Hairdreams Permanent Hair Extensions Review

Hairdreams review

Hairdreams hair extension review

I have wanted permanent hair extensions for years.   Finally, I have them and I’m excited to share the details about Hairdreams Hair Creations, the extensions I decided to purchase.  I’ve held off for years on permanent extensions because of the risk involved with damage to my own hair.  I waited for a solution that I could trust.  Finally, I heard about Hairdreams and feedback from women who have worn them was really positive.  If you take care of the hair properly, upon removal, no damage is being reported.  The price was right so I decided to go for it!

I’ve wanted to add about six inches to my hair for the past five years.  The bottom line is your hair will only grow to a certain length.  There’s nothing out there that is going to add six inches of length except extensions.  Some products might give you a little boost but if your hair growth cycle is on the shorter side, genetics will prevail.  That’s the bottom line and don’t let anyone tell you different.   I’ve tried everything and my hair hits a certain length and that’s it.   In a prior post, I talked about how the hair growth cycle works in depth so check it out.  It’s quite interesting.  Today, I’m sharing all the scoop on the permanent hair extensions I selected.   I’ve been wearing them a couple of weeks now and I am in love with them!  A lot of people have been asking me questions about the extensions so I’ve linked to the brand FAQ here where just about every possible question is answered.

Hairdreams extensions
Before Hairdreams extensions

The Hairdreams hair is real human hair and there are two grades of hair available (5-star and 7-star).  I chose the 5-star hair and I was quite impressed with how healthy and beautiful the hair is.  It has a bounce to it that I’ve never had in my natural hair.  The ends are never frizzy and the hair appears shiny.  I can’t imagine what the 7-star hair is like as I don’t know how the hair could be of any higher quality than I already have.  Hair is sold by the bundle and during the consultation, the number of bundles required to get the volume desired is determined and then the hair is ordered.  I have balyage color and the hair that arrived was a perfect match to the color I have on my hair.  You can see below the beautiful caramel highlights in the Hairdreams hair.  I was so excited when I saw it!

bundles of hairdreams hair
Bundles of Hairdreams 5-star hair

Quite a few women at the salon I go to have worn these extensions and experienced no damage.  The company has been providing hair extensions in the U.S. since 2001 and originated in Europe.  Other popular extensions look beautiful but cause breakage and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my own hair.  There are quite a few technologies available to attach hair extensions to your natural hair but I felt the Nano Laserbeamer technology offered by Hairdreams was innovative and would be the most comfortable.  It only took about 90 minutes for all the hair to be attached using  the new device and the bonds are attached five at a time.  Super speedy!  After a few days of wearing the extensions, I couldn’t feel them at all (not even when I lay down).  The bonds are made of a nylon material and they are super thin and lay flat on the head.  They are attached around the hair and not directly to the hair which helps to prevent damage.  Unless I dig into my hair with my fingers, I don’t feel or see the bonds whether my hair is worn up or down.  I love that about these extensions.  Clip ins are just miserable for me to wear and I’ve heard other permanent extensions are not comfortable.  Let alone the damage they can cause when removed.

Hairdreams Nano bonds
Hairdreams Nano bonds
Hairdreams nano laserbeamer
Hairdreams Nano Laserbeamer

I ordered 20 inch extensions but after having them attached, I had at least an inch removed as the length was longer than I expected.  This hair, if cared for properly, can be worn for up to six months.   It’s really not difficult to care for.  The key to keeping the extensions healthy and maximizing the wear time is brushing them with the special Hairdreams brush and being cautious not to use oil based products that can break down the hair bonds.  Having the extra hair has not added additional time to get ready for me in the mornings and I don’t feel as if they are more difficult to care for than what I already did for own hair.  Without a doubt, at the six month mark when I have to remove them, I will have new bundles of hair ordered and waiting to be put right back in.   The cost of the hair including the installation was approximately $1600.00.  The cost will vary depending on the quality, length, and number of bundles purchased.  I’ve never loved my hair more than I do with the Hairdreams extensions!

After Hairdreams!  I love the new hair!

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78 thoughts on “Hairdreams Permanent Hair Extensions Review

  1. I’m a hairstylist that is considering becoming certified in Hairdreams. It is a challenge to find honest reviews and happy clients is what I’m all about. I’m not rich so investing the high dollars into the certification only to find out after the fact that the product doesn’t live up to the hype is not an option. The pricing you quoted seems high. I was told an entire head of extensions is less than what you indicated having paid and then you ad the labor part for the hairstylist. Wondering if they lowered the price? It seems like you are really moving away from using Hairdreams Nano extensions. Does it really take 1 – 1 1/2 hours for a full head in your experience?

    1. If the nano bonds are used, then yes, it will all go in under 2 hours. The cost varies on the length of hair and how much used though. I have always used 5-6 bundles of 5 star (never the 7 star) hair and I get 20″. I have actually been using the Easipro tape-in extension for a long time now and I’ve been happier. The maintenance is higher but I don’t lose the bonds the way I did with Hairdreams and it’s more affordable. Also, I’m told Easipro is coming out with another type of extension but I haven’t seen it or tried it yet.

      1. Thanks for the response. I would plan on making both the nano bonds and the quikkies available.

  2. Greetings from Syracuse, NY where the latest technology is already old news in other cities (LOL).Anyway, I’m thinking about going with the Hairdreams 7-star extensions but being a perfectionistic researcher, I’m hearing equal sides of pro’s and con’s so its hard to make a qualified decision and its alot of money! I have fine blonde hair (chemically enhanced, not natural) and have had weaves, Babe extensions (which were gross), and Great Lengths (expensive and didn’t stay in as long as promised). One gal in town is now doing the hairdreams and I met with her yesterday. i’m leaning towards the 7-star for hair quality and the fact I can reuse them. But after reading about the tape-in’s, I’m now wondering if they’d be better for me?? UGH! $1500 is alot of money and I want to make the best decision for my hair (looks and health wise). I suffered alot of damage with my weaves and other extensions. It took me 3 years to grow it all out so I’m a little nervous. Between the two types, which would you go with?? The take-in’s or the other?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Well…. I’m not an expert but I have used a lot of extensions and I’ll share my thoughts. I love the Hairdreams Nanos. However, I never used the 7 star hair because it simply didn’t match the texture of my hair. The 5 star is gorgeous and there’s really no reason to go with 7 star unless your hair is so phenomenal you would need the higher quality. As far as re-using them, keep in mind there is a high cost to rebond them. On top of that, each time you lose about 1 – 1 1/2 inches of the hair during that process. It just wasn’t worth it to me.

      With the bonded extensions, I did start having some fall out from time to time starting around 8 weeks with quite a few coming out at the 4 month mark. They don’t seem to last any longer than Great Lengths. Losing them was super stressful! And one day I was in a meeting and got up and a hair extension was left behind. So, I have been using tape ins now for a while. I have tried the hairdreams quikkies. The texture is nice but I have had a lot of slippage with them and I usually only get to re-tape them 2-3 times.

      I recently switched over to Easi Hair Pro and I have had no slippage, they are less expensive, less noticeable, and people get many more re-tapes out of them. I like them better. I get my hair root touched up with color ever 6-7 weeks so I take the tape-ins out and while my hair is processing, my stylist retapes them and they go back in. It’s really convenient and I have zero damage. I have found the Easi Hair comes out quicker and easier than the Quikkies. I hope this helps!!!!

  3. This is way late but just curious if you had issues with sharp pieces and edges of your nano laserbeam nylon bondings? I got my first set about a week and a half ago and the bondings are all sharp and frayed on the edges…not smooth like the hairdreams website shows. It makes it harder to hide under my own hair and I thought they were all supposed to look same? Little pieces of the edges fall off and get stuck in my hair. Ive done after care exactly as stated. Any info appreciated!

    1. I am having mine removed. I have had them about a week and absolutely hate them. People can see them it is obvious there is little chunks of plastic in my hair and then they stand out!!! Not to mention I lay down or wear my hard hat at work and they dig into my scalp

      1. You should probably take some photos and send them to HairDreams. It sounds like they were not put in properly. Mine couldn’t be seen even when I put my hair up. I couldn’t feel them either. After like a day or two, I didn’t even notice they were there anymore.

    2. I know this is a super late comment but mine do the same thing. I also have received more comments about someone noticing them. It’s almost like a white glue.

      1. Yes, I wish they would change this! I recently saw their hand-rolled extensions and while it uses the same nylon bond, the plastic white isn’t there. They are less detectable but a longer installation time. I’m going to try them next time I do the bonded extensions.

        1. I have had the single hair dream applied twice. I loved those. It took a lot longer but seems like everyone is using the nano. I just have looked at photos and I am not sold. I think the single rolled ones are way better and undetectable.

          1. Actually, it’s been a while and I have found a new method that I’ve been using that I think is the best of all! If you look at The Habit Hair Method (a hair salon in Arizona) on Instagram, they have great photos. I don’t get mine done there but it’s the exact same style and way of doing the extensions. You can buy high quality, beautiful hair in wefts. A few beads are placed in your hair and then the wefts are attached to those beads. Totally undetectable. I’ve had zero damage. Nothing ever falls out. I just have the wefts removed about every 6-7 weeks, and put back in! I’ve been using the same hair for over a year and it’s amazing. If you look on my Instagram, I have some photos I posted last year of what it looks like. If you can’t find it, email me at and I’ll send you pics of them going in. IT’S GORGEOUS!

  4. Yes, my EZ hair tape in have lasted 3 times and I wear them for 8/9 weeks. They are very flat to head but I still cant put my hair in a high bun. This is the whole reason that I want to try hairdreams. The bonds look small and are very hard to detect even with hair in high ponytail. Do you disagree? If so please let me know. Maybe I should just stick with the tape-ins.

    1. Right now, I have tape-ins from Hairdreams called Quikkies. But I have heard the EZ Pro last longer and can be re-taped more times. If I flip the tape up, I can get my hair in a bun. It just takes some work. With the bonded extensions, I wore my hair in a bun a lot. It’s definitely easier but the bun has to be loose or the bonds can show. They have certain shine to them that make them easily detectable if they aren’t hidden. And once I would get my hair up, I’d go around and check to make sure no bonds were showing and pull a little hair over any that were. The difference with the tape is, it doesn’t really seem fall out. With the bonds, once you start losing them, you get gaps so I’m only getting about 4 1/2 months with the bonds. By 4 months, they really falling out. Like sitting at the office and it’s on my chair. Get out of the car, it’s on the seat. Wake up, it’s on the pillow =)

        1. Sometimes 5 and sometimes 6. About 5 was right amount for me. But I would start losing a few here and there by 4 weeks. And I would panic. So, I would start with 6 and as a lost some here and there, I wasn’t overly concerned knowing I had extra in the beginning. With 6, it’s a lot of hair! But 4 1/2 or 5 is just right for me. It will depend on what you are doing though whether you need that many. I have been wearing 3 bundles (packages) of their tape-ins lately and I love them.

  5. I am still debating about getting hairdreams. You said earlier you were thinking about trying their tape-in. I am curious if you did. If so I would love to hear how you like them compared to the fusion extensions.

    1. Yes, as I matter of fact I have them in right now. I put in 2 packs of 16″ tape ins. I’ve been wearing them about 10 days now. I am really happy with them. However, they only last about 5-6 weeks and then they have to be taken out, re-taped and put back in. I’m told they can only be re-taped 2-3 times. I’m going to try EZ Hair Pro after this. Their tape-ins are supposedly more durable and can be re-taped and used for a longer period of time. I just got that feedback and I already had the Quikkies put in so I’m going to use these and then switch and compare to the other line.

      As far as how the tape-ins compare – hard to say, it’s really early. I think they are less detectable. Even touching your hair, it’s hard to find them. With my last set of fusions, I only got to wear them 4 months. I was losing a lot of bonds and I think the tape=ins are less likely to fall out but higher maintenance since they have to be removed and put back in every 6 weeks. The process to put in 2 bundles was 15 minutes. They went in very fast!

  6. I can put my hair in a low ponytail, but anything high shows because I have fine blonde hair. The quality of the hair is very good. I have been using easihair pro. I have 2 sets so I don’t I have to wait for the hair to be retaped. The whole process takes about 4hrs to remove, cut, color and reapply. I choose tape-ins initially because it seemed to be the most cost-effective and not damage my hair. I would like to start using the sauna though and this is not a very good idea with the tape. Have you ever worn any other hair extensions. What has your overall experience been with hairdreams? Are you able to reuse the hair/do you need more than one set? How many packs do you have in your hair? I do not know anyone that uses hair extensions so I am full of questions. Any additional information I would greatly appreciate. I feel like all the reviews I have found are associated with hairdreams or on a salon website. Thanks

  7. Dear, Please confirm me the price for the laser beamer nano machine and also which kind of hair we can use or there are any special hair need to use this machine. And how we can remove the hair extension after few month. After applying extension extension, Can we use conditioner and oil.?

    1. I don’t sell the products. I am just a customer who loves them. You can go to and they have customer service to help you with all your questions.

  8. I wore the Great Lengths and I swear it damaged my hair. It was coming out in clumps during the removal process. I only had it in for about 4 months. I wanted it for volume as opposed to length. In the end my hair was so thin I felt it was thinner than before. Is this process Hair Dreams safer than Great Lengths? I am worried about the removal process. I want the extra length and volume but looking for a product that won’t damage my hair. Oh I have naturally curly hair.

    1. I felt like my hair was thinner when the extensions were removed but I was told in advance that it’s hard when you take them out. Not as in damaging but emotionally. I felt like I had no hair but I took many before photos so I could compare and my hair was definitely the same before and after. I was just very accustomed to having so much more hair that it was shocking when I took them out. But definitely the hair was the same before and after.

      As far as damage goes. I had no damage at all. No breakage, nothing. I took very good care of them and never let the bonds stick together. Brushed regularly and used the brand’s shampoo. Did you have the hand rolled extensions or the Nano extensions that are applied with the laserbeamer?

      I never put Great Lengths in my hair. I always wanted to but I was told by honest hair stylists that had worn them that there was minor damage from them. As a result, I never did Great Lengths. I only went for Hairdreams because everyone I knew that had worn them had no damage. Also, the bonds lay flat with Hairdreams so you don’t feel them or see them. With Great Lengths, they are a heavier bond that weighs the hair down more and isn’t as comfortable.

      With Hairdreams, if you are brushing regularly, using the right shampoo and products, and getting the tidy up cuts where they clean up the bonds and double check that no bonds get stuck together.. you shouldn’t have damage. I wore mine about 5 months and they used a spray to remove them. They slid right out and then they spent time combing out my hair. No clumps or anything. Maybe there was an issue with either how yours were put in or taken out but I’m on my 3rd set and I’m hair obsessed so if they were to cause even minor damage, I would never put them back in.

      What area do you live in?

        1. The bonds are dissolved with a solvent and then separated from the hair. I think damage can occur if the person doing the removal doesn’t use the right technique. Also, if the extensions are not properly cared for, they can matte and cause tension and damage your hair. My hair was never damaged and I wore 4 different sets. I love Hairdreams and I’m currently using their Quikkies which are the tape ins. Are you thinking about getting some?

      1. I am an older woman with short hair. I wear bangs but I’m thinning in crown. Will this work and how long will it last. Is any salon in the Columbus, ohio area doing this service?

        1. Last I checked, Hairdreams didn’t have the salons that do extensions on their website. You just have to go to their site and send an inquiry via or call them. You might want to check out the Quikkies too. This is their tape in extensions and it’s really gentle on the hair and I’m using them right now and really liking them. The tape ins for me wear about 6 weeks and then I have them taken out and put back in. The bonded ones wear about 4-5 months (for me) and some will fall out before that. But with the bonded hair if you don’t buy the 7 star hair, it can’t be reused. The tape-ins are super affordable though. There are also Hot Heads and EZ Pro. Those are 2 other brand that have tape-ins that I’ve heard great things about but haven’t tried. I hope this helps!!! =)

          1. Hello! Now that its been some time since you’ve had/tried Hairdreams nano extensions in, how would you say you’ve enjoyed them compared to tape ins? Im curious about a consumers standpoint because I’m a hairstylist thinking of becoming certified. Did you mention before, many bonds were coming out? How has your day to day been with them? Thanks!!

            1. I actually like the tape ins better! I did lose a lot of bonds with the nanos and that made me upset and nervous that I would have gaps as I lost more. By 4 or 5 months, they really grew out and dangled. And it’s an expensive process. I prefer the tape-ins because they are super fast to put in and you can retape them a few times. I’ve never lost any tape ins and I have them taken out and put back in every 6 weeks or so when I go in for my color. They are so much more affordable too.

              The only problem I have had is one package seemed to tangle up a lot. I don’t know why as I bought 3 sets of tape ins and treated them all identical. But one package would coil up and tangle really bad. The brand looked them and couldn’t find a problem BUT they didn’t offer to swap them out for me either. I was kind of disappointed by that as I expect a certain level of service when I’ve spent several thousand dollars on hair from them. But overall, I really like using the tape ins and I would even like to try some of the other tape ins that are out there as well. At this time, I’ve only tried the Quikkies from Hair Dreams.

            2. I hate them! They are obvious and easy to see the plastic is hard and obnoxious to the point I can’t lay on my back because they poke my head.

              1. I really think the person who put yours in didn’t do something right. Mine completely laid flat and they weren’t poking my head or anything like that. And I’ve had 3 individual sets put in and worn them a total of like 17-18 months. There is a lot of room for error putting them in and you should get your money back and if you really want them, have them put in by someone else. I also love tape-ins. I’ve used HairDreams Quikkies and Easihair pro. I like the Easihair product better than Quikkies but both are good.

  9. If you want the best extensions, I would personally recommend Great Lengths. I’ve been wearing them for 10 years with no damage to my natural hair. The bonds are much thinner than Hair Dreams and they look much better. I’ve gotten 8 months of wear out of my extensions because the bonds are virtually undetectable. You do have to take great care if you can get away with leaving them in that long to prevent damage. I’ve had one set of Hair Dreams 7 star hair installed a few years ago and I’m not a fan. Went right back to Great Lengths.

    1. The salon that I get Hair Dreams from used to do Great Lengths and I always heard good things about them. At 8 months, how far have they moved from your scalp? With the Hair Dreams, they would be dangling at about 4 months and then by 5 months or so I would feel insecure and take them out and get new ones. Right now, I haven’t had them for 4 months and I feel bald. I haven’t tried the 7 Star Hair Dreams but did you find the texture of the hair was too fine as I didn’t think 7 star would match my existing texture. Now the Hair Dreams are kind of different. Originally, they hand rolled them but now the Nano Extensions are completely flat. You can see them in my photo. That was a really cool feature but as they grew, you could see them if I put my hair up. Did you have the nano or the hand rolled? And did you pay around the same cost for Great Lengths?

      1. I never had a problem a with hair quality. The quality of the hair is excellent. I have used the 5 star hair but 7 star is even better quality. The 5 was so good, I never considered the 7. I haven’t leveraged their customer service but honestly the company is dedicated to quality.

  10. Hi, I just got the Hairdreams system (top part) and extensions (the 7 star one). I washed exactly as told but then my hair went frizzy. I live in a humid country. Have you faced this issue? What tips do you have? So expensive so I have to get it back to the way it looked like when I came out of the salon.

    1. I have never seen or known anyone who got the 7 star hair. The 7 star hair is really different than 5 star hair. It is processed differently as well by Hairdreams. So, having the 5 star hair (twice now as I’m on my second set), I have not had any issues with it. When I wash mine, it does become a little wavy, but not frizzy. It’s sort of like a pretty beach wave. The 7 star hair (what I’ve been told is harder to match to a typical person’s hair). It is more natural and refined, less processing I believe. I think it will turn out fine for you but I would reach out to HairDreams and ask them what they suggest. For me, it’s a lot of work to get my hair looking like it came out of the salon. That means a very long and meticulous blow out which I can do, but don’t always feel like it. Well, I never feel like it! Check with HairDreams though on the 7 star and ask them about the texture. They do have a line of hair care and might have a specific product to address it. There could be an issue with the hair and they may need to replace it! So, definitely get in touch with them, send them photos, etc and see what they say. It’s human hair so each batch could be different but they do have a process they go through to select each strand and bundle them. Keep my posted as I’m very interested in the outcome.

      1. Thanks. I went back for my check-up and free wash & blow today. Apparently, it’s all in the blow drying. I feel like I did it right, pointing the hair dryer down the hair shaft, but the stylists have many years of experience and skills so I guess I have to be patient and it will get better with practice. They were great and took the time to explain everything to me, and I feel better knowing that it is possible to get rid of the frizz without using any additional products.
        While I’m learning, if I still have too much frizz after drying/ironing, do you think it’s ok to wet my hair again and start over (without washing it again)?

        1. If you aren’t used to drying long hair, there’s definitely time and practice. I would suggest using a smoothing cream on the ends. Not on the bonds! You want to keep as much off those as possible. I start about 1 inch away from the last row of bonds and add a smoothing cream. That can make a huge difference when blow trying. It wouldn’t hurt to wet it again but your best results are going to be on the first dry. The dryer can cause heat damage too so be sure you use a heat protectant. For smoothing creams, I really like Alterna or Kerastase products. Bumble and Bumble is good too.

            1. It takes some practice for sure but you’ll get the hang of it. The big round brush helps and a good smoothing product on the ends. I bet in 2 weeks, you are a pro!

      2. Hi. I was fortunate enough to become the first person in the United States certified in the Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano and full of information I’d love to share. The difference between 5 and 7 star hair is simple. 7-star hair is virgin hair from Europe. This means the hair hasn’t had harsh chemicals applied to it. It may have been toned within one shade(warmer/cooler) but the natural color never lifted. The texture is a bit more fine with a lovely wave. This hair can also be re-bonded up to 3 times. 5-star hair is Indian hair. Still finer in texture than typical asian hair with a slight wave. It is also beautiful and also less in price. The hair has been chemically processed, although the cuticle layer of the hair is left in tact. The natural color molecule is gently lifted, then a new color molecule pushed in followed by the natural cuticle sealed. The color won’t fade/turn brassy, or become a fuzz-ball like other hair. Both types are amazing hair! This is what separates Hairdreams from the others. As far as the hair feeling dry or frizzy…… Because natural scalp oil cannot slide down the extension in order to condition the ends, it is imperative to use a moisturizer on the ends only. Do not over-use protein as that is for re-building the hair after a chemical service. Hair needs moisture continually-even though you might live in a humid area. Squee-gee out the moisture in your hair after shampooing which allows the moisturizer to penetrate the hair more thoroughly. After working it through the ends only(nothing that can wash into the bond as it could cause the extension to slip) rinse thoroughly. You can use a leave-in conditioner after towel-drying if need be. Hairdreams makes a line of products specifically for their extensions. Also, try Colorproof products-they’re amazing! I have been utilizing this hair for a long time and have never had any issues. If your hairstylist used a razor to cut the ends, have them trim a bit more off with shears only. Hope this helps.

        1. I have had 2 sets of Hairdreams now and I LOVE them. After taking out 20 inch extensions, it’s DEVASTATING. I still don’t feel “right” and my hair pretty long and definitely longer than 9 months ago when I started. I will likely go back in with 16″ and less bundles after the 1st of the year. Where are you located in the US? I’m in Phoenix.

          1. Your hair is beautiful ! Do you know of any Salon in Albuquerque that does Hairdreamers Extensions?

            1. There might be a place called Hairdreams of Albuquerque. Google and see. If not, contact Hairdreams and they will tell you who is in your area. =)

        2. Im trying to find information on any Salon in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico that offers Hairdreamers Extensions.Where are you located? Love all your information!

          1. I am in Phoenix, AZ. If you go to the Hairdreams website, you can email them and they can tell you if there are any salons in your area. The extensions are really fantastic!! I have 20″ ones in now. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

      1. They do guarantee the product so if you snapped some photos, I would imagine the company would make it right or offer you suggestions on products and ways to address the issue. My hair is wavy but it’s never been frizzy with Hair Extensions. Only my real hair is. =(

  11. Wow!! You look so stunning, your hair is just PERFECT! Ya look like a mermaid. <3 Your husband must be thrilled, to say nothing of how happy you must be now.

    1. Thank you so much. If you ever consider doing extensions, I’d highly recommend these. The hair is super healthy as well that is used. I think they were a bit expensive but I’m sure other salons offer the same extensions for less. I just didn’t shop around enough.

      1. I just got my hair dreams extensions last week and got 16 inches my question is my hair was down to the bottom of my neck so I feel when I’m doing my hair you can definitely see the difference between wear my hair was and the extensions are and I’ve tried curling but I don’t think I’m doing it right do you have any suggestions

        1. Yes definitely… I have layers cut into my hair so the extensions blend in. You might find a stylist who is great at putting them in but not as great with cutting them. That happened to me the first time. I’ve always been cautious not to cut my own hair but rather just the extensions themselves. They have some techniques to be able to do that. Usually, the placement of the extension around your hair creates some layering as some are placed higher than others. And then you may need a little texturing or additional layering to blend with your hair.

          I would suggest you contact Hairdreams and ask them for a referral in your area to a stylist that is very advanced with the extensions and would be able to do a cut that you would really like and help them blend into your hair. They may even add a few pieces here or there depending on the look you want once it’s trimmed and blended. They have an excellent support team who is very responsive.

    1. Thank you so much Christine! It was a long time for me to finally decide to get the hair. Now having worn it a while, I’d definitely recommend to others! I do wish the salon charged a more affordable price though.

  12. My hair used to be that length and I got so fed up of it getting tangled in the flex of my work phone, getting caught under my armpits, snagged in the car seat belt and taking hours to wash & dry that I gradually went shorter and shorter. The only thing I miss is not being able to upstyle it but there are ways & means around that so actually I don’t miss it at all!

    1. I think it might take me years to get irritated with it (having waited years to get it). LOL You are so lucky you could naturally grow yours that long. I tried and tried and mine just got to a certain length and that was it. I actually kind of hope it pisses me off at some point and gets in my way because the extensions come at a hefty cost. =( Maybe I need some hypnotherapy. =)

    1. As are you my beautiful Annie! The latest photos you’ve been posting on your blog are just stunning! I have to secretly tell you, I was trying to copy your pose where you have your hand tucking your hair behind your ear. =) Of course, it didn’t look as good on me but I gave myself an A+ for trying! LOL

      1. Yes you hair looks wonderful. I having been thinking about this for a while. I started out with clip-ins. These were not comfortable. For the past year I have been wearing tape and really like them. I have had no damage and hair looks great. The downside is I can’t wear my hair in ponytail and I need to go every 12 weeks for removal/replacement. I am just curious if you still like hairdreams . Can you put hair up? Are they using the Nano technology? I would love more feedback for someone who using them before I spend this kind of money. Thanks Elaine

        1. Hello there. I have used Hairdreams five times. I’m currently wearing my 5th set. I can put my hair up but I do have to manipulate it a bit to make sure no bonds are showing. Usually, they don’t show but sometimes one will peek through and I’ll move a little bit of hair above or below it to hide it. The Hairdreams I have had done use the Nano technology so they go in pretty fast and the bonds are flat. Five of them in a row can go in at a time but they can also just put one or two bonds in the device for very specific placement.

          The only thing about Hairdreams is… I lose bonds starting at about 8 weeks. By 12 weeks, I lose quite a bit and have some shedding. I lose the bonds whether I’m using their products or my own shampoo and conditioner. They have a line of hair care to use that maintains the integrity of the bond but their hair care is not my first choice. However, even with their products, sometimes the bonds just have nothing to hang onto because you naturally lose hair everyday and can’t predict where that’s going to happen. In speaking with people who have used other bonded extensions, they have the same issue. They lose bonds but the rate is going to depend on how fast your own hair grows and how much your natural hair sheds. You might go longer than I can.

          I’m only getting to about 4 1/2 months before I really feel the extensions need to be replaced and I’ve lost too many. That’s not much longer than you are getting with tape-ins and they may run 1/3 of the price. I’ve considered trying tape-ins as I’m right at the point where my extensions need to come out. With your tape-ins, are you able to put your hair into a loose ponytail?

          1. I can put my hair in a low ponytail, but anything high shows because I have fine blonde hair. The quality of the hair is very good. I have been using easihair pro. I have 2 sets so I don’t I have to wait for the hair to be retaped. The whole process takes about 4hrs to remove, cut, color and reapply. I choose tape-ins initially because it seemed to be the most cost-effective and not damage my hair. I would like to start using the sauna though and this is not a very good idea with the tape. Have you ever worn any other hair extensions. What has your overall experience been with hairdreams? Are you able to reuse the hair/do you need more than one set? How many packs do you have in your hair? I do not know anyone that uses hair extensions so I am full of questions. Any additional information I would greatly appreciate. I feel like all the reviews I have found are associated with hairdreams or on a salon website. Thanks

            1. I haven’t worn anything other than Hairdreams (just clip ins). The reason being is I never had confidence in other bonded extensions and I was not willing to risk damage to my hair. I have a lot of hair but it’s really fine so breakage was not something I was willing to risk. After years, I finally went with Hairdreams feeling confident they wouldn’t damage my hair. And they have definitely not caused damage. There’s not heat and it’s not a keratin bond like Great Lengths so the risk of damage is really low. As long as you are brushing and getting the clean up cuts, your changes of damage is low. Whatever breakage I have had is so minimal, I haven’t even noticed it.

              So, Hairdreams hair is only reusable if you purchase the 7 star hair. But I have always gone with 5 star. If you have the 7 star, they can rebond it and you can use it a few times but each time they do it, about 1 – 1 1/2 inches is lost. I am looking for length so that didn’t seem worth the extra price to me. And there’s a fee to rebond it as well. The 7 star hair is much more expensive than the 5 star. For my hair (and you can kind of get a good idea if you scroll around my Instagram), I use 6 bundles. 5 would definitely be enough but I get the extra bundle so that when I lose a few bonds, it sort of levels out to the ideal amount of hair for me. Each bundle has 25 individual bonds in it. I like to mix a few different colors too, which is really nice and adds some dimension.

              The first time I did 5 bundles of hair and I started freaking out when I started to naturally shed and lose bonds. From that point forward, I always got 6 bundles. It’s a bit heavy at first but then as some shedding happens and a few come out here and there, I don’t stress about it knowing I had some buffer hair LOL.

              Overall, my experience has been good. The company stands behind their product and has very good service. They will respond if you have questions and I feel they care about the quality and what they are delivering to the public. They are still pretty expensive but I love the hair. I paid like 300.00 per bundle for 20 inch when I was getting them at Dolce in Chandler, AZ. Maybe it was 350.00 – they were charging too much though. Now Dolce closed and only Scottsdale is open but the fee is the same as far as I know. Where I go today, I’m paying 250.00 a bundle for 5 star 20 inch. I still think that’s too much though but it is what it is.

              I’m getting ready to take my set out and I will likely go in with set #6! You can go in a sauna, swim, do pretty much anything with Hairdreams. You just need to use their shampoo and conditioner. What I like to do is use their products everywhere I have the bonds and my favorite shampoo and conditioners on the ends.

              1. Thanks so much for your feedback. How often are you getting them replaced? Are they capable of moving up the sides sooner? So just to clarify you are buying 6 bundles at 300 dollars for each bundle? So sad to spend that much on beautiful hair and they won’t reuse them. Any idea how much the 7 star costs? I am sure the price for the hair is standard wherever we live. The lady that does my hair now is not certified in this particular brand. I would either need to go to a new salon or the help get the lady I currently see certified in hairdreams. What about the removal process, how long does that take? Thanks again for the feedback.

                1. Sometimes I can go 5 months but that’s a push. I’m usually replacing them at 4 1/2 months. With Hairdreams, they can’t be moved up or adjusted once they are in. As the hair grows, they just grow out farther away from the scalp and eventually dangle too much or hair within the bond is naturally shed and there’s not enough to hold onto anymore. I am buying 6 bundles at 250.00 / each and that’s the 5 star 20″ hair. I’m not sure how much more the 7 star is. I remember getting a quote a couple of years ago and it was quite a bit more plus when they rebond it, 1 1/2 inches is lost. I always like to go with 20″ extensions, so if they are reduced to 18″ inches after rebonding and trimming the ends, I’d be unhappy. There is a fee to rebond them too. They have to go back to Hairdreams and it takes a while and if I recall, it was around 900.00 for the set to be redone.

                  So, for removal.. they spray on a solution and the bonds slide out. It usually takes about an hour and maybe 30 minutes to get it all combed out. For me, it could go quicker because I’ve lost so many by the time I am ready to remove them. Today, I lost 3. Yesterday, I lost 3. So, they are falling out fast and furious and I’m having them removed in 2 weeks. I’m actually going to try the tape-ins from Hairdreams which are called Quikkies and see how I like them.

                  I’ll just be adding volume but it will run about 250.00. If I can reuse them and get 4 – 5 weeks of wear, it might be a good alternative and a good break for my hair.

              2. I’m confused. Do you have the quickkies in or the nano bonds? I see you mention both. I had the tape ins the invisatape by glam seamless and within a week the ones towards the top of my head fell out. I had a professional stylist put them in and followed all intructions. I will never use them again they were terribly rude when I contacted them. Now I have hand tied loop which I was told is the best and no damage. I find them very painful still because it’s like a ton of elastic thread tied tightly around your whole head and it also doesn’t work for me bc she can only place them low or the show and I need them higher up. With the tape ins I can only think that it was washing them in a hot shower which isn’t mentioned on their site bc the ones in the back held. So for your tape ins (and which kind do you recommend) are you able to gently wash in hot water? And your reviews of hairdreams nano bonds seem good and bad. That is or was what I was going to do next however the price, as well as not being able to reuse the 5 star hair and some comments I’ve read here and other blogs I’m worried about matting etc. and damage. If I knew hairdreams nano laser did everything they say I’d get them but yours is the best review I’ve read of them. The others were awful. If you were in my situation, needing the extentions not just on the lower parts of my hair but higher on my scalp and further to my face from the sides what would you choose. Tape ins (what kind) or the nano laser? Your current pic is that the quikkies or the bonded nano? This is a huge investment for me especially since it will be the third try on finding something that works so I need it to work! Thank you.

                1. Right now, today – I am wearing Easihair Pro. But in the pictures in this post, I’m wearing nano bonds. I use two different brands when it comes to Tape=Ins. Hairdreams Quikkies and EasiHair Pro. I think the Hairdreams is a nicer quality of hair for the tape-ins but the EasiHair bond is better and less detectable with the tape-ins. I prefer EasiHair. I switched over to EasiHair before buying another set of Quikkies because I was hearing the tape-ins lasted longer (less shedding, could be re-taped, etc) for longer than people were getting with the Quikkies. The Quikkies would slip from time to time and I lost one or two but the EasiHair tape-ins have never slipped and i never had them come out. I wash my hair in hot water but if you use oil based or alcohol based products, you can dissolve or weaken the glue and the extensions will come out. Otherwise, I have mine moved up every 6 weeks. I use Kerastase products and Olaplex. I’ve also used R+Co without any issues for washing.

                  The nano bonds are good and bad. I lost a lot of them which was frustrating to me. As your hair grows, they sort of dangle and I used to brush my hair and lose them. But I did get away with about 5 months of wear. While the nano bonds are flat, they are also a nylon and can be seen easily in the hair if you pull your hair up. You just have to be sure they are put in well and you are diligent about making sure none are showing when you put your up. Also, they take a little getting used to but once I had them in for 48 hours, I didn’t feel them at all. Very comfortable.

                  With the nano bonds, I found they did matte. You have to make sure they don’t and separate the bonds every other day and brush the hair well. If you notice them sticking together, you pull them apart. All good extensions are going to be some maintenance. If you take care of them properly, they shouldn’t damage your hair. I have had NO damage but I am very careful with them. I’m just using tape-ins right now because I tried them out and liked them. The Easihair has been long lasting. so I just keep reusing them. Every 6 weeks, I remove the tape-ins and get my roots touched up. While my color is processing, the tape-ins are retaped and then after my hair is clean and dry, they go back in.

                  I would suggest the tape-ins to start. If you look at my Instagram, there are several pics of the tape-ins in my hair (just scroll around). I got the 18-20 inch and I just recently trimmed off an inch to clean them up a bit but that was after 4-5 months of them coming in and out.

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