Contour and Smooth Your Body With A Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Body Buffer

Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Body Buffer Review

A couple of months ago, I shared how much I enjoyed using Spongelle products on my at home mini-spa Sunday.  Pampering and relaxation time is such an effective way to de-stress and look and feel better.  I’ve kept my spa Sunday tradition going because I love planning something special for myself every weekend.

I may go to a spa, get my hair styled, or try a new home spa products like those from Spongelle.   I do something special every Sunday afternoon and believe me, a little pampering to look forward to before the start of a new week is a ritual you will fall in love with.  This past weekend, I tried a different Spongelle product, the anti-cellulite (AKA body contouring) buffer and I enjoyed it just as much as the other products I used. Look at how pretty their Instagram is!

Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Buffer Product Review

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Spongelle, then I’m sure you’ll be excited to know they have a variety of products available on their website.  Pedi-buffers, body buffers, and other boutique skin care products for men and women.   Actually, they are working on specialty products for children.  I’ve seen a preview and they are absolutely adorable!  Spongelle products have evolved using beauty, technology, and innovation.  Are they unique in what they provide?  Absolutely, yes!  I have not seen similar products anywhere else.  I was truly delighted with the beach grass scented pedi-buffer and ginger bergamot body buffer.   The products effectively exfoliated and created a dense, rich, aromatic lather that was intensely refreshing.  Each product can be used multiple times and I kept mine hanging in my shower by the little ribbon attached to it.  I knew getting my hands on another product such as the Spongelle anti-cellulite (AKA body contouring) buffer would be a good experience for me.

cellulite on outer thigh

So, what can I tell you about cellulite?  It affects men and women of all ages.   Usually, cellulite appears on women starting around the age of 25 but men are prone to it as well.   You want to know how many women are affected?  Dermatologists say cellulite may affect as much as 90% of the female population at some point in their life.  It can develop anytime after puberty and it may be genetic or environmental.  Your lifestyle including diet, smoking, and even tight clothes that affect blood flow may accelerate the development of cellulite.  You may be the epitome of health, young, and lean and it still comes on due to genetics or hormonal changes. Taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle is your best scientific defense against it.  Take a peek at this article from Medical News Today and hone in on the end where de-stressing is a key defense called out in preventing cellulite and massage is a way of reducing the appearance the appearance and also preventing it from developing.

Spongelle’s body contouring buffer is one way you can de-stress, exfoliate, and massage your skin to help increase blood flow and reduce the appearance or onset of cellulite.  This product, like their others, comes in a pretty package and it’s available in their beach grass scent.  It’s a difficult scent to describe but it’s like fresh white linen or the smell of spring on a breezy morning with your windows open.  It’s not herbal, sporty or floral, it’s simply clean and fresh.  I really love this scent!   The regular buffer, leaves your skin noticeably smoother and the body contouring buffer is similar in the velvety lather it creates but it is infused with coffee, sea kelp, and arnica to help with the reducting the   appearance of cellulite and contribute to toning, detoxifying, and tightening of skin.  You should notice a difference in how your skin feels after a good scrub and it feels good to scrub and massage with this.  This product is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested and it’s going to last you for at least 30 washes.  Technology is a key to Spongelle’s products and this one uses a unique technology known as Salsphere,  This technology enables a controlled delivery of the Spongelle infusions and increases the stability and efficiency of the ingredients.

Spongelle body buffer

Spongelle Cellulite Buffer

So, now you know why my spa day is so important and yours should be too.  I continuously invest in products that will delight me and make me feel good.  I found by doing that, I am happier and less stressed and that leads to overall better well-being!

For full list of retailers to check out products in person, there is a listing on their website here.  This post is powered by Brandbacker.  I was given this product in exchange for an honest review.  The information I have shared is not influenced by the brand and is my honest opinion.

Spongelle Giveaway and Discount Code

Spongelle would like to share a body buffer with my readers!  You can enter below to win one and try it for yourself.  I think anyone would love it and can’t wait to hear your feedback! You can also pick up any goodies you would like from Spongelle’s website through Oct 19, 2015 at 20% off using the code “BBLOGGER20”.   Stock up for the holidays because these are beautiful and elegant gifts!

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