Easy Tips for Getting Makeup Stains Out of Clothes

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I’ve been so clumsy the past few weeks, I can’t seem to keep makeup stains off my clothes.  There’s nothing worse than sitting in your office and accidentally getting powder all over your black pants or foundation on your white blouse!  But, that’s been me lately.   So, I did some research to figure out what products I should keep handy to get makeup off my clothes.  Here are some great tips I’ve found and tested that should work for you.

Using Makeup Wipes 

While it may seem these would be a great solution, they rarely work on fabric.  Not only do they dilute the makeup and create a bigger faded stain but also some of the makeup wipes have oils in them that leave you with a new stain!  These products are not designed to use on fabric.  Also, in a moment of crisis when I’ve reached for them in my car, I’ve often found they are dried out and I’m left with crinkly pieces of tissue.  I’m not a big fan of makeup wipes for anything, really!

Dish Soap to Remove Oily Makeup Stains

Plain dish soap works well on fabric to remove creamy and oily makeup products. They break down grease, so they also break down the oils in makeup products.  Rub a small amount of dish soap over the stain, wait about a minute, and then rinse.  Be sure to use cool water because hot water can set stains which make them harder, if not impossible, to get rid off.  Dish soap also works when your makeup gets all over the bottom of your pursue.  Simply turn it inside out and work the stains out with the dish soap and then use a wet cloth to remove the soap residue.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Foundations and Powders

Liquid foundation and powder residue can be removed with hydrogen peroxide.  Be sure to test the fabric first to make sure the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t remove color from the fabric.  It’s usually safe to use.  Again, stick with cool water and use the peroxide right away.  You’ll be surprised how effective it removes powder like blush or highlighter that gets on your clothes.   I’ve seen some recommendations to use alcohol to remove liquids and powders but I think hydrogen peroxide works faster and is safer for use on fabrics.

Most makeup will come out in a regular wash but use cool or warm water (not hot) to ensure you don’t set the stain.  It’s not always an option to just toss your item into the wash though.  If you are traveling or on the go, these tips will help get those makeup stains out of your clothes.

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