What To Expect From An Online Psychic Reading

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Keen what to expect during an online psychic reading

If you were to approach a psychic to seek out answers, what could you expect from an online psychic reading?   We will never know exactly what lies ahead for us or what we’ve left behind but one thing I can say is there’s no harm in asking.  Psychic ability has always been something that has intrigued me.  A psychic reading can offer different perspectives on topics that are important to you in your life.  It’s a socially acceptable practice and it can’t hurt anyone.  So, why not?

Initial reaction at the thought of an online psychic reading

When I was approached to connect with a psychic, at first I was hesitant.  I really never gave the idea any thought.  However, when I did, I realized this was a perfect time going into the New Year and I had nothing to lose.  Many things have changed in my life and I’m not sure how the upcoming year will unfold.  If I could have some insight or guidance on how to approach 2017, I’d welcome that.  Psychics can provide answers and guidance on a wide range of issues including: love, relationships, compatibility, prosperity, career, and much more.  They can also help guide people who are in fear or experiencing a loss.  My expectations were to come out of an online psychic reading with thought provoking ideas to help me evaluate what I’m faced with today and the upcoming year.

New Year

Why am I interested in psychics?

At the age of six or seven, I recall a couple of cassettes my parents had that were recordings of psychic readings.  One of the reasons the topic has always intrigued me is because a psychic told my grandmother that one of her two daughters was pregnant before anyone knew that to be true.  There were also some other very specific things that were conveyed during the course of several readings that later came true.  Unfortunately, a psychic predicted how my grandmother would die 20 years later.  Was the pregnancy just a good guess?  I really don’t know how it could have been.  It was too specific and no one knew.  If my grandmother knew the prediction about death was specific to her, would she have gotten a second opinion for a cancerous growth that was initially overlooked?  These are things I’ll always wonder about.

online psychic reading

2017 begins a new nine year cycle

For those of you that are familiar with numerology, 2016 is a 9 Universal Year.  I never knew what that meant but I looked into it.  If you take the year and reduce it down to a single digit: 2+0+1+6=9.  Nine is a finishing number, and represents the end of a cycle.  2017 is a Universal 1 Year: 2+0+1+7=10=1.  It represents the start of a new nine year cycle of creativity, learning, and growth.  How interesting that 2017 is the year where I will likely experience the biggest changes in the direction of my life.  Before I had the conversation with the psychic, I knew nothing about numerology.  I just learned about the years and cycles from the discussion with her.  The 9 Universal Year is considered a year of extremes and lets just say my year was exactly that.  Thankfully, it’s almost over!

online psychic reading

About Keen

I made a list of the most important questions I had and sought out a person from Keen that I thought was a match for me.  Keen is the oldest and largest community of trusted advisors across a range of disciplines, including: Love & Relationships, Psychic, Spiritual, Empathic and Tarot.  Keen has facilitated over 35MM conversations within their community since they were founded in 1999.  They offer a free trial and a satisfaction guarantee.  Right now there is an Exclusive Holiday Offer where you can speak to someone for 10 minutes for $1.  Based on my experience, 10 minutes would give you a very good feel for what the experience is like and allow you to ask a couple of questions.

What was the psychic like on the telephone?

After reading about ten profiles, there were a couple guides that I immediately knew I was interested in speaking with.  When I was ready, I connected with the psychic I chose to speak with using through the Keen website.  She had a calming presence and wherever she was, it was very quiet.  She listened intently to my voice and occasionally paused to think before she responded.  There are some interesting articles on Keen’s website that explain the different types of psychic abilities people have and how they are enabled to work with you over the phone.  The woman I spoke with never asked probing or leading questions.  She always responded with specific information and always inquired for the month and day people were born.

What key questions did I ask?

  • Is there someone from my past who watches over me?  If there is someone beside me in life, what do they want me to know and is there any way for me to get messages from that person?
  • Should I pursue a new executive position in 2017 or should I explore different opportunities?  If I explore different opportunities, is 2017 the right year to do that?
  • Is there any imminent danger to my family or me that I should watch for and try to avoid?

What  I was interested in hearing was an unbiased different perspective that offered me insight and guidance.   Do I feel that I got that?  I definitely did.  Without going into too much detail, I will share a moment when I was speaking to the guide that really intrigued me.

A recap from part of my online psychic reading

When I asked if someone was watching over me, the psychic responded that my grandfather was.  He wanted me to know that he didn’t find true joy in his life until the later years.  Actually, he was a rather grumpy guy at times.  He’s watching over me and  doesn’t want me to miss out on time to be happy as he did.  He encourages me to seek opportunities doing something that serves my heart.  What this means is, not to work for a paycheck but rather to choose to do things that leverage my strengths and creativity.  Now, whether he is there conveying that message doesn’t matter.  This is just good advice, period.

What was a little weird was as she told me what my grandfather wanted me to know, I was just feeling surges of energy and I was fighting tears.  I can’t explain why that was happening because I think about my grandparents all the time.  As soon as the topic changed, it was as if though the wave crashed and the water was calm again.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I have taken away a lot to think about and some needed reassurance that certain things I worry about on a personal level are highly unlikely to occur in the future.  The bottom line is, I’m glad I made the call.   As I press forward in 2017, I may explore more in the area of numerology as I think it’s fascinating.  I’d love to learn more and have some discussions around that.  I also asked for techniques and tips to help me seek guidance from the people I love who aren’t present in my life but may be along side me in unconventional ways.  The psychic shared her recommendations for how I can do that.

If you are thinking about speaking to someone about the past, present, or future, I would encourage you to have a short discussion using Keen’s free trial and then think about what you might gain going forward.  Then, you can decide if investing more in that process is right for you.  I didn’t mention who I spoke with but if you would like a recommendation, you can email me and I will share additional details about the two people I felt most strongly about and who I spoke with.  However, the person you speak with should be someone you think you would personally connect with.  Read the bios, look at the pictures, and review what others had to say.  You will just know when you get to one that is right for you.

online psychic reading

Exclusive Holiday Offer

What types of questions would you like to ask an online psychic or guide?  The Exclusive Holiday Offer available right now is an excellent opportunity to try this service.  I’d highly recommend taking advantage of it.  Ten minutes of time allows for an engaging conversation and a real opportunity to gauge if this is something that would benefit you.

I wish you the best in the upcoming year!  And I can’t wait to hear about your New Year’s resolutions and reflections on 2016!

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