6 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid During The Winter

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We can officially say it’s fall and with this comes the smell of cinnamon, pumpkins, our fall wardrobe, and needed changes that are easy to neglect in our beauty routine. Unless you are living in Phoenix, like me, you have probably already swapped out your sundresses for sweaters.  Fall is a period of welcome transition and we all know holidays are coming!  It’s easy to get distracted and not realize mistakes we are making in our beauty routine that can affect how we look today and how we age as time goes on.  Here are 6 beauty mistakes to avoid during the winter and keep you looking and feeling your best.

Putting away the sunscreen


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There’s no blazing sun in the sky and the days are dim with grey clouds but don’t think this stops UVA and UVB rays from lurking. Both types of rays are damaging to you. I know being tan can hide flaws, make you appear thinner, and give you a healthy looking glow but it’s a facade. Being naturally tan is not healthy and unfortunately you will pay for it in ten years when looking young is most important to you. Wrinkles will arrive as will discoloration and changes in the texture of your skin. Don’t you ever wonder why someone who is 40 can appear more youthful than someone who is 30? Sure, genetics factor in but ask them both what they were doing at age 20. Tanning plays a huge factor in premature aging as does your typical every day exposure to the sun. The cool, dark winter months do not mean it’s time to put the sunscreen away. You need to keep applying it on your face and all areas of your skin that are exposed if you want to avoid the biggest culprit to premature aging. Second most important to your face, is your hands. If you want youthful pretty hands, you must use sunscreen on them every day even in the winter!

Not changing your moisturizers

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Heaters are on in our homes drying out the air and it’s cold and dry outdoors. Light moisturizers are not powerful enough to keep your skin soft and supple in the winter. It’s important to evaluate the day and night moisturizers that you are using to ensure they will provide enough hydration and not allow your skin to dry out. I choose moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants, and other moisturizing ingredients to keep my skin plumpled. Hyaluronic acid is the golden child of locking moisture in your skin. Be sure to choose a product that is non-comedegenic so you pores do not get clogged and even if your skin is acne prone or oily, failing to use an effective moisturizer may worsen undesirable skin conditions.

Taking long hot showers

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It feels so good when it’s cold outside to take a long steaming shower but unfortunately, it’s not good for your skin. Repeated bathing in extra hot water and lingering will affect the fatty acids in your skin that lock in moisture. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by hanging out in the steamy shower (as good as it feels). Make sure your showers are 10-15 minutes and have the water warm but not steaming hot. Your skin will be happier in the long run even though it’s so nice to take a 30 minute hot shower on a snowy morning.

Packing on the bronzer

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Hopefully if you were tanning, you were fake baking, but if not the winter is time to allow your skin to resume it’s natural tone. Switch out your foundation so it matches your skin and don’t dust the bronzer all over your face. It’s just never a good look anyhow and most bronzers oxidize after being on your skin for a while. If you dust it all over, you will wind up looking orange and ruddy. Also, your face will be a totally different color than the rest of you. With properly coordinated makeup, you don’t need a tan to look healthy. If you must continue and you are hitting the tanning booth, consider toning it down for the winter. It’s kind of odd anyhow in the dead of winter to see a deep tan whether it’s real or fake. It sticks out like a sore thumb against everyone else so if you can try and put the bronzer away or switch to lighter shades you will appear more healthy and natural looking.

Not using waterproof eye makeup

Applying mascara makeup
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I hate waterproof anything but eye makeup is just one of those things that is a necessity especially in the summer when you hit the beach and the pool on vacations and at parties. However, the waterproof mascara still needs to be a part of your life in the winter. The cold air and wind can make your eyes water and if you aren’t wearing waterproof eye makeup, the products can run and smudge. I’ve walked around my office for hours with my smudged eyes before looking in the mirror and it’s horrifying. So, before that happens to you, keep the waterproof liner and mascara going and your makeup will look better at the end the day.

Using the wrong cleanser

Soap cleanser for your skin
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You might get away with using soap to cleanse your face in the spring and summer but drying soap lather is even worse for your skin than hot water. You should avoid soap-based facial cleansers and choose a creamy cleanser that is also moisturizing when the air is cold and dry. Personally, I never use soap based cleansers but sometimes it’s a budget necessity. If you can switch out your cleanser during the colder months, your skin will be easier to care for and more moisturized.  Also, clay masks can be drying so take note of any additional skin care regimens you follow and make adjustments to be sure everything is ultra-moisurizing and not drying to your skin.

And there you have the beauty mistakes to avoid making in the winter.  If you you can only manage to do one thing, protect yourself from the sun!

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31 thoughts on “6 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid During The Winter

  1. Such /good/ tips… and I’m doing 3/6 of the mistakes. Whoops. Guess I’ll have to bring out the sunscreen more and switch my mascara rotation to waterproof only!

    But that hot water tip. Let’s be real: it’s 25 degrees out, there’s freezing rain, and I go out to do chores. I come back in two to three hours later sopping wet and chilled to the bone and smelling like lard, animal poo, hay… you think I’m going to limit myself to a ten minute shower?

    I /AM/ the reason for the water crisis!

    1. I know – the hot shower is like heaven. Maybe more so if you have some animal poop on you. I do everything I can here to avoid animal poop but sometimes it is in my house. =(

      Maybe farm poop is more natural!?

  2. Thanks for this post,.. I realized that i’m doing some of these mistakes… I will correct those,…

  3. Long hot showers. Guilty! Same moisturizer as during the summer. Guilty again. And not using sunscreen at all. Yikes. I’m on beauty violations!
    Thanks for the reminders and I’m going to put these tips to good use.

  4. Excellent tips! I definitely need to change skincare products in winter (thanks, dry skin + dry winters!) but I do forget to use sunscreen. Oops!

  5. The sunscreen thing is SO true – people think winter time = no sun. Silly people! When there’s snow on the ground, it actually reflect the sun’s rays much like how water would. And yes, overcast skiies still allows UVA / UVB!
    Aww the long showers… it feels so good in the winter though! 😛 I keep my showers to 15 mins max, usually it’s 10 mins!

  6. I’ve been really good about wearing SPF! I’m currently loving the mattifying moisturizer w/SPF from Sephora’s skincare line.
    However, I’m guilty of steaming about every other day in the shower. I love hot water in the shower, especially during this time of year!

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