Glamour Grabbing Products To Get Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready Round-Up

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It’s that time again!  The Oscar’s are coming and we’re all eager to see who is looking the most radiant on the Red Carpet.  Stars have secrets and knowing what products are being used to get Red Carpet ready for a big event is intriguing to all of us.  

One thing we know is the importance of starting with a good foundation.  This rule applies to everything in life.  Without a great foundation, there’s nothing to build upon.  When we think of ourselves, our foundation is our skin and body.   Once that is tuned for a big event like the Oscar’s, makeup, hair, and a gorgeous gown finish off the look.  So, what are the top star worthy products making their rounds this year to get the skin and body Red Carpet ready?  I’ve got the top glamour grabbing products for the perfect foundation right here!  Just add makeup, fancy hair, and a gown!  r
ed carpet ready

Red Carpet Ready Product Round-Up

Beauty rest with ZzzQuil

zzzQuil Sleep-Aid

A good night’s sleep is a must before any big event and when you need to bring your A-game, you have to sleep well and wake refreshed.  You didn’t think of that did you?  It’s essential and don’t underestimate the important of beauty rest.  A lack of sleep may cause dark circles or bags under your eyes among other beauty issues.  Plus, you are not as alert or productive if your sleep suffers.   The makers of Vicks NyQuil have created ZzzQuil, a non-habit forming sleep-aid for times when you can’t afford a restless night.  I’m so thrilled this product came out because I was the first one to reach for the NyQuil when I couldn’t sleep.  Nyquil is great but it has additional medication in it that I don’t always need.  Now, with ZzzQuil I’m getting the right dose of just what I need to help me fall asleep.

ZzzQuil helps you fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake up without feeling groggy.  I can attest to that.  I’ve tested it extensively.  On a day where you need to look and feel energized, this product is the trick to guarantee waking refreshed, beautiful, and ready to tackle just about anything.  It’s especially difficult to fall asleep when your are anxious but ZzzQuil is for occasional sleeplessness where you find yourself wide awake and concerned how that may affect you the next day.  Don’t let it affect you.  Use this safe, non-addictive, sleep-aid that will ensure you are ready to bring your best.

Available at                                                                                                                                                     For a printable discount coupon, click here  #BringYourBest

Soft and sexy feet with Baby Foot

Red Carpet Ready Baby Foot

Another thing you might not have thought about is your feet.  Women aren’t wearing socks and tennis shoes to glamorous events.  You need feet that look pretty in strappy heels.  That’s not possible if your heels are dry and cracking.  Whether you do your own pedicures or have them done in a salon, the dead skin is usually softened with a chemical and then shaved off.  It always comes back quickly because the filing creates more friction which creates more dead skin.  So, you have a vicious cycle of filing and shaving to keep your feet looking pretty.  Baby Foot is a unique and total foot care solution that allows you to maintain beautiful feet at home.  After the initial use, most people find maintenance is needed every couple of months.  That’s a far cry from the disaster I find at the end of every work week with my feet and that’s with scrubbing them daily.  Then again, now I’ve learned the vigorous scrubbing exacerbates the build up of dead skin.

Baby Foot is a scientific formula that contains many different natural extracts to exfoliate and moisturize your feet.  The main ingredient is fruit acid and it penetrates into the layers of dead skin that build up on the soles of your feet.  It also breaks down the substance that holds all that skin together.  This process prevents damage to your skin and allows the dead skin to peel away leaving fresh soft skin, like that of a baby.  The booties are comfortable and the gel inside has a mild citrus scent.  Once you slip your feet in, the booties are worn for an hour.  After the booties are removed, you simply rinse the gel off your feet and wait for the peel to begin.  If you have polish on your toes, after the booties are worn, you will need to reapply a top coat as the gel dulls the polish but doesn’t remove it.  A fresh top coat does the trick.  Since the product inside the booties is a gel, it  doesn’t leave a drippy mess behind.

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

It’s can take up to a week after applying the product for the peel to start.  Once it does, you simply allow the skin to slough off naturally.  I know it’s tempting (and fun) to peel it but that is not recommended.  The overall peeling process may take up to two weeks and it varies for each person.  Once it’s complete, you simply maintain your soft pretty feet. Abrasive scrubbing is no longer needed.  Initially, some people may experience a sensation of dry skin just prior to the start of the peel and an oil free moisturizer can be applied to address that.  Once the peel cycle completes, you will have reborn feet ready to show off in the sexiest of heels.  red c

Baby Foot Foot Peelarpet ready.

Available at $25 USD  

Radiant skin with Clarisonic Mia FIT

Clarisonic Mia FIT skin care

Up next, I want to share an exciting new product from Clarisonic.  Women are more focused than ever on a fit and healthy lifestyle with natural looks.  That means less makeup and fresh skin.  The Clarisonic Mia FIT is a new convenient device for on-the-go women.  It’s compact and small enough for a carry-on bag, gym bag, and even a purse.  This new device was 5 years in the making and combines Clarisonic’s  existing and beloved oscillating technology with a patented and optimized compact, free standing unit.  It’s even waterproof!  I absolutely fell in love with this new product from Clarisonic.

For those of you not familiar with the benefits of Clarisonic, it’s strictly a cleanser not an exfoliator so it’s gentle enough to use twice daily and suitable for all skin types.  It cleans your skin six times better than using your hands alone and enables your skin to better absorb skincare products.  For healthy skin, this is a must have!  It’s not a nice to have because when you see the brush after you cleansed your skin using your hands, you realize the Clarisonic technology makes a huge difference.  If you aren’t using a Clarisonic, your skin is just not as clean as you think it is.  I had to see it for myself to believe it.

Clarisonic Skin Care Red carpet ready product

Other things I love about this little guy is it’s very simple to use.  It’s got a 60 second delicate cleanse and an 80 second power cleanse.  The power cleanse is great for removing heavy makeup.  It’s also nice after a hard workout and you can extend the cycle for cleansing the neck.  To make things fun, the device is available in white, pink, or teal.  And of course, I got pink!  Shocker, right?  And look how compact it is!

Clarisonic Mia Fit skin care

Clarisonic skin care MIA Fit Brush

The Mia FIT kit includes a velvety soft Radiance Brush Head and a travel size Sonic Radiance Skin Illuminating Cleanser.  You can see in the photo above how soft the bristles of the brush are.  The cleanser is a high foaming milk cleanser with natural extracts of Licorice Root, Gingko Biloba Leaf, and Peppermint Leaf.   Clarisonic offers additional cleansers for various needs such as exfoliation, acne, deep cleansing, and skin lightening.  You can see all the cleansers here on their website.   100% of women who used the product (including me) agree the device effectively removes impurities and 96% of women experienced smoother, softer, and more refreshed skin.  Also, the Clarisonic Mia FIT is currently the #1 cleansing device recommended by dermatologists.  You can feel confident in your decision to purchase the Mia FIT.  You will absolutely fall in love with this one.  I have no doubt!

Available at $189 USD                                                                                                                                                                            (Free Shipping, Free Returns, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee)

A Mediterranean scent with Capri by Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto Capri Perfume box

Now that you are refreshed and skin is awake, it’s time to touch your senses.  No beauty regimen is complete without a sensual and alluring scent.  Perfume is so important to me that I will turn my car around and go back home if I forgot to put it on.  Now, I carry some in my purse.  Perfume is a must when you want to be the entire package.  Imagine a woman on the Red Carpet without an extraordinary scent?  That can’t happen.  Hands down, perfume is a requirement to be Red Carpet ready and Capri by Vince Camuto is the brand’s newest addition to their collection.

This new scent by Vince Camuto is a floral-fruity romantic scent that speaks to the free-spirited wanderlust in all of us.  Capri’s top notes are violet leaves, juicy pear, and pink grapefruit.  Mid notes include red frangipani, peach blossom, and violet flower.  The base notes are musk and vanilla.  The scent is feminine and distinctly different from Camuto’s other scents which are all designed to speak to a woman’s individuality.  It’s hard for me to say what my favorite is because I love perfume so much!  I choose very different scents depending on my mood and where I’m going.  By the way, there’s a rollerball available for Capri so you can also carry it in your purse.

This perfume is an adventurous scent that will make you think of summer days in the Mediterranean.  It lingers like a summery, fruity, soft breeze and it’s intriguing and beautiful.  The perfume is contained in a bottle inspired by sea glass and the tranquil and brilliant Mediterranean blue water.  It has a satin silver cap with a delicate turquoise bow.  All the distinctive scents in the Vince Camuto collection have the signature crest medallion that represents the brand’s legacy and commitment to excellence.   Perfume is the ultimate accessory and it has a way of transforming how you feel and how others feel about you.  If you don’t usually wear perfume, you should definitely experiment.  This  scent is fresh and light and suitable for everyone.

Vince Camuto Capri perfume red carpet ready

Available at $82 Eau de Parfum 3.4 ounces & $22 Eau de Parfum Rollerball                        Free shipping with fragrance purchases #MeetMeInCapri

There you have a star worthy product round-up to get you Red Carpet ready for any big event.  I couldn’t pick a favorite product in this bunch because honestly they are all products I would highly recommend.  I use them all and love them all!   Do you have a favorite or another incredible Red Carpet ready product to share?  I always LOVE to read your comments!

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    1. The one thing I recommend it to use the product at bedtime (as opposed to 2AM if you are unable to fall asleep) – that way you won’t be groggy in the morning. =)

  1. Different from the usual “how to get a red carpet look” tutorials, and 10x better! Mmm, my gravel road farm feet need an extra strength peel for sure… will definitely keep an eye on that. Yikes, the Clarisonic is expensive. =S Guess I’ll stick with my hands for now! This list is guaranteed to make anyone look beautiful, though. =) Great job!

  2. Zzzquil is my favorite thing ever! I have terrible insomnia and before I found it I couldn’t hardly sleep. My skin would always break out, and I would always have really bad dark circles (I’m only 21) so when I found zzzquil it changed my life. I had tried melatonin, but it always gave me nightmares and made me even more awake so I wouldn’t suggest it. I love this post, lots of great info!!!!^.^

    1. I’m about to take some zzzQuil right now LOL. (Seriously) It’s midnight I’m still wide awake and I have to get up early for work!
      I’m so glad you like the post!

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