Why I Got Serious About Dietary Supplements

Council for Responsible Nutrition choosing supplements

Up until recently, dietary supplements were not something I consistently incorporated in my life.  If I had them on hand, I would take them but I never invested much time thinking about whether or not I really needed them or if they were safe and effective.  In the past month, my routine and outlook on all this has changed.  After suffering from nine months of itching, rashes, unexplained swelling of my face, and several trips to the emergency room, I finally learned I developed an allergy to milk and sesame.  Immediately, I became concerned about calcium intake as a result of changes I had to make to my diet.  Now, dietary supplements are something I incorporate in my daily routine to fill nutrition gaps.  I’ve also introduced things to my family.  Let’s just be honest here, my kids eat a lot of junk and I can’t always control that when they are not at home.

Now that I am more serious about dietary supplements for my family and myself, I connected with the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).  If you asked me a month ago, I had no idea this organization existed. CRN was founded in 1973 and is based in Washington, D.C.  CRN represents more than 170 companies that manufacture dietary supplements or the ingredients for supplements marketed in the U.S. and globally. If a company is a member of CRN, they are expected to comply with various federal and state regulations surrounding safety, quality control, manufacturing, and other areas.  CRN companies also comply with voluntary guidelines andCRN’s code of ethics.

I was surprised to learn that 76 percent of U.S. adults take dietary supplements each year, according to a survey from CRN.  I guess I’m not alone here!  This certainly explains why I see such a massive selection of dietary supplements available in the U.S.  Now that I am more vested in dietary supplements, I rely on research from CRN and I have more confidence purchasing products from companies that are CRN members.  Taking supplements allows me to take a proactive role in my overall wellness and gives me a sense of comfort that I’m getting things that may be missing in my diet, especially now.  There are so many choices when it comes to dietary supplements.  It’s a good idea to talk with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner about what supplements are right for you.

What does my week supplemented look like now?

I’ve made a quite a few changes and incorporated different dietary supplements into my daily routine.  I thought I’d share what that looks like now. I captured some photos over the course of a week to share the changes I’ve made and how I’m using dietary supplements in my life now.

In the morning, I take a multivitamin, iron, calcium, and magnesium.  The calcium was really important to me and I researched a lot of brands and different types to ensure I was getting a good product.

Council for responsible Nutrition

With so many options available, it’s really easy to get my youngest son excited about taking a multivitamin.  Gummy vitamins are something he looks forward to and if I forgot them one morning, he’s now quick to remind me before he’s off to school!

Choosing Multivitamin for kids

Choosing the best dietary supplements

Afternoon snacks have also changed for me!  I can’t eat many of things I did before, now that I’m aware I have a food allergy. Rather than reading every label, I often grab vegan products because I know they don’t contain dairy.  I definitely consume less protein now so I consume more protein bars and sports nutrition products as afternoon snacks.

Dietary supplements

I didn’t even realize these products were considered dietary supplements but I found they were and I looked for CRN companies when choosing brands.

I start out the week with plenty of energy but by Thursday, I’m typically dragging in the afternoon. Energy drinks are another dietary supplement I have always loved!  My favorite one has a sweet grape flavor and it contains additional vitamin C and zinc.

afternoon energy drink supplement

council for responsible nutrition

While researching dietary supplements, I also decided to incorporate melatonin into my routine.  I usually wake up a lot at night and I wanted to incorporate something natural to help regulate my sleep.  Our pediatrician recommended melatonin for one of my sons a few years ago and he believes it has helped him fall asleep better.

night time supplement

As you can see, I’ve definitely made some changes and I plan to continue taking dietary supplements on a consistent basis.  As I research more, I want to incorporate additional supplements into my routine.  I would love to hear if you have any suggestions and if there are supplements that you have taken where you have noticed a change for the better.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.  Thank you Council for Responsible Nutrition for sponsoring this post. This is #MyWeekSupplemented.

6 thoughts on “Why I Got Serious About Dietary Supplements

  1. Hi Janine ! As always your review is very accurate and interesting ! I don’t use supplements in general but sometimes I need a little vitamins treat 😉 Have a great Sunday !
    Kédidja | beautymoodboard.com

    1. I used them on occasion but never consistently. Now, I’m worried I’m not getting all the things I need. I imagine in France there is a similar organization but if you are looking to get info on supplements, you can always go to CRN! Do you think the skin supplements make a big difference?

  2. It’s so important to talk about topics like this one, so thanks a lot for sharing your experience! I have recently realized that I can’t tolerate lactose and gluten (bohoo) which made me think about my eating habits in a massive way. I will be certainly looking for some good supplements for my new diet. Happy 2018 Janine!

    1. The discovery of food sensitivities or allergies seems trivial, until it happens! It has had a huge impact on me. It makes me scared to eat certain foods or eat out (sometimes). I was very nervous about finding really effective supplements that are manufactured safe. I just had a different outlook than I ever did. What happens when you eat gluten? I have more testing coming up tomorrow. So depressing. =(

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