Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Facial

The Beauty of Getting Facials Regularly

Believe it or not, some think that facials are just a way for people to pamper themselves. While it’s true that getting a facial feels so incredible you can’t help but think you’re being indulged like a queen, regular facials bring with them a host of benefits that make them worth spending time, money, and effort on.

Facials offer the best way of deep cleansing your skin. Considering how exposed you are to pollution and the elements, facials always begin with an overall cleansing of the skin on your face and neck. Steam is often used to open up the pores and makes extracting them easier.

A facial also helps improve blood circulation. The steam has this kind of effect, but the gentle massaging that typically comes with a facial also does the same thing. With improved flow, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to keep the skin healthy becomes more efficient.

While everyone ages, you can slow the process down with facials. After all, most facial techniques used today involve the use of topical pharmacological agents that contain antioxidants, cell regulators, and other substances with anti-aging properties.

Of course, as stated earlier, facials feel like you’re being pampered, and that feeling helps you lower your stress levels. When your stress levels are down, its impact will be apparent not only on your skin, but your overall health as well.

So if you’re thinking about getting a facial, then always keep the benefits listed above in mind. And since there are so many types of facials available today, check out the infographic below so you can decide which one is the best for you.

How to Choose The Best Type Of Facial

How to choose best facial

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Dr. Shannon York is the Medical Director at Expert Aesthetix in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been working in the field of anti-aging and naturopathic medicine for nearly a decade now. An expert in all aspects of aesthetic medicine, Dr. York specializes in women’s health, injectables, medical weight loss, natural hormone replacement therapy,  and anti-aging nutrition.

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6 thoughts on “Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Facial

    1. It’s been too long since I had one too! The doctor that shared this article is located nearby so I was thinking about heading in for a facial.

  1. All of these facials do sound incredible! That being said, I don’t remember the last time I had one – it must have been ages ago and I was most likely not happy with it. I am ready for new adventures though! Have you heard about Sandra Bullock’s “special” facial? She spoke about it on Ellen the other day – so hysterical!

    p.s. that part when you say you hate insects and hearing people swallow reminds me so much of my Virgo-mom! lol She suffers from mosquitos at the moment (they only attack her for whatever reason) and of course she hates it when I drink water next to her – she always goes like “are you DONE?” haha


    1. I rarely get them. I think I got nervous because I broke out once but it wasn’t the facial, it was the dermaplaning that got me. I haven’t heard of the Sandra Bullock facial, I have to go and Google that now! HAHAHAH – Oh, yeah, the insects. OMG!!!! I just can’t. I’m fine with any mammal. ANY, including rats, sloths, possums. They are all simply beautiful to me. But an insect? I could die. And yep, the swallowing. OMG OMG OMG. I can hear my husband across the room and I can feel the anxiety build with each gulp. Sneezing torments me too. Does you mom freak when someone sneezes? So funny.

      Have a great week. It’s Monday morning here and I’m heading out but I really want to stay at home in my pajamas!!

  2. I definitely need to invest in facials more often. I do like to take care of my skin but the intensive treatment and facial massage is best done by the experts – I think – and if anything at least once in a while. This is a very useful guide and something to put on my to do list x

    1. I hope you find it helpful next time you are looking at a menu with all the different types of facials. It was given to me by a medical office so I was really excited to share! Well, it’s Monday morning! I’m excited today since I have new makeup to play with. Have a great week!

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