing Instagram and it’s unfortunate.  I think names and hype sometimes get the best of us.  Hourglass gracefully lines the shelves at Sephora with more sophisticated products and marketing.  Everything in the Ambient Lighting line offers beautiful and elegant finishes on the skin for a flawless look.

Euphoric and Incandescent Strobe Lighting Hourglass
Soft powders that blend beautifully into the skin offering natural highlighting effects
Hourglass Cosmetics Strobe Powder swatches
Hourglass strobing powder compared to another popular brand. This clearly shows the metallic and unnatural look seen with other products.

Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Sculptor

Hourglass is also known for creating some of the best cosmetic brushes.  While I haven’t tried them, I have heard other bloggers and friends rave about the quality of their cosmetic tools.  It’s exciting to see the company has produced an original tool designed to work in harmony with their strobing powders.

This innovative tool is made of anti-microbial material and can be used wet or dry.  With the success of the complexion sponges that have come to market, this is definitely a product to fall in love with if you use it properly.  The angled side of the sculptor is perfect for targeting the high cheekbone and the tip makes it easy to bring the highlighting above the cupids bow, brows, and bridge of the nose.  Most people may not realize the tool is dual-sided.  The flat flocked side should be used to soften the powder on the skin and perfectly blend it out.  I’ve seen mixed reviews on the Sculptor and I don’t believe the product is always being used as designed.  When using the sculptor as recommended and properly blending with the soft side of the tool, strobing effects are natural and beautiful.

Hourglass offers great tips on how to strobe

In almost every highlighting or strobing tutorial I’ve ever seen, products are applied to different areas of the face.   Explanations are rarely offered explaining what the application in each area of the face seeks to achieve.  You know what that means?  You might be doing it wrong!  You may be creating effects that are not necessarily flattering for your features.  The experts at Hourglass have put together tips on how to strobe and what effects can be achieved by applying their product to different areas of the face.  For example, to make your lips look more full, apply the powder on the cupid’s bow.  I already have lips that plenty full so I skip the cupid’s bow step.  If the tip of your nose is already lifted, it may not be flattering to apply the product there.  Consider the effects achieved using highlights as opposed to applying the product to every area.

Pro tips for applying Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

  • Broaden a narrow forehead – Apply product to the center of the forehead
  • Add height to the nose – Apply product down the bridge of the nose
  • Lift tip of nose – Apply additional product to the tip of the nose
  • Accentuate cheekbones and lift brows – Sweep powder across the top of the cheek and up around the top of the brow
  • To open up eye area – Dab powder in the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows
  • Create fuller lips – Dab powder on cupid’s bow

Products are available at Sephora and Hourglass Cosmetics                                                                       Ambient Lighting Sculptor $22.00                                                                                                                        Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder $38.00

Hourglass is one of my favorite cosmetic lines.  They produce such gorgeous and high quality products, it’s hard to stop buying!  Have you tried anything Hourglass and if so, what have you tried?  I’d love to hear your favorites!  Next time you are looking for a new strobe powder, this is the one!

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