2B Colours Makeup Review: Hydrastick, Face Primer And Cheek Pop Blush

2B Colours

I am excited to share information and my experience with a brand that many of you in the US may not yet be familiar with: 2B Colours.  This is a budget friendly line that is focused on quality and innovation.  Products are widely available in France, Belgium and The Netherlands and are making their debut in 29 Ulta stores in the United States as well as on Ulta.com.   Before trying the products, my expectation was they would be good quality considering where they were being manufactured, primarily in Belgium and France.  What have you ever purchased in Belgium or France that is not chic, trendy and high quality?  The line places a strong emphasis on color so for those of you who really enjoy playing with wild colors and fun polish, mascaras, and shadows – this line has you covered.  However, there are also plenty neutrals and soft color selections so 2B is suitable for any demographic.

I received a box of products from the company and in the box were eye products, face products, and nail polish.   Today, I’m going to review the face products I’ve been testing. In the next few weeks,  I will share my thoughts on the nail polish and eye products.  I can tell you that I’ve been wearing two different nail polishes for over a week and even with washing dishes, I’ve had no chipping or fading.  That’s a big plus.  But let’s focus on the face products I’ve been playing with.  Please let me remind you, that while 2B Colours shared these products with me, I am giving you my honest and extremely particular opinion!  Anytime I don’t like a product, I intend to tell you what I didn’t like and that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be perfect for someone else.

2B Colours Review

Before I get into the 2B Colours makeup review and the products I tested, I want to share my first impressions.  I think first impressions are  important whether it’s people, products, food – anything!  While I have not previously tried this brand,  I was familiar with the name because their packaging had caught my eye in Ulta mailers.  Plus, Ulta will run specials where you can buy one product and get the second at 50% off.  You can also use Ulta coupons that come in the mail.  These are great opportunities to try the product and opportunities for me to get my hands on more.  As I mentioned earlier, they are budget friendly with products retailing for under $10.  Eye shadows are priced at $6, blush $8, nail polish $4 (some as less), mascara $6-$9 – very reasonable!  I think the nail polish colors are bright and cute (they have over 100),  shadows are colorful, and there is a good range of blush, gloss, and other items in the line.  Overall my first impression was positive and I adored their packaging.  It is super cute!

2B Colours Makeup Review – Face Products

2B Hydrastick in Rose

I carry lip balm around all the time.  I live in Phoenix and if I do not keep my lips hydrated and protected, they will be scorched.   The 2B Hydrastick balms have a hint of color so if you want a natural look, they can be worn alone.   They can also be worn as a base to any lipstick you choose.  The latter is how I have used the product.  The scent is mild and fresh, the formula is very soft and light on your lips (not waxy), and it serves as good base for any lipstick without affecting the color of the lipstick. The Hydrastick has the cutest packaging and the balm contains jojoba oil and sunscreen to keep your lips hydrated and protected.  I was very pleased with this product and I like the hint of color it adds which allows me to reapply during the day without reapplying lipstick.

2B Colours Hydrastick

2B Primer Base

Phoenix is a real challenge when it comes to getting makeup to last all day because of the extreme temperatures and we are already well over 100 degrees fahrenheit.  In the summer,  we hit 120 degrees and that will sweat and melt makeup right off your face.  A primer is a must and I’ve tried just about everything out there.  In my personal experience, using the most expensive and/or highest rated primers, I can  keep my makeup looking fresh for about  8-9 hours.  If there a primer out there that can go longer, I haven’t found it yet.  While using the 2B Primer Base, my makeup started to break up at the 8-9 hour mark and this was after going outside on a hot day.  So, what I can tell you about this primer is that it performs just as well as the highest rated primers I have used.

There were a couple things I noticed about this primer that were different than a lot of others I’ve tried and I really appreciated these qualities.  First, it is not silicone based so your skin doesn’t have that odd feeling of something sitting on the surface which also can lead to break outs.  Second, the product is similar to a light weight lotion.   While it’s not marketed as having moisturizing qualities, I believe it is mildly moisturizing.  In addition, it’s odorless, and it didn’t make my skin red when I applied it like some other brands have.  It is definitely suitable for sensitive skin.  This is a good primer that performs like most high end primers. The only thing I observed were my pores seemed a little more noticeable than when I use a primer specifically designed to hide pores.  For me this was very minor and by the time all my makeup was applied, my pores were no longer evident.   If you have very large pores that you want to conceal and this is a problematic area for you, this product may not be the right choice.

2B Colours Face Primer

Cheek Pop Blush

The 2B Cheek Pop Blush was not what I was expecting!  Before applying it, I swatched it and I thought it might not be pigmented enough.  I was quite mistaken.  What’s funny is, the same thing happened when I swatched Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush.  I didn’t think those would apply well or be pigmented enough but they are.  I thought this product was very similar to the Tarte blush.  2B’s Cheek Pop blew me away!  I was using #4 (there are 5 colors available).  Absolutely, hands down, you must give this a try!  I can’t speak for the other colors yet but they look to be just as pigmented.   2B Cheek Pop in #4 was gorgeous, matte, and a perfect pink that lasted all day.  It went on smooth and even and I was really pleased with it.   I want every one of these colors in my collection.  For $8 with a possible buy one get one half off or an Ulta coupon?  No way, would I pass up owning every Cheek Pop in the collection.  I’m hoping to see more in the future from 2B.

2B Colours Cheek Pop Review

2B Colours Cheek Pop 4 Review

Here’s a photo of me before I left for work today, proudly showing off my pink Cheek Pop!  I’m also wearing the Rose Hydrastick under a soft pink lipstick and the 2B Face Primer under my foundation.  Stay tuned and I will be back with a review on 2B nail polish, colored mascara, eyeshadow, and a liquid cat eyeliner!  I’m working up some fun looks!  Bye for now beauties!

 -Janine XO ~Abeautifulwhim

2B Colours review
Check out my blushing 2B cheeks! Thank you 2B Colours – I love it!!





8 thoughts on “2B Colours Makeup Review: Hydrastick, Face Primer And Cheek Pop Blush

  1. Yep still jealous of that hair lol! I haven’t heard of this brand, but the balm and blush look interesting. I love rose anything! And that blush looks amazing on you!

    1. Thank you on the hair. It’s a sensitive subject for me. In elementary school I had it cut short and someone didn’t know if I was a boy or girl. I’ve been terrified to ever cut more than like 1/2 inch off at any time. I was traumatized. I actually bought a new shampoo and conditioner today that is supposed to help hair grow faster. It’s new, we’ll see. I’m very curious about it. 2B Colours is really just now hitting the US. It’s in Belgium, France and Netherlands. Made there. So, it’s only in 29 or 30 Ulta stores but available on line. I was super impressed with the blush. I mean for 8.00 that blush was a great find. I’m buying all 5, I just was waiting for the Ulta ad that has a special for it. It’s a good line. I have some shadows and mascara to test too. I’m impressed with the quality. Usually it’s really hard to please me with non luxury products but I am happy with this line. I also love their nail polish. Glossy and cute still after 2 weeks. NOT BAD!

    1. The blushers are amazing! THe primer was great too – I mean it did everything my Hourglass and Make Up For Ever primers do. Every product is different for everyone but my experience was it was equally as good for me. Now, the blush I did back flips! I thought it was unbelievable for the price? Not just the price but the pigmentation and how smooth it went on. I’m ordering all of them from Ulta with the exception of one that looks just like one I have. I’m just waiting to see if it’s on special next week because it’s not on special this week. But the polish I’m wearing and it’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s still glossy with no chips! So, I think the products are great and I hope they expand into more Ulta stores so people can see them rather than only buy on line. I’m not sure which Ulta’s they are in… no far none near me.

      1. Aw man! And here I was planning to pick it up during the next run. =( Guess it’ll be a wishlist item for awhile.

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