A Practical Way To Fight Food Temptations

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Palets à l'ancienne Voisin Choclates
Voisin Chocolates – Palets à l’ancienne

We have a French exchange student staying with us for the month of July just like we did last year.  Guess what has arrived at my home along with him?  Fresh and wonderful French sweets!  Praline candies and luxurious chocolates have been tormenting me for days!  And then there’s delightful candies for children like chocolate covered marshmallows, chewy fruity sugar coated things, soft flavored caramels, and sweet gummy treats.  It’s everywhere and I’m dying out here people!  Seriously, the struggle is real!  I’m already a major chocoholic and candy lover and then to have French sweets arrive?  Big problem!  On top of that, we are taking our guest out to dinner and getting ice cream, desserts, frozen yogurt, cheeseburgers, and pizza!  My cupboards are stuffed with fattening and delicious unhealthy American snacks.  I usually don’t buy these things but temptation is everywhere right now!

Temptation Strikes!


Fighting the temptation with Meta Appetite Control

Of course, I’m feeling guilty… sacrificing my breakfast for five pralines?  Plus, I’ve got to make this work for the rest of July.  If I gain weight, it will take forever to get it off!  So, after a few days of piling in the delicious imported treats and good old fashioned American cheeseburgers, I realized my Meta Appetite Control was in the cupboard!  Why was I not using it?  I don’t know!  I guess in preparing for our guest, planning out the month he is here, taking care of the kids, working, blogging, and everything else I do, I got distracted!  So, here I am on Day 5 with my delightful young French gentleman (hopefully teaching my kids some of his wonderful manners) and I thought why not give the Meta Appetite Control a try to see if I could reduce my cravings?

Meta Appetite Control Orange

Has a solution for me been right here all along?  Meta Appetite Control  is clinically proven to help reduce your appetite between meals and it’s a #1 recommended fiber brand by doctors with natural fiber psyllium.  I talked about the product a couple of weeks ago when I first purchased it.   My only problem is I have been so busy and distracted, I forgot I had it!  I had no doubt it could help me because it’s sweet enough to satisfy my immediate cravings and then gives me a sense of fulIness so I’m just not as hungry.  I got my Meta Appetite Control at Walgreen’s and there is actually a coupon available now for $5.00 off the product.  A perfect deal for summer when everyone is watching their weight.  I will include the details on how to get the coupon for you below so you can try the product and get a great price on it too.

Meta Appetite Control Ingredients

For the last few days, as soon as I get home from work, I have a glass of the Meta Appetite Control.  I’m really pleased because I’m not pounding the candies anymore and I’m having a smaller meal for dinner.  I wasn’t planning to eat smaller meals but I realized that was another benefit I’m reaping from the product.  I’m just not as hungry and it’s really working well for me using it before dinner.  A couple of hours after dinner, I have another glass to ensure I don’t sneak late night snacks.  What I really love about this product for appetite control is that there’s no weird additives that I will find out years later are harmful to me and there’s no caffeine to keep me awake.  It’s simply fiber and the psyllium fiber in the powder thickens and forms a gel to fill up my tummy.   It’s really quite simple, healthy, and it’s working for me!

So, what’s your weakness?   Mine is chocolate (especially Nutella) and all candy.   I’m also a big lover of extra cheese pizza with mushrooms, nachos, french fries, cheesecake, and eggplant parmesan.

How to get the Meta Appetite Control $5.00 off coupon

For a $5.00 off coupon for Meta Appetite Control, fill out the form below and Influence Central will handle coupon fulfillment.   You will receive a digital coupon.  Also, be sure to follow Walgreen’s on Facebook and Twitter for product information and future promotions.  They are often running great specials on lots of different products.

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9 thoughts on “A Practical Way To Fight Food Temptations

  1. It looks like so delicious.Especially, I love chocolate very much but it isn’t good for my body 🙂

    1. Life wouldn’t be the same without Nutella! I love pizza too. Extra cheese and mushrooms. OMG heaven! I discovered Nutella on toasted whole wheat bagels? OMG what is your favorite way to enjoy the deliciousness of that miracle chocolate goodness?

    1. YES, NUTELLA FROM THE JAR! OMG! And to think I had missed out on this most of my life thinking I wouldn’t like it? This is the very reason my husband refuses to taste it. LOL. And I actually caught one of my kids late at night with a jar of Nutella, in bed, using a scooper he made out of LEGO to eat the Nutella from the jar. I will never forget that site.

      Buttercream frosting? Like wedding cake frosting? OHHHHH yeahhhhhh.

    1. My dad admitted he needs it too so I just created a sample from my jar for him to use. Apparently, he’s having some snacking issues. It works nicely… it’s sweet and then you feel “full”. So, the immediate satisfaction is taken care of and a couple minutes later? You just aren’t hungry anymore. =) BINGO!

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