Happy Mother’s Day – Finally No Miscarriage For Me!

Mother's Day 2015

I wanted to take a moment to wish my beautiful new followers who are mommies a Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope this is a day for you to feel pampered and appreciated for being a mommy!  I also want to take a moment to send my love and special thoughts to those of you who may not have your children with you anymore but always in your heart.  Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all of you and thank you for being a part of my life and I’m honored to be a part of yours.

I’ll share a personal Mother’s Day story with you.   This is my 5 year old.  Well, soon to be 6 next month. They grow up quickly. Don’t they?  Meet Noah.


Before Noah, I had 3 miscarriages and had just about given up on the thought of having a third child.  Every time I got pregnant and got excited, 6-7 weeks into the pregnancy, I would have a miscarriage.  It was disheartening, depressing, and emotionally draining.  I stopped trying for a few years and no one could find anything wrong with me but I couldn’t take the stress and disappointment anymore.

In October of 2008 we gave it another go and I was pregnant yet again.  I had a trip planned to Guadalajara in November to shop for Mexican art and attend an annual fair that I like to go to.  I scheduled an appointment with my doctor about a week before the trip.  It was my first ultrasound and I was excited.  I saw the gestational sac on the screen and was thrilled but then was delivered the message “I’m sorry, there’s no fetus”.  I was told this was called a blighted ovum and rather common and would result in a miscarriage over the next couple of weeks.  Again?  Every bit of energy in me was instantly drained and I burst into tears.

I was offered some medication that would speed up the process because the doctor didn’t want me to have a miscarriage with any complications while I was out the country.  I declined and said I would be in Guadalajara and there was a world renowned medical school and hospital in that city.  If it happened, it happened but no thanks on the pill.  In my heart, I still felt pregnant.   If I had 1% of hope, then I was holding on!  Off to Mexico I went and felt sick the entire time I was there and nothing went wrong.

When I returned, I went back to the doctor for a follow up and during the ultrasound, I saw a fetus and heartbeat.  How could that be?  I was waiting for another miscarriage all this time and the doctor had been wrong!  I was told either my timing was off or the fetus was in a location that couldn’t be seen.  All I could think was…. what if I took that pill?  Needless to say, I changed doctors.  I had a perfect pregnancy with no issues and in June 2009 this little guy came into my life.  I think about how lucky I am to have him everyday and we have an unusually close bond.  He is laying in my arms as I type this.

It was not another miscarriage

Children can bring indescribable joy to your life as there is an extraordinary bond and love that you form with them.  As a mommy, we want to protect them forever and it’s so hard to let them grow up.  My oldest will be 15 soon but I want to protect him as if he was a baby.  In a mother’s view, they are always a baby and sometimes that’s all you can see when you look at them, especially when they are sleeping.

I hope this is a joyous day for my readers and you can embrace the love and bond you have with your children.  If you don’t have children and decide to one day, everything your mother did that may have driven you crazy will all make sense one day.  What an incredible moment it is when you deliver a baby and seconds later that baby is placed in your arms.  There’s really no way to describe it except that the moment is truly surreal.   It is an experience a woman never forgets.  It changes who you are forever in all the most beautiful ways.

Happy Mother’s Day to my supportive and beautiful followers.  Lots of love to you.  -Janine XO





8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – Finally No Miscarriage For Me!

    1. THank you so much! and What a wonderful compliment to receive about my writing. I always feel like everyone elese is so much better. LOL I am working on some different tag and award posts this weekend so I will work on this one! If not this weekend, next weekend for sure. Thank you so much sweetie! I have make sure I’m following your blue too. I’m pretty sure I am.

  1. All I can say…from the words that u spoke / wrote- is….it is such a *BLESSING + + + May the *LORD hold you !!!! Your story now has touched my *HEART & this…I am thankful for….. + + + stay well…

    1. Thank you so much. If you have anything specific you’d like to me to post on, just let me know and you can always email me directly from my Contact page with questions. lots of love! XO Janine

  2. You’re little man is beautiful. That was a lovely story to share- it’s amazing how the smallest things can have the biggest impact. One doctors’ bad judgement, one little tiny pill… we place so much blind faith in expert opinions. Amazing story that reaffirms the point to always trust your own instincts and follow your heart. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day xo

    1. Thank you so much. He’s so incredibly special to me. I love all my boys equally but “the baby” is “the baby”. To think some hasty, poor advice could have resulted in him not being here just kills me because I’ve gotten so much joy having him a little older than the others. There’s an 8 year gap. He’s very sweet too. I know I have to let go a little bit at some point but to this day, he hasn’t spent a night outside my arms except when I traveled for business. I have found this is great form of natural birth control! He sleeps right in between us. I haven’t let him go since the day he arrived but one day I know my little bird is going to fly away from the nest.

  3. What a sweet, sad story, made my eyes really dewy. =( I am so sorry about all the misfortune, but at least now you have another bundle of love! He looks adorable, I’m sure he’s thrilled with a loving mother like you. <3

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much. There were some hard years and we had no issues with the other boys so we couldn’t figure it out. Now I have this little guy who I just smother constantly. He has learned to say “mommy, c’mon stop” quite well.

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