Best Drugstore Lipsticks for Spring And Dupes!

Top 5 best Drugstore Lipsticks and Dupes

Recently I posted my top 5 picks for luxury spring lipsticks and I promised to post top picks for drugstore lipsticks.  So, I’m back with five picks for the best drugstore lipsticks to pick up for this spring.  Plus, I’ve located some pretty close higher end dupes!  You’ve been asking for dupes so I spent my morning fishing through my lipstick collection to see what I could come up with.  I realized I’m quite fond of Maybelline!  I think the best drugstore lipsticks come from Maybelline and NYX.  They have good colors without an overwhelming perfume scent.  I’ve also found Maybelline has many similar colors to MAC and other department store brands.

Top 5 Spring Drugstore Lipsticks and Dupes

Rimmel London Airy Fairy #070

This is one of the best drugstore lipstick shades out there!  Airy Fairy in the Rimmel Lasting Finish collection is gorgeous.  I don’t love it for it’s lasting finish (because you won’t get the promised 8 of hours of wear with this lipstick).  I love it for the price and the color.  This is a gorgeous satin nude and it’s been quite a popular pick among many for a long time.  I bought this based on another bloggers recommendation over a year ago.  This nude is true to the color of the swatch when you put it on your lips and it applies evenly.  It is a soft pink nude and a decent dupe for MAC’s Creme Cup which happens to be one of my everyday go to colors.  Airy Fairy is a little darker than Creme Cup but a good match.  This shade will go with absolutely any makeup you are wearing.  I know you will just love this one!

Rimmel_Airy_Fairy and Mac_creme_cup dupe

Maybelline Matte Ravishing Rose #670

This is from the creamy Matte Maybelline collection and it’s a beautiful spring pink.  This is a cool pink with blue undertones and a semi-matte finish.  It’s an opaque lipstick that applies evenly but you need to apply with a few strokes.  The color wears about four hours which I consider decent for any lipstick that is not a stain.  It’s neither hydrating nor drying.  It’s not an amazing formula, it’s a gorgeous color that looks like it could be from a more expensive line and that’s what I love about it.  It’s hard to find the right shade of pink and this one is quite pretty!  It is a very close dupe for MAC’s Pink Nouveau which is a MAC cult favorite pink!

Maybelline_Ravishing_Rose and MAC dupe Pink Nouveau

Maybelline Matte Lust For Blush #665

Another pink (I love my pinks) but this is a darker pink than Ravishing Rose.  Maybelline’s Lust for Blush is a cool pink with blue undertones and a semi-matte finish.   This shade has a very slight shimmer in the formula but it’s hard to detect.  It just adds a very pretty sheen to the finish.  This lipstick also wore about four hours and applied evenly and is an opaque color.   This is a very close dupe to NARS Audacious lipstick in Anna which a favorite in my NARS collection.  NARS is more pigmented but with a liner under the Maybelline shade, it can pass for NARS.  Honestly, it’s hard to tell the difference!  The Maybelline Mattes are nice as they aren’t drying and the formula doesn’t crack or rub off.  There is a little slip which avoids the drying feeling that most mattes result in.

Top 5 Spring Drugstore Lipsticks and dupes

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Blushing Bud #705

Ok, one more pink (I told you I love the pinks!)  but this is a warm pink shade with a luminous sheen.   This is another one of the best drugstore lipsticks that I can find out there.  It applies relatively even but not with one swipe.  You do need to work a little harder for an even application but a few back and forth swipes will get you there.  The color is opaque and has moderate to good pigmentation.  It is a very delicate and feminine pink.  Just gorgeous.  The Color Sensational lipsticks are mildly hydrating and wear about six hours.  This lipstick is also quite similar to MAC’s Creme Cup.  Not an exact match, but if you love Creme Cup like I do, there’s no way you can go wrong with this shade.

Top 5 spring drugstore lipsticks and dupes

Maybelline  Color Sensational Shocking Coral #870

Here we have a bolder coral color with a luminous finish (so unlike me to go bold).  I really don’t wear a lot of bold colors but this ones seems to work for me so I hope it will also work for you!   This is a warm coral more on the pink side and quite similar to MAC Impassioned.  The formula is opaque but not overly creamy or thick and has intense pigment.   You can see in the photo MAC is more pigmented but these look very similar on the lips.  Shocking Coral applies evenly and will wear about six hours.  It’s mildly hydrating.  I was really surprised at how close of a match this shade is to MAC’s Impassioned.   Impassioned is a touch more pink and a tad darker but these two are pretty close!

Shocking coral top 5 spring lipstick and MAC dupe

You would probably be shocked if you knew the number of drugstore lipsticks I have tried and either tossed out or returned to the store.  I find it difficult to locate a great drugstore nude.  Many of the nudes I find are pasty or so pale they look… well, they just look weird!  So many are whitish, ghostly colors.   That is why I love Airy Fairy so much!

Here are all the colors photographed indoors so you can see the difference between how these colors look indoors versus outdoors.

Top 5 Spring Drugstore Lipsticks

I would love to find another drugstore nude (who am I kidding, several please!) that I enjoy as much as the Rimmel one.  I have no challenges finding pinks, plums, or reds but nudes are a different story.   Perhaps you have some suggestions for things to try?  What are your favorite drugstore nudes?

I hope your flowers are starting to bloom and your weather is warming up.  We are getting quite toasty here in Phoenix!  Talk to you soon!  Sending spring kisses!  best drugstore lipsticks

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Best Drugstore Lipsticks for spring


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  1. I like collecting the lipstick all places where I haved ever passed, your posting is useful for me. Thanks your sharing 🙂

  2. Wow all of them are so pretty! I love pinky nudes and my fav from drugstore is Loreal’s Julienes nude,Avon lipstick in Pout, Maybelline More to adore,Maybelline Feel pink

    1. I’ll have to check that out. I simply can’t drop like 50.00 overtime I want a new nude because I’ve been doing that with Tom Ford and feeling some pain. I will check out blushing nude!! THANKS FOR THE TIP GORGEOUS! I’ll be hitting Target as soon as I’m back from my business trip this weekend!

  3. Very nice! How do you feel about essence and Milani’s lipsticks? Honestly, Wet n Wild always had the best nude shades for me, but I’m pretty stupidly pale!

    1. I haven’t seen Essence anywhere. I have looked at the Milani lipsticks but I haven’t seen any colors that I was dying to have. I can only find Milani at CVS where I live and then they are always low on stock and sold out of stuff. They don’t have it at Ulta here or any other drug stores. Very hard for me to find.

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