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RegenFX Skin Care System

RegenFX is a full skin care system that is formulated to be suitable for all skin types and ethnicities.  There are three components in the system which can be purchased together or independently.   When combining all three products into your daily skin care regimen, the products deliver anti-aging, moisturizing, toning, repairing, and detoxifying benefits to your skin.  It’s a simple to use, budget friendly, and a gentle set of products that provide all the essential properties of a complete and ideal skin care system.

What Products Make Up the RegenFX System

  • Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum ($39.95)
  • Total Regeneration Eye Gel ($39.95)
  • Age Defying Moisturizer ($42.00)

Where To Purchase RegenFX and Company Details

RegenFX products can be purchased on Amazon by following this link.  There are over 300 reviews on Amazon from customers and the average rating for the products is 4 1/2 stars. The products are currently being offered at a reduced price on Amazon and free shipping is available.  At this time, the product is only available on line as it’s newly released in the market and the company will announce when it will be available in brick and mortar stores.  It is possible prices could increase or products may not be available for sale on an individual basis at a later time,  so this is an excellent time to test the product and either buy the whole set or just the specific item you are most interested in.

Every formula from RegenFX contains active ingredients in what the company has deemed as the ideal dosage for optimal results.  The products are cruelty-free and product containers are recyclable.  They all have a convenient no mess pump to dispense.  RegenFX does not contain artificial fragrances and is suited for sensitive skin.  Ingredients are clearly listed on the back of each bottle and I always recommend you check with a doctor if you have concerns or allergies prior to using any new product.

Key benefits of RegenFX products when used as directed

Provides structural lift and reduction of wrinkles (immediate and long term peptides, vitamin C)

Increases skin tone and elasticity (blue and green copper)

Boosts oxygenation and metabolic performance (O2 complex, potassium, B vitamins)

Anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness (zinc, grapefruit seed extract, pomegranate)

Absorbs quickly with deep level hydration (hyaluronic acid, carrot seed, Brazilian algae)

RegenFX Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum – Step 1

Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is present in the human body serving many purposes for our general health. Primarily, it gives skin volume and fullness. This is the main ingredient that is used in fillers to plump lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the face.  When added to skin care products and applied topically, there is no official scientific evidence stating it has the same effects but people do notice more hydrated, plump and softer skin.  It is universally used on all ethnicities and skin types and has been on the market a long time.

The first step in the RegenFX skin care system is to apply the Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum to clean skin.  The product is quickly absorbed and has a soft lavender scent derived from lavender oil which makes it very refreshing.  The serum is clear and dries with a matte finish. Starting off with a clean face, you apply the serum to your entire face and nick.  The product draws moisture to replenish and hydrate your skin.  When I use the product, I did notice my complexion appeared very smooth and supple within a few days.  Hyaluronic acid, applied topically, doesn’t have an immediate effect and results are usually seen over the course of 6-8 weeks but I noticed a difference within a few days of using it.

RegionFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel – Step 2

RegenFX Total Regeneraion Eye Gel

After applying the Hyaluronic Complex, next you can apply the Total Regeneral Eye Gel.  This is a light weight, clear, odorless gel that you apply around the orbital bone and underneath the eyes.  I also dab a small amount onto my eyelid careful not to get the product in my eyes. This formula helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eye and provides a good amount of hydration.  The triple peptide complex stimulates the body to produce specific proteins that build structural integrity and increase firmness and skin tone.  This process is stated to demonstrates results over the course of 8 weeks and approximately 46% of users notice a reduction in wrinkles as the cell renewal process takes effect.

RegenFX Age Defying Moisturizer – Step 3

RegenFX skin care

With any skin care regimen, serums and lighter weight products get applied first, followed by creams or formulas that are more dense.  The last step in the process is the Age Defying Moisturizer which is a non-greasy, light weight moisturizer that can applied to the face and neck area.  It is a white odorless cream.  The cream does leave a slight tackiness on the skin when combined with the other products in the system but it is not something I would consider annoying and when rubbed it does not pill or come off. The moisturizer contains collagen stimulating ingredients to improve over all skin tone.

RegenFX Product Summary And Recommendation

I would definitely purchase the Hyaluronic Complex Serum again as I enjoy the texture the immediate results that I observed when using it.  The eye serum and moisturizer seem to be excellent products for younger women.  Being in my forties, I feel that the products are too light weight to provide the long term benefits I require from a skin care system.  However, I wasn’t able to use the product for more than eight weeks to validate I wouldn’t get the same effect I do from other products.  I have used moisturizers and eye creams that are richer which seem to be more suited for my skin.  I think this system is well formulated, an excellent value, and manufactured with highly beneficial ingredients.  All skin types are different and while this is a product that is suited for dry, normal, and oily skin as well as all ethicities, my skin requires a more deep and immediately hydrating formula considering I’m in my forties and also living in Phoenix which is one of the driest and hottest climates in the country.

I would definitely recommend this product for most people.  For me, the product set provides clear benefits but my skin is in need of a richer formula to maintain ideal hydration levels.

This is a sponsored post, powered by Brandaacker.  All opinions in this post are my own and not influenced or altered by the company in any way.


11 thoughts on “A Skin Care System For All Skin Types and Ethnicities – RegenFX

    1. It’s a nice cream, but a light cream. It’s not super rich. For me, I need something super rich because I’m older but I think it’s a great eye cream for someone not showing signs of aging yet.

  1. Hyaluronic acid for the win again! 😀 Is there anything that it can’t do?
    The packaging of this line reminds me of the uber expensive line, Sisley.
    Great reviews! 🙂

  2. Hyaluronic acid again for the win! 😀 Is there anything it can’t do?
    The packaging of this line reminds of the uber expensive skincare line Sisley.
    Great reviews. 🙂

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