5 Valentine’s Day Luxury Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines Gift Ideas for Him Luxury

On Valentine’s Day, I either purchase a simple card or I buy my husband something extravagant.  I always look for gifts that I think someone would love but wouldn’t buy for themselves.  The past few years, I’ve bought a card for Valentine’s Day and my husband and I go somewhere nice for dinner.  But this year, I’m changing it up!  We having a lovely dinner out and I chose a restaurant with a gorgeous patio in Scottsdale, Virtu Honest Craft.  This is one of my favorite places because the food is amazing, the patio is quiet and simply gorgeous, and our special little girl, Gigi, is welcome!  For those of you who are new to my blog, Gigi is our beloved Yorkie.

Anyhow, on to the gift ideas!  I’ve compiled a list of beautiful gifts for him.  This year, I am buying my husband something more than a card.  And I have a perfect idea!  No matter where we go for dinner, my hubby wants to wear sandals.  Ok… yes, it’s Phoenix.  Yes, it’s warm all year.  Yes, we are known for being a resort city.  But I’m sorry, his sandals (well, flip flops actually) just don’t cut it!  This year, he will be getting new sandals that are approved by me!  And I know he will wear them because he’ll be afraid I’ll be offended if he doesn’t.  And of course, I’ll pretend that I will be!

5 Valentine’s Day Luxury Gift Ideas For Him


1. Valentino Rockstud Slide Sandals

Men Valentino Rockstud SandalYou knew this would be first on my list!  This is what I’m getting my husband this year for Valentine’s Day!  A lot of men, especially those with  an affinity for the outdoors, tend to feel more comfortable when they dress casually.   That’s fine as long as the jeans, shirt, and shoes are tasteful.  I’ve taken care of the clothing details but I’ve neglected luxury casual shoes.  My pick for casual, yet up-scale sandals, are the Valentino Men’s Rockstud Slide Sandals.  No matter what my hubby decides to wear, the signature Rockstud from Valentino always makes a statement.


2. Black Burberry Wallet

Mens Burberry WalletA few years ago, I bought my husband a Gucci wallet and they will last forever!  I would have recommended one to you but Gucci gets a bit flamboyant from time to time and this is one of those seasons!  Many men are looking for a black, slim wallet that is comfortable in the back pocket of their jeans.  Consider this beautiful leather wallet from Burberry.  The Hip Fold Pebbled Leather Wallet in black is perfect for any man!


3. Tom Ford Silk Tie

Luxury Valentines Gift IdeasMen buy tons of ties but many of them never splurge for a really special one.  I’ve always loved buying classy ties!  Plus, I know when I buy my husband a gorgeous tie, he will be thinking of me every time he wears it.  You can’t go wrong with anything from Tom Ford and a silk tie made in Italy like this one would like amazing with a black suit!



4. Creed Cologne

Creed Green Irish Tweed ColorneCreed scents are always top sellers but if you want their best-selling scent that is positively unforgettable, try Green Irish Tweet.  I don’t love the name of this cologne but confident men all over the world love wearing it!  It’s very masculine with top notes of lemon, verbena, and peppermint.  Middle notes of violet leaves and base notes of iris, sandalwood, and ambergris. Yes, it’s really sexy and yummy!

5. Burberry Scarf

Luxury Gift Ideas Him Burberry ScarfWe don’t wear scarves often in Phoenix but this is a favorite gift that I always have in mind for a man in the cold weather.  A Burberry scarf never goes out of style and it can it be worn with casual clothes or a business suit.  One of my favorite styles is the Giant Icon cashmere scarf.





I hope this gift list offers you some inspiration for romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas!  Other things I thought of were a Mont Blanc pen, cozy slippers, and a designer belt.  For me, men are just difficult to buy for (unless they make a list and they never do!)  I hope you  have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day whether you spend it with your husband or a good friend.  It’s not a just a day for romance but also a day to cherish special friends or family members in your life.

Lots of love to you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Valentine’s Day Luxury Gift Ideas For Him

  1. We are very low key for Valentine’s Day – we exchange cards and that’s about it. If it’s a weekday, we stay in to a home cooked meal. If it’s the weekend, we go out (as we typically do…) but nothing fancy.
    Your plans sounds lovely (and so great that Gigi can come too!) – I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3

    1. Sometimes we don’t even go out for dinner but this year we decided to do something! About every 3-4 years, I actually buy a gift. I think I was more excited this year that Gigi gets to go and of course, I’m going to solve the flip flops at nice restaurants problem. I’m super motivated! 😉

      Have a beautiful evening tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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