Happy Father’s Day 2015

Gift ideas for father's dayHello to my beautiful followers.  I couldn’t appreciate more that you are here and reading my post.  This is just going to be a brief one but I wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  I want you to know how much I cherish that you are sharing my life with me.  I hope you have an opportunity to spend time with your father and the dads in your life. If not, I sincerely hope you can take an opportunity to remember those you can’t be with. Our memories are always there for us.

My daddy is going to be 75 this year.  He looks fantastic but I have to say (and dad, if you’re reading this…) he sure has gotten grumpy!   But that’s okay we love him grumpy and all.  I’m so fortunate he is healthy and close to us.  My children have an opportunity to really know him.  My daddy-in-law is a wonderful, caring man and he’s a bit farther away in California.  We don’t get to see him as often.  We will be thinking of him and call him to remind him that we love him.  My mom’s birthday was just a couple days ago so we are doing a Father’s Day and birthday celebration with the family in Phoenix.  I’m cooking so I’ll be going to bed soon and getting up early to take care of odds and ends.   OK, make that real soon, it’s almost 1AM.

I have a photo album from when my parents were in Europe in 1968.  Summer of 68 – A legendary summer!  I thought I’d share a photo of my dad.  He’s still really handsome too.  He has aged so well.  This is one of my favorite photos.  It was taken in Greece or Italy and he’s 28.  I wasn’t born yet.

Summer of 1968
My Dad, Jim,  – Summer of 1968

I have a busy day tomorrow.  First Einstein’s (Got to get my toasted wheat bagel with Nutella).  Next,  I will be doing my grocery shopping for dinner and packaging up Father’s Day gifts and somehow I’ve got to get my nails done too!

Father’s Day Menu (simple & delicious)

My family loves Mexican cooking and we all collect Mexican art.  So, we’ve got a Mexican menu lined up!

  • Cheese enchiladas with green sauce
  • Chicken and cheese enchiladas with red sauce
  • Lime and cilantro white rice
  • Sauteed zucchini, corn, and tomatoes (Mexican style)

So, that’s my busy day tomorrow.  If I seem MIA, well, you know I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get all the things done that I should have done today but chose to nap instead.

Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!

Lots of Love,

Janine -XO ~Abeautifulwhim

5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day 2015

  1. Thank you for sharing with us readers a little about you & your family… It was very nice to read. I also would like to thank you…..for being nice to me…. it means a lot to me to….. know that you are a nice person/woman I haven’t really mentioned some of the reasons why….Kelly has had to be put on-hold so to speak,, Its my mom who has become sick & so…. we have her now at Home along with hospice & being that she is home her rest of her children have camped / moved in. it was best that I stopped & got rid of (ALL) things Kelly! to play-it safe. Even tho I was living here with my mom after my separation & quite a few other reasons why I had to move back with my Mom 1, because of moms health before of what she has now there were other illnesses as well. & to try to make a short story short,,, We have had the…..talk,,, &….. the house will be up for sale….& for me,,,,, well,,,, lets just say: out of every-1 in the family I have & always been the late, late, late, late, bloomer & this includes (everything) in my life Some…of my family has told me I have a place to stay…if need be,,, & a Good/Good friend & his wife said: Hey,,,,, not only are u my-friend……but you are & have (always) been (MY)-BROTHER !!!! SO…..at any* time u stay with…us & I am S000000000 blessed,,,,, &,,,,,, between u&I I am grateful I tell you this… but as u can imagine also….. how…scary this is to me….. especially because like I said of being a late bloomer So a guy my-age who….isn’t the most educated guy hasn’t really had career/Good jobs little if-? no money at all in the bank that was once on welfare,, which I (NEVER) would want to ever go back on that…again,, I also would like to add: just in case u might be wondering ? lol If I have ever had drugs/Drinking problems ??? the answer to that is….NO ! maybe…I should of….at least I could blame-it on that,,, lol but…any way……my life will be soon changing…& I will also try hard to keep looking above to *GOD to help/Teach me to live the life HE has giving to…me. + + + stay well Janine*

    1. You know things have a way of working themselves out. Life doesn’t always dish us out the easiest of things to deal with but it has it’s ups and downs. It sounds like you are surrounded by very caring and loving people and that will help pull you through this difficult time. I have to tell you, the biggest thing I fear with every birthday is that my parents are also getting older. I don’t know how I will face the inevitable when the time comes but I often think how most have to deal with it in their life and we just have to be strong and get through some difficult chapters. I think eventually when things settle down for you, you will find your way and be able to be happy and at peace with who you would like to be. You may have some things in life on hold…. but there’s likely a long future ahead of you and wonderful things could lie head. Stay Positive. Be there for your mom. =) And remember you aren’t alone.

    1. Thank you!!!! I made a note and will post on it soon. I’m behind on some sponsored posts so I’m chugging through my backlog! =) I appreciate so much that you thought of me. I’m flattered!!

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