THE BEST SWATCHES! Choosing The Tom Ford Girls!

Swatches Tom Ford GirlsIf you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with Tom Ford!  When I heard the Girls were coming, I waited in anticipation for swatches.  Yet, only a few people have successfully swatched ALL the Girls!  I wanted to share the videos I found with you in the event you are as desperate as I am trying to decide which ones to buy!  The Sephora Friends and Family event is going on and now is your chance to pick some up with a discount!  The Tom Ford Girls are limited edition so waiting around could mean big disappointments when things start to sell out.  I learned my lesson the hard way with that La Mer 2017 Limited Edition bronzer.

FINALLY, some great content was published that helped me decide.  (By the way, I never bought any of the Boys so this whole layering concept could really get me in trouble)!  According to Tom Ford,  the Girls are designed to be worn on their own or layered with one another, each transforming color and finish amplifies a woman or man’s individuality.  So, this means layer the girls, layer the boys, layer the boys with the girls?  Dangerous territory for a Tom Ford lipstick addict!  OMG!

I invested hours of time choosing my new lipsticks and trying not to go overboard.  You know what?  Let’s be honest… I spent days.  But thanks to a couple of amazing You Tube beauties who swatched all the Tom Ford Girls (on their lips) with great lighting, I could finally choose with confidence and not have to go to the store which I was really trying to avoid!   What’s great about these two videos are we get to see the shades on fair skin and deeper toned skin.

Here are the best Tom Ford Girls swatches!

For fair toned beauties, check out this video:

For medium to deep toned beauties, check out this video:

I was afraid to go to the Tom Ford counter.  I know, it’s pathetic.  I feared I could walk away with entire collection of 50 minis or worse, the boys too!  Considering that’s not out of the question (I say that and disgust myself because I KNOW it’s f-ing absurd) but it needs to be out of the question so I didn’t go!  Plus, I wanted to save the money for the Fractora skin care treatment that I recently posted about.  Definitely check out my healing journey because Fractora is a really intriguing and effective procedure to reduce fine lines and get your skin glowing and even-toned!  The final reveal on that is coming soon.

Here are my final Tom Ford Girls picks (Grace is currently the only one out of stock at Sephora which is really weird):

best swatches for Tom Ford Lips and Girls

Tom Ford Girls swatches

Before, I sign off… can we discuss the incredible Tom Ford marketing and advertising team?  They will always hone in perfectly on their demographic and mesmerize you in less than 20 seconds!  Who are these people living in my wallet?  I have incessantly watched their ads.  Of course, I downloaded the nearly forgotten 1984 Bronski Beat tune “Small Town  Boy” and memories just keep flooding in… making me want their products even more.   Is this all part of their strategy or am I starting to sound crazy?  There’s really nothing to the song but somehow it’s a perfect fit to introduce the highly anticipated Tom Ford Boys & Girls collection.

Tell me this commercial from Tom Ford about the Boys and Girls collection doesn’t speak to you?!!  I mean really…  this is what advertising should be!

My swatches and photos will be coming soon!  Keep an eye out for them on my Instagram.  Please follow me there if you aren’t already!

I hope these videos help you make some selections in time for the Sephora sale!  (Especially if you obsess the way I do!)  LOL!

Oh, and PLEASE tell me which ones you have picked up!  If you swatched some, leave a link to your blog or social media below so I can hurry over and accidentally purposely choose more (not really joking).

Happy shopping darlings!

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12 thoughts on “THE BEST SWATCHES! Choosing The Tom Ford Girls!

    1. I haven’t! I’m now going to hunt it down. I’m calling their Customer Service department tomorrow to find out the pink on the blonde model who is second in the line up. I think it’s Zelda, but I’m not sure. Hopefully they know. I thought the two Vloggers did a great job at swatches. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have known what to get!

    1. It’s so hard to resist and then the Girls are limited edition so I’m like…. Well….. I do need them. But I can’t throw anything away either to make room. LOL. Do you have any yet? I’m waiting now for the arrival!

  1. Wow all these shades are totally stunning. Need them all! Great review!!

    Lily |

  2. I feel the same way when I stop by the Tom Ford counter, all their makeup is just so stunning and I want everything, haha. Love the colors you picked out, especially Grace and Naomi!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    1. It’s almost impossible to stay focused on one thing. Last time I went to the counter, I sent multiple apologies via text to my husband before I came home. The only good thing is they put the counter right by the entrance at our Neiman Marcus so strategically choosing the right door can prevent other accidents from happening while strolling the department! The TF makeup though… there’s just something about it all that grabs me. And once you try it, that’s it. Addicted. It’s like Nutella for me. Are you getting any Girls? Which ones?????

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