Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Dragon's Loyalty Blog Award

I am embarrassed at how behind I am on posting responses to award and tag posts.  However, I will be responding to all of them!  With some sponsored reviews I had to get out, kids going back to school, my full time job, having surgery, and our visit from an exchange student this summer,  I seem to have gotten behind.   Hmmm, who would have guessed?  There are quite a few posts I need to get on the blog!

I don’t want make any excuses but that’s how I got behind and I’ll be chugging along to work through my backlog.  Since the lovely and sincere Zovesta nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, I wanted to complete it this evening while I was sitting down with my laptop in a writing mood.

If you don’t know Zovesta and follow her blog, Glamour Vortex, please stop in and say hello to her!  Here is a link to one her posts which a favorite of mine on strobing.  She has some really pretty photos in this post that capture her natural beauty and she shares information on quite a few products on this popular trend.  Zovesta and I have been friends since I started my blog and she’s an absolute doll and a beautiful young woman with a huge heart.  Thank you, my dear friend, for thinking of me and nominating me!

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award Rules:

  • Display the award certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself

7 Interesting Things About Me (I hope they are interesting):

  • I grew up in southern California and I’m deathly afraid of Earthquakes.  One of the reasons I wanted to leave Los Angeles was because of the Earthquakes.  I suffered through the Northridge quake and couldn’t wait to leave LA.  Now I don’t worry about them every night before I go to sleep and I’ve been living earthquake free in Phoenix for 10 years!
  • I collect Mexican folk art.  I have rare originals by known artists as well as street art.  Most of it is on display in my home in ways I hope spark people’s interest.   I collect the art because I love the beauty and color and I want to contribute to the preservation of family traditions and art in Mexico.  There are hundreds of pieces through out my home, but I took a few snaps to share some examples with you.  Click through to see the mini gallery.
  • I was an award winning photographer in high school.  While I still have the vision and creativity, I don’t apply it much and would need to brush up on digital cameras.  I’d like to rekindle those skills and see how I can apply them with my blogging and family life.
  • I have been cooking and baking since at least age 12 and I can pull off an entire Thanksgiving dinner and prepare many extraordinary dishes. Since my hubby and kids prefer pizza and cheeseburgers, I don’t do a lot of complex cooking these days . I look forward to the holidays where I can put my love for cooking and baking to work!  I used to maintain a food blog years ago.
  • At the age of 10, I woke up to a cat burglar who had broken into our home and he was in my bedroom.  I started screaming for my parents and the chaos scared the burglar.   He  jumped out my window and ran before he had a chance to steal anything from our home.  I still have nightmares about burglars and lurkers to this day.
Uriarte Talavera
Thanksgiving table Mexican style using hand made glassware and dinnerware from Puebla; weaving from Guadalajara


  • I used to sneak out my window in my teenage years to see my friends and boyfriends at night.  I did it so much that my dad finally screwed the window shut.  When the original family home was sold about 3 years ago and my parents moved to Phoenix, the window was still sealed shut.  (HA HA!)
  •  In 7th grade, I was hit by a car while crossing the busy street to go to the bus stop on my way to school. I was heavily bruised and had a concussion but thankfully was no permanent damage or serious injury.

15 Nominees For The Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

A lot of people have done this post, so I’m going to list some but I don’t now I’ll reach 15!  My nominees are:










These are blogs I normally visit and enjoy their posts and I don’t think have been nominated for Dragon’s Loyalty.  Most of the others I have in my daily reading list have done this already, so I made it about 50% to the required nominations!

Thank you again Zovesta!

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19 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Wow! Thank you for the nomination! This was such an interesting post, i can’t help but feel I’ve been tagged by mistake, as I only have one post! But thank you! And sorry about the late response I’ve been in the middle of the Mexican jungle where wifi connectivity is limited 😉 I’ve also returned from Mexico with some beautiful pieces of pottery! 😀 I also adore your writing style!

  2. I spent part of my childhood on the west coast, and earthquakes were definitely pretty scary!

    You’ve gone through some tough things – the burglary and the car?! So glad you’re OK today.

    Love the Mexican plates, and I would love to see some more of your photography skills 😀

  3. Thank you so much for nominating my blog! I am so new here so I don’t know 15 blogs lol. But I truly appreciate your love and support! Thank you again! xoxox Sonja-Leigh

  4. First of all, you’re so so sweet! <3 <3 That was such an extremely nice opening, you're absolutely welcome.

    Second, wow, your details really are extremely interesting!! You've had an eventful life. =o A food blog ages ago? That would've been neat to see! Maybe you could do food posts on this blog, too,if you want? A lot of bloggers combine food + lifestyle + beauty posts. =)

    Your Mexican collection is really cool! Have you ever watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations (my fav, but maybe not always appropriate for the kids) or Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods (not as fun, but more kid friendly) when they're in the various parts of Mexico? I think you'd really get a kick out of seeing them invited into their homes for a traditional meal.

    I think you should treat yourself to a nice camera for Christmas and get back into the photography groove! Lots of hobbies just means a richer life.

    Yikes… I've never been afraid of earthquakes since I live in Iowa and we don't really get them here. What we do get are tons of tornadoes! Tornadoes have hit the house north, south, and west of us, and we had a tornado blow through our property. Mother Nature is a harsh mistress. I'm glad you survived the Northridge quake, my parents remember how scary that one was. I don't blame you for being scared of earthquakes after that nonsense!

    Burglars and being hit by a car… at least you have stories to tell your kids, lol. Seriously, so glad you survived both of those, that really is scary! Good thing he wasn't armed or anything and was spooked enough by the chaos, and maybe because the street was so busy he wasn't going fast enough to harm you permanently? Bless your luck. <3

    LOL, I'd like to imagine that whoever got the house next has some interesting thoughts on the sealed window. The most natural assumption would be "oh, rotten teenagers" of course, but who knows?

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