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The holidays are so close! Every year I wish I could slow things down to keep searching for the right gifts but this year I just want stretch out the beauty of the holiday season.  Usually, I’m stressing at this time hunting for the perfect gift for my dad but I discovered  A completely different concept in the world of gift cards which we know everyone loves to get and is the go-to solution when you don’t know what to get. This year I’m not stressing!  I’m ahead of the game and all set for the holidays!  No more fruitless Google searches hoping to strike an idea for the perfect gift!  I have always had the most difficult time shopping for my dad but this year I’m onto something new.

My routine holiday gift dilemma

Every year, it’s the same routine.  It goes like this:  I call my mother and ask her what to get my father.  She never has any idea yet they have been married 48 years.  We repeat the discussion multiple times over the course of several weeks.  Finally, she will suggest a bottle of tequila.  Honestly, this is every year!  The only difference is this year she suggested a bottle of Canadian Whiskey.  My dad is 75 years old now and I don’t want to buy him a bottle of booze!  As the days before Christmas close in, I wind up buying a gift card from the stand at the grocery store.  I feel defeated every year with my impersonal gift choice.

My dad isn’t the only one that is difficult to buy for but he is my biggest challenge.   I think it’s because he was born on the cusp of both The Silent Generation and The Baby Boomers.  He’s from a unique era that will never repeat itself.  Extraordinary things happened in the 60s and 70s and it was a unique culture that shaped the lives and expectations of those people today.  Imagine being young and free during the summer of 1968 and 1969.  My parents had just been married and they spent those summers traveling in Europe.  Look at these amazing photos of my parents during those magical years.  Check out my dad!  He is one super cool and handsome dude!  I see photos of myself from the past and I’m humiliated even when I’m by myself!

Summer of 1968 Greece

Summer of 1968 Greece

Summer of 1968

Summer of 1968

Now, here’s the same man 33 years later holding his second grandson.  It’s amazing how life passes by so quickly, isn’t it?  My dad wouldn’t say it felt like 33 years ago when he took those photos with my mom in Europe.

Dad holding second grandson (2001)
Dad holding second grandson (2001)

The holidays are an important and special time for me and I’m sure they are for you too.  We buy gifts for the people we love and we want those gifts to be memorable every time.  Let’s be frank here, we don’t have countless holidays to celebrate in our lives.  We have to cherish these times as each holiday that passes is another year of life behind us.

The solution to my gift dilemma from

Research shows that emotional connection nearly doubles when adding enhanced digital personalization to a digital gift card.  Over 80% of America feels more deeply connected to someone when they receive a message that includes personal photos or music versus a standard email or text.  That’s compelling!  Finally, this year I don’t feel defeated or guilty about giving my dad a gift card.

I chose a gift card for Home Depot so my dad can repair all the things he breaks trying to fix around his house and occasionally mine. had tons of gift card options to choose from and all sorts of way to customize the presentation of the card.  It could be a video greeting, digital photo book, or an eCard.   When you purchase the gift card, there is no extra cost to add any type of customizations (that’s super cool) and the card is delivered for you via email or regular mail.  You can choose various options as you work through the wizard to create your gift.   There are also some promotions associated with certain gift cards and I’ve included the current promotions down below.

When you visit there is an example of each type of message you can choose and there are options available for every occasion (birthdays, baby showers, etc).  I created a holiday themed photo book with personal messages and pictures of the grandchildren.  When my dad receives the gift card, the photo book is presented with my custom cover and each page is displayed with music and the messages I included.  I’ve shared a few snap shots of what I created in the photo book so you can see how it looks.  I didn’t include all the pages just in case my dad is peeking at this post. Photo page
Photo page 1 from digital photo album Photo page
Photo page 2 from digital photo album


I feel really good that I created something unique for my dad from and I know he’s going to smile!  I’m sure he’s never seen anything like this before. It’s personal, thoughtful, and sentimental!  Plus, he can still choose anything he would like with his Home Depot gift card.  Win Win!  If you want to give people gift cards this year, definitely visit this site because you get a lot more than just the gift card and it doesn’t cost extra to customize it.

I’m already thinking of storybooks I could create for birthdays!  I would love to hear about a gift card you create from  I’ll be heading back for other holidays and special occasions so I’d like to hear your creative ideas for photo albums and videos!

I wish you all a happy and beautiful holiday season!

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  1. I missed this entry when it was first posted and I couldn’t not leave a comment now – but wow, those photos of your dad are fantastic! I love that time period. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome! I’m so thrilled to have the pictures. My dad shot everything on slides back then and they converted really nice to images. =)
      I’m glad you liked the post, thank you so much!

  2. Wow! Those photos of your dad are fantastic! It’s wonderful that you have them! I’m getting my parents a gift card from, too! They always say they don’t need anything, but I know they’d enjoy a nice dinner out!! #client

    1. Thank you Sarah! The photos were taken originally as slides and then converted years later. I’m so happy to have them! That’s another thing, everyone I ask says they don’t know what they want or don’t need anything. I’m so happy to have found!

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