Asian Beauty Trends By Guest Blogger: Amy Mia Goldsmith

Asian Eye Makeup Beauty Trends

Asian eye makeup trends

Today we will travel to the Far East to peek into the popular Asian beauty trends and makeup techniques used in the region.  Asian women with their beautiful monolid eyes  have unique makeup techniques to highlight their beauty. From the eyeliner styles to their eyebrow shapes, there are many ways for Asian women to do their makeup. If you have ever wondered which specific makeup tips are most commonly used all across Asia, read on as we will talk about some of the most popular beauty and makeup trends in this region.  This article was contributed by guest blogger Amy Mia Goldsmith, an editor at High Style Life, with collaboration from Janine at A Beautiful Whim.

Aegyo Sal (Eye Smiles)

The perception of eye beauty and eye makeup is quite different in Asia and other parts of the world.  While we tend to hide eye pooches, Korean women embrace them.  Aegyo Sal (“eye smiles” or “cute skin”) is an Asian beauty trend for a good reason.  It makes the eyes rounder and fuller. Aegyo Sal is not the same as eye bags.  Aegyo Sal is located just below the lower lash line and it does not create a look of tired or old eye bags.  Also, this makeup trick is easy to embrace and perform.  Draw the outline of Aegyo Sal (see a more detailed tutorial here) with a brownish eye pencil, then use a soft highlighter to fill them in.  Finally, blend all together.

Aegyo Sal Koren beauty
Aegyo Sal – Eye smiles

Ulzzang (Innocent Look) and Puppy Eyes

The most popular of Asian beauty trends using eyeliner is the Ulzzang eyeliner style and the sweet puppy eyes look.  Both looks create rounder and broader eyes.  Having Aegyo Sal with these eyeliner makeup styles is a plus. The Ulzzang eyeliner style includes applying an eyeliner on the outer lash line, adding a little upward motion, and finally connecting it with a line on the outer corner of the bottom lash line.  The puppy eyeliner is opposite to the Ulzzang eyeliner look. To achieve rounder, doll-like eyes with the puppy eyeliner, draw a thin line on the outer lash line, extend a bit on the outer corner on the eye and draw a downward flick.

Ulzzang eye liner Korean
Photo Credit: YouTube / Anne Bee (click photo to watch Anna’s video)


Asian puppy Eyes
image credit: Ethel Navales

Eye Shadow On Monolid Eyes

Asian women have found the perfect technique with eye makeup to enhance their monolid eyes.  Applying a darker shade of eye shadow on the entire lid creates a dramatic look. In order to accentuate the eyes even more, a metallic white eye shadow can be applied on the brow bone. This is the bone felt just under the eyebrows and on the inner corners of your eyes. The gradient eye shadow looks pretty on both monolid and hooded eyes since it is a much more prominent look.  This Asian beauty trend consists of applying the lightest shade on the entire lid and above the crease.  A dark shadow is placed near the upper lash line and a medium shade above the darkest tone.  All three shades are blended to achieve a dramatic and flattering look.

eye shadow for monolid eyes

Asian Trending Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Straight eyebrows without the arch are trending in Korea.  To achieve this, Korean ladies apply glue on the arch, add a touch of concealer,  and fill the eyebrows in with a pencil.  It really is that simple!  When it comes to eyelashes, Asian women prefer applying mascara both on the upper and bottom lashes in order to create eyes that appear more broad.  False eyelashes are commonly sold in Asia and also quite popular.

Straight Korean brows from Wengie
Photo credit:

Cosmetic Tattoos and Permanent Eye Makeup

Cosmetic tattoos are a fast-growing trend in Korea.   Since feeling in eyebrows is an essential aspect of Korean style makeup, the ease of a 3D eyebrow tattoo gained popularity very quick.  Permanent eyeliner is also popular in this region.  The result of the eye tattoos is a natural looking brow or line that is effortless to maintain and who isn’t looking to carve time out of their daily makeup routine?  Here is a video of the tattoo being performed live on YouTube..

Permanent 3d eyebow tatoo
Photo Credit:  @BELL0216 / YouTube


I hope you enjoyed reading about these Asian beauty trends.  There are so many distinct makeup techniques Asian women use,  we have  only touched on a few but these are more popular and trendy.  They should give you an idea of some of the differences in makeup application techniques used in the Asian region.  As you can see,  makeup styles differ significantly between the East and West.  However, there are certain similarities, especially with eye makeup when you take a close look.  Common eye shadow and eyeliner styles still look flattering both on Asian monolid eyes and the Western hooded eyes.

Perhaps, you are inspired to give them a try?   The guest author consulted with a close Korean friend to get the scoop on the latest things women were trying as there is so much in this space to cover.  A very special thank you to Amy Mia Goldsmith for contributing this article, her gorgeous photos selections, and unique points of view on a topic I think many of us are quite intrigued about.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian literature student who loves to read and has been writing since she was little. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course….makeup shopping! Amy is a regular contributor at High Style Life.  You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

Lots of love,

Janine -XO 

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    1. There are so many ways that women apply makeup with monolids. Some techniques are really beautiful. Have you checked YouTube yet? You might find some really great tutorials. I actually got started learning to apply eye makeup on YouTube.

    1. I won’t either! LOL but I thought it was very interesting. My dad is going to Tokyo in about a month. I’m making my list of wants. It’s going to be LONG. Guess what might be in your xmas gift basket. LOL

        1. how weird, this was in my spam folder? That last WP update must have been the culprit. sorry for the late response! I’m excited to read about the Japan products since my dad is going next month!!! I’m going to make a list of things for him to get.

    1. Oh interesting! Wow, I love talking to readers across the world. Blogging is such a cool way to connect. I found out tonight my father is visiting Japan at the end of September. I will be working diligently on a makeup shopping list!

  1. oh, my….goodness Janine !!!! yes…..I guess I now….(need) to learn (MORE)-? lol….this…I really like this post…its jus a few more things I do want to learn…I still am havin a little problem applying mascara why is (that) so…hard for me ?? lol…. & contour/highlighting I want to learn that S000000 Bad! lol us type of Gurls (NEED) that……Well,,,, Kelly has been-OUT!!!! (again)!!!!! by the way: how hav you been & family,,, I hope well,,, I am…… moving along….. but…. I am really missing *Mom,,,, as I jus wrote this I jus had to hold-back some tears,,,(sorry) ok well,,, talk to you soon,,, keep up with your post….so I can enjoy/learn Kelly 🙂

    1. Mascara can be a challenge if you have a clumpy product., try the loteal voluminous butterfly. It’s got a different applicator and it’s very easy with the shape to get the lower lashes. It’s really more practice than anything. But get the brush at the base of the lash and wiggle it through. Contouring is sort of on its way out with strobing (just highlighting coming in). And that’s easy to just hit the cheekbone and s few areas with s luminizer.

    2. Oops hit send too soon. Family is well and I’m recovering this week from rhinoplasty (I posted on my blog about it). Did you lose your mom? I can’t imagine how difficult that would be and only time can heal but stay strong and be yourself because a mother loves her child unconditionally and that is what she would want deep down – for you to be happy.

  2. It’s really cool to know what is trending in other cultures. Kudos to you for finding a great guest blogger. I am curious enough to try Aegyo Sal.

        1. So um. WordPress took 15 random comment and put them in my spam folder. So kind of them. So I’m just seeing this. I want to do Korean haul and a Japanese one. My dad is going to Japan next month so I’m making a list. I’m sure he will be thrilled to shop for makeup. LOL OMG

          1. That’s ok it happens to me too sometimes. Haha! my dad would probably say NO. Lol. Your so lucky!! I just used the a Korean Laneige water mask and it was so good that I’m looking into their other products!

  3. Aww, I love reading about makeup trends in other cultures, and this was a fun read! Gotta admit the only ones I’m willing to try are the eyeliners and eyeshadow… I already do Ulzzang all the time without even knowing it to make my eyes rounder. 😡 Oops.

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