Best Tip For Secret Shopping Discounts

Are you taking advantage of all the secret shopping discounts that are available on the web?  Maybe not?  Well, I’m here to change that.  I wrote this post because I want you to be informed and shop like a pro!  Most people I ask aren’t aware of this opportunity for shopping discounts.  Once you learn about it, it’s a must use from this point forward.

What’s my pro shopping tip?

RAKUTEN (formerly  Here you can find  discounts available that can be combined with existing store specials and coupons.  I don’t know why anyone would shop without checking this website first because it’s free money.  There is no membership or fee to sign up.  If you don’t use the website, you are leaving money on the table that could be going straight to your bank account (Literally!)

If it sounds too good to be true, I swear it’s not.  When have I ever lied to you!?   If you are already using this service, great!  Maybe you have even more pro shopping tips to share? Would love to know if you do!  However, If you aren’t using the Rakuten site, you need to get set up as soon as possible.  Creating an account takes 2 minutes and you will get nothing but benefits from doing so.

How To Get Secret Shopping Discounts

First and foremost, before you make any future purchases, set up your FREE account on Rakuten.  There’s nothing more to it.  That’s all you need to get additional secret shopping discounts at so many retailers!  Enter your name, email, create a password.  Then designate if you want your cash back deposited to Paypal, via a check in the email, or several other options they have available.  Once a month, any balance you have is paid out.

When you want to shop anywhere, check their site to see if additional discounts apply for the specific retailer.  For example, if you were shopping at Neiman Marcus the day I wrote this, an additional 15% cash back would be earned for your purchases.  All you have to do is visit the Rakuten site and use their link to access the store you are shopping at.  Your cart can already be full!  Simply using their site to hop over to your favorite retailer, enables you to get additional cash back.  Also, I wrote an article on how to save money on prescriptions with no fee or subscription!  (Not to miss this post even if you have insurance, you can still save!)

The Rakuten site looks like this.  If I was going to shop at Ulta, I’d just click the Ulta button and I’d be routed to where 10% cash back would be earned for any purchases I make.secret shopping discounts

And…Rakuten has on-line and in-store discounts.  Usually, the on-line discount is far better.   This is the best way to get extra discounts and money back for doing absolutely nothing!  Seriously!! My extra cash is deposited into my Paypal account once a month.

Attention MAC Users!  There is a Rakuten button available in the App Store.  You don’t have to leave the site you are shopping to check Rakuten if you have the button.  It will show you if a discount is available and you can activate it right there.  Here’s what my pop-up looks like today!  The cash back pending is what I’ve saved above and beyond Black Friday deals I have shopped.  That number is about to triple, check out how I make my next purchase.

Rakuten shopping discounts

A Real Shopping Example From This Afternoon

While shopping today, I got tempted by an ad that popped up for these gorgeous Manolo Blahnik shoes.  I couldn’t resist – I clicked (I never click, but just look at them!)  Aren’t they perfect for the office? I found myself on the Saks Fifth Avenue website staring at these shoes that were $845 USD reduced to $507 USD.

Rakuten Manolo Blahnik

That’s a pretty good sale price.  Plus, Saks has a holiday special and when you spent $500 or more,  you get a $125 gift card.  Definitely, a deal I couldn’t pass up.  But….. I got even better pricing through Rakuten!

Not only did Rakuten find any coupons available that would apply the sale, I got 16% cash back on my purchase.  Just by using the MAC Rakuten button, I saved an additional $81.12 on my purchase!

Rakuten Secret Shopping Discounts

Now, that’s what I call smart shopping!  If you don’t have a MAC, you can just go and click to shop Saks and your discount will apply to your shopping session!

It’s truly that easy.  There are no memberships or fees to sign up.  There’s no spam or phone calls involved.  You are simply leveraging Rakuten’s economy of scale to get additional discounts through their affiliation with various retailers.  Obviously, they get some percentage too.  It’s just a great way to get secret shopping discounts that so many others aren’t aware of!  So, don’t miss out on these savings available!

Get your FREE Rakuten account here and let me know how the new savings tool is working out for you. I know you will absolutely love this.  (By the way, this link is my Rakuten sign up link, so I get credit if you sign up using my link).  Once you sign up, share your link on your blog, social media, and with your friends and family.  It’s  just one more way to earn cash back.  More importantly, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share with people you care about!

Do you know of any other creative ways to get cash back or additional discounts when shopping?  If you do, please leave a comment below for readers to find out more.  If you have a referral link, feel free to include it as well.  Happy Shopping!

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    1. It’s the best way to shop these days! I apologize for the delayed response! For some reason, your comment just popped up! I’ve noticed some on line retailers now offer to send multiple sizes of clothes and then offer free returns!

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