Cheery Pink Polka Dot Nails

What’s cuter for spring than pink polka dot nails with little hearts?

Pinkpolkadot and heart nails

Sunday is always mani day and today I decided to something bright and cheery for spring. These pink polka dot nails with hearts on the ring finger came out really cute.  Well, I thought so.   What do you think?  Every time I look at them they remind me of Minnie Mouse and Disneyland.  That can seriously cheer a girl up!  My toes aren’t thrilling.  They are just solid pink to match the nails.  I love using Gelish polish because it never chips or fades and will look good for at least 2 weeks, usually 3!

How to get these pink polka dot nails:

  • Pink – Harmony Gelish Polish – Gossip Girl  (3 coats)
  • White – Perfect Match – Flawless White (3 coats)
  • Dots and hearts are one coat of the same color applications and the colors on the ring fingers were swapped
  • Finished off with Gelish clear laquer

Nails were done by Danielle at Mai Nail Spa in Ahwatukee.   For those of you in this area of Phoenix, everyone in the salon is great but Danielle is my favorite.  

6 thoughts on “Cheery Pink Polka Dot Nails

  1. thank you for the advice I will look around the next time I go to a beauty supply store.. Its a good thing your pinky nail didn’t end up in……the dinner you had that night lol 🙂 I just bought my first ever,, false eye lashes this ought to be fun,,, lol all this girly-stuff is still so new to me….I seem to be getting better with my water line eye makeup…thank you again for being very kind to me,,,, Kelly

    1. I know, right? The little blue pinky was just on the counter top. I raced to glue the fallen soldier back on. BTW, the water line makeup, eventually I’ll post something on this but I’ll tell you it is brutal sometimes. I really stand behind the Lancôme Kohl liners. Soft, creamy, go on easily to the waterline and stay. I must always have them in my stash. The lashes might take a little practice, but don’t worry, you will get it.

  2. Yes !!!! I too am goin to say how cute they look,,,, & really pretty !!!! I have always loved how French nails look too. in some of my researches I been doin,,,As a NEW C-dresser I came upon press on nails,,,i think? in my case those types would be…good 4 me…being that I…do this only part time. by chance ? hav you heard anything about Press-on nails ? thank you,,, K

    1. I haven’t used Press-On nails in many years. I would think that there are some good quality ones out there though. Especially if you search on line. Mine are acrylic tips with gel so they don’t come off easily. One good place to check first without ordering on line but maybe a step above the drug store would be a large beauty supply. They likely would have an in between product that would be reliable. Of course, here I have acrylics and I was cooking the other day, and then right there on the kitchen counter was my pinky nail. =(

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