Hello Charmers! Boxycharm Review September 2015 Is Runway Ready

Boxycharm september 2015 runway readyI agonized over selecting a monthly subscription service!   I really wanted something to look forward to each month that would be a thoughtful surprise.  I finally chose Boxycharm and I just received my second box and couldn’t be happier!  I’m excited to share my first Boxycharm review for the September box because it was full of goodies that I really love!  I chose Boxycharm because each month they promise 4-5 full size beauty products for $21 a month and free shipping.  Before I finally subscribed, I watched unboxing videos and checked blogs for several months.  I found Boxycharm consistently offered a good variety of products (skin care, makeup, and cosmetic accessories).  The products are from luxury brands that I’m interested in or already in love with.  I was thrilled with my August box and I’m also thrilled with September! I have unboxed it and here is my Boxycharm review for September 2015!

Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner ($22)

Tarte SmolderEYES gold eyeliner

I received the color gold in my box and I’m loving this liner. Tarte is one of my favorite brands.  The liner has a built-in smudger to allow you to create different looks.  The Amazonian Clay formula from Tarte is designed to reduce oils so the liner is very long wearing.  I loved receiving gold because I’ve started to use gold recently on my waterline after reading an article that Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist uses this technique to brighten the eye.  It’s definitely prettier and more natural than using white on the waterline.   The liner is currently available in eight colors from Tarte and it’s very creamy which allows you to easily smudge it for a more sultry look.  You  can also use it as a traditional liner or to create a base  on which you can build color.  Love it!

Previse Skincare HydroMilk Hydrating Lotion ($48)

Previse Skincare Hydromilk Hydating LotionI don’t think anyone can ever have too many moisturizers.  Especially great products for day time wear!  I’ve already had an opportunity to try this formula and I was really pleased with it.  It’s light weight on the skin and quickly absorbed which makes it perfect to use under makeup.  Prior to receiving this product, I wasn’t familiar with the line but I’ve looked at their website and they offer a beautiful selection of products that are grouped by skin type.  Your skin type is determined through a questionnaire and free consultation available on the site.   The HydroMilk Hydrating Lotion is suitable for all skin types which is a very thoughtful collaboration between Previse and Boxcharm.  The lotion has a light lavender scent.  It is formulated with antioxidants, rich botanical extracts, and hyaluronic acid which gives it intense moisturizing capabilities.

Vasanti Professional Foundation Brush ($32)

Vasanti professional foundation brushI’ve had my eye on this brand for a while.  I’ve seen cosmetic products from Vasanti used by numerous makeup artists.  I didn’t have a foundation brush like this so I was really thrilled to receive it in my box.  This definitely rounded out my collection of foundation brushes.  The brush is shaped perfect for the application of foundation and blends well.  There are no brush strokes or fine lines from the bristles left behind.  I’ve also read reviews about this brush and a common theme is the brushes are built to last and even after several years of use, they remain in excellent condition.  I’ll have to get back to you in a couple years to let you know how mine is doing but after looking at the Vasanti products and reading reviews, I every bit of confidence the brush will last a long time.  Their blushes and many other products are on their site look very appealing and worth a try!

Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel ($18)

Chella Brow Defining GelBy the time I got to this product, I was a bit spooked.  How could I get such a perfect box?  Believe it or not, the one product I do not own is a brow gel.  I have numerous pencils and other brow grooming products but not a clear brow defining gel.   And do you want to know why I don’t own a brow gel?  It’s because I’ve seen too many photos where gels look shiny and the brows glisten and that is not a look that I like.  Here comes Boxycharm and Chella with this completely invisible, no shine, no glisten gel!  You can’t see it on the brows yet it creates an amazing hold and separates all the brow hairs.  You can see in the photo how ultra clean and light the product is.  It’s there on the brush but virtually undetectable which is how I would like a clear gel product to be!  I just didn’t think any of them were but now I know differently.

Scratch Nail Wraps ($12)

Scratch Lacework nail wraps

I haven’t had an opportunity try these yet but I took a look at the style that came in the box on the Scratch website.  I’ve been wanting to try nail wraps and Scratch has become very popular for their innovative designs.  The style I received in my box is called Lacework and you can see it applied in different ways here.  Scratch also has a monthly box where they send you three packs of wraps each month plus a surprise item for $30.  It looks like they keep up with the seasons as well because I saw some very cute Halloween themed nail wraps on the site.

Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil (Bonus Item – Travel size)

Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry OilI was able to locate a Kardashian Beauty European site but nothing in the U.S.  The products are available through various retailers such as Ulta, Target, and Amazon.  This product is a light weight finishing oil for the hair to provide nutrient and shine.  It has a mild scent and from my experience testing it, it didn’t leave an oily residue or film on my hair.  I don’t know that I would purchase it as I would need to use it more to determine if it measures up to the favorites I have today.  However,  it’s definitely a quality product that seems to offer the hair a nice shine and gloss for a healthy look.


Needless to say September 2015 was a great month with BoxyCharm.  It’s the second month in a row I received a high quality makeup brush.  Brushes are always something I need in my collection and don’t invest in as often as I should.  This box could not have been better and I feel that I have been turned on to new brands (Chella and Previse) that I may otherwise not have known of!  That’s exactly what a subscription should be!  An opportunity to get things you know of love, try things you have on your wish list, and discover quality new brands and products.

The total value of this box is $132!  I give a perfect 10!

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15 thoughts on “Hello Charmers! Boxycharm Review September 2015 Is Runway Ready

  1. Hi Its really been awhile since the last time,, we have spoke/wrote to one another I really cant comment to much on your post I am still not up to the level so to speak of buying this type of makeup,, not that I wouldn’t because from what I read it sounds like that your VERY* Happy with doing this & that’s Awesome** so far for me what I have been doing is buying what I need as I go along,,, & let me tell you its really been fun… from a guys point of view,,, it really is….something of ?? hard to really pin-point all the details but 1-thing I do hav to say is: lol,,,, the *TYPE of a C-dresser I seem 2b is….. the look of a Glam-girl/woman I really have always loved how a woman wore tight/leggings pants with open toe heels & perhaps a long enough tunic that just comes down a wee,, below the knees & I find now….that I too,,,, wear the same style I am finding at times from a distance that guys are watching me from across the street & next thing I kno when I look again they seem? 2b on to were I am,,,, lol its kind of creepy lol but at the same-time,,, pretty interesting too ?? lol I am learning / practicing more & more with makeup… But !!!!! ??? I kind of new,, that the wig I have now,,,, is not really the best for (me) / Kelly but….its just been to,,,, hard to NOT want to S T O P this C-dressing lol perhaps because its still so new to me still? but…..I deff,,, will spend a,,, little more $money on a new different wig,,, perhaps over the weekend I just might have one & one that looks (MORE) like real hair & not a wig I have been wanting to put up pictures of Kelly on my blog,, S000000 bad & maybe ? if & I find the (right) wig,,,,, & I kno &,,,,,, any-1 else that tells me that the wig doesn’t look like a wig- lol then for sure,,,, ill put some pictures up !!!! I hope that ALL is and has been well for you & your family &…..HAPPY-BIRTHDAY,,, *PRETTY LADY !!!!!! Stay well + + + peace Kelly P.S. Nice post

    1. Hi there! It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you are out there enjoying life! It sounds like you are happy. I know how fun it is to buy makeup and something I get one lipstick and love it so much, I want to go back and buy the whole collection. I think it’s pretty hard, especially in photos to determine if a wig doesn’t look real. Someone would have to really get up in there and examine it! LOL. If you get one that is made of human hair it will definitely have a more realistic look and feel but it might be more costly too. I hope your family is doing OK. Sounds like you have some cute outfits you put together! Thank you for the birthday wishes! If only I could have birthdays but not actually get older. LOL

  2. Hey hun, I tried the Scratch Nails Nail Wraps when I got my boxycharm box yesterday, and they go on just like Sally Hanson’s gel wraps do. Easy application. I was worried they’d be like stickers going on. They’re actually very pretty once they’re on. ^_^

  3. i actually thought this box wasnt there best even though the value is always over 100. i think past products have just hyped me up so this wasnt as exciting, but the products are still good. ive been a member since last December and the boxes have been out of this world! But i like to read blogs because i love seeing reviews from other people

  4. Amazing Box!! Super jealous they don’t sell in Canada! Those Tarte loner are fab!! I buy them for my sister (she’s not much of a sephora shopper) she gets hives on her eyes if she uses the wrong products and these suckers have never caused her a problem. And I personally love a smudge brush on the end of my liners…saves big time in cleaning time!
    And yes, Vasanti! A great Canadian Brand! I’ll be picking some up for you when I come to visit! ☺️

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