Coral And Pink Color Block Nails

Coral and Pink Color Block Nails with Dots And Hearts


Corals and pinks are the perfect summer color for nails so why not coral and pink color block nails?  These colors just spoke to me when I was in the nail salon.  For the first time, I decided not to use gel polish and I opted for Essie nail polish.   I thought this made it easier to do the designs at home but having acrylics, the regular polish lasts as long as gel polish and it’s less expensive.  Now, I can buy more makeup!

I discovered Essie has some adorable nail art on line.  Check out the Essie designs for inspiration.  Some also include include video tutorials!

essie corals

To get this look we used:


Nails were done by Danielle at Mai Nail Spa in Phoenix, AZ. (As always!).  The salon doesn’t have a website as it’s a very small little shop!  I hope you had a great weekend!

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Lots of Love,

Janine -XO





23 thoughts on “Coral And Pink Color Block Nails

    1. Thank you! I only make up the design and I have a lady who then paints them for me. I can’t anything, not even a wall. It’s a disaster when I try to paint! LOL. Thanks again for your comment and happy to have you join the blog.

  1. That is one adorable mani! Loving the color choices as well as the hearts. I haven’t gotten my nails done in a while. Mostly because I feel it’s pointless painting my nubs disguised as nails lol.

    I’m already following you on IG, Twitter, and FB! I look forward to your posts. 🙂

    1. I arrived at the shop with no idea what to do so I’m glad you like them! Usually, I’m all prepared with my design and this time I wasn’t. Thank you! They were super easy to do.

  2. Very nice….and *Pretty nails !!! I have been using,,,,, believe it or not….the French style glue-on nails from the dollar store,,,, now for (me) in my-case…..they really work fine for me…being that I am still in the closet only 1 person in my family knows that I do….this lol & at the end of the night its really easy for me to take them off & if they happen to break I don’t feel that bad being that they only cost me a dollar its my 1-Sister her & I are close so she knows that I dress… my family member that I mentioned to you…. well,, ? they did happen to find out….. she is more sick then what every 1 thought & she has stage 4 cancer…..its my Mom,,, as I am writing this I am starting to cry,, her & I have also been very close…ok,,, sorry that I…. talked to much on your post thank you for…your advice on makeup…..stay well K

    1. Well, that’s awesome if you found them at the $ store and they work! Very cool! Oh, I’m so so so so sorry to hear about your mom. I can’t even imagine how difficult and painful that would be. My mom lives right around the corner and we are very close. I can’t imagine life without her but as we get older this is an unfortunate thing in life we eventually have to face. As painful as it is, it also helps you become stronger too. You can spend as much time with her as possible and make sure she knows how much you love her. I’m so sorry. =(

      I’m glad you are taking the opportunity to enjoy and embrace what you love to do. People are far more accepting of different lifestyles these days as well. And if they aren’t – well F – em.

    1. Thank you so much! I Have a few of these so I’m going to maybe do one a week or so for the next few weeks. So, if it seems like I’m not doing it, I am I am! I just need to organize and schedule. Kisses babe! Thank you for thinking of me, it always makes my day.

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