Can A Wet Skin Moisturizer Benefit Eczema?

I’m sharing this story in my life as part of a Curél sponsored series for Socialstars™.  The opinions presented are entirely my own.


Do you suffer from eczema?  Well, I don’t but allow me to introduce you to one of my little boy’s, Noah.  Noah suffers from eczema and it’s been a battle since he was an infant.

Noah Curel Hydratherapy Eczema

This has gone on for years and his eczema is a  painful and constant battle for him and us, as parents.  As a parent, you wonder if you are doing everything you can to help resolve the situation. For the child?  They often feel helpless.  I don’t know about you but the absolute worst thing for me is to itch.  I can tolerate a lot of nuances and pain but itching is NOT one of them.   I’ve seen Noah itch himself until he bleeds and I’ve even seen him itching in his sleep!  How’s that for making a parent feel sad and guilty?

Eczema is a chronic problem for many people and it’s estimated to affect 35 million Americans (10-20% of those affected are children).  Sometimes children grow out of it and sometimes they don’t.  Whatever the case, we are dealing in the present and our goal is to prevent the itchy, rashy, scaly skin from developing on Noah in the first place.  Once the cycle begins, it’s very difficult to get it under control and get Noah feeling comfortable again.

Introducing Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer!

We were advised to apply a topical prescription steroid cream twice a day over the areas that were affected by Noah’s eczema.  Sure, that seemed to help but it’s not exactly the ideal way to control the issue and I always wondered about safety.   I was beyond thrilled with the announcement of the new Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer .  The best way I’ve been able to control Noah’s eczema is by applying a moisturizer immediately when he gets out of the shower or tub.  Of course, they get all creamy and make a mess but it was the best defense I had.  Slathering on a moisturizer while Noah’s skin was still wet made an immense difference in the eczema episodes and reduced the need to apply topical steroids.  FINALLY,  there’s a product that is actually formulated to be put on the skin while it is still wet.

Curel_Hydra_ therapy_wet_skin_Moisturizer

Cure Eczema Hydratherapy

Of course, we have switched over to the Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer and have been using it for just over two weeks.  It has made a huge difference with Noah’s skin.  I have not used a topical steroid on him once in the two weeks since we started using the product.  His skin is ultra soft and moisturized.   He knows it too and it’s the only reason he agreed to pose for you!  He realizes I’m using something different and he absolutely loves the way it is making his skin feel.  He has no rough or scaly patches (we call it alligator skin) and he’s not itchy.  The Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is activated by water and penetrates deep into the skin to heal dryness.  We were advised to apply moisturizer by our dermatologist while the skin was still wet because cells expand after showering or bathing.  Moisturizers can be more effective that way.  Curel caught onto that concept and their product applies nice and silky and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky.  There’s no mess!

Applying Curel Hydratherapy to wet skin

Curel Hydra Therapy

We apply the Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer product in the morning and at night after bathing and we have one very happy little boy!  I’m now using the product as well and we will post a follow up in a few weeks and let you know how we are doing.  So far, the past couple weeks have been great and we are thrilled with this new product from Curel.

Do you suffer from eczema or extremely dry skin and have you tried this new product yet from Curel?  You should definitely grab a bottle because it’s certainly making a difference for us!

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30 thoughts on “Can A Wet Skin Moisturizer Benefit Eczema?

    1. No, I only bathe him once a day (at night) and I use warm water but not hot or too warm since that further aggravates the skin. And then immediately out of the tub before I dry him off, I apply the Curel product. In the last 6+ months, the only place we’ve had a bad eczema breakout is on his eye lids and behind his ears. I don’t put the lotion there but I have prescription that go on the eye lids. Do you challenges with your skin? It’s especially hard to deal with in the winter.

  1. Oh wow, how I loved reading and seeing your little one. What a cute little character! And to think that he has spent years feeling uncomfortable with itchy skin. I do not suffer from what he does, but as a woman in her 50’s with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, my suffering comes from extreme dry skin, due to all of my necessary medications. I’ve used avocado oil, coconut oil, thick massage cream, and nothing has truly made any lasting effect. I love seeing all the positive responses about the Curel product. I’m going to the store right now. Even though I’ve already showered today, I may shower again tonight, JUST to feel how it works!!

    1. Thank you so much! He’s my “baby” and we’ve battled this a long time. Itching and dry skin can be extremely frustrating, I know. I have found this product really manages the eczema well. I diligently apply it after Noah bathes and often (if I can catch him) I will put it on him the morning too. Eczema is a little different than dry skin like you are experiencing but I think this is worth a shot, most definitely. I would like to hear how it works for you so please let me know if you are using it in about a week if your situation improved. I am crossing my fingers that it helps you too! It’s very light weight feeling and silky on the skin and you may like it better than heavy creams that might leave you feeling greasy. This won’t feel greasy after it absorbs. You may be able to get an extra moisture boost using pomegranate oil. If you visit , they sell a high quality pomegranate oil and the owner may also have some other recommendations or advice. They are really excellent. XXXOOO 🙂

  2. I love your story and even more so, that this is available for and helps Eczema. I will definitly be trying this.

    1. He’s asleep right now but he really enjoys being involved in my blog and social media. When I share your comments with him in the morning, he will be thrilled. You will absolutely make his day tomorrow! Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. ***Hugs***

  3. Thanks for this post, I have a baby boy who suffers from really bad eczema since he was an infant. I’ve tried it all and I’ve had no luck. I too agree about steroid creams and the effects it’ll have on him. I’m going to try this out, because I didn’t know appling moisture on wet skin helps with eczema. God bless your beautiful boy, he’s such a cutie! Please update us on the progress..

    1. Applying any moisturizer wet will make a massive difference and just being consistent with it. After every bath. The problem we had was a formula not designed to apply wet can’t be a little messy, greasy, etc. This one goes on nicely, activates it’s own benefits with moisture, and doesn’t feel wet or greasy. I’ll be posting a follow up. I know how hard it is when ALL their skin is a problem. Even their little eyelids and ears! =( I’m so sorry your little one is suffering from bad eczema. Try this after the bath and I think you really really notice improvement. Let me know because we saw a difference within the first week. I hope it helps your little one like it did mine. As mother’s we want them to be comfortable and happy all the time. Much love to you!!

    1. This is one new and I’ve been super impressed. I know how much I hate itching so I can’t imagine what it’s like for a child to go through that. I’m so relieved not to have his skin all rough and itchy and this has made a huge difference. Right when they are out of the tub or shower, rub it all over, and I think you will find the flare ups really subside if not calm down completely. In our case, they did…. and Noah’s eczema is so bad the tips of his ears would get raw. =(

    1. That’s my little baby that I know one day I’m going to need to allow to be an adult. The new moisturizer is working so well – he’s fast asleep right now next to me and we used to lay here for 30 minutes because he would scratch. =(

      It’s such a relief to have it under control and not have to use the steroids constantly. Now, they are just a backup.

  4. This is such a great post. We have had major eczema issues with our kids and I am going to pick this up today and try it. I didn’t even know it was available. Thank you so much for the information.

  5. Wow what a heart moving post I also have eczema I will have to try this!! Thank you for the great information and thank your beautiful boy for sharing his eczema story. I to have alligator skin xoxo

    1. Oh thank you so much! Definitely try this… because we’ve used moisturizers to control it better that are not really formulated for use with water (So they cream up and make a mess but work!). This one doesn’t create a creamy, greasy mess and keeps the skin really moisturized. So, we’ve had no “episodes” and no alligator skin =) even with the super hot weather! Lots of love to you! XOXOXO

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