Does Kybella work?

So, you want to know the answer to the question: Does Kybella work?  It’s always difficult making a decision to try a new product. The first questions that came to my mind when considering it was does this treatment really work?  Is it worth the investment?  What are the risks?  I’m going to share everything I know about the product and my personal experience having Kybella administered.

UPDATE January 2017:  I have written an additional article about Kybella on my blog addressing the most common questions readers have asked regarding Kybella and the side effects.  You can access my new Kybella article here and I’ve also offered tips to help you deal with the common side effects.

Does Kybella work Kybella review
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What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable for adults with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin, known as submental fat.  It is a chemical that is identical to something produced within our own bodies that helps us absorb fat.  When this chemical is properly injected into the submental fat, it permanently destroys fat cells.  The (deoxycholic acid) for submental use on April 29, 2015.

Why did I choose to use Kybella?

If you read my blog regularly, you know that in late July 2015,  I had rhinoplasty performed.  It was at that time, I was studying photos of my profile and noticed I had developed submental fat, despite being at an ideal weight.  I was so upset when I was viewing my photos, I wanted liposuction performed in the area at the time the rhinoplasty was done.  The surgeon did not advise liposuction as it can leave loose skin behind.  As you get older your skin loses elasticity and this can result in undesirable effects after liposuction.   My issue wasn’t bad enough to consider a neck lift which may involve liposuction and then surgically removing extra skin.   A gradual elimination of the fat using Kybella was recommended to me and it was explained that my skin would respond well to the gradual change.  I made up mind immediately and I was willing to try Kybella.

The drug is so newly available in the U.S., I could only read Internet reviews from people I didn’t know and look at photos on line.  Of course, there’s an element of doubt when I look at photos these days because I know people are posting before and after photos all over the internet that are not genuine.  For example, look at the overwhelming photos of people using abdominal wraps.  Absolutely under no conditions are most of the results being posted possible.  The after photos are simply not the result of a series of botanical wraps.  The transformational photos being displayed are either altered using a Photoshop type product or abdominoplasty has been performed.  In younger people, it’s possible they achieved results with dieting but most photos are very extreme transformations and you are probably looking at someone who had a tummy tuck.  When I see this bullshit plastered all over the Internet, I have to question the integrity of everything that I haven’t witnessed first-hand or heard from a trusted source.  I trusted my surgeon and that is why I made the decision to proceed.  I know that he would not allow me to have false expectations.

What are the risks of using Kybella?

Risks associated with the use of this product are high if not administered by a highly trained professional.  This is where many people make the mistake of going to a border town or having an unqualified individual perform the procedure to save money.  In my opinion, it is never worth the risk to save on costs and if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  If you want to minimize risks, you have to have medical procedures performed by licensed, experienced, and certified professionals.

Major risks of using Kybella:

Nerve injury in the jaw that can result in trouble swallowing, an uneven smile, or facial muscle weakness.

More common side effects and risks of using Kybella include:

Swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and lumpy areas in the treatment region.  These are considered expected side expects and are usually worse with the first set of injections. These side effects are also expected to be temporary.

Many readers have had questions about the side effects I experienced.  I have published an updated post with more details about the side effects and tips to help you prepare and deal with the common side effects of Kybella.

What is the procedure like?

I opted to forego local anesthesia in the area being treated but it is was offered.  There are topical numbing agents that are often used with injectables like Botox and fillers and I was comfortable using that.  If you regularly get Botox or fillers, potential pain from the injections may not concern you.  For me, I’m willing to endure a short period of pain as long as I know there is an end in sight.  Also, I don’t like the numb feeling from local anesthesia.

Depending on how severe the submental fat is and how your body responds, you may undergo anywhere from one to six treatments at least four weeks apart to achieve the desired results.  Each treatment is a series of injections in the treated area.  Typically this is going to be somewhere around 20-30 injections with each treatment for a female.  Men have larger areas and may require a bit more.  I know your jaw just dropped but in all honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad.  The worst of it is each injection burns for about 5-10 minutes but then that passes and I would describe the feeling as moderate discomfort that quickly subsides.

How much will Kybella cost?

The cost of the treatment is going to vary depending on where you are located, how many procedures you require, and who performs the procedure.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and you go to a cosmetic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills, you may pay more for the procedure than if you go to a medical practitioner in Denver, Colorado.  If a surgeon performs the injections, you may pay more than if a nurse practitioner who specializes in injectables performs the procedure.  The important thing to evaluate is the experience the individual has working in injectables and how many times they have worked with Kybella.

As I mentioned earlier, you may undergo anywhere from one to six procedures.  Each time the procedure is performed, it may cost around $1000-$1500. It will depend on the size of the area being treated.  One person may require 2 vials and another may require 3 or 4.  It’s possible, you may require 3 procedures at $1200 a procedure for a cost of $3600.  And it’s not necessarily that you require it, but it’s the point at which you are satisfied and have achieved the results you want to.

Does Kybella work?

Does Kybella work
Before Kybella

Yes, it works and I’m horrified to post this before photo!  I have undergone one treatment and within 4 weeks, I have observed a profound change.  For me,  I think one additional treatment would resolve all my concerns but I will likely have it done twice more because I want the area very defined and entirely free of any fat.  I scheduled the second procedure seven weeks from the initial procedure and I have not had it yet.   Within about four weeks of the first treatment, the volume in the area is half what it once was.   I’m too ashamed to even post the initial photo because I think the profile looks so horrible!  I had no idea the problem existed until I saw my profile photos and I was in tears.  I am going to post my results at 4 weeks down below and I will update this post with the results after the second and third treatments.

Does Kybella work?
4 weeks post initial Kybella treatment. Swelling is still apparent in the area (Just FYI this photo is also post rhinoplasty)

At this time, the area is still somewhat numb and I expect to see further reduction in volume prior to the next treatment.  Immediately after the procedure, I experienced minor bruising, extreme numbness, and the area was sore for about ten days.  The swelling was quite noticeable for three weeks.  It has just begun to subside.  As the swelling subsided, I saw the change.  My husband also noticed it and was shocked at the results.  There is still swelling in the area and it’s normal to experience swelling after any procedure.  Usually, within eight to ten weeks, swelling resolves enough that others may not detect it.  A medical professional could see it and you may feel it, but to the average person, they don’t notice anything.


Kybella is an FDA approved and highly effective method of eliminating submental fat.  It doesn’t come without risks but there are risks associated with any medication or medical procedure you undergo whether it is voluntary or involuntary.  Major risk associated with the use of Kybella can be minimized by having the procedure performed by a qualified medical professional.

While results may vary from person to person, I have experienced a profound change and reduction of submental fat after the initial procedure.  Most individuals require multiple procedures depending on the severity of the fat in the area and the body’s response to the chemical.  Kybella permanently destroys fat cells and is currently only approved for use in the submental region.

Kybella Update 2/16/16

I have now completed two additional treatments.  I will post a final photo when I am six weeks out from the third treatment so you will see the final result.

Kybella Update 3/25/16

I am now 6 weeks passed my third Kybella treatment in the below photo.  Here is a quick selfie I took and you can see the major difference the procedure has made.    There is still some expected reduction of fat in the area and depending on how it looks in a few more weeks, I may do one final session. However, the dosage will be much lower than my first 3 sessions.  Observe the jawline between the initial photo, the photo after the first treatment, and now.

does kybella work?
Kybella results after 3 treatments (6 weeks post third treatment).  No apparent swelling.

Kybella Update 7/7/16 – Current State

I am now 4 weeks passed my fourth Kybella treatment in the below photo.  Here is a quick selfie I took trying to have my head at the angle the original before photo was taken.    There is still some expected reduction of fat in the area since I am only 4 weeks out from a treatment.  However, I would still consider a fifth treatment at this point (That means I will have invested about $5,000 to get from point A to point B).  Just so you have a realistic expectation of costs.  Some areas of the country may be less but I think an average cost of $1,000 per treatment is accurate.  In my opinion, the treatment and the cost was worth every penny!  I feel really good about my profile and I have a lot more self confidence.

Some of you are noticing a difference in the overall profile of my face.  *An important thing to note is the original photo was taken for a rhinoplasty consult.  All subsequent photos are post-rhinoplasty which significantly changed my profile.  Try covering the upper half of my face on the screen with a sheet of paper to focus only on the chin area.


More information about Kybella

These videos include portraits for a male and female who underwent Kybella treatments and also cover the potential side effects associated with the procedure.  I thought you might find these helpful.



Does Kybella Work? Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.57.37 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.58.08 AM

I always welcome your questions and will promptly respond.   Please feel free to ask me anything you would like about my experience.

My procedures were performed at:                                                                                                                                      Shapiro Cosmetic Surgery by Pat Foley R.N. and Master Injector, Scottsdale, AZ                  480-451-1700

For an updated Kybella article where I address the common side effects of Kybella and offer some tips on how to deal with them, click here.

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141 thoughts on “Does Kybella work?

    1. I did 5 treatments overall. And without a doubt, the Kybella works. The fat under my chin is GONE. There is some discomfort and swelling but well worth the results and I gave some tips in another article about the swelling, what I experienced, and how I hid it. Also, many clinics are using Kybella in some other areas now with great success. I haven’t tried it but if you poke around, they use it for bra fat and other small areas people want to target.

  1. Great blogging! I would thank you for sharing your experience and opinions with us about Kybella treatment as it really give me answers to a lot of questions that I have in my mind. I really thank you for the information shared.

    1. Sometimes there are areas that retain fat no matter how much dieting you do. When that happens, this is a solution. It’s not a diet substitute or a way to erase a little extra weight, it’s really intended for areas that no matter how much you exercise, you can’t get rid of the fat in the area. Sometimes it’s a genetic thing..

      1. i had my first treatment (Sydney Australia) two weeks ago. I have had a lot of surgeries (not cosmetic), a 26 hr labour and migraines since childhood and I still found kybella one of the most painful things i have ever had. I had it under my chin as well as the lower sides of my jaw. One side of my jaw literally exploded with pain and swelling before my technician had even walked around to the other side of the table. It was immediate. I had to drive more than an hour home and required oxynorm, paracetamol and a mild sedative to get through the pain of the first night. I had small spots of bruises because i am unwilling to go without aspirin as I had a minor stroke 5 yrs ago. I have significant numbness and my face feels weird when i open my mouth wide. Hopefully the swelling, which is still mildly noticeable at two weeks will be gone before my 40th school reunion Sept 30th.

        1. In the US, I don’t know that it’s approved for use on the lower sides of the jaw. Some doctors will still use things off label though here, but I didn’t have it there. I know that it can interfere with nerves in that area and that could be really painful for people. I did have numbness for a while and the area was sort of hard too but within about 4 weeks everything had calmed down. I was definitely still swollen at two weeks after my few couple treatments. I don’t know if you saw my other post on Kybella? But I offered some tips to hide residual swelling. I hope it’s feeling better soon. =)

  2. Thanks a lot Janine for sharing such a useful post about reducing the double chin and giving detailed information about Kybella. I will definitely try it out.

  3. Great results!!! I just had my first treatment (2 vials) and am so swollen, so now just doing some research on what my results might be, and this is encouraging! Thanks for sharing!:)

    1. Don’t get overly wrapped up or obsessed with the swelling. It is shocking though, I know! And some people write things that honestly don’t add up! If anything really worries you, just check with your doctor. I used to snap photos and email them over just for peace of mind the first time I had the treatment. I did post a photo of my swelling if you saw on the other article I wrote along with my final results? And that swelling was with my final treatment. I didn’t have the confidence to post the swelling early on. I wish I would have. Swelling was the worst with the first two treatments. But the results are so worth it. And the swelling is the most common side effect. Hang in there! It’s temporary and will improve each day. You’ll be feeling more beautiful than ever before you know it! I used to HATE my profile and now I truly do love it.

        1. It was really obvious for about a week to 10 days. After that, there was still swelling that I noticed but it wasn’t apparent to others unless I pointed it out. At about 3 weeks, most of the swelling subsided and by 4 weeks it was completely gone. I tend to stay swollen longer than average as well. I don’t know why but with everything I’ve ever done cosmetically or any injury I’ve ever had, my swelling always tends to be drawn out.

  4. Wow Janine! You had amazing results! I am really in shock at how well this worked for you. I just started noticing the same issue but a it’s mild right now. I know it’s coming because i am genetically predisposed thanks to my father’s genes. lol Thank you for being brave and posting your picture. Now I have a list of stuff I need to do when college is paid for. lol

    1. It was a huge change for me. I totally hated the before photo and I was only looking at it in consideration for a nose job. I sat there and looked at my doctor and asked… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY CHIN!??? That was not a good day for me! But the double chin is gone now! I have to say I’ve been really impressed with Volbella as well. It smoothed some wrinkles under my eye when absolutely everything else failed. I’m always testing out some cosmetic procedure!

    2. Would like to see a photo after your very last session where you don’t have your chin stretched up so high, so your neck skin isn’t so stretched out. a pic more equivalent to your original profile pic and position of your chin. I noticed with my treatments if I stretch out like you have, it looks really good, but if I relax into my normal profile, there’s a substantial difference! Yes kybella works but please try to show pics with your natural poise; like you’re asked to do during your pics with your practitioner, and the kybella before and after pics. Thanks!

      1. If you go to my second post which I link to from the first one? You can see some new photos. One is of the swelling just after the procedure. Although since it was the last in the process, less product was needed and my swelling wasn’t as extreme. But it’s still what I would consider profound. And also in that post there is another photo where I held my head very straight so you could get a good look at the result.

        Here’s the link to my second post (and I offer some tips in this one about how to deal with the swelling which can be somewhat upsetting no matter how prepared you are going in for it)
        (Quite a few photos in this post of swelling and after the swelling subsided) If you would like some more, let me know and I’d be happy to post some current pics for you.

  5. Following up after my second session and adding insights. I am being treated by a Kybella expert who was a member of the original research team, trains other doctors (one was present for my session) and has treated over 400 patients. He did some things that I doubt are common practice among less experinced doctors. First, he adminstered 3 vials (6ml) during my first visit, which I think is the max for a single session. As he drew out dots under my chin, he first circled a small area approved by the FDA for treatment. He then stated that it would be safe and necessary to treat a larger area that extended back along my jaw line and down both sides of my neck. Had he only treated the FDA approved area, there’s no way he could have used 6ml. It may sound odd for an expert to side step FDA regulations, but I think the experienced docs are doing just that. After the injections, he then proceeded to agressively pinch and massage the treated area with his fingers. This step hurt more than the injections, which I found very tolerable. He said the pinching and massage isn’t standard proceedure, but in his experience is necessary to distribute the fluid fully and obtain maximum results. He then gave me a compression strap and sent me on my way.

    Within an hour, my chin swelled to twice isn’t normal size and remained that way for 2-3 weeks. Luckily, I had planned a two week vacation starting the next day so that friends, family and co-worked would be spared the sight. I recommend planning for two weeks of seculsion or vacation if you want to avoid embarrassment. I didn’t care if strangers in another city saw the swell. Then, during weeks 3-7, the treatment kicked in with fantastic results. I was happy enough to pass on additional treatments, but recently went for a second. For the session, the nurse laid out another three vials (6ml), but the doc only used two (4ml). Consider here that he was prepared to use 12ml across two treatments. Many who are disappointed with their results are probably receiving much less solution over a smaller area. In fact, I suspect that some docs are applying one vial (2ml) per treatment to keep costs down, limit swelling and reduce risk. The results of 2ml treatments will be vastly different from mine. As mentioned above, you should be aware of your dosing and consider whether it’s enough. I hope my two cents contributes to this already excellent journal.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful information. I would have to agree that some people are not receiving enough of the drug to get good results. I’m typically pretty comfortable with off label uses of injectables. I know Kybella is being tested now to treat some other small areas (bra fat) so I suspect the “approved areas” to treat will expand but it just takes forever for the FDA to approve things. It’s so wonderful you got great results! I have felt a tremendous increase in self-confidence after Kybella. But in a follow up post I wrote (don’t know if you saw the new one) even with multiple treatments and knowing exactly what to expect, it’s always a difficult emotional period when the swelling sets in. But it ALWAYS goes down and then the moment arrives when you say THIS WAS SO WORTH IT! Thanks for stopping back in! Kisses!!

  6. Hi! I just had my first treatment of two 2ml vials. I was not told to wear a compression aide. Didn’t mention it at all. However, I’m reading that some have done this. Do you like this is unwise? Did you wear an ace bandage or something of the sort? Thanks for this informative post!!

    1. I did wear a chin strap almost 24×7 for the first week. It was not an ace bandage it was a medical grade compression strap for the chin. Every doctor and nurse has their own thoughts on whether or not compression is needed with procedures. It helps keep the swelling down and the area may feel more comfortable with compression but even with liposuction, not all doctors use garments. I wouldn’t be overly concerned that they don’t have you using it. If it really bothers you, give them a call (on-call) even on the weekend as your concerns are important and they will understand that and should respect that. But, I plan on having another procedure on December 13 and I likely won’t use the strap I have.

  7. I have also been interested in Kybella since seeing the recent commercials. I have looked and looked for non-surgical fixes for double chin for years now with no answers. The results of this is amazing and exactly what I dream of! My only concern (which is a bit petty considering the results) is how painful it is during the injection process? Not the needle itself, that is understandable to cause discomfort, but the actual drug. I have had lidocaine injected for procedures, and it was a burning feeling like a wasp sting multiplied. It’s not that bad is it? I couldn’t handle 30 injections of that feeling. Haha. Your before photo is pretty much me though, and seeing the after makes it hard to say no to any temporary pain. 🙂

    1. It’s hard to describe pain because everyone’s pain tolerance is different. However, they numb the area pretty good! If not, request that for sure. When the medication is injected it burns (at least that is commonly reported and what I experienced). The burn lasts for about 5 – 15 minutes. But that’s the key. You just kind of have to close your eyes and tell yourself, this is temporary and it’s going to stop shortly and it does. I feel like when you are experiencing pain, and you know that it’s going to stop shortly and it improves during that time, you can get through it. And really it’s not that bad but it was worse for me than what you described with the lidocaine and it’s more of an aching burn. It’s short-lived and worth it though. Just close your eyes and count and before you know it, there won’t be any pain! Some headphones and music might help too. =)

  8. I think rather then injecting an acid into your body with unknown long term effects, for a couple thousand more the fat can be removed. I think like botox in the future your going to regret those injections. Look at actors who had botox years ago years later they look hiddious. May be a big mistake time will tell.

    1. That’s true but in my case and many others, you must have a slower process or else the skin my not necessarily snap back. And then you are left with loose skin hanging under the chin. For some people, the gradual process is necessary to achieve desired results and can’t afford to go into a surgery center 3 or 4 times to gradually remove it and allow the body to adjust (or see if it even will). Some actors look hideous and others look wonderful. It’s all in the talent and eye of the surgeon and their vision. Some actresses insist on having it their way and also pay the price for that. A lot factors in. For me, if I would have attempted liposuction and I had every opportunity to do that during rhinoplasty, I would have had skin hanging under my chin (not good). Some people are also very concerned about infection and invasive methods. There is risk with everything including getting in your car and driving to the grocery store (that’s how my grandfather was killed – driving and being hit by a drunk driver) so we must live our lives in a way that makes us happy realizing there is risk every single day that we don’t think about but it’s there and you could be disfigured, dead, disabled, etc at any moment. You don’t need Kybella or Botox for that. All you need to do is ride your bike down the street and get hit by an idiot texting their friend.

  9. Only heard about Kybella on a TV advertisement today and am interested. Read all comments posted through Dec 2015. Do you have a post photo after the December treatment and/or did you have any additional treatments after December? I’d like to see a side-by-side before and after final treatment photo. How many treatments total and total cost from start to finish? Thanks for the very informative information!

    1. I’ve seen the commercial too – and a lot of people have questions for those of us that were early adopters. So, you are asking a tricky question because the number of treatments really depends on your starting point. Some people may respond more quickly than others. Lots of factors come into play as our bodies are all different. I changed something in the post to help you. Take a look at the bottom I have put the original and the final photo side by side. Now, granted lighting is different but you can clearly see there’s a massive difference resulting from Kybella. Now, having said that, look at how the area appeared after my first treatment. I had great results and if I couldn’t afford to do more, I would have been happy at that point. I did additional treatments because I wanted the best result I could get and I had the money to invest. If I didn’t, I was happy after the first treatment. Not everyone is though because they may have started with more fat in the area than I did.

      My last treatment was July 2016 and that was the 4th time. Each treatment was about 1,000. So, total investment was about 4,000. You can spread treatments out or do them as close together as clinically acceptable. You might be happy with 2 treatments but you might be at an optimal place with 5. Ask the injector for their honest opinion and visit someone who has been doing Kybella a while so they have seen more patients and can give you realistic feedback. I am actually scheduled in November for a 5th treatment and that will be the final one for me. I could live without it but I have a small little pocket of fat that I’d like to eliminate if I can.

      1. Wow your treatments were expensive! I’m in Texas and paid only $450 for each session which was two vials per session. I thought that was outrageous enough. Glad yours have made you happy:-) mine is still on the mend but improving fast.

        1. Yes, some areas of the country are more expensive than others. Unfortunately, Scottsdale is one of those! But there are providers in the Phoenix area that offer the treatment for much less. I have an office and a surgeon that I trust and I’m willing to pay more to ensure I am seeing one of the most experienced injectors in the area I live. So, I know I pay more for services but it makes me feel comfortable. Some injectors are master injectors meaning they have achieved a very high status and are those that train others when new products come out. I see a master injector so I am paying for her level of experience as well.

          It does take a little while to mend, yes. But …. after some time passes and you begin to see the results, it is absolutely WONDERFUL!

    2. No it doesnt work, it actually made my neck worse than when I walked in the office and im 3 months out.It left me with a lump under my chin.It was a complete waste of money.

      1. A lump? I wonder what that could be? Have you had it looked at by anyone else? There is a pretty wide variance of experience with injectors out there. For a while I did have some “hardness” not a lump but the area was sort of hard but that softened up and went away. I think if you had a bad experience like that you should get evaluated by someone else (Just to be safe as well – maybe there is something else going on in the area)

        1. Hi, I had one treatment done, and I’ll be getting another one soon. I was so scared because I had a few lumps in my neck. I was so upset and I didn’t know if they would go away. Only afterwards did I see the commercials where they mentioned areas of hardness. I massaged my neck daily, almost obsessively, and one day – POOF! They were gone. Thank GOD they disappeared. What a relief! I was going to cancel my second treatment if they didn’t disappear, but now I am looking forward to my second one.

          1. I know, it can be really scary! But I got the hard areas too and sure enough, one day you realize they are gone. The numbness is gone and the area feel completely normal again. Did you see my other post about the side effects? I went into more detail about them after I completed by 5th treatment because the side effects really scare people. It seems no matter who much we read or expect, it’s just not the same when it happens to you! I completely understand that! I’m glad you are feeling good about it now. I really feel the process and the results gave me a tremendous amount of confidence. I love my profile again. Best wishes to you with your treatment. In the end, I bet you are going to be so happy! Congratulations on your results. It will be beautiful!

  10. Just started looking into Kybella and read all the informative comments. Am wondering if you have the pic after your December 2015 treatment and/or did you do any after that. I’d like to see the before picture and the after treatment completed picture side by side.

    1. I’ve added all the latest pictures I had on the blog post. A couple of times I didn’t catch photos but you should be able to see the overall journey. Take a look at the initial photo which was the starting point and then my final photo that I posted just a couple months ago. In November, I am scheduled for one final treatment. And with that one, I’m going to capture some photos of the initial swelling and things that people seem to be very interested and concerned about. But my starting photo was at the top and my current photo is at the bottom where it has my “update”.

  11. How many vials did you have injected each treatment? And how long did swelling last during the third and fourth treatment? I have done two rounds of Kybella so far and my swelling also lasted over a week the second time around. I’m hoping the third time won’t be as bad..

    1. I’ll have to check on how many vials I had with each treatment as I have done it 4 times. My 5th and final is scheduled for 9/23. The swelling lasted less with each treatment. The less fat there was, the less swelling I had. I don’t know if it was dependent on the amount of fat or medication. I want to say I had 2 or 2 1/2 vials but I need to confirm that. My experience was definitely less swelling with the 3rd and 4th treatments.

  12. It’s very important to know how much was injected in regard to swelling, pain, and results. I found the procedure relatively pain free. I don’t like the jiggly feeling. I research a lot before having it done for the first time last week. The injector assured me the swelling only lasts a few days even though I very clearly asked her about what I had been reading. She did 16 injections, 1 syringe plus .6 of a second. My understanding is that this isn’t really very much.

    1. It is dependent on the size of the area and people respond differently to the medication. So, one person could be swollen a few days and someone else a few weeks. I was swollen a few weeks plus I bruised the first time. The second time, the same amount was injected but I didn’t bruise and I swelled less but still more than a week. You just don’t know until you try it but I think the key is knowing that swelling is temporary. I would not agree with anyone who commits to how long swelling would last. That’s just not a promise that can be made. It’s upsetting because the area can look worse for a little while but it is temporary and once it goes down, the results are well worth it! I hated that jiggly feeling too! My swelling was evident to most people for about a week but not obvious unless I pointed it out beyond that.

  13. I hope this is a reply to the right comment. There are so many replies in our thread that the reply button is covered up with the time/date stamp and a comment box doesn’t pop up when I click on reply.

    I’m now at 2 and a half weeks out from my first treatment. It’s still partially swollen and I think I might have a few of those lumps that are going away. However, I checked my profile yesterday and I can already see more definition under my jaw than I had before. I am so excited!! 🙂 It makes the temporary swelling and numbness (which I still have along with some pain) worth it.

    1. I’ll have to take a look and see if I can fix that. This blog post has gotten a huge number of replies and questions. If you are still swollen at 2 1/2 weeks (I wouldn’t worry at all and lumps are common too). Wait until you get to about 4-5 weeks, you are going to be ecstatic! The swelling and numbness are temporary inconveniences, yes! I would definitely agree. But it will all pass and you will be left feeling good! It’s a wonderful procedure and I can’t wait for them to approve it for use in other areas! I’m glad you are seeing a difference. Congratulations on your first treatment!

      1. I’m doing my second treatment today. I’ve already had people telling m me (after months of not seeing me) that i look like I’ve lost weight. That was all due to the kybella. So far I’m liking the results!

        1. It’s really wonderful. I decided to have one final treatment which I’ve scheduled for mid November. You are going to love the results even more after your second treatment! Congratulations! It feels so good doesn’t it?

    2. I am in day 3 of my first treatment I had 38 injections and was not prepared for the swelling.. the pain has been mild I had no anesthesia just iced before injection. These testimonials help because I was freaking out over the swelling

      1. Don’t freak over the swelling – it’s totally normal. I was really swollen too (and bruised) but after the first treatment, when the swelling subsided, I was positively thrilled! I noticed a difference and I was so happy! I’m sure you will be too!

          1. Hmm, that’s a good question. I am not sure. That’s definitely a question for your doctor. I wasn’t engaging in anything other than walking and office work so I didn’t ask when it would be safe to exercise.

  14. Joining to share my experience. Male, 49, with moderate to severe hereditary chin fat on an otherwise fit and athletic frame. Had my first Kybella treatment consisting of 3 vials (6ml) exactly five weeks ago. My experience has been identical to what was reported here by ABeautifulWhim. Swelling for several weeks, but by week 4 a dramatic reduction (est. 50%) of total chin volume accompanied with a tightening of the skin. Cost of first treatment was $2K. I’m scheduled for a second treatment, but would be happy to stop here. I’m surprised by the many negative kybella experiences reported online. I had a choice of many doctors, but found one who was involved in the clinical trials and had already administered Kybella to 400+ patients. If you have excess chin fat, believe in this procedure! It is life changing.

    1. Your experience is very similar to mine. Did you bruise at all with the first treatment? I did but didn’t with subsequent. Week 4 was definitely the week I noticed a change and was thrilled. One of the challenges I think people have is, the swelling is profound and it’s very upsetting to wait several weeks for results. Lots of women have been upset by the swelling and it can really linger! Also, there are highly experienced injectors and those that are not experienced. If you were cutting costs and didn’t get 6ml, opted for 4ml, then your results would not be the same. I have wondered if people got proper dosing. I see a Master Injector who has been heavily involved in training other injectors in the Phoenix area. I pay more but I do that because I want the expertise. Same with the surgeon I’ve used, I want to know that no one is cutting corners or setting unrealistic expectation. If anyone is being told swelling will be gone in a week, that’s highly unlikely especially with the initial treatment. Most women have been really upset and shocked by the swelling – I get that. It’s tough to accept. The people that didn’t get results I have advised to seek a second opinion and get details about their dosing, etc. Bottom line, as you said, Kybella works. If fat exists in submental area, then the drug is going to destroy the fat cells. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and am glad to hear you had a positive experience AND sought out an ideal doctor.

  15. GREAT read!! Thank you for taking the time to help so many. You look FABULOUS!! Your before picture looks like a regular lady. The after pic looks like a Hollywood actress! Bravo for keeping it real looking whilst getting rid of any and all ‘flaws’. You’re hot!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! IT WAS A HARD POST FOR ME. I was pretty ashamed of my chin when I noticed what had happened to it. Thanks so much for the comments! You totally made my day!! MUAH!

  16. Thanks so much for the detailed post! I am looking at getting this done in a few weeks and your post was very helpful. Can you please post another photo update?

    1. The last update I posted was a couple weeks ago. Not much has changed since then. I will do one more treatment though an post again but that will be in late August. Right now, just yesterday, I had deep Erbium laser resurfacing and an upper bleph so if I posted anything it would scare the hell out of people. LOL I look like I’ve been burned with a twist of Frankenstein.

      1. Lol! I could handle it but I love any and all info about various beauty treatments. I look at chemical peels as caterpillar before the butterfly moments. I guess laser treatments are the same. Take care and I’m looking forward to your next post!

        1. It’s definitely caterpillar! LOL. I have done some peels but I’ve never had a true laser resurfacing (it’s quite the experience). I’m waiting for swelling to go down and then at least I will look like myself. I think September 23-25 One of those days, I will do one final Kybella as well and by Christmas – An all new me. =)

          I’ve done the Fractional laser which is nice but the resurfacing Deep Erbium or CO2 is quite invasive. But pain is only temporary! =)

          1. Ok, so I got my first set of injections Monday. I’m pretty swollen and my neck is still numb. Did you also have numbness lasting for a few days?

            1. The numbness may last a couple of weeks. For me, I’d say I noticed it for about 3 weeks. Very normal. Don’t worry though, it will go away. I know it’s kind of freaky but it is totally normal.

                1. Let me know how it goes for you! I’ve been so happy since I did it. I like myself better in photos. I don’t hate my profile. I just feel so much better! And knowing it’s permanent, is just amazing! I saw a press release they are testing the drug for other areas of the body. I’ll be right there waiting!

                  1. I’m one week post my fourth treatment and I’m still excited about the results. I don’t think I will need another, and I am so much happier with my profile. For me this was definitely worth it. Thanks again for your post!

                    1. You’re so welcome! It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? Congratulations on your new profile and fantastic results! Sounds like a great way to kick off the summer! =)

      2. I am so grateful to you for posting your experience. I had my first treatment last Tuesday and I am still so swollen. It’s getting very depressing to have a bigger double chin than what I started with. Should I be wearing the chin compression strap all the time? I just need this down by Saturday for a family reunion and I getting very nervous that it will not be down.

        1. It was devastating to post because I was devastated at the original photo when I realized I needed Kybella or lipo under my chin or something. ugh! Don’t get upset over the swelling. I know how easy it is and it can have an emotional impact on you but remember SWELLING IS TEMPORARY. It will go away! The thing about any cosmetic surgery or procedure is there is often a period where you will regret it or feel down and that’s normal. I wore the chin compression strap as much as I could tolerate it. The swelling was the worst for me with the first treatment. It was a couple of weeks before I felt normal and I think at 4 weeks I took a photo and shared it. I bruised pretty bad too. It’s only Tuesday so should see improvement by Saturday. You can also apply ice, that will help. It may be noticeable on Saturday but not to others – just to you. If you are really worried, get one of those pretty thin scarves to wear and that hides it well! I have a neutral one that goes with everything. You will be happy as once that swelling goes down you will likely see improvement (I did and I was thrilled). I have done 4 treatments, I might do one more – I’m debating. They sell the scarves for like 8-10.00 at Forever 21 and have a whole bunch to choose from. =) ***HUGS***

  17. You look great! Thanks for posting, this is so helpful. I get Juvederm regularly in and around lips, look younger than my age (50) according to everyone … no wrinkles around eyes (thank you, genes) and I have a practitioner I love … and she recently got Kybella herself and looks great. My only question is … how old are you?? I understand if you don’t want to post that info publicly! I’m asking b/c I can’t tell if the issue w/ my jawline is loosening skin due to age, or fat? I’m in good shape, not overweight, but always had a narrow jaw, not well defined, and now it’s worse. Not quite ready for a necklift, though. Is there some way to know if my skin will shrink to fit the treated area? Are you more than a decade younger than I am? 🙂 Thanks so much!

    1. I am so glad to hear you have had positive experiences – that is WONDERFUL! To answer your question I am 45 and turning 46 in September. I’m an open book and created this blog to share, help, and inspire other so I have no issue with sharing my age. The jawline question is hard to answer. No matter what with time, the skin loses it’s elasticity and that can make it harder (or not possible) for it to spring back to where you’d like it to be. A cosmetic surgeon can tell you for sure what to expect and whether Kybella will work in the area or you need to have skin removed for the desired effect you want. In my case, my surgeon wanted the process to be gradual so he encouraged me to go the Kybella route vs using liposuction. I had asked for that to be done. My skin shrank up nicely but he had examined it first to ensure the treatment was right for me.

      I’d go in for a consultation with a good surgeon in your area. You will not (USUALLY) be charged for a consult and get all your questions answered and examined by an expert. =)

      1. Thanks so much, super-helpful!! And encouraging re: the age issue. I will mention the “gradual” thing to my practitioner … will let the professionals assess my skin elasticity. Still, really glad to hear this is workable for people close to my age. My practitioner is a P.A. for a board-certified plastic surgeon …. formerly she was with a dermatology practice where she did laser treatments on my face and neck, removal of cysts, Juvederm, all sorts of stuff. I am thrilled she’s now working for the surgeon full-time. Thank you again!!

        1. You’re so welcome. People who have the right dosage get good results. I am finding and hearing people only do 1-2 treatments and often that just won’t do it. It’s typically 4-6. I’ve done 4 so far and I’ll probably do one more. It’s a real investment because it runs around 1000 per treatment so… it gets expensive and I think that’s why people stop at 1 or 2. But if you get the right amount, and are willing to make the necessary investment, I think you will be ultra pleased with the results

        1. Yes. I know that jiggly feeling is weird, but it goes away. The swelling may take a while to go down but it always does. I just had my 5th and final treatment on Dec 13 and I’m swollen too. The jiggly area is now just kind of hard and firm and that’s been the pattern with all 5 times I did it! Congrats on your treatment. It’s a wonderful product and has made me so much more self-confident!

          1. now i can see more double chin then before…and i read so much negative reviews that you can end up with extra skin hanging from chin..I didnt have that much dat under chin my doctor said swelling will go down within 3 to 4 days…but I hate tge jiggling. i wasnt aware will end up looking lije a frogs throat:(.. i go back to work on monday . hope swelling will go down..

            1. also my doctor said with one treatment will be enough because I didnt have to much far under chin but you could see the double chin. I hope I made right decision..

                1. that was the thing I dont want more treatments..she said one would be enough since i did not have too much double chin. 🙁

                  1. I was pretty happy after the first treatment but I wanted to get all the fat so I did some additional. If it bothers you and isn’t what you hoped for, you can wait and do another treatment months out or even a year. It doesn’t have to be right away. But it sounds like you have someone who really spent the time to assess you. So, you will probably have fantastic results but you need to give it several weeks to see the full result. (That’s the hard part, waiting and waiting – but it’s worth it)!

            2. I haven’t known anyone who was left with skin hanging but really… that should be evaluated before treatment by a doctor. A good injector would be clued into the fact that due to someone’s age the skin may not shrink up or perhaps if there is so much fat that surgery would be needed to tighten the skin. The process is very gradual and I think it’s unfortunate that people could be uninformed. With a reputable doctor or nurse who is highly experienced, they should know to warn of the potential of loose skin. For example, my mom just turned 70 and when she considered it, they warned her of loose skin. She opted for a different route. For me, loose skin was not a risk. For some, a face lift or neck lift may be the right solution but the cost is far more. I don’t know that everyone wants to accept reality of what treatment may be the solution. Is it 2 or 3 Kybella series for $3000 (approx) or a neck lift for $10000+ and invasive surgery?

              And I find that no matter how prepared you are, it is scary when it looks worse than it did before and it’s jiggly. I know! Patience is grueling when it comes to this stuff! Good god! It can be agonizing. I had my 5th treatment on 12/13 and it’s not jiggly now but it’s still swollen and the area feels hard. It doesn’t scare me since I’ve done it before but it freaked me out a little the first time. I’m 46 and I have no hanging skin and you can see where I was when I started. In 3-4 days, you might still have swelling but I doubt people would notice it (other than you). That has been my experience. I found those really light weight scarves (the sheer ones that are just fashionable to wear) work great at hiding it if you feel self-conscious. Just remember, people aren’t going to be staring at that area the way you will be. That’s why they don’t notice minor swelling.

              BTW, I’m working on a common Kybella Q&A this weekend because so many people have asked me about it. I will post it within the next week and I captured the swelling the same day I did the injections on 12/13 so people could see and relate. I will be including that and I’ll also do another after photo when I post. Just subscribe to get the email posts on my main page and you’ll get an email when the post goes up so you can see the photos. I also just did Volbella and will share that experience as well.

                  1. Thank you very much for all the information you provided for kybella. I feel more at ease… Its barelly been 2 days…Cant wait for results.

                    1. Oh yes… 2 days is really early. Actually, it takes a little time to swell so I always felt the 2nd day was the worst. Hang in there. You might notice it gets kind of hard, maybe a touch numb… I experienced the same. But if you look at they list all of that as side effects. Just remember, it’s temporary. =)

  18. I’ve elected to have a dermatologist, who gives injections all day long, to allow her to inject kybella with the assistance of a trainer. The next day she can offer it without the trainer. Do you feel this is a procedure that would be easy to learn for a dermatologist?

    1. To be completely honest, I would be fine if the trainer was present. However, I would see someone who is considered a master injector (check with Allergen on who that is in your area) and only allow people at that level to do anything to your face. Too many mistakes and inexperience results in undesirable results. I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with a dermatologist doing it.

  19. I was looking into Kybella and came across your site. I was impressed by your testimony and pics, but i did noticed a drastic change in your cheeks and lips that enhance your face even more…then in looking further down in the pic where yiu are in the car and you had your face and neck pointed upward….soooooo my guestion is did the kybella work perfectly or did the other enhancements change the look so much that we keep thimking we are seeing all kybella?

    1. I do have Voluma in my cheeks and Juvederm in my lips but I pretty much keep it consistent ALL the time. The before photo definitely has the Voluma and Juvederm. I never let the fillers completely break down. I maintain them at a pretty consistent level. What I think you are seeing is actually rhinoplasty results. I think that is what the true difference is and it’s a profound change. The before photo was taken before rhinoplasty and was taken for a rhinoplasty consult. That’s when I first noticed the chin (horrified, BTW). Kybella was just about to hit the market and my surgeon wanted me to wait for Kybella as opposed to trying liposuction during the nose surgery. He was concerned my skin wouldn’t tighten up if the process wasn’t slow and gradual.

      I had the rhinoplasty done and you are seeing the “new nose” in all subsequent photos. Try and take a piece of paper and cover the upper half of my face. The nose is changing the overall contour of my profile. Now… having said all that – I would say the Kybella is a 9 out of 10. I don’t work for Allergen or get anything out of sharing my results or thoughts so if I thought it was crappy I’d say so without hesitation. I posted another photo of my profile with head angled more straight for you that I just took. Sorry for the crappy lighting in my bathroom. I haven’t had the final pics taken in my surgeon’s office but when I do the lighting and everything will be identical. Then you can see an apples to apples before and after.

      If you want me to see a photo after Kybella treatment #3, I do have that and it was taken in the surgeons office. The only problem is, it was taken less than a week after the treatment was done and the area was still swollen. I did 4 treatments overall and I think that’s it for me but I may do one more. If you have notifications turned on for this post, I will comment I put up more photos as well as the final photos taken in the doctor’s office in the same setting with the same lights and camera and all that good stuff.

      The thing about Kybella and this hard to swallow is when trials were done, most people did 6 treatments. You will see a result after the first one, no doubt. However, most people would take 4-6 treatments. Cost for 4 treatments (ballpark) is $4,000. But after 1-2 treatments, it’s unlikely you’ll be at a desirable point. So, you do have to consider the cost and if someone is quoting a lesser amount than about $1000 – $1200 per treatment… they may not be using as many vials which is really going to result in you being left with the feeling “this isn’t working”. The amount you are given MUST be accurate based on the size of the area being treated and I don’t believe people are always getting the right amount of the drug leaving them with poor results.

      1. I think 5 treatments or even 6 is too much for you, from what I’ve seen in your before picture. That’s why it’s very important to mention how many vials they used on you in each treatment.

        1. I would have to check but I was definitely not under-dosed. There was a small pocket of fat that was a bit harder to target that was right in the center under my chin and the 4th and 5th treatments that I did were to target that one residual area. Those were definitely less product used. I was pretty happy after the 2nd and 3rd treatments. But I really wanted to neck area as sculpted as I could get so opted for the 4th and 5th treatments.

  20. Thanks for sharing! I am looking into getting this done. It’s nice to hear about a personal experience.

  21. In the first photo your head looks level. The second it looks slightly tilted back & in the 3rd photo you have your head tilted way back. This is common in a lot of plastic surgery pics. They also use poor lighting in the first photo & great lighting in the after photos.I don’t know why most people don’t notice this?

    1. The first photo was taken in the plastic surgeons office. They use good lighting – with large soft boxes. The important point is it is consistent. The 2nd and 3rd photos are selfies so yes, the position is different since I was snapping my own picture to try and show progress. It just so happens I did my fourth and final treatment today. In about 8 weeks, I will be taking another photo that is done exactly with the same lighting and background as the first photo with the blue. At this point, I have almost no fat left under my chin but I wanted to do one more treatment to get the most sculpted results I could possibly get. A lot of people who are doing Kybella are only doing it once or twice and really… clinical trials were done with 4-6 treatments. That is what is needed for dramatic results. I’m really really pleased with the massive change I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to putting the final photo up side by side to the original. Lighting and position will be identical to the blue background.

  22. Two treatments, three months later, $$$$$, and minimal (non-discernible results), I am hugely disappointed in Kybella. I do not think nearly enough honest information has been published. So much of the positive has been written by doctors who have an interest in selling treatments. As always, buyer beware.

    1. Hmmmm. I had very dramatic results but being that this is so new to the US market, there’s not a lot of US experiences to go by. I do know that the drug is effective and I’ve had astounding results. You can see my before photo which I’m totally embarrassed by. But …. there a lot of decisions made by the injector. Dosage, quantity, etc. And if they don’t nail it just right, you can get poor results. I would get a second opinion and make sure it’s not just a doctor or RN injector who was just trained but rather someone really at a master level who would be training others. Have your records sent over so they can assess the dosage and everything done. If there was a mistake made by your provider, then you will know and can seek relief from them. Even with something as simple as botox, the injector can affect the results and whether they last. My mom has been going to someone for Juvederm for years and she went to someone who was a master injector and they immediately pointed out the product was not injected to the right depth. She had no idea! Many injectors are trained in a few hours and their technique is not perfected and you can get poor results. It could also be your body not responding BUT I’d get a second opinion from someone classified as a master injector.

    2. I had the surgery done six weeks ago and I was very skeptical on doing it. I was talking to my dermatologist and her name is Colleen Vaccaro RPA-C. She is the type of person that you can just sit and talk to and she will explain everything to you. I hand one session and after I had it done I was very sore and swollen. At that time I wished I didn’t have it done. I called her and I was in so much pain and she told me that it will get better. Well little did I know she was right. I had this egg in my neck that I thought would never go away. She told me within one week I would notice a big difference. She was right. I went to her today and she was very happy in how it came out and to my surprise so was I. I’m glad I had it done because in my family this type of skin underneath my neck is hereditary. They say once you have it done the fat never comes back and as my doctor said to trust in her and I do trust in her. I can’t say I’m not a little sore but I’m sure that will go away. I am happy and I hope other people give it a try. My doctor’s name again is Colleen Vaccaro and she is located in Williamsville New York. If you would like to get in touch with her and ask her some questions her phone number is 716-632-2311.

      1. I’m so happy for you! And thank you for leaving the contact information for your doctor. I hope someone in the New York area who may be looking for someone they can trust finds your information and finds their way to Colleen Vaccaro. I agree it can be painful afterwards, especially the first time! I even got some bruising but as time went on… things got better and I was very pleased with the results after the first session. I have done a total of 4 and I have a few more weeks until I take my final photos but the results are wonderful. I also hated that burning sensation while you are receiving the injections but it faded within 10 minutes for me.

        I found Kybella to be extremely effective (and I have nothing to gain from saying so) and I’d highly recommend it. But as you know, the person and experience of who administers it makes a big difference. And for some people it can take up to 6 treatments. I believe with the right doctor and patience, results can be astounding and provide a huge boost of self-confidence (for men and women). =)

        I’m so glad you have had a positive experience. Congratulations on your results! And yes, the soreness will go away. It might even be a little numb for a while too but it will go away!

  23. I’m glad things worked out for you. …but please don’t think that just because one person’s experience went well, it’s going to be the answer for you! ! Two treatments, $2400 later and extremely minimal results. During my 2nd treatment, the provider hit a nerve (OUCH!!!) and now there is a dark spot where I bruised and the blood pooled..still 3 months later and no change. They won’t guarantee any further results with more treatments, as they aren’t sure why my case hasn’t been successful.
    I’d say don’t try it. . Big waste of money.

    1. WOW, hitting a nerve is not good. When they prepared you for the injections did they use the template to mark the spots to inject? I’m not shocked to hear of an error being made as this is a new drug for US based doctors. Not new to the world, but newly approved by the FDA. I would be very concerned about who was performing your procedure, especially with the mistake. Bruising is not uncommon (I bruised after the first round) but within 2 weeks it faded like all bruising does. Some medical providers get the training and off they go! I see someone who is considered a Master Level injector – a person who trains not only other RNs but doctors and surgeons how to inject the drug. I would suggest getting a second opinion. They may not have been injecting you properly – using enough of the product – etc. There are quite a few variables that come into play.

      It’s true though, everyone’s body can respond different and there is always risk with everything we do (even driving to work). I mentioned some risks in my post and some other variables. However, I really think you should have someone else take a look and see what might be going on and have your records sent over so they can see how many vials were used, etc. If you have a lot of sub-mental fat, it could take more treatments or more product with each treatment to get results or perhaps you were not an ideal candidate and they didn’t identify that properly.

  24. Hi! I was wondering if you had an updated picture? So you had 3 treatments total? I just had my 1st injections of 2 vials 6 days ago. Still swollen and VERY numb… sometimes tingling too. TIA!

    1. I do have one. I can take one now and send it. Just let me know where. The first treatment will leave you numb for a couple weeks and swollen. Don’t worry. It will calm down and when it does you will see the difference. Subsequent treatments for me had less swelling (not zero ? But less and shorter lived). Tingling is normal too. Think of it this way… It’s working the magic!! ??

        1. I just posted an updated photo taken a couple of days ago which is about 6 weeks post the 3rd treatment. =)
          I know the first and second sessions are rough. I bruised too. It’s so worth it though. And don’t panic if you feel it’s numb for a while or tingly. I experienced that and it goes away!

          1. I underwent 3 sessions but I saw results after my first session (it was about the 4 – 4 1/2 week mark). If you don’t see results, I would request the specific dosages you were given and have it evaluated by someone else. There is some decision as to how much of the product to use (some offices will dilute) and/or they don’t use enough. Too many variables can result in a lack of effectiveness. There are a lot of medical professionals newly educated on this, so you need to seek one out who has a high level of experience with Kybella. My injector was a person who trained other physicians. Maybe you can find someone to evaluate the exact treatment you got.

          2. I have a same result !after one treatment ,two weeks now ,I felt like I have better look before !want my old neck back !!!

            1. Well, you are going to experience swelling for up to about 4 weeks. That’s no fun (I know, I’ve been there). My concern is this medication is potent and it will kill the fat cells. So, I really think you should get another opinion from a doctor who has a very high level of experience. There are just so many variable that come into play with this to get good results. Injection technique, dosage, etc. So many medical providers are very new to this. If you contact Allergen, they can tell you who their nurse practitioner trainers (those are injector masters) in your area and you can get evacuated and have your records examined by him/her. You may not have been given a high enough dosage. Your body may not respond but I really doubt that based on the clinical trials. My gut feeling is you need another opinion. I wish you were in Phoenix, I could tell you exactly who to go to.

      1. I had kybella done yesterday. I look so bad I can’t go out in public. My neck looks like a bullfrog and is very jiggly. I need to work Monday. How long will I look so disfigured? Also really want to exercise but I don’t want to make things worse.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. That sounds totally normal to me. If it is the first time you have had it, the swelling is usually the worst and it can take a week or so to be undetectable. I actually bruised the first time I did it as well. By Monday morning, it won’t be jiggly – but it’s very possible it will still be noticeably swollen. Two things… 1) You will notice things other won’t – so even though it’s swollen – others aren’t usually honing in on that area so keep that mind. 2) I have a couple of scarves. Just those really thin and sheer ones that you can even wear in the summer. And I get subconscious, I just wear a scarf and it hides it. Everyone is different but the first time I had Kybella done, it was noticeable for about a week and still swollen for 2 weeks but people didn’t notice it unless I pointed it out. I hope this helps??? (I’d hold off on the exercise though – I don’t know what they recommend for that so you should ask the doctor)

  25. Hi I just had Kybella less than a week ago.I only had the numbing cream, and it hurt. I m so hopeful for a positive result. The swelling under my chin is bothersome mostly because I was told it would only be swollen for a couple of days, so when I went back to work, four days after the treatment I was embarrassed of my profile. I’m going for a follow up appt. In 3 weeks and then I will know if another treatment will be needed.

    1. I think everyone’s body responds differently to swelling. I had swelling the first time for a week that was noticeable to other people. The following week it was just noticeable to me. Although, I did go to work after the second round with swelling and I found that no one really noticed unless I pointed it out. It’s not really something people are typically looking for. Around 4 1/2 weeks, you can see my photo of the results. The original one with the blue background was my starting point and the results after one treatment were phenomenal. I have done two more treatments since that time but I could have left it at one and still been very happen. It does swell less after the first treatment since there is less fat. I had bruising after the first treatment as well but lots of people do not. I think you will find the results to be worth it!

  26. I had my first treatment of kybella six weeks ago so I am due for my second treatment. How long were you swollen the second time around and was it as swollen as the first treatment?

    1. The second time around, about a week so that was noticeable but after 4-5 days, I noticed but my husband didn’t see it. There was much less swelling the second time. I also did a third, and even less swelling. It gets better. Did you like the results after the first one?

  27. Did they recommend wearing a chin strap after procedure? I had my first treatment done first week in February and I can’t really tell much difference at this point. Still hoping and dreading the initial swelling when I have second treatment done.

    1. Yes… they did. I looked hideous! =)

      I wore it for the first week or so. I didn’t see a difference in the area until about 4 weeks out so I think it’s too early for you to see the changes. The cells have to die and your body needs to absorb them and the swelling needs to go down. Then you will see the change. If you look at my photos, you can see how much of a change I had but it was about 4 1/2 weeks when I really noticed it. The second time around, it was not as bad with the swelling since there was less fat in the area.

      I love instant results and it’s hard to wait but give it a little time and one day you will wake up and your results will be obvious. =)

  28. Thanks for your post about Kybella. I’m gettingmy first treatment Wednesday from the same plastic surgeon that did my rynoplasty about 9 years ago. I had a mild case of bells palsy when my son was a baby, he is now almost 16, and I still have a little weakness on the left side of my face. The doctor has used botox and juvederm to balance out some of the areas that still bother me. Most people don’t even notice the weakness but I always do. I’m worried about the side effects of the Kybella that may cause some more weakness. Did you have any problemswith this? My son also has a hockey tournament on Saturday and I’m afraid of how swollen I may be. Is it really worth it. I’ve always hated my double chin and the surgeon is doing it complementary for me because I’m a good candidate and he wants to use me to see how it goes with using numbing cream and no anesthesia. I hate to turn him down at this point. Any feedback would be great. I’m also a little worried about the pain but the numbing cream has help when I’ve had laser treatments. Thanks

    1. No, I haven’t had any problems like that and the Kybella can only be injected into fat (not muscle) so it doesn’t sound like it could have an affect on your other condition if injected properly, but discuss with the doctor for sure. As far as swelling goes, it can look pretty swollen during that first week and for a few days it looks real plump from the fluid injected in there. I also got bruising the first time but no bruising the additional two times and as there was less fat, the swelling was lessened for me.

      It’s hard to say how you are going to feel with the pain. With the numbing cream, you won’t feel the needle poke much. After the Kybella is injected it causes a burning and aching sensation that lasts anywhere from like 5-15 minutes. Some people can’t tolerate that (if you read down on some other comments) but for me, I knew it was going to be short lived so I just closed my eyes and soon enough the burning was gone. If you feel like it’s intolerable, you can always stop and request the local anesthesia. The numbing cream won’t affect help the burning sensation that starts a minute or two after the injection BUT if you keep reminding yourself within 10-15 minutes it will stop, you might be able to manage it that way. Afterwards, it’s a little tender but not a big deal.

      If you are worried about swelling you can put on one of those light weight scarves everyone wears, and no one would notice. Plus, you’ll look cute and fashionable!

    2. No, I haven’t had any problems like that and the Kybella can only be injected into fat (not muscle) so it doesn’t sound like it could have an affect on your other condition if injected properly, but discuss with the doctor for sure. As far as swelling goes, it can look pretty swollen during that first week and for a few days it looks real plump from the fluid injected in there. I also got bruising the first time but no bruising the additional two times and as there was less fat, the swelling was lessened for me.

      It’s hard to say how you are going to feel with the pain. With the numbing cream, you won’t feel the needle poke much. After the Kybella is injected it causes a burning and aching sensation that lasts anywhere from like 5-15 minutes. Some people can’t tolerate that (if you read down on some other comments) but for me, I knew it was going to be short lived so I just closed my eyes and soon enough the burning was gone. If you feel like it’s intolerable, you can always stop and request the local anesthesia. The numbing cream won’t affect help the burning sensation that starts a minute or two after the injection BUT if you keep reminding yourself within 10-15 minutes it will stop, you might be able to manage it that way. Afterwards, it’s a little tender but not a big deal.

      If you are worried about swelling you can put on one of those light weight scarves everyone wears, and no one will notice.

  29. I love your post! I live in Chicago and just had Kybella done on Tuesday by a facial plastic surgeon who had preformed lipo under the chin for me 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the lipo didn’t give me the result I had hoped for so my doctor recommended Kybella. He initially said I would need about 3-4 syringes of the product. However, I made him stop after the first syringe because I thought it was SO painful and I was having some anxiety. This coming from the girl who had 3 natural childbirths sans drugs, and can take Juvederm in the lips like a champ! I don’t know why this scared me so much and the burning sensation in my neck made me panic. The pain has subsided and I’m really swollen and it’s almost jiggly under my neck. I really hope the 1 syringe does the trick because I don’t think I want to do another! How quickly did you notice the swelling subsiding and the fat disapate? Thank you so much!

    1. There is burning and achy sensation, yes… But that burn should go away within 5-15 minutes. Then it just sort of aches. The jiggling is the fluid in there (don’t panic) I had that too. Within a few days that subsides and it’s just swollen.

      The swelling varies with people. Mine was pretty bad and I bruised but with a few weeks that was all down and only I knew it was still a bit swollen. With each treatment, there is less fat and that means less swelling (usually). That has been my experience and I’ve done 3 treatments.

      So give it a week for the fluid to be absorbed and another 3 weeks to see some results. You do not have to experience pain though. They can numb the area with a local anesthetic. I didn’t do that but it’s an option. I’d give that a try if the burning bothered you and don’t worry about the fluid. It will all be absorbed. You might see a pooch (which is swelling) but by a month everything will come together. Don’t panic!! Be patient. But if you cut the first treatment short, you might not get the results you hope for. I’d suggest a local anesthetic.

  30. Thanks for sharing! I had it done a week ago, and I’m still a little swollen. My doctor scheduled me for a month out, so I can get my second treatment about 5 weeks before my wedding. I’m a little worried that I may have some firmness and swelling if I do it that close. He scheduled it for the 23rd but I’m supposed to have my bridal shower on the 28th, so I was thinking about waiting until the 29th to get my second treatment. That would give me 5 weeks from the wedding. What are your thoughts?

    1. Congratulations! You are going to love it! The first time the swelling is usually worse. The second time there is less fat and usually less swelling. I think by 5 weeks you will be just fine. Based on my experience, I would be comfortable doing a second treatment 4-5 weeks prior to a big event.

      1. Thank you! I’m now on my 18th day in and have very mild residual swelling. Still trying to decide on if I should get that second treatment the week of my bridal shower or wait another week, which would give me 5 weeks before my wedding. I know I won’t have crazy results with just two treatments since I have a lot of fat there, I’m a size 18, so having a super skinny face would look weird anyway 😉 I just don’t want to be super flabulous from my profile. lol

        1. Personally, I’d wait and do it 5 weeks before the wedding. Swelling Should be less than the first time and 5 weeks is a long time. I think you will notice a difference for sure! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m sure you will look beautiful no matter what you decide. And if there’s a really special picture you want for something you can always have touch ups done to it. But don’t lose yourself in that stuff . Weight doesn’t define beauty.

  31. Hello. Where did you go to have yours done? I’m also in phoenix. I have had a consult for kybella. I’m trying to figure out the best time to have the procedure done. I read that you had swelling for weeks. I’m really concerned about that because I don’t want to be swollen that long. I’ve seen some people with swelling that looks horrible. I wouldn’t want to be seen in public let alone at work like that. My doctor told me it would be really swollen for a few days typically. Now I’m wondering if I need to take time off work. I’m also trying to find another job and don’t want to go on an interview looking weird. I also don’t want to wait until I find another job because that may not be for a long time. Thanks.

    1. My surgeon is Daniel Shapiro in Scottsdale and I see Pat Foley for Kybella. The first time I took a week off. It bruised and swelled. The second time I took a 3 day weekend and by Monday it was easily hidden with a turtle neck. The less fat in the area, the less it may swell. So a lot of times, by the 2nd or 3rd treatment the swelling is reduced. The first time, it was noticeable for 2 weeks but by the 2nd week, it wasn’t “bad”. I didn’t feel I needed to hide or anything whereas I usually will. ????

      1. Thanks so much for that info. That totally makes sense about the more fat the more swelling. Maybe that’s why my doctor thought it would be days. I don’t think I would be able to take off a full week but I have 5 days off coming up so that might work.

  32. I just had the procedure done yesterday and am so excited to see results! i really can’t afford a second treatment in 4 weeks but do you think there will be a difference in just 1 treatment?

    1. The results are shocking. Very impressive and what I love is they are permanent. It’s hard to see for the first few weeks because the swelling is more profound with the first treatment but as that goes down and you see the change, it’s worth it!

    1. I can’t wait for the next treatment!!! This was just approved in the U.S. In April. Many doctors are still being trained and don’t offer it yet so being a super early adopter I thought people might find the post and find it helpful

      1. I cannot wait to see the results of your second treatment. I had my first Kybella treatment on December 12. I still have some swelling and tenderness in the area. I am excited for the next month to see how good this is going to be for me. I am 70 years old and the area submental fat under my chin has bothered me for a long time!

        1. I just took some photos but I still have some swelling so I’m waiting a little longer. I think I’m going to do 3 in total but as the swelling subsides, you are going to be so impressed at the results! It’s really wonderful!!

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