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Handwritten Cards Service Bond

One of the things I’ve always cherished during the holidays is receiving a beautiful card from someone who took the time to personalize it.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate being on the list of people to receive a family photo but when there is a message intended just for me, it’s very moving.  I know when I receive a personalized card or note, the person took time out of their day, thought about me, and wrote a note.  I want to be that person who sends personalized notes and cards to people.  Especially during the holidays!  It’s something I want to do because I know in this day, it’s extraordinary.  Times have changed and it’s not often people send handwritten cards anymore.

Fortunately, Sonny Caberwal, Founder and CEO of Bond, realized there was a need to simplify sending beautiful personalized things to people you care about.  Leveraging the power of technology, Mr. Caberwal makes sending personalized and handwritten cards on elegant stationary as easy as sending a text message or an email.

I’d like to share more with you about how the Bond  handwritten cards service works because it’s an opportunity for me to finally do things differently this holiday season.  I’m sure many of you are in the same position as I am where you would love to send personalized and beautiful cards but your hectic lifestyle prevents you from doing so.

Introducing handwritten cards from Bond

Bond makes it quick and simple to send handwritten cards for the holidays that include photos and general handwritten cards for any occasion.  It’s an affordable solution that creates a more elegant product than I could produce on my own.

Bond has gorgeous stationary for you to choose from and an interface you can use from your PC or  mobile device.  You simply type out your message and provide a mailing address.  Once you finish, you are able to preview your product before finalizing it for production.

From the moment you press complete, everything else is taken care of for you.  The handwritten cards are prepared with a pen on premium paper using a handwriting style that you choose.  You may include your own signature or a signature in the style of handwriting you select.  What’s really convenient is the information will be securely stored for you.  By the time you create a second note, there are less steps involved such as entering your return address.  Bond will place a stamp on the envelope and mail it via USPS.  The concierge service will keep you updated on the status of your card so you will know when it’s dropped in the mail.

When I was introduced to Bond and decided to test out their service for the holidays this year, I received a thank you note from someone at the company that I’d like to share with you.

Handwritten Cardd Service

Handwritten Cards Holiday

Handwritten Cards
(Personal information has been removed)

The note is beautifully prepared and I would not know that it wasn’t handwritten by the sender.  The reality is – that doesn’t matter.  While most people would not know a handwritten cards service was used, the important point to take away is the sender created a special message for me.  She thought about me and sent me a note.  Technology simply enabled her to do it.  She couldn’t do this for all her customers if she had to write the notes and address them herself.  With the help of technology and innovation, the personalized message she wants to deliver to all her customers can be easily accomplished.

I’ll be using Bond this year to create my holiday cards for my family. Since our photo has not been taken yet, I created a holiday note card and sent it to myself so you can see how beautiful it is.  I chose a  fancy cursive handwriting style whereas the thank you card I received that I showed you above was a casual print style.  There are many handwriting styles to choose from.

Holiday Cards Handwritten Cards Service Bond

Bond Company Handwritten Cards holiday service

Isn’t the card beautiful?  I wish you could feel it.  You can go to the Bond website and request a sample at no cost from your PC.  Within about a week, you will receive it and see the quality of the paper and the product.  What makes the service even easier to use is the Bond mobile application.  You can create these gorgeous products from your phone while you are sitting at the doctor’s office or waiting to pick up your kids from school.  That’s how easy they have made the process!  It’s a very simple wizard that you can move through quickly to create your cards and notes.  Request a link here to download a copy of the Bond mobile application for your iPhone or Android so you can get started right away.

Here are some screenshots from the mobile application.  You can see how easy it is to use.

Live Preview Bond Mobile App
Live preview of final product

A few other interesting points

The cards from Bond are not digitally printed.  Proprietary hardware is used that translates the human touch of writing and uses actual pens.  This allows Bond to write your notes with a long-lasting ink that is smooth and smear proof.  The system incorporates variance into the process just as a human would when writing.  Certain letters may not always appear exactly the same since the hardware is designed with human characteristics in mind.  I find this fascinating!  The service and information you choose to store is completely secure.  At this time, only USPS is available for mailing within the United States but the company is working on expanding their model.

There are more photographs of notes on Bond’s Instagram page.  Definitely visit them and take a look.  I think you’ll be quite impressed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to request the sample card.  If you love the service,  there’s a plenty of time to use it this holiday season.  You may also want to send thank you cards for gifts you received this year.  Not only will sending personalized handwritten cards make someone feel special, you will also feel good for doing something so thoughtful.  It’s an opportunity to do the things you want to do, only better.

I’m really excited to create my holiday cards this year for my family.  If I send cards, they are never personalized.  This will be the first year I do something like this.  I know receiving handwritten cards that I personalized for my family members will make them smile.  Each person will receive a message unique to them and that’s very admirable in this day and age where we have lost touch with some of the beautiful traditions of the past.

What are your plans this year for sending holiday cards to friends and family?  Are you considering using the Bond service?  I’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  And happy holidays!

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