5 Ways To Improve Your Nighttime Beauty Routine

improve nighttime beauty routine

You don’t have to always be awake to pamper yourself.   While you sleep, there are hours you can take advantage of to renew, refresh, and repair your body.  They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!  Having a nighttime skin care routine is an excellent start but I have five tips to improve your nighttime beauty routine.  Let’s take beauty sleep to the next level!

5 Ways to Improve Your Nighttime Beauty Routine

♦  Smooth out the rough spots

The skin on your knees, elbows, and feet is the toughest dry skin to battle.  During the winter months. is the absolute worst!  At night, use a lotion that contains Alpha-Hydroxy acid.  Why?  Glad you asked!  Because Alpha-Hydroxy acid gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells and deeply hydrates.  Using Alpha-Hydroxy skin care combined with humectants to draw moisture back to the skin is the best option.  And this can happen while you sleep!

Recommendation:  AmLactin Products  $6 – $14 depending on product selection.

AmLactin nighttime beauty routine

♦  Sleep on silk

Are you frustrated when you wake up to tangled hair and wrinkles on your face left by your pillow?  I am!  Using a silk pillowcase will prevent waking up to creased skin and this may lead to less wrinkles and fine lines in the long run.  Silk also prevents hair breakage and tangles.  This can be an expensive solution but I have a recommendations for a great quality product at a reasonable price that will have your nighttime beauty routine perfected!  Oh, and did I mention your sleek blowout will last longer?

Recommendation:  The Silk Lady Pillowcase 100% Organic  $56.99

♦  Use a humidifier

Warm or cool?  Cool!  Unless you like sleeping in a sauna?  A cool mist humidifier will make a big difference in the battle of dry winter skin.  Opt for a quiet, energy efficient, easy to clean model that uses evaporative technology.  Evaporative technology (as opposed to ultrasonic or warm mist) will avoid pools of condensed water around the base, over-humidification, and the nasty white dust that is prone to build up on surfaces near the unit.

Recommendation:  Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier  $55

♦  Apply essential rose oil on your face

Something to add to your night time beauty routine is a few drops of essential rose oil just before you doze off.  Once all your other products have been absorbed, apply a facial oil that contains essential rose oil.  This oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin.  It also helps to treat acne prone skin with antiseptic and astringent properties.  Regular use of essential rose oil will also help reduce redness and inflammation.  With regular use, you should notice your skin is more radiant.

Recommendation:  Biossance The Nourisher Rose Facial Oil  $72  Not only does The Nourisher contain rose oil, it also contains oil soluble Vitamin C which is 50x more powerful than ascorbic acid and helps to fight free radical attack.  But wait, there’s more!  The Nourisher also contains Squalane which is 100% plant derived and acts as barrier, protecting skin from moisture loss.  The product is also formulated with Chios Crystal Oil.   You just need to trust me on this one.  It’s golden!

nighttime beauty routine biossance nourisher

♦  Repair your hair and nails

First, let me clarify one thing.  Once you have split ends, nothing will banish them except a fresh trim.  However, argan oil can be used to temporarily repair split ends.  It will decrease frizz and keep hair looking smooth.  Apply it to your ends at night and your hair will look healthier.  Argan oil is also a great conditioner for your nails.  It will provide protection and reduce peeling and splitting.  Argan oil moisturizes the cuticle and will leave you with a beautiful, shiny nail bed.  There are many argan oil products available but  not all use a quality argan oil.  Therefore, results are not what they could be.  Just because it says “Moroccan Oil from Morocco” doesn’t mean you are getting the best product.  If you really want to reap the full benefits of pure organic argan oil, your best bet is to purchase it directly from a cooperative in Morocco.  Not only will you get an authentic product of premium quality but you will also be contributing to the improvement of the overall quality of life for the people living in the region where the oil is produced.

Recommendation:  Cooperative Marjana Cosmetic Argan Oil  (3.3 ounces)  $20 + approximately $22 for shipping.  Bet you didn’t know this source, did you?   This is the real stuff.  (You’re welcome, my friends)

nighttime beauty routine







Do you have a nighttime beauty routine secret to share?  Come on, I know you do!  I shared mine!  Now it’s your turn!  Please leave a special tip in the comments below. 

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  1. A serum packed with anti-oxidants can be a great addition to your skin care routine to reduce the signs of agings. You can apply these types of serums after exfoliation or cleansing in order to replenish the moisture.

  2. I love these recommendations Janine! I have to remind myself to treat my nails and body too, I’m always focusing on my face!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely post! I must seriously research and finally invest in a good silk pillow! Also, I love using balancing oils like the one you have mentioned, overnight. For some reason they make all the difference!

    1. They can definitely get really expensive. Like hundreds of dollars for a pillowcase. I only have two and swap them out! My hubby doesn’t get one! LOL but I think The Silk Lady makes a really lovely and affordable product. Not that theirs are cheap but hey, it beats 350.00! LOL

    2. Oh, P.S. – Thank you so much for the compliment on the post. I’ve been trying to post more frequently so hopefully I’m keeping it interesting! =) Lots of love to you babe!! XO

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