Blogger Recognition Award & Blogging Tips

Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Chris of FiveZero.  I’m so flattered to think that someone was writing a blog post and thought of me and nominated me!  I have found that when I’m fortunate enough to receive a nomination, it’s best to create the post right away as I have left some thinking I’d come back to them and then I get a blog backlog and now they are aging (ah.. kind of like me)!  Thank you Chris!  Sending big hugs and I do want you to know that it really means something to me to know that you thought of me.

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  1. Write a post explaining why you started blogging along with a few tips.
  2. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

Why do I blog?

I started a blog a few years ago but I didn’t have the time to maintain it and I was discouraged that it didn’t receive much traffic.  The blog was about local Phoenix restaurants and recipes that usually incorporated locally produced products.  Phoenix is very focused on keeping business within Arizona and supporting local business owners.  It wasn’t necessarily something I was really passionate about but it was just a topic that wasn’t covered well in Phoenix.  The blog wasn’t at all personal and I think when there’s a real person exposing their personality and sharing their life behind a blog people can relate to it.   It’s far more successful and interesting to read so I took a very different approach when I started this blog.

About 2 years after I stopped the food blog, I changed jobs and schedules and I found I had more time on my hands.   My husband has a ton of hobbies: singing, guitars, computer programming, gaming, woodworking, photography, and believe it or not he even sews.   Yep, that’s right, he can hem a pair of jeans like a pro!  So, I had pretty much nothing to do and he was also busy on the weekends with his hobbies.  On Sunday afternoon,  I would nap and he would do creative things.  I thought creating a new blog about something I was really passionate about would be productive and interesting and I felt I had worth while information to share.  I also wanted the opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers and share more about who I am.

I have never been willing to be in photos and I’ve kept to myself in recent years having been betrayed by some people in the past that I thought were long time friends.  So, I crawled out from under my rock with new found confidence and I got back into blogging about something I really love.  I opened up and made it personal (as it should be) and I hope that I can inspire others and offer useful and interesting information.  I make every effort to just tell it like it is and the way I write is the way I would interact face to face.  I’m not afraid to say what other people might dance around.  And remember I mentioned I was betrayed by some people?  Well, I didn’t hesitate one minute to send them  off with a giant fuck you and a permanent  ticket out of my life!

The Plank

Blogging tips

It’s really hard for me to offer tips because my other blog was a dud and this one is a still very young.  I have over 1,000 followers on this one where I had zero on the other one so I guess I’ve done something right along the way here.  So,  I thought I would share what I did differently as my blogging tips.  How’s that for  a reasonable compromise?  I feel like offering tips when I’ve had the blog on line less than 6 months might be premature.  However, my social media and blog has been growing well, so let’s discuss why I think that’s the case and those will be my blogging tips for you.  I did another post with some useful WordPress tips that I would definitely suggest you check out.

  1. Don’t blog about something you aren’t passionate about.  It comes through as a very dry read and often people can’t relate to the topic who are truly passionate about it.  There’s a disconnect if you aren’t blogging about a topic that is really meaningful to you.  There’s nothing frivolous about any topic that you love.  There’s billions of people out there and there will be others that share in your passion and want to communicate and collaborate with you.
  2. While you don’t necessarily get to see your readers face to face, remember who they are.  They are people just like you.  They want to hear from you.  Take the time to respond to the emails, texts, Instagram comments, Twitter messages, and blog comments that you receive.  Let your followers know that they are important to you.
  3. Be yourself.  There’s nothing more frustrating that leaving a comment on someone’s blog and getting back some awkward formal response (unless that is your real style).  Try to use your voice as you write so that people can imagine you are speaking to them.  In your every day life do you address everyone by first name when you answer a question?  “Thank you for comment Lisa, I would agree with you”.  If that’s not how you to talk to people don’t do it on your blog.  It’s just too weird and it seems mechanical.  Be the person that you are and don’t be ashamed of that.  Will everyone like you?  No!  But hey, there is no one that everybody likes except maybe Mother Teresa or Princess Diana.
  4. Post consistently.  Sometimes things happen in life and you may not be able to post for a little while and that’s okay and people will understand but put a message up indicating you’re away.  You’d be surprised, people may be waiting for your next post.  It’s nice if you normally post once a week to squeeze in something extra mid week but don’t let too much time go by between regular posts as that sends a message to your readers that the blog isn’t a priority for you.
  5. Share nice photos.  This can be so hard because not all of us are all star photographers.  I don’t even have a camera!  I have to my husband who has professional equipment take photos but he’s not always in the mood to do that so I try to capture good pictures on my iPhone.  Lighting and a camera is something at the top of my list because I want to do more close up shots of eye makeup and right now I can’t do that.  An iPhone or good smart phone will take some pretty nice photos but don’t post blurry, poorly lit pictures.  It makes the blog look dingy.

My Nominees

So, let’s see, my nominees?  These are some blogs that I enjoy reading!  It’s not a comprehensive list!  Just a few that I picked that I thought would have interesting responses to this award.

A Vibrant Day

Jan and Jot

Blonde Amy

The Life of Kristyn

Beauty Bunny

Beauty Blog

23 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award & Blogging Tips

  1. Yessss!! I’m sorry you were betrayed but I love that you said “fuck you” it’s exactly what I would’ve done. They don’t deserve to have you in their lives. I honestly wouldn’t have known your blog was 6 months old. You have great writing skills and your passion for beauty is in the writing. Keep doing what you do because it’s working girl!! XoXo

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m pretty quick to take out the trash! Lol. I got enough drama in my life with my teenagers ???? ! There’s too many people who can be a positive influence to keep the negative back stabbers around. I don’t need anymore gray hair ????

      1. Your welcome. I know what teenage girls are like, I had 2 and we all survived. ???? They do eventually become human again around 20. Lol. I finally had to cut out an extremely close family member for the same reasons. Some people hate me for and some people understand, but in the end my own sanity and happiness is all that matters. ????

  2. I definitely agree with 2 & 3. You are where you are because of the people that have supported you. Always take the time to respond to as many people as you can and just be nice. It never hurt just to be nice to someone!

  3. Awesome read, I just started my blog last month. So these were some pretty helpful tips, thank you! I think I’m doing good so far, or at least I like to think I’m doing good ????

  4. And this is part of the reason I nominated you! You write so well and honestly – your blog is really a lovely read and I’m floored (but not at all surprised) that you got so many followers within such a short space of time. <3

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