My Dirty Little Skin Care Secret!

Using gauze in your skin care routine!

Just the other day I wondered how many of you may be using gauze in your skin care routine.  For example, to apply toner or massage cleanser on your face, do you use cotton pads?  I think most people do.  I Googled this and was shocked not to see hundreds of posts about using gauze!  So, I thought….how exciting to share something new and interesting that people may not have heard about.   It’s hard these days to find new material.  I learned this tip from an experienced esthetician working in a cosmetic surgeon’s office.  I went to the office for a facial and I couldn’t figure out what the lady was using on my skin.  It provided the perfect level of exfoliation with no scrubbing or pressure.  When I asked her what it was she told me it was gauze!  This is not a substitute for using an exfoliator and for an outstanding product, read my review on OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Rice Enzyme Dermafoliant.

I never thought of using gauze as opposed to cotton but I loved the way it felt.  It was really gentle yet the soft friction from the woven cotton was so different from the feeling of a cotton pad.  We’re always reminded that rubbing our face too rough with a towel or wash cloth can actually lead to damage including broken capillaries. Even my husband reminds of this one and I’ve always been careful when I wash and dry my face.  Even when I use cotton pads to remove eye makeup, I’m very gentle and never rub too hard or pull my skin.  If I have to rub hard to get my makeup off then I’m back to the store for a different makeup remover!  I’ve been through a few and I’ll do a post on that hoping to save my readers the repeated purchases and returns trying to find an effective product (I have one!).  Now, I use cotton to remove my eye makeup and switch to the gauze when I apply toner or I want to exfoliate when I cleanse my face.  I usually combine the gauze with cleanser once or twice a week but I apply the toner everyday with it.  I don’t use wash cloths anymore.

Testing the effectiveness of gauze in your skin care routine

As a test to determine the effectiveness of the gauze, try this.  At the end of the day, remove your make up and apply toner with a cotton pad.  Let it dry and then apply the toner again with the gauze. Your cotton pad will likely appear clean but the gauze will reveal product, dirt, and oils left behind.  Ewwww!  I know, it’s hard to believe!  Once I caught this, I began using the gauze daily.  The other beauty of the gauze is there are no fuzzies left on your face!  Your skin will feel and look super clean and you won’t pick off cotton remnants later.  I used to feel very fortunate when I would find those before I arrived at the office versus after being there a few hours.  Nobody would even tell you if you had a booger let alone cotton fuzz!  Sometimes, on my way out the door,  I think I see a place where my makeup is too heavy or I want to blend it better and I will grab a cotton pad to use it in the car where I have natural light.  It would leave fuzzies behind though. Your new friend, gauze, doesn’t do that!

gauze to apply toner
left – cotton/right – gauze – After washing my face, I applied toner first w/ cotton & then gauze.  Look what was left on my skin 🙁

My favorite type of gauze is the medical or hospital grade that is traditional woven gauze. It’s not always easy to find so if you can’t get it, it’s probably not worth an order from the medical supply shop.  Unless you are as picky as me, then by all means, order away.  I also ask in my doctor’s office for gauze because a little goes a long way.  They already think I’m crazy so they just give it to me.  I cut a piece off in a double layer about the size of a cotton pad and that’s all I need.  (Just like in the photo above)

Types of gauze to use in your skin care routine

You will find there are boxes available that are very affordable at your local drugstores.  I have tried my best to capture a photo so you could see the difference between a true medical woven gauze and what is typically found in the drugstores.  I do find the woven gauze more effective but it’s not always as readily available.   The other kind you see below is still a major improvement over cotton pads.

Using gauze for skin care
Some common product available in the drugstore


different types of gauze
Left – woven gauze /  Right – Johnson and Johnson & Walgreens brand
Hopefully you can see the difference in texture of the two products.
The Johnson product is not woven the way the medical grade gauze is.

Some gauze may also have an antibacterial additive or other characteristics that may not be things you want.  I’d suggest checking around to find what you suits your needs or even ask your dermatologist or esthetician for a recommendation.  In addition to the better cleaning properties and removal of dead skin, the gauze will not absorb as much of your products.  You may find you double the life of your products.  It also does wonders for chapped lips.  You can exfoliate your lips with gauze and warm water and once the dry skin is removed, apply your moisturizer treatment.  Beautiful!  No one will know they were chapped!

I can’t say enough things about what a difference I’ve noticed with changing from cotton to gauze.  Have you heard of this before or tried it? If not, I would love for you to do the test and share your results.  Maybe you have other ideas for uses of gauze in skin care?   I hope this is helpful and I’m so excited to share that I stayed up late to write this post! 🙂

– Janine XO ~Abeautifulwhim


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  1. Was just watching Shani Darden’s night skin care routine and she mentioned she uses gauze with her cleanser and I thought, “What??” So I googled it and found this incredibly helpful post. Thank you!

    1. I wrote this post a while ago and since that time I noticed exfoliating cotton pads at Target BUT the gauze works so much better! I always get some at the doctor’s office because they have the best kind! =)

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