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A few years ago, I visited one of my favorite cities, Paris.  One of the things I wanted to there was visit a perfume shop where I could purchase a fragrance that isn’t highly commercialized in the United States.  I wanted something mesmerizing and seductive.  You know, something appropriate for the office.  I researched Paris perfume shops long before the trip so I could successfully execute my mission.  I discovered a shop called Nose, a  perfume concept boutique in the heart of Paris (2nd arr.).  It was exactly what I was looking for!  An exclusive boutique where an expert would work with me and match my preferences to a unique fragrance.

My Experience Shopping In The Nose Perfumery

Concept Perfume Paris

The shop is an elegant boutique with seating and a reception area in the front of the shop.  Fragrances are beautifully displayed lining the shelves in the back of the store.  You can sip champagne and work with a specialist to create an olfactive profile so perfume choices can be narrowed down that you will love.  The front wall is lined with beautiful bottles of essential oils and candles.  They have over 500 perfumes and 1500 references from at least 50 designer brands.

Perfume Concept Store Paris Nose Beauty Concept Paris

Employees seemed a bit paranoid about theft in the shop.  The people on the main floor monitored everyone from their iPads and then downstairs was another group doing more monitoring.  So, don’t pick your nose or do anything weird off in a corner because you are being watched!  I only know about the downstairs operation because I went to use the restroom and saw the people watching the screens.

After settling in with a glass of champagne, I completed a profile and listed the commercial perfumes that were my current favorites.  From this information, Nose analyzed the different notes that I prefer and began to make selections for me.   They brought me different fragrances and I ranked them.  My rankings were positioned on a board and used to narrow down ideal options for me.  I wasn’t told what I was smelling during the process.  I just ranked them using their system.

Perfume Analysis Paris

The man who was working with me knew exactly what my reaction would be to different fragrances he brought me as he got to know my preferences.  The process was working! We went through several iterations until the perfume selections were narrowed down to two finalists.  I absolutely loved both and couldn’t decide which one I wanted.   I finally chose a perfume by Mark Buxton called Angelo Di Fiume from the Linari collection.  The designer of this fragrance is one of the co-founders of Nose.  The choice was perfect for me and I loved it.

Perfume Analysis Paris

Finding a perfume from Nose using the on line tools

Not everyone can visit the Nose shop in Paris but are still interested in finding exclusive perfumes.  Nose has analysis tools available on line  that are used to identify selections to pair you up with. They make five recommendations based on your current favorite perfumes and you can order samples to try at home.  If you fall in love, you can order the fragrance on line.  The profile process is free but if you order the samples, it costs approximately $15.00 US, including the postage.   Each recommended sample is described in detail and you have the option to change what you get in your sample package.

Nose Paris France on line Nose-Olfactive-Pyramid

Nose can use up to five fragrances to do your analysis but I only entered three.  Based on my current favorites from Linari, Francis Maison Kurkdjian, and Yves Saint Lauren,  Nose suggested five perfumes for me.

Nose perfume recommendations

I have the samples on order and can’t wait to try them!  Here’s an FAQ from Nose that explains more about their process and policies.  The on line analysis is not a standard search.  Their tools were developed using statisticians and specialists to fine tune the process.  I hope this is something you enjoy!

Do you see anything on their site that you haven’t previously heard of?  If you create a profile and get recommendations, I’m really curious to know if you are introduced to something new and what your thoughts are!  Leave me a comment below and share your experience.

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    1. It is! For about 15.00 they send the samples and often they are perfumes we would never know of! But it’s amazing how well they match you up to perfumes! I loved the one I got and can’t wait for the samples. Did you try it out?

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