The Dannon Pledge: You Spoke and Big Changes Are Coming From Dannon

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Dannon Pledge KnowYourYogurt

If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m all about building habits that I can sustain and live by.  I want healthy products that are made by companies with integrity that I can trust.  I have a large family to feed and I care about the quality of the products I buy.  No doubt, I’m watching what companies are doing!  One of things that grabs my attention is when companies listen to us and make changes to improve our environment and the quality of the products they deliver.  The Dannon Company took a pledge to reinvent the dairy processThis is not a trivial commitment from Dannon.  It’s a multi-year process to preserve the environment and deliver healthier products for us and generations to come.  When I see this type of action from a company, I want to embrace them and spread the word.  Dannon has made major changes based on what their consumers had to say.

As times change and technology advances, consumers are more educated than ever.  We can be more selective about who we support through the purchase of products based on information we can access about companies.  When companies care about their customers, they will listen to them.  Can I just say how much I love Dannon for stepping up and making the changes they did?  I’ll review them with you in a moment but let me remind you that it’s not easy for a large organization like Dannon to make drastic changes to their products and business.  They deserve a lot of love for the ground-breaking changes they made!

The Dannon Pledge: You Spoke and Dannon Listened


Dannon went all out when they established The Dannon Pledge on sustainable agriculture, naturality, and transparency.  I’m not just talking about a new product formula.  They have reached out into the farmer communities they partner with, changed what their cows are eating, and took a serious interest in our health, animal welfare, and much more.  I’m really excited to share these changes with you from Dannon because this speaks volumes about their leadership and how much they value their customers and the environment.  Dannon has a true commitment to quality.

As times change, new research is always coming out that companies should pay attention to.  Dannon saw things they could do better and listened to changes their customers wanted.  They evaluated where they could continue to improve and aligned with new standards that are important to people today.

Let’s a take a look at details behind the impressive changes Dannon has implemented and the details behind The Dannon Pledge:


  • Non-GMO Ingredients : Dannon is reformulating to use more non-GMO ingredients. They will ensure their labels are transparent and easy for consumers to interpret.  By the end of 2017, all Dannon dairy cows will consume non-GMO feed and their entire product line will made with non-GMO ingredients.  Their other brands will follow suit by the end of 2018.  During the transition, labels will be transparent.  If a product contains GMO ingredients, consumers will know exactly what is in the products regardless of government regulations.
  •  Natural Ingredients : Dannon is reformulating their flagship brands (Oikos, Danimals and Dannon) to be made with natural ingredients and no synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial food dyes.
  •  Non-GMO Feed : All cows producing the milk that makes Dannon’s flagship brands (Oikos, Danimals 
and Dannon) will be eating non-GMO feed by the end of 2018.  Dannon is also working with dairy farmers and feed suppliers to plan non-GMO grains in their fields.
  •  Know Your Farmer : Dannon has created personal relationships with each of their farmers.  Milk is the main ingredient in yogurt and Dannon sources all the milk they use from farms they know and have built relationships with.  The Dannon Company is the first leading yogurt maker to do this.  In addition, Dannon will be working directly with farmers to improve soil health and water usage.
  •  Animal Welfare : Dannon improved standards which included getting Validus certified. As of now, more than 90% of their milk is coming from farming operations under the Validus Certified system.  Validus Animal Welfare Review Certification is awarded to farms that follow stringent animal welfare guidelines.  They must undergo a detailed assessment and audit before being awarded.
  •  Whole Milk Yogurt : Dannon now offers 11 different flavors in whole milk yogurt.  (Strawberry, Blueberry, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Cherry, Orange Cream, Key Lime, Strawberry Kiwi).  The products are very affordable with an average price of $0.55 each.

What’s the new product like?

The new Dannon yogurt is truly delicious!  I’ve tried all the flavors and there’s not one I don’t like.  My favorites are vanilla and peach.  The new yogurt formula is creamy and the flavors are fresh and natural.  It’s a healthy snack and I love eating yogurt for breakfast with fresh fruit and coffee.  The good bacteria in yogurt helps balance bacteria within your gut and eating it daily is one way you can live a healthier lifestyle.  Many people have a difficult time digesting milk but yogurt is fermented and the active cultures in yogurt consume the lactose.  This makes yogurt easier to digest and an excellent alternative to other dairy products.  You can make some great smoothies and shakes with these new products too!

Know Your Yogurt

The Dannon Pledge

Dannon sets an example for other companies to follow.  Is my refrigerator full of Dannon yogurt?  You bet it is!  Am I suggesting you fill up yours too?  Yes!  In my opinion, this company has gone above and beyond and they deserve the support of the community.  Maybe you’re already a Dannon fan but if you haven’t tried their yogurt products, I just gave you many reasons to do so!

What new flavor would you like try first?

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    1. LOL! I was shocked at how low the calories were even with whole milk and they really did a great job with the new formula. I just can’t get over what a fantastic leadership team Dannon has!

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