Farmacy Beauty Giveaway – Closed

Farmacy Beauty Giveaway – Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm and Face Mask Giveaway

Farmacy Beauty sleep tight skin care

Winner Announced:  Laurie Prior,

Twitter: @AMAZING_L1FE

Have you tried any Farmacy Beauty products?  To enter this Farmacy Beauty giveaway, simply comment and tell me what you have tried and what you loved about it.  If you haven’t tried any Farmacy Beauty products, tell me which product you would love to try first and why.

Win 6 deluxe sized samples of Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm (Value $24 – equivalent to 1/2 full sized jar) and a Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask (Value $8).  

  • One Winner be selected at random on November 30, 2015
  • Winner will be notified via email and must claim prize within 14 days
  • Contest is open to US and Canada residents (This is currently where products are available for purchase)
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  • For additional entries, you may post once per day on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook.   Please remember to tag me so I can record the entry.
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62 thoughts on “Farmacy Beauty Giveaway – Closed

  1. I first tried a sample of the Sleep Tight Balm from Sephora and immediately ordered a full size!! I love the feel of the product; the balm is so much cooler than a lotion, and the smell is amazing!! Also love the company’s back story. Really want to try their masks!

    Mstellwag at hotmail dot com

  2. Janine,thank you so much for this giveaway!You always pick the prettiest,nicest things,on your blog,your IG,your Twitter…ANYWAY,lol,I perused their site and honestly,Janine,the Coconut Gel Mask would be what I’d pick.I’m obsessed with coconut-I live in coconut oil.I swear by it.I rub it on me,my fiance,my family members,friends(both willing and unwilling), the occasional stranger…And I love facial products in gel form,lately,too.I’m not sure why,but I am just gonna go with it.And I am a mask-a-holic.I love the feeling of using a fresh,quality mask, and knowing I’m doing my skin a little favor,especially if it’s a moisturizing mask,and then the fresh,glory look of my skin after I wash,peel,or scrub it off.So really,this is right up my alley,lol.I don’t know why I don’t own anything by Farmacy-I keep meaning to order something but I haven’t yet.This would be treat,seriously, Janine.Thank you so much for this chance.I’m a huge fan.
    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and stayed safe in the Black Friday mania.I appreciate the chance to win these awesome products!xx

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Black Friday was not too bad but I didn’t hit any malls. I did get some good deals and I am hoping to see some goodies tomorrow for Cyber Monday. If you love the coconut based products, I think you would really enjoy the gel masks! I have the lip blooms which are wonderful right now in the cold dry weather. If you try some of the Farmacy products, I’d love to know what you think. Some people love them, some don’t. But I think they are really wonderful and fresh!

  3. I am just reaching the end of a pretty nice sized jar (deluxe sample) from Sephora of the sleep tight moisturizer – that’s how I found this post, looking for reviews to validate my love for this moisturizer and to see what to try next! Would love to try the coconut mask, I suspect any Farmacy is amazing! Sleep Tight has given me a lovely glow and doesn’t break me out or make me a greasy mess like I feared (I’m 46 with combination skin, but overall I battle oil more than dryness, though lately have felt my skin is pretty dull – though not any more since finding this moisturizer). Thanks for the contest – I’ll keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime will be adding the eye cream to my Christmas list!!

    1. Farmacy has done a beautiful job with their product line! The mask are superb. Ultra-hydrating, good fitting, soothing… You will definitely enjoy them. I just got the exfoliating grains which I’m loving too!

  4. I’ve really never thought about trying a mask. Now you have me wondering. I need to do this!!!

  5. Hey Janine! I would love to try the mask, because every mask I use is great when I use it, but the effects wear off quickly, so by morning I feel I am missing something, if you know what I mean, and I hear this is wonderful mask and god knows, being pregnant I sure need a good one, me and the pregnancy glow is a no show lol

  6. I haven’t tried any of these, these products sounds amazing. Would love to try Soothing Coconut Gel Mask to balance my oily skin.

  7. Well I haven’t tried any from Farmacy, but anything with “firming” in it catches my attention. I would be a great participant in experimenting with some of those for sure!

  8. Actually, the oil control hydrating coconut gel mask looks pretty awesome. Two of my favorite things right there: oil control, and hydrating coconut oil. My skin is odd as I get older, in that it is getting more dry every day, but I’ve still got an oily t-zone and I’m acne prone. I’m curious to see how that one would treat my skin.

  9. I haven’t tried any Farmacy Beauty products before, but the Eye Dew total eye cream look fabulous. I’m always looking for a great, hydrating eye cream, and love to try new ones!

  10. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but after checking out their website, I’d love to try the Makeup Glideaway Cleansing Oil with Echinacea GreenEnvy!

  11. There firming eye dew i read on their website looks amazing! its for stress and fatigue and who doesnt need that? haha over the last about 2 years, my dark circles are coming out strong and need something to get rid of them, ive been trying different things but you know how creams and serums take time! Lovely review and ty for the chance!

    1. I have dark circles too, really bad. Sometimes they are genetic. But color correcting can really help. In the morning, I take a peach colored soft lip liner (I know, weird) and color over my dark circles. Then I do my foundation and my NARS concealer and they are gone!! I use the Make Up For Ever lip liner. There are color correctors you can buy too. If you search color corrector on my site, I did an article a ways back.

      1. Oh wow, I’m going to try that tomorrow!! I fear I’ll need it as I’ve gotten sucked into your blog instead of sleeping tonight!!! Great blog, worth the sleep loss. :o)

  12. Your review of these products is so thorough and I just love knowing how fresh they are!! Pretty amazing. I have never tried these products before, had never heard of this line of products before I read your review. ???????? They all sound so, so good but I’d probably like to try the Firming Night Balm!!???????? I’d love to wake up in the morning looking a lil less tired then the night before!! Haha, it seems like every morning now, I’m discovery new lines and wrinkles..soo not a good look!!???????? Especially if I sleep with my face in the pillow, oh Lord, lol, I try not to but it does happen!! So, ya, I would love to try the night balm!!????????Thanks for such a great review, really enjoying your blog!!????????

    1. The line just came out this summer so it’s very new. It’s really taking off though. They have a very different concept with the farming. I hear you on the wrinkles. I’m scared sometimes to check for fear there will be a new issue. Omg. ????

      1. Lol..I hear ya!! Too funny, every day it’s a guessing game before I look in the mirror!????????? Btw, really, really loved your review of the La Isha Skin Care!!???????? Ordered the sample pack and can’t wait to try it!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!! Appreciate it!!????????

        1. It’s a great company. They make a quality product, it’s fresh, a result of extensive research and real experience and the owner is a brilliant woman. I use their SOS serum each night and the face cream. I want to order more pomegranate booster oil.

  13. I have never tried these before but I would like to try the coconut gel mask because I have dry skin and it sounds luxurious!

  14. I have not tried Farmacy yet but love X the idea of trying their l farm gown ,natural echinacea products.I would love to try the Invincible Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum.Loved your great review and demonstration! Thank you. I am entering with joy!!!

  15. Hello I’d love to try the firming night balm, I’m 46 so fine lines and firming are really important too me along with other things like the yuky old lady neck. I’ve also had a hard time finding a good C serum, I’m so tired of wasting money on serum that doesn’t work so I’ve given up. I’m having a hard time with getting that old lady look and try everything possible to get that youthful glow. ;)♡♡♡ thank you for the chance to try something new.

  16. I’ve never tried these products. I would love to try the octave body scrub in chocolate coffee.

  17. I have not tried these products before, but would love to try the Invincible Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum. I’ve been on the lookout for something moisturizing without tackiness or oiliness.

  18. I have never tried anything but recently have been getting into better skin care. I’ve wanted to try masks but have no clue about which way to go or choose. I’m a little lost. All of these products look amazing!

  19. Really great review! I always love learning about new products..I’m with the others here, the packaging is just delightful! I’d like to try the Coconut Hydrating Gel Mask…need to get myself to Sephora! 🙂

  20. I’ve actually never heard of these until now but I am in love with the packaging!
    Would love to try the face mask as I am always on the look out for those.

    Thank you!

  21. I would love to try the coconut gel mask first because it sounds soooooo luxurious and soothing. I love how coconut smells tooooo!

  22. Actually, I would really like to try that serum you talked about, it seems like it would be really great. But I would like to go into Sephora and look at some of their other products. Too bad I was just there today!

    1. I have quite a few products and they are all beautifully done. There is a certain freshness experienced with the products that is hard to describe. The night balm in the giveaway is fantastic too!

      1. Just a comment regarding availability – I tried to get the Sleep Tight balm at my local Sephora and they’re actually not carrying it yet in many of the stores, only the masks, so just an FYI to your readers, they may need to order online to get most of the line (I’m in LA so this wasn’t a small store issue either).

        1. I’m going to be posting soon on the New Day Exfoliating Grains so I’ll definitely mention that! Thanks for the heads up. They may still be rolling out and I imagine they do not want any products sitting on shelves so it may strategic in determining how much to ship where based on demand. The products are so incredibly fresh when you purchase them.

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