Better Ways To Hide Dark Circles

Hide Dark Circles
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In the past I’ve discussed the science behind using color correctors to effectively hide dark circles under your eyes. Some of you are lucky and can just use a concealer but then there’s the rest of us.  All of us who are on a never ending quest to effectively our hide dark circles.  I’m with the rest of you and I’m really unfortunate because my dark circles are genetic.  I’ve been told by medical professionals that no creams or treatments can eliminate the dark circles I have.  Lucky for you, this means I’m out there trying every color corrector available and sharing the details!

Hide Dark Circles Using Color Correcting Techniques

Let’s just say, I have a big collection of color correcting products.  Many of them are adequate but the problem is I can only put so much product under my eyes before if starts to look cakey.  Heavier products can settle into fine lines and it’s looks awful.  I effectively hide dark circles but create an entirely new issue with making the fine lines stand out.  I’ve looked into the rear view mirror of my car pulling out of the driveway, see my makeup in natural light, and pull my car right back into the garage for repairs!  Read my post about the secrets behind color correcting so you understand the fundamental concepts of the technique and why it’s necessary in some cases.

Color wheel for color correction

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

Lately, to avoid product build I’ve been using a Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner in color 18C to hide dark circles.  Believe it or not, this works really well.  It creates an orange tinged stain that is easy to cover with foundation and concealer and does a good job of hiding the bluish tint.  I like it because it is not pasty or creamy so I don’t have another layer of product on the thin delicate skin under my eyes.  This doesn’t look cakey or heavy once you have all your makeup on.  If you have a lip liner similar in color to the one I’m using, give it a try!  My skin is a medium tone so I use oranges and corals to color correct.  If you have fair skin or yellow undertones, pink shades may work better for you.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Hide Dark Circles
Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner 18C – $19


Giorgio Armani Master Corrector

I have a new product to share with you that I purchased and have been impressed with.  The Giorgio Armani Master Corrector.  I am using number 2 which is orange.  Number 1 is pink.  Armani says the formula is available in four shades but I have yet to see 3 and 4 anywhere and they aren’t on the company website.  That’s fine because for the majority of skin tones, one of these the two shades is going to work for you.  What I love about this product is the deep pigmentation.  Too many color correctors don’t contain enough orange or pink to cancel the blue under my eyes.  Armani nailed it on the pigmentation.  The Armani Corrector also has a tiny brush as an applicator.  This is excellent because you can apply the product with precision and easily target other areas where you have some extra pigmentation you may want to hide.  The formula is very thin.  It’s not watery but it’s not creamy or pasty either.  This gives me the ability to stain the area similar to what I do with the lip liner instead of having product that remains on the surface of the skin.

The Giorgio Armani Master Corrector is $39 which is a bit expensive when you consider it’s not concealer.  Now, you have to buy your concealer as well and you cannot skimp on that.  If you are using color correctors, then you’re with me where the effectiveness and quality of the concealer is a very important factor in achieving a great end result.  I have yet to find anything out there better than NARS Cream Radiant Concealer.  I’ll let you know if I do but that’s my every day concealer and I believe it is the best on the market.  If the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector is too expensive for your budget, try the trick with the lip liner and I think you will be pleased with the end result.

Armani Master Corrector Hide Dark Circles
Georgio Armani Master Corrector – $39

Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir

Finally, I want to mention a product from Onomie Beauty which I have not purchased but I’m looking at closely and tried samples.  Onomie can only be purchased on line and their product is called Bright Concealing Elixir.  This an interesting product because the company has designed it to clinically improve under eye dark circles.  Their product studies indicate 90% of the women who used the product regularly over the course of 8 weeks reported improvement in under eye circles.  Onomie’s product contains nine natural substances that are said to improve dark circles caused by stress, lack of sleep, eating habits, and even genetics!  Dermatologists have always told me nothing can correct darkness caused by genetics so this makes me very curious.  Onomie also makes a clinical under eye brightening product.

The texture of Onomie’s product is not as pasty or heavy as many of the other products on the market but it’s definitely not a stain either.  I can see it on the surface of my skin once I’ve applied it.  I was able to see that I had layered multiple products when I tested it but the products didn’t settle into my fine lines.  The Bright Concealing Elixir is quite effective  at color correcting.  I may order another set of samples to test it further because the product continues to receive a lot of positive press (samples cost $4 – order here).  In 2015, Onomie  won Allure’s Best in Beauty Award and Refinery 29’s Beauty Innovator Award.   If you purchase the product within two weeks of getting the samples, Onomie will apply the cost of the samples to your purchase.  Women are definitely pleased with this product but I’m not confident yet that it will do a better job than what I’ve been using.

Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir
Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir – $26

Over the past six months, this is where I’ve evolved to with color correcting and the best products to use to hide dark circles.  If you struggle with dark circles, I hope you have found this information helpful.

I would certainly love to hear any other tips or tricks that are working for you!  Have you tried any other color correcting products out there to hide dark circles that are doing an amazing job?

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8 thoughts on “Better Ways To Hide Dark Circles

  1. I bought the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy with the intention of using it for my dark circles, unfortunately for my skin tone, it was TOO orange. However, it worked on my friend who is darker and she loves it! It looks like this:

    I want to try the Becca Under Eye Corrector, I’ve heard so many good things about it! I’ve tried the Bobbi Brown corrector before but it’s too creamy and it creased on me.

    1. Maybe you need something a little more pinkish? The pencil I use is a very soft coral with a hint of pink. The Bobbi Brown is creamy. I have two of those and a Tarte corrector as well. That’s the issue.. the layering of those products eventually creases. You know what else… the elasticity and hydration of your skin changes with your hormonal cycle so at some points during the month, you could have extra extra creasing (oh yay and yippee, right?). I haven’t tried the Becca one. The Guerlain one is better than the creamy ones but the one working the best right now for me is that lip pencil!

  2. Thank you for that great advice. I got very ill and I had to be on Prednisone for over a year and it did a number on my skin and since then I developed the dark circles that I just can’t camouflage, I am going to try this or at least something very close to this. I have a problem with my undereye looking hollow so I am hoping this will help with that also. Do you have any recommendations for plumping up the undereye? Maybe even a home remedy. I do not have any issues with fine lines yet around the eyes but I know it’s coming. My biggest issue is dull dry skin and dark circles. My skin is so fair it looks like I haven’t seen the sun in 20 years. I am 44 with very sensitive skin. I think you have gorgeous skin and would love to know your beauty routine. Thank you for such a great blog. I have not had the time to read through everything hut I plan to.

    1. Hmmm plumping is usually going to come from good hydration. So, products with Hyaluronic Acid are very good for that. That’s the best plumper that I know of “off the shelf”. If you truly have hollows under your eyes, you can get them filled. It’s pretty common for women to do. Fillers are just hyaluronic acid which can be injected and then they draw moisture to that area and plump it up (temporarily). You could get an opinion on that or poke around on line and see what before and afters look like. Usually, around the eyes, I believe Restalyne is used. Fillers can create transformational results for hollows that have formed under the eyes. The question is whether it’s really hollow or just appears so from the dark circles.

      My skin care routine has a lot of variations because I test out new products but there are some constants that never change. First, I use Retin-A nightly and I have for years. While it’s horrific at first (redness, irritation, peeling) within a couple weeks you adjust and it helps to fend off the fine lines and increase collagen production. I use .05% but I am thinking of going to .01%. I use that at night with a nightly moisturizer (that moisturizer will change as I work with different products). During the day, I always wear sunscreen (that’s important) and in the morning, I use a Vitamin C serum or cream, glycolic acid, plus a day time moisturizer. Twice daily I apply TNS Eye Repair from Skin Media (this may change soon as I am working with Premier Skin Care from the Dead Sea but I do love the TNS Medica product) and I use BA Pola Eye Cream which is an outstanding moisturizer and a constant that never changes like the Retin-A. I also exfoliate 2-3 times a week. I feel like I’m constantly doing something and my skin is quite sensitive too. I don’t break out usually but I can easily get redness. I’m 45 so we are close in age.

      See if the color correctors work for you. If you are US based, you know you can return products you purchase anywhere if they don’t work out for you. Don’t be afraid to do that. I do it ALL the time. I can’t tell you how often I have to return things.

      Also, I didn’t mention it in my post but there is one other product that is incredible at camoflauging and it’s called Amazing Concealer (I bought it at Ulta). It’s very heavy and I use it to hide bruises and things but if you were to use that very lightly as a concealer over the corrector, I would be shocked if a tattoo could show through. It’s just a little more difficult to get it to look natural.

      I hope this helps. We are always harsher judges of ourselves and if you have really fair skin, I’m sure it’s beautiful! I love fair skin!

      1. It is funny how something so simple can make a drastic change. I took your advice and I decided to start with hydration and found the issue that I was having on my undereye giving me the appearance of hollows was due to dehydration. I increased my water intake and after a week I noticed a difference. My undereye started to plump up and the hollows are almost entirely filled in as of now. I use a very light pink to conceal and I am trying to get into a moisturizing routine before bed and I always moisturize in the morning. I also started a microderm abrasion kit that I do at home and it has really brightened my skin. I have tried using Retin-A prescribed by my dermatologist in the past but it just burned too much. I was miserable, so I discontinued use. I have tried dead sea masks and I really like them, if anything they leave my skin extremely soft. Thank you so much for your much needed suggestions.

        1. I’m so glad it worked for you!! Hydration is a huge factor! The retin-a is very good to use long term and it is horrific at first (I know) but it does lead to less wrinkles over time and boosts collagen production. It literally fried me the first couple weeks! I eased into it a few times a week. Still peeled though but once you adjust… The benefits are profound. It just takes time to get past the initial misery of it! Microdermabrasion is also amazing!! Congrats on a new you!! ????????????????????

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