Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil In Skin Care

Aspara Skin Care evening primrose oil serum

Evening primrose oil has numerous benefits when it comes to skin care.  That may come as a surprise to you.  It certainly did to me!  I was only familiar with it’s use as an oral supplement specifically for women to help alleviate symptoms of PMS.  I tried it years ago for PMS but I was still plagued by cramps, skin break outs, water retention, irritability, and anxiety.  I could go on with more symptoms but you get the idea.  The suffering is real.  Anyhow, it’s too bad I didn’t know then what I know now about evening primrose oil or I would have been using it topically a long time ago.  Not to resolve PMS symptoms but rather skin concerns.  I think many of us are just screwed when it comes to PMS!

What is evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil is the oil derived from the seeds of the evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) plant.  The oil is extracted from the seeds using a cold-press method to preserve nutrients.  The plant is native to North America and was used in different preparations by Native Americans.  The oil from the seed contains about 10%  gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA) and 72% linoleic acid.  Evening primrose rose oil contains a higher concentration of both GLA and linoleic essential fatty acids than many other oils.

Evening primrose oil Apsara Skin Care
Evening Primrose Plant

Benefits of evening primrose oil for your skin

Studies have shown acne prone skin may contain lower levels of linoleic acid (read more here) in the sebum,  the natural oil produced by our skin.  This deficiency could be a cause for acne.  Applying linoleic acid topically yielded significant results in the time to heal and reduce acne.  According to Bioriginal, a global leader with over 20 years in delivering complete nutritional solutions in Nutraceutical industries, “GLA acid has been shown to be one of the most effective agents for the treatment of skin disorders and for the maintenance of healthy skin.   GLA has been found to effectively treat dry skin, eczema, inflammation, wounds, and dermatitis”.  Not too shabby, right?

Healthy skin depends on adequate amounts of specific EFAs.  The human body cannot make GLA so it must be obtained from outside sources.  However, the body can convert linoleic acid found in nuts and vegetable oils, to GLA.  In general, GLA is hard to come by in the diet which is why evening primrose oil capsules are a popular supplement.  The EFAs contribute to moisture, suppleness and smoothness of skin and also prevent skin disorders.  The most important of these acids for healthy skin has been found to be linoleic and GLA acid.  If your diet is deficient in these fatty acids, the results could be dry or dehydrated skin and difficultly with wound healing, among other skin disorders.  Dry skin is the most common skin condition and is especially common in the elderly.  Dry skin also exacerbates other skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. (Read more here)

Both oral and topical administration of GLA has been effective in reducing the symptoms of a large number of skin disorders including dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, and inflamed skin including redness resulting from sun exposure and radiation cancer treatments.   Continued administration of this fatty acid produces a progressive healing effect.  There are oils, such as borage oil, that contain higher levels of GLA and/or linoleic acid but evening primrose oil is an excellent source that contains high concentrations of both and is well tolerated.

Over the years, studies have indicated the EFAs found in evening primrose oil can have a positive effect on your skin.  It is well worth an oral or topical supplement (or both) to improve the health of your skin.

Evening primrose oil and supplements

Apsara Skin Care, a good source of evening primrose oil

Evening primose oil is the star ingredient in Apsara’s Evening Primrose Facial Serum.  While it’s not the only ingredient, it is the ingredient that is most prevalent in the serum.  The serum contains the following ingredients:  evening primrose extract, wheatgerm extract, rosehip extract, carrot seed essential oil (EO), vegetable glycerin, neroli EO, turmeric EO, neem EO, and vitamin E.  That’s it – a completely pure skin care product!

Apsara Skin Care Evening Primrose Serum
Apsara Skin Care Evening Primrose Serum
Apsara Skin Care Primrose Oil Serum
Evening Primrose Oil Serum

Creating your own skin care serums using essential oils can be tricky.  Unless you are an expert in this space, a better option than creating your own formula is to purchase a good quality product from a company that understands how to formulate essential oils.  Apsara creates products that are safe and effective and the founder has been working with skin care formulas since she was a young girl.  It’s truly a passion of hers.

Apsara’s Evening Primrose Facial Serum deeply nourishes dry skin and continued use of the serum will improve dullness and produce more glowy skin.  The formula also helps to  reduce the appearance of premature aging and is rich in anti-oxidants.  Turmeric, neem, neroli, and carrot seed essential oils within the serum are all very nourishing and help balance your skin.  The key benefits of Apsara’s serum are:

– rejuvenation of the skin
– reduction of skin blemishes and visible skin redness
– smoothing of rough skin and hydrating dry skin
– gradual reduction of the appearance of find lines and  wrinkles
– lightening of dark circles around the eyes

I have been using the Evening Primrose Serum and I have noticed an improvement in the time to heal minor breakouts.  Also, I have reduced skin redness caused by the extreme heat in Phoenix and my skin is more hydrated.  I have been following the application of the Evening Primrose Serum with Apsara’s Rose Glycerin Facial Toner which is also formulated to hydrate dry skin and tighten skin and reduce the size of pores.  Rose water is a natural astringent recommended in Ayurveda (more details below) for its pore tightening properties.   The Evening Primrose Serum does feel oily as you apply it but it is quickly absorbed.  The toner leaves my skin feeling a bit sticky so I use it at night and follow it with my favorite night moisturizer.

Aspara Skin Care Rose Glycerin Skin Toner
Apsara Skin Care Rose Glycerin Skin Toner

Apsara Skin Care Products

About Apsara Skin Care

Apsara Skin Care was founded by Sheetal Rawal, a scientist with Indian origins, who desired to develop and manufacture cruelty-free beauty and skin care products.  Sheetal believes harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients are unnecessary as nature provides all the necessary botanicals to heal and beautify the skin.  Apsara’s skin care products were also inspired by Ayurveda,  a system of health and wellbeing that originated in India over 5000 years ago.  Basic Ayurvedic principles are still in practice today in most Indian households and play a significant role in Apsara’s product formulations.  The company strives to use pure botanicals and is environmentally responsible.  Products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals.

Have a look around Apsara’s web site and definitely take note of all the positive mentions they have received in the press, including British Vogue, Atelier, and others.  They have beautiful products at a fair price.  I highly recommend you try a product within this line!  I think you will love the wholesome ingredients and effective formulas and the products are superb value.

Have you ever tried evening primrose oil for your skin?  If you have, what types of benefits did you notice?  

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