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Firefly kids oral hygiene products

We have a major problem in my house:  hygiene.  Raising boys?  I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen things that I never thought I’d see in my life .  I’ll spare you details but you can read about some of my shocking episodes here!  One thing that is really upsetting is when my kids don’t brush their teeth.  Firefly products have been a gamer changer in my house!Firefly dental productsWith the older boys, I just ground them for yellow teeth (seriously, no video games) but younger ones are a little more challenging.  I’m always looking for a way to entice my youngest to brush and rinse.  Thanks to the Firefly products, I have won the battle against poor dental hygiene.  I was recently asked to test some Firefly and REACH dental products and you will see my experience went from miserable to fun!  If I knew it was this easy all along, I would have been buying Firefly products a long time ago!

Let’s begin with the brushing!  It doesn’t matter what flavor toothpaste I buy or what special treat I offer, my six year old won’t brush his teeth.  Well, not for more than ten seconds.  But that has changed!  (By the way, be sure to read my closing comments, my son is waiting to answer your questions!)

Introducing the Firefly Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush

As part of the complete Firefly Star Wars Collection, the Kylo Ren Lightsaber tooth brush lights up for 60 seconds to remind kids to brush one minute on the top and one minute on their bottom teeth.  This Firefly product has been a major game changer in my house!  This nifty toothbrush can be purchased at Walmart and Walgreen’s. Brushing has never been more fun for my six year old!  Check him out when I handed him the new toothbrush. (A kid cannot fake this type of response! This is pure delight!)

Star Wars Kylo Ren toothbrush
Noah is so excited to get his new Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush
Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush
After opening his new toothbrush, Noah was in awe!

So, needless to say, after this kind of response, we have a child who wants to brush his teeth!  I can feel good about giving these products to my kids because Firefly is a leader in oral care solutions.  I love how the lightsaber comes together with a protective cap to keep bacteria from getting on the toothbrush (and it keeps our dog from licking it too).  They have more characters available such as Hello Kitty, Barbie, Angry Birds, and many more!  Firefly products are also ADA-approved.   There’s bound to be a character your little one will fall in love with just like mine did.   The best part?  The Firefly products are a great value!  This new toothbrush is definitely mom and kid approved!

Kylo Ren Reach lightsaber toothbrush
Noah is eager to brush his teeth on his own!
Firefly Kylo Ren lightsaber toothbrush
Doing a great job!
Firefly Kylo Ren Lightsaber toothbrush
Kid approved! Big thumbs up and a proud little boy!

Introducing the Firefly Spider-Man Fun Pump Anticavity Rinse

Now, that we had a successful brushing experience…. how about an anticavity rinse?  Firefly took care of that problem for me too!  Also available at Walmart, is the new Firefly Spider-Man Fun Pump Rinse.  How did this one go over in my house?  Well, see for yourself!

Firefly Spiderman Anticavity rinse
Noah is feeling mature with his own anticavity rinse with nifty built in cup!
Firefly Spiderman anti-cavity rinse
He says it’s delicious and just like bubblegum! (it’s really melon flavored but let him believe it’s bubblegum) LOL

The Firefly Spider-Man Fun Pump Rise is sugar-free, alcohol free and a fruity melon flavor.  My son absolutely loves it and he likes the built in cup.  I like it since there’s no mess but he appreciates the cool gadget that he received and the taste of the rinse.  So, what does Noah think of this product?  We have another big thumbs up!

Firefly Spiderman anticavity rinse
Noah approved the Firefly Spider-Man anticavity rinse!  Another thumbs up!

Firefly recently launched their Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes on the Firefly Facebook page. One lucky grand prize winner will win a trip for a family of four to the movie capital of the world: Hollywood!  Click here to enter to head over to the Facebook page to enter!  Definitely go enter!  You might win!  

Family dental health products from REACH

Did you know that you need to change your toothbrush every three months and after you get over a cold?  If you aren’t doing that, you definitely should be to maintain good dental health.  I keep a lot of spare toothbrushes in my house not only for my family but also for guests.  REACH is more affordable than the competition so it doesn’t break the bank to keep spares around.  I’ve been purchasing the REACH brand for years!  Not only because they have the best price point but also because it’s a brand I trust.

These are my favorite family picks from REACH.  The UltraClean has very fine and soft bristles which I love because I have sensitive gums.  It also has a tongue cleaner.  Before you ask, yes, you should brush your tongue if you want to clean breath and minimal bacteria in your mouth!  This toothbrush comes in single count or 4-count packs.  This is definitely my personal number one pick!  It can be purchased at Walmart and Target.

REACH UltraClean Toothbrush
REACH UltraClean Toothbrush

I also buy REACH Advanced Design toothbrush packs for my family.  These are different than the UltraClean toothbrush.  The Advanced Design has longer outer bristles and shorter inner bristles to clean really well along the gum line.   This is my husband’s favorite brush so I buy these in the 2-count packs and these are available at Walmart and Walgreen’s. They also work well for my teens who wear braces and everyone gets their own color.

REACH Advanced Design Toothbrush
REACH Advanced Design Toothbrush

What I love most about REACH products is my dentist recommends them and they are priced far better than most other brands.  They are available at the stores I shop in regularly and everyone in my family has one they love.  I’m sure you will find one you love too!

Have you tried any of these products?  Do you struggle getting your kids to brush?  If you do, try the Firefly products!  You will be amazed at the response you get!

PLEASE Don’t forget to comment.  Noah is going to check this post and help provide responses so please please please don’t let him down!  He’s waiting to hear from you and wants to answer questions!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Lots of love to you all!

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8 thoughts on “Top Picks For Affordable Family Dental Products

    1. How cute! It’s amazing what a difference little things like this can make, isn’t it? Noah is helping me reply to comments and he says “Lightsaber toothbrushes are for boys but girls can use them too” (LOL)

    1. He thinks it the best thing thing ever. And he uses his fluoride rinse too. My little angel. I think we are going to do a get together for his birthday. Get your “questions” ready. LOL

  1. What a great and very informative post. Noah is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. Have a Wonderful Friday ????

  2. I still struggle getting my 16 year old to brush regularly and for the full 2 mins. We even bought a super expensive Sonic with a timer and that lasted about 2 months. Noah is doing an awesome job!! Can Noah come teach my big boy? Lol. We have 2 Dental hygienist in my family and still no luck.

    1. Noah LOVES his Firefly products BUT my 16 year old and 14 year old (OMG) that’s another story. I have to do daily inspections and then take away video games and computer time for inadequate brushing. Oh, and showers? Forget that. They fake it. Deodorant? Nope. One of them didn’t even use toilet paper for a while. I mean, C’mon seriously? GROSS! We got the toilet paper thing fixed by having the pediatrician scare my 14 year old about e-coli! Everything else is still a struggle.

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