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I want to share some genuine beauty advice and makeup tips with you.  I’ve put together a list of the best beauty tips I’ve discovered and have been using over the past couple years.  While I could compile a list of 25 or 50 tips, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen them before.  I don’t want to state the obvious!  And..there is nothing more annoying than a website that presents you with slow performing slide shows to induce more clicks and maximize the number of ads to display to you.  It’s so annoying!

Here are the best makeup tips I have to share.  No ads, affiliate links, or ulterior motives here.  Just some genuine beauty advice I can offer.

Bigger & brighter eyes

You’ve seen the trick where white eyeliner is used on the water line to make eyes appear bigger and brighter, right?  Try using a lilac, pale gold, or shimmery pink instead.  It looks softer and prettier.  I’ve never liked the look of the white on anyone when I get a close look at it.  It’s sort of creepy.  The lilac, gold and pink shades still brighten the eyes and aren’t stark like white.  Just be careful with the pinks.  They should be opaque and very light in color.  Otherwise, you’ll like you are suffering from allergies which is probably not a look anyone is after.

Don’t fix a dry mascara

While it’s recommended mascara be tossed at the 6 month mark, it often gets dry inside the tube before that.  Many websites suggest using a few drops of saline solution to make the formula creamy again.  Seriously, it’s just not a good idea to try and revive your mascara.  Just toss it!  The reason you may see the texture change is because microscopic bacteria stick to the wand each time you apply the product on your lashes.  Then the wand goes back in the tube and bacteria festers and grows in there.  Reviving the mascara can create eye infections and other issues.  If it upsets you to throw out an expensive product before it’s gone, try the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot mascara (check out my review on it).  It performs better than many luxury brand mascaras at a fraction of the cost.  I’m sure it will impress you!

Better lash glue and more on lashes

I love long lashes!  I used to wear false lashes every day until I realized it was damaging my real lashes.  It took me about two months and some Latisse to grow them back.  Now that I limit falsies to the weekend or special occasions, my lashes are beautiful again.  Being the lash addict that I am, I tried many different lash glues.  I found the Duo Brush-On Adhesive with Vitamins had less build up on the lash line which resulted in less damage to my real lashes.   And my falsies lasted twice as long using this glue versus the Duo glue in the tubes and other brands.  The clear glue is completely undetectable and it lasts all day.  And note, I did say “less damage” and not “no damage”.  The persistent use of false lashes, no matter how careful I was, caused damage.  I tried many lash serums and nothing worked for me except a prescription for Latisse.  Also, Latisse is the only FDA approved substance to grow longer lashes.

Set your entire face and neck

When Hourglass Cosmetics released the Ambient Lighting Powder collection, I fell in love.  I use the different powders in their collection almost daily.  I say almost daily because I like to change it up from time to time and use my beloved Guerlain Meteorites and other finishing powders.  After applying all your makeup, including blush, contour, and bronzer, dust your face and neck with a gorgeous finishing powder.  Look for higher quality products that are ultra sheer.  The lower end products tend to be more sparkly and less refined so this is a product where a splurge is warranted.  The finishing powder brings everything together and blurs fine lines and imperfections for the most beautiful long lasting finish without a cakey look.

Mix blush and highlighter

You can get both a matte and an illuminated look from the same blush.  There’s no need to buy multiple finishes if you have a shade you love.  Blending a matte blush with a soft highlighting powder before you apply it will alter the finish and give you an illuminated look without a disco ball effect.  The key is using a baked highlighter (see my swatches) as they are less glittery and more subtle.  I like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and their strobing powders to mix with blush.  After you pick up the blush on your brush, lightly dust it in the highlighting powder before applying to your face.  This will give matte blush a gorgeous glowing look!

Concealer on your brow bone

Brow highlighters look good on Instagram but in person and everyday lighting, especially during the day, they can appear too shimmery.  It’s definitely not a good look for the office.  Concealer works really well and adds the right pop to highlight the brow bone without adding any shimmer or glitter.  It’s also long wearing.  Just dab one or two tiny dots of concealer under your brow and blend it out to finish any eye look.  If you want some illumination, mix the concealer with a tiny amount of luminous fluid.  I like to use Burberry’s Fresh Glow – Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance.

Resolve uneven brows

Sometimes uneven brows cannot be resolved by shaping alone.  Trust me, I know this.  Every time I look at a picture of my eyes, I’m reminded that my right brow is lower than my left.  A lot lower.  If it’s just subtle asymmetry, sometimes Botox can lift the brow but if the problem is bad enough that won’t do the trick.  However, it’s possible to  pump up the arch and adjust the brow with a small amount of Juvederm or another similar filler injected in the right place.  The adjustment will last about a year.  My suggestion would be to see someone highly experienced that works exclusively with injectables.

If you would like any product recommendations, just let me know in the comments and please share your favorite beauty advice too.

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15 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Tips And Genuine Beauty Advice

    1. So glad you enjoyed! After I posted it, I bought some new makeup (shocker). I picked up 2 Estee Lauder Double Wear pencils. One is the most beautiful pink! It’s called Rose Pearl. I’m totally loving them for the water line.

  1. I agree, I always felt that stark white along the water line was too unnatural looking. I prefer a peachy tone.
    And ick at the thought of reviving mascara – just NO.
    I put concealer on my brow bone every single day! I started doing that a few years ago and really like the effect.
    Awesome tips! 😀

      1. I like dusting oil control face powder along my lower lash line to prevent mascara and eye shadow smudges / migration through the day.
        This one is pretty common – add a shimmery ivory shade to inner eye corners to look more awake / youthful. 🙂

        1. I love adding the shimmer in the corner of my eye! I use pale gold and pink too which is really pretty. The oil control powder is a good one though. I haven’t heard that before. I have several mascaras I like but don’t wear during summer in Phoenix because it’s too hot and they smudge on me. I bet this tip would help! Thanks! OXOXOXO

    1. Thank you! I really LOVE mixing the blush and highlight! So many shades I own I don’t “love” but I do when I mix them. Happy weekend! Actually, I think it’s now evening for you! Kisses!

  2. I love the idea if using a soft pink color in my waterline! I’m going to try that today! Great post!!

    1. I actually discovered this while doing some research on a Kylie Jenner look! I went out and bought the shimmery pink eyeliner (it was an Estee Lauder shade they discontinued) and I fell in love with it and now I buy all pinks, lilacs, and golds that I can find! It’s super pretty! So glad you found a great tip on the post! =) Have a fabulous weekend! XO

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