Hidden Gems – Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks

Stila liquid lipsticks
Stila Liquid Lipsticks new releases for 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills kicked off a new trend with liquid lipsticks.  There were several colors that I was interested in but the more photos I saw, the more I was discouraged from purchasing their products and I never did.  They were in every other Instagram photo and I didn’t think they looked all that great on most people.  I loved the colors but the finish looked dry and settled into the fine lines on women’s lips.  Sometimes, if someone had really smooth lips that didn’t happen but most of us don’t and I wasn’t comfortable with wearing the liquid lips.  That changed about three weeks ago when I discovered the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks.  Now, I’m a liquid lippie fan (well, I’m Stila’s fan).

I discovered the Stila lipsticks by accident.  I wasn’t looking for them.  I was searching for a Kylie Jenner mauve.  As I was scouring shelves in Ulta,  I saw the Stila shade in Patina, a gorgeous matte mauve,  so I reluctantly gave it a try.  I was shocked at how smooth it went on and I loved the color.  I had plenty of time to get the product on before it dried and apply a nice even coat. There was a very mild scent that didn’t bother me and it dried beautifully.  It didn’t settle into the lines in my lips and that’s what I really loved about it.   I was instantly sold and knew this one of the of best beauty products to get my hands on.  Unfortunately, every Ulta within 45 minutes of me was sold out of the Patina mauve color.   I wanted it so bady,  I had Ulta locate it and I drove 50 miles to another store where I bought my little gem.  Yes, I was desperate.

So, how does Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks wear?  Well, first let me say it doesn’t wear all day.  What does all day mean anyhow?  Is that 12 hours, 8 hours, 14 hours?  My definition of all day and your definition can be entirely different.  I found the product stayed on for 5-6 hours with no transfer.  Interestingly, when purchasing more I discovered Stila indicates the expected wear time on their packaging and website.  Kudos to Stila for setting the right expectation and sharing that with their customers.  Not all companies define what they mean by “all day” or “long wear” which can leave consumers disappointed.  I really appreciated Stila’s disclosure and that said a lot about the company and their integrity.

I fell in love with my Patina and two days later I was back in Ulta buying two more lipsticks.  This time a dark nude (Dolce) and bluish toned red (Fiery).  I’ve now tested all three colors and I’ve found the formulas are consistent, apply evenly, allow you time to work with the product, and are not drying.  Stila formulates their liquid lipsticks with vitamin E and avocado oil.  Once the product is dry, your lips won’t have slip like a typical cream lipstick but they won’t feel tacky either.  You will notice the product feels quite soft.  It’s a different feeling so you might be tempted to keep licking your lips at first but try not to do that or you can eventually cause the product to break down and start rubbing off.   Give yourself some time to get used to the different texture. Once the product is set, you can apply a gloss over it for some shine.  The lipsticks dry matte.

Still Stay All Day Lipsticks swatches
From left to right (look how pretty they swatch)
1. Dolce
2. Patina
3. Fiery
Stila Liquid Lipsticks
Stila Liquid Lipsticks Original Colors (Top – Dolce,  Middle – Fiery, Bottom – Patina)

There are 10 colors available in Stila’s collection and they retail for $22 USD.  I bought three from the original set and five more have been released recently which I have included in a photo.  The originals have a black cap and the new releases have a gold cap.  I don’t own them yet to swatch for you.   One recommendation I have when using these is to apply a good liner first.  If you overdraw your lips with the liquid product, it doesn’t wipe off easily.  Using a liner makes application much easier.   Plus, it’s fun to color in between the lines!  For my gentleman followers, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for you if you want something that removes quickly with no effort.  After removing it, it can leave some stain behind that you will fight with in a panic to get off.  However, I have successfully removed the products using Philosophy Release Me.  At first, you’ll look like a clown with color smeared all over your face.  That’s okay, just keep working with a good makeup remover  and it will clean up nicely.

I hope you have an opportunity to try these wonderful lipsticks.  I’m loving them right now and can’t wait to get some of their new vibrant summer colors.  I did mention I got red and that’s a bold move for me but I really loved wearing it and I’m excited to try more colors.

Purchase Tip: If you sign up for Stila’s mailing list on Stila.com, they will send you a 20% coupon for your first purchase.

Have you tried any liquid lipsticks from Stila?  If you have, what colors have you tried and what did you think of them? I hope this makeup review was helpful!

Lots of Love,

Janine -XO ~Abeautifulwhim





34 thoughts on “Hidden Gems – Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks

  1. These look amazing and the different shades look gorgeous, will definitely be adding these to my wish list! I’m a bit concerned about the matte effect drying out my lips though x

  2. OMG! thank you for that. I was one of the early adopter of Anastasia Beverly Hills and oh, how I hate them. They stain pretty much everywhere minutes after application (teeth, clothes, hands, chin, just to mention a few). Also, you are so right about the lip lines that it seem to draw and show. I will def try Stila. My friend also suggestion the Sephora brand’s version.

    1. I couldn’t even buy them because every other person I saw them on looked like their lips were cracking. Most women have lines in their lips and it seems with the ABH line, that just accentuated exactly the one thing nobody wants to. I couldn’t figure out how they got so much great press. I do love some of their shadows but it’s for the color, not the quality.

      I love the Stila lipstick. I do touch up after I eat something but they have a very soft look to them vs that dry look and they are easy to apply and get a nice even coat. I have heard the Sephora ones are good too but I haven’t tried them.

    1. Love the colors but I’m like… Ohhhh that pink is looking DRY!!!! These don’t look like that. If they did, that would have been a return!!

  3. These look pretty! <3 I'm so glad they're working for you. My main issue now isn't applying them, it's that they crack when I go from a resting mouth to an open mouth. Then they flake after cracking. Not the most attractive look. u_u I'd love to see a picture of you wearing one of these shades!

    1. Hmm, maybe you are applying too much. It should just be one even coat. You can also try a balm underneath but I usually just apply one coat and as it’s drying, I’ll go back over it if need be. The light colored formula you have might be a little different as mine are all dark but between the dark formulas they are pretty solid and stay (unless I lick my lips). It’s really hard not to lick the lips and that will cause it to crack because there are enzymes in your saliva. I licked the first couple times and I realized what was happening. You might want to try a little gloss or balm over the top. Once I got used to the feel of the liquid lip, I go about 5-6 hours and then the color remains as a stain but the full matte finish isn’t there and I reapply. No licking!!!

      1. I wondered that, too. =( I exfoliate, apply a balm, wait for the balm to settle a bit, apply lip liner, and apply a thin coat of it, then add a gloss over it. I’m fortunately not a lip licker, but before 15 minutes is up, it still ends up marred and cracked. I tried it without a coat of gloss over it, and with a few thin layers. Beginning to wonder if liquid lips just weren’t made for me, yo. =( Which I’m sad about because it’s /such/ a gorgeous colour!

        I do find it hilarious that spit can break down the lipstick, but not drinking, haha.

        1. I would try no balm and less product. Mine is dry in 20-30 seconds. The balm might be causing issues especially if you are combining oil based and water based products. That will fall apart. I’ve done that with hair and had to rewash it!!

          There enzymes in our saliva that do it. That’s why if you eat pudding or yogurt or anything creamy and eat it out if the container… It’s watery the next day. Nature at work!

  4. I am a huge fan of the kylie Jenner nude. Loveeeee….her. I got 5 different nudes just to match her nude.I’m waiting for the day mac to get in collabortion with her for lipsticks. I see that the highest liquid lip is stila for 22 while others are 20 or less. I was at sephora and was thinking if I should buy it or not. I think it’s because I had already bought nyx matte lip creams already that day. Lol. Love this post. Do you do lip swatches of the stila shades.

    1. If you go to Stila.com and sign up for their newsletter, they will send you a 20% off coupon and shipping is free over 50.00 so you can wind up getting a good deal that way. I would say worth a try, yes! If you get it at Sephora and you are in the US, you can always return it if you don’t like it. I will do some lip swatches soon. I did one that I posted on Instagram of the mauve color.

  5. Oh my god I am so in love with these new colors! Amazing lipsticks, already have gotten me the purple color called Aria and is awesome!

    1. I definitely want to get some from their new summer collection. I’ve been really happy with the ones I have and I love that my lips don’t look like the desert ground while I’m wearing them. =)

  6. Waaw.. Nice shades. I have tried liquid lipsticks of La Color Lip Couture and Anastasia Beverly Hills brands. Not so happy with both these brands. After your review I’m tempted to use Stila’s Fiery shade… Thanks for the review

    1. Believe it or not, I am NOT a red lipstick person! However, the Fiery red is gorgeous. I wore it out at night and it was like ruby red beautiful! If you go to my Instagram there is a photo of me wearing it (you can’t miss it)! @abeautifulwhim on Instagram. It’s a very beautiful red.

      1. Yes I agree with you,… and you look absolutely stunning,… Tooo pretty shade,…

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