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Throughout the decades, brow looks come and go. Full, bushy brows evoke 80s-era Brooke Shields. Super skinny brows scream late 90s. Recently, the perfectly painted “Insta Brow” has been having a major moment (so unfortunate).  brow tips

Thankfully, as 2019 progresses, a more easy-going, lower-maintenance, natural brow is trending. To achieve this look,  brow guru Umbreen Sheikh shares some of her best tips. As a licensed cosmetologist and Founder + CEO of Wink Brow Bar, Umbreen is a brow expert. Here are some pro brow tips from her and  her team at Wink’s multiple locations in New York City, Brooklyn and London for the best brows ever.

Umbreen Sheikh’s Top 6 Brow Tips 

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1. Assume the position

While you might think you need to park yourself super close to the mirror to precisely groom your brows, that isn’t actually the case. “Standing too close can throw-off your brow proportions, and make you lose perspective on the overall shape,” says Umbreen. “For best results, stand at least one foot away.”

2. Break out the brush

At the very least, give your brows a thorough brushing. Stroke up and over, and then anchor your arches with a dab of brow gel or clear mascara.  The Wink tool of choice has an angled side and a spoolie on one end, so consider investing in a brow brush of similar quality. You’ll be using it every day, so this brow tip will pay for itself in no time.

3. Select your ideal shade

Picking the perfect  shade of gel, pencil or powder is crucial, so this is where you need to spend real quality time.  As a general rule, you’ll want to match your hair roots, which are typically one shade lighter than your brows. “Most women want their brows to add definition to their face, and be harsh or aggressive, says Umbreen. “Matching your brows to your roots does that.”  With one exception, Umbreen cautions. “If you’re blonde, go a shade darker than your roots. Otherwise, you’ll look washed-out.”

4. Watch your nose (My favorite brow tip)

One of the very best things about next-level brow grooming, whether you master it yourself or get  professional assistance, is that it allows you to visually alter the shape of your nose.  Thinner, wider – whatever nose look you’re after, beautiful brows can help you get there. If you’re opting for thinner, Umbreen recommends drawing an imaginary vertical line from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your brow, and then focusing your shade-filling right there at the start. To make your nose appear wider, do the opposite and focus your shade-filling at the end of your brow, not the beginning.  This is my  personal favorite tip!

5. Pencil (or powder) it in

Whichever shade format you choose, the absolute key to success is to follow the basic shape of your existing brow. Go easy, and only add color between hairs, as needed. “The idea is to shade, not ‘draw’ your brows on from scratch,” says Umbreen. “The goal is a soft, subtle look that lends definition.  Straight, hard lines are to be avoided at all costs.”  But if you want the Instagram caterpillar brow, by all means, draw to your heart’s content!

6. Between brow appointments, “cheat” with concealer

If you can’t find time to  do a thorough DIY bathroom brow-grooming session, Umbreen recommends adding a dab of concealer on the most unruly hairs. “Whatever you do, resist the temptation to just yank them out,” she says. “Brows add so much structure and personality to your face that you really want to take your time, and groom properly. Or better yet, head to Wink, and let us help.”

What are your favorite brow tips?  I like to keep mine natural and simple and I’m really not a fan of the Instagram brows!

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    1. Same here! I used to have bangs so I didn’t worry about it but now that I don’t? I totally recognize the importance of good brows! What’s your favorite brow pencil?

  1. Thank you for this post! I found it very helpful. I personally do not like the trend of the overly thick eyebrows that look too drawn, but prefer the natural eyebrow with a slight thickening.

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