Mascara Beauty Advice Needed!

mascara brandsMany of you know me by now and are aware that I have a bit of a lash addiction.  I need some important beauty advice in the lash category.  I’m so hooked on falsies that I buy them even though I have hundreds of pairs in stock.  That’s right, it’s plural. They are stashed everywhere!   I have every brand and tons I’ve purchased from Indonesian and Hong Kong distributors.  I’m the first to admit it’s a major problem. And you know what? I’m going to go buy more tonight because I fear I might be short on a particular style and I don’t think I’ve made a lash purchase in the past month.  So, umm yeah, I think I’ve established the importance I place on my lashes.  It’s part of my signature look I guess (not that I’m important enough to have one but in my fantasy world, I have a signature look).

I’m out of mascara now (well, sort of) and I’m trying to find one that I can buy in Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s or any department store that will give me long, REALLY long, full, voluminous, wispy, and separated lashes.  I see a lot of long lashes but they look clumpy and coated with product.  I really want more of a bushy and voluminous look without the weight of the product or little creepy things attached to the tips.  I also like to lengthen and separate really well on the lower lashes.  So, I’m crying out for help and really need your suggestions. I’m hoping that some days I can skip wearing falsies before I have no lashes to put mascara on!

So, let me tell me what I’ve used that I really like. What I have that is not currently being used and what I remember totally not working out for me.  Then I’m going to be ANXIOUSLY awaiting the responses from all you dolls to tell me what to get!

Has anyone tried Marie Dalgar?  Maybelline Rocket Volume Express?  What about I Migliori? These are ones that interest me for sure.

Favorite mascaras are (in order of preference):

  • Lancome Definicils (The big tube seems to get clumpy inside before it’s empty though)
  • Buxom Mascara (original formula)
  • Loreal Voluminous (original formula) – I have this but I need something even more voluminous.  It’s OK but not quite cutting it and it’s really wet and often messes up my makeup.

Is there something better than these out there that I’m missing?  Perhaps I have it in my box and I haven’t tried it?

Mascara currently in my box not being used:

  • Younique 3D (the problem I have with these is it looks like tentacles on some people’s eyes – I’m scared of them)
  • Smashbox LashDNA (Does nothing for me)
  • Shashbox Full Exposure (Never tried)
  • Korres (Never tried)
  • D.J.V. Beautienizer Fiberwig LX (Never tried)
  • Loreal Voluminous Butterly (It’s average at best but superb for lower lashes)
  • 2B Colours Make the Difference (Never tried)
  • Clinique High Impact (Never tried)
  • Stila Stay All Day (Does nothing for me)
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex (Tried once only – jury is still out.  Had some smudging but I’ll need to try again since I was getting sick and my eyes were watering and that could have caused issues)
  • Lancome Cils Booster XL (applied under any product to boost, haven’t tried yet)
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational (comparale to Loreal, it’s OK but I need more, gets clumpy)
  • Dior Show Iconic Original (it’s OK, but I need more length)
  • Dior Show Blackout (it’s OK, but I need more length)

Mascara I Recall Returning or Tossing:

  • MAC (Don’t know the formula anymore but it was sad, returned)
  • Benefit They’re Real (Everything in the They’re Real line, I’ve returned – it just doesn’t work for me; makeup remover, push up liner, mascara – all fails for me but I know it’s been great for a lot of people)
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (tossed out)

So, that’s where I am.   I either need to buy one of my top two favorites, discover one that I own that’s great and I just don’t know it, or try something totally new that will blow my mind.  I know someone out there has some great advice.   Well, many of you do!  So, please pour out some comments and suggestions and tell me what you like or dislike about the ones I have as favorites if you’ve tried them?  If I have something great in my stash?  Or you know of something great I need to go buy ASAP? Please hurry because I am about to have a nervous lash break down (seriously).

Thank you my dearest followers in advance for the advice.  I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Hugs and Kisses!

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57 thoughts on “Mascara Beauty Advice Needed!

  1. have you tried Urban Decay’s Perversion? I LOVE it. my friend says it looks like i have falsies on when i wear it.

  2. wow, thats quite a long list of mascaras! And sorry i am no help, i have a collection, too but right now don’t have THE ONE, plus i have no idea where one could get them outside of Germany ^^

    1. What’s a really great German line? Do they have anything there? I bought Lancôme hypnose and returned it! Now I’ve got msybelline in the orange tube which was 6usd and better than the 30.00 one!

      1. Actually i always am impressed by alverde And all of their products, really inexpensive but awesome quality (plus cruelty free on top!) which Reminds me i havent bought the New things yet!

    2. What are some good brands over there? I love all makeup and would love to check out some of the products over there! 🙂

  3. I love Youniques 3D mascara! And I agree it looks pretty scary when applied wrong. When I first tried it I was like WTH?!? I Have spiders on my face! However once I got the application down pat the stuff is great. Doesn’t smudge, run, and lasts ALL day. I am always out riding my 4 wheeler in the mud and dirt, and yes a girls gotta wear makeup playing in mud, lol, and it does not come off! A lot of times if I’m in a hurry or going to work I just use the 1st tube the transplanting gel and it gives an awesome look also. Once you get the hang of it you can whip those fibers on and be able to really guide them where you want the fullest part of your lash to be. I love putting mine on the very end lashes to get that length!!
    Have fun in your mascara hunt! Can’t wait to see what you pick!

    1. Thanks so much!! I did buy Lancôme hypnose and that’s a huge fail, it’s going back! Lol. I’m going to try and play with my younique today and see what I can do!!!

  4. I love the Lancome Grandiose Mascara. I apply it and then immediately use a clean spooly brush as needed to separate lashes and remove clumps (if there are any). I just purchased the Saphire blue colour which looks fab with my brown eyes. The lashes look long and natural. Best of all, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

  5. How long does a pair of lashes last? I own maybe 6 pairs and they’re for “just in case” because I’ve worn false lashes all of maybe 3 times in my life!
    I’m going name a drugstore one because you haven’t asked for it, lol – my favourite mascara and one that I get compliments on is COVERGIRL. Lash Blast in the orange tube. No joke, it’s better than all the high end ones I’ve tried. No smudging, no flaking, builds volume and length. I LOVE IT.
    One high end mascara that I’ve enjoyed is Clarins Be Long – it’s very defining and provides great length and it doesn’t smudge (I really suffer from the smudgies). Not a lot of people talk about it – I guess it doesn’t get promoted as much as Benefit (crap) or YSL…

    1. It depends on the quality and how well they are cared for. In general human hair like red cherry look great but they’re not durable. If you’re careful, maybe up to 5-6 wears. A high quality mink lash could go up to 20 wears. Haven’t tried silk. I don’t like pure synthetic.

      I’ve read covergirl LB reviews and they’re really good. I’ll pick that up! I think I have covergirl coupons!! I should do a coupon stash post – you would all crack up. I think clarins is really good but I never tried their mascara.

      After yesterday at work? Walking around for who knows how long with smudges all under my eyes???? I’m so embarrassed and it happened twice!! The first time I thought well I must have rubbed my eyes. I was getting a cold. Got sick. 2 days later back in gear. Put on the too faced came home, wanted to die!!!!

      1. OH dear, that sounds terrible! I’ve had that too… and then you think back in your mind how many people you spoke with or saw you in that state and you cringe at the thought! 😮

        1. I would tell someone! But no one told me!! I had someone sitting at my desk with a large dangling booger and I told her. I’d want someone to tell me!! The booger was a once in a lifetime experience, I hope!

  6. I know you disliked Benefit’s They’re Real, but have you Benefit’s Roller Lash? That is the closest I can get without falsies and I personally prefer tarte’s Best in Faux for fiber lashes. Hope this helps ????

  7. I am not a fan of Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, it didn’t nothing for my lashes, zero volume but the one that I am planning to purchase is Urban Decay Perversion, super black, volume and length for me. One of the best high end that I’ve tried.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

      1. It doesn’t 🙂 I put a waterproof mascara and them TF Better Than Sex after … The BEST smudge proof mascara I own, is the Benefit Roller Lash !!!

  8. So I noticed that Younique 3D is at the top of your list of mascara you haven’t used. You NEED to try these out. I will never use another mascara again. I’ve also seen the tentacle look, but I wear it too and it doesn’t look like that on me. Just give it a little comb out when you put it on and the new one (3D+) is even more natural looking. I’d be happy to send you some pictures on my own lashes with it on if you like?

      1. I just need to work out how to do it now lol. It doesn’t seem to let me attach them here. I’ll see if I can e-mail them to you.

  9. I really love Estee Lauder “Double Wear” (Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara) It goes on amazing and it literally lasts all day! I’m talking I can go from 8am-11pm at night and not have to re-apply! And it really helps plump my lashes – I always get comments that my lashes look super long when I wear it. My one set back is it’s a pain to remove, but maybe I am not using a great makeup remover.? It’s worth a try!

    1. Oh yeah. This sounds good and I did see this in a top 10 list on refinery29 or Allure maybe? This one does have a good repudiation. And it has conditioning in it?

  10. I’m currently using Eyeko’s Black Magic and I really like it! It adds a lot of volume and length. The tube is pretty neat too! It’s soft and squeezable, you can feel the product and squeeze out every last bit. I’m not an expert, but I really found this mascara to work for me!

  11. its something me myself still haven’t tried yet but i hear Mac gigablack is like the holy grail for bottom lashes. That’s not the one by Mac that you threw out is it? lol i absolutely love benefit they’re real for length, but i like the fluttery separated look. Its the one that makes my lashes look the longest. i’m not too sure on one with more volume though, ill check back to see what other people say as well, always love great advice! oh and i hated the better than sex by Too Faced. I let it dry out a little on purpose and then used it. but just so i didn’t throw away my money, i used it haha

    1. No. The one I had was when MAC only had one kind. So, the original. Today I wore the Too Faced one and got home and it was totally smudged under my eyes! Omg!! Did I sit in s meeting with my boss like that? Lol super!!!!!!

  12. Hah! You may be interested in the post I’m gonna do in a few days that’s just a comparison swatch of every single mascara in this household. =P

    Honestly, my #1 mascara is without a doubt Too Faced’s Better Than Sex. The volume and length is unreal. It’s sliightly smudgy while applying and a touch clumpy, but that doesn’t bother me at all, because I just do my one thick layer, separate with a lash comb, then add one more layer if needed, separate again. Seriously, it’s so dramatic, it’s just <3.

    My second best is Hard Candy's Ginormous Lash mascara. It's not really dramatic, so it might not be up your alley, but it gives you that super feathery, long, defined look that I just love on a bit more natural of days. Third best is essence's Lash Princess. It's not as good as Better Than Sex, but it has good volume, length, and definition! I honestly just think of it as Lancome's Definicils 2.0.

    I do NOT recommend Covergirl's Flamed Out, it was basically just a lash tint on me, Too Faced's Lash Injection, which is beyond worthless, or bareMineral's Lash Domination, which is solidly average. Maybelline's the Falsies Volume Express I have in Brownish Black, and it's good, but not great.

    Good luck finding your HG mascara! <3 Hey, to me, your signature look is bomb lashes, a sunkissed glow, and coral lips. Everyone who wears makeup has a signature look because everyone is important!

      1. Omg! I’m so sorry, no, that never does happen to me D= I normally notice smudging mascaras because my eyes are hooded… I wonder if lightly dusting it with a setting powder would help? =( Good luck on the mascara front!

  13. Sorry, I can’t help you, but I just got good advice from you 🙂 I prefer mascara with no eye shadow, but had no idea which ones were good. Thanks.

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