2B Colours Nail Polish Review and My Sparkle Manicure

2B Colours beauty products

2B Colours is a popular cosmetic line in Europe which is now available in the US in select Ulta stores and on line at Ulta.com. In a previous review, I tested out some makeup and 2B Colours has great products.  My next discovery on the 2B Colours path was nail polish.  The line offers an enormous selection available in Europe and some of the most popular colors and styles are now available in the US.  The 2B Colours nail polish is very cute and comes in a wide variety of colors and fun styles.  In this post, I will share the available styles as well as the test results when I put this polish up against my most beloved brand.

2B Colours has a ton of great nail polish options.  I’ve seen new releases in their European line and I’m crossing my fingers we see those in the US soon. For example, scented polish, duos and sugar polish.  Doesn’t that sound adorable?  Raspberry or mint scented polish?   Let’s cross our fingers more comes our way but there’s plenty in the US already to start having fun with.  My most recent manicure was using 2B Mega Colours American Rose and this polish retails for under $1.00 on Ulta.com!   I added touch of glitter to give my nails some extra sparkle.

2B mega colors nail polish and nail design
2B Mega Colours Nail Polish – Sparkly Red Manicure


Hold on Ladies – Newsflash!  I was just on the Ulta website and as of today they have the new polish available!  I guess this is my lucky day.  Plus, I see more blush options and makeup on line too!   While I was putting together photos last night for this post, these new items were not available! They just came on line today!  Check out the scented polish, sugar nail polish and the color duos!   These are a must try and check out the prices! (Doing a little dance!)

The Mega Colours come in mini bottles and are just perfect for those of us who love to have lots of colors on hand.  The current collection in the US has 33 Mega Colours and below are some of my favorites.   Although, they are all great colors!  The clear one is a black light effect polish.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?  I don’t know if you could determine that in my photo.  I just realized I could actually get every color in the current mini collection for under $30.  Now that I just did that math, I might just order them all and make a cute  and colorful display in my bathroom!

2B Colours Nail Polish Minis
2B Mega Colours Nail Polish Minis –               Janine’s Favorite Picks

2B Colours Nail Polish Performance

Now, I’m just going to state the honest facts  about performance.  Please don’t shoot the messenger!   I’m here to tell you the truth and share my experience.  There’s no benefit or bonus for me whether I say something good or bad in this review.  It’s my opinion and it’s as simple as that.   I normally wear gel polish on my fingernails and regular polish on my toenails.  When I painted my nails with the Mega Colours Amber Rose polish that was the first regular polish I wore in several years on my fingernails.  I have acrylic nails so keep in mind polish will wear longer since the naturals oils produced by my nails, can’t disturb the enamel.

I had a manicure and used the Mega Colours four weeks ago and my photographs didn’t turn out so I didn’t publish a post at the time.  Two weeks later, I got another manicure using regular polish and that was my coral and pink color block nails using Essie polish.  Within 8-9 days, the Essie polish was chipping and cracking on my fingernails.  The 2B Colours polish never chipped or cracked during the two weeks I wore it.  It also stayed far more shiny.  The top coat which was the same I always use on my toes actually began to peel off the Essie manicure but that did not happen with the 2B Colours polish.  I’m not saying I don’t love the Essie colors or it’s not a good line.  It definitely is and I still like it.   I am simply telling you in my experience the 2B Colours polish for 79 cents performed better.  I was as shocked as you probably are reading this.  I didn’t do anything different using my hands and the 2B polish out performed Essie in shine and durability.  I tested both the Jeans Look polish and Mega Colours.  The Jeans Look is a matte polish so shine was not a factor in that one but it also proved to be more durable.  It didn’t chip or crack during the two weeks I wore it.

Other 2B Colours Nail Polish Collections

I wanted to share the other collections available at Ulta because I love this line.  They have vibrant colors and adorable themed polish.  After I created these collages for you, as I mentioned earlier,  even more polish options became available.  Definitely follow the links I included above and look at the other nail polish collections that were just released.  They are too cute not to check out.


2B Colours Leather Effect Nail Polish
2B Colours Leather Effect Nail Polish


2B Colours Feathers Nail Polish
2B Colours Feathers Nail Polish
2B Colours Jeans Look Nail Polish
2B Colours Jeans Look Nail Polish (I tested the product on the left)

I said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love 2B Colours!  This is a great, fun, whimsical and ultra budget friendly line of cosmetics!  Please tell me if you’ve tried anything from 2B Colours or if you plan on trying the nail polish and which one.  I’d really love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,

Janine -XO ~Abeautifulwhim




22 thoughts on “2B Colours Nail Polish Review and My Sparkle Manicure

  1. Cruelty free, to boot! I want to try one of the blush souffles…

    I’m loving the way Bordeaux looks in photos, definitely have my eye on that one, as well as Red Place and Rouge (what? I’m all about real reds). The Smell Me! in Orange and Papaya Mango looks absolutely adorable as well. <3 I love your picks, and your nails are so adorable! The glitter was a great addition. =)

  2. These are gorgeous! I want to have one but I don’t think they are available here. I’m from the Philippines. By the way, I love your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much I’m glad you love the blog. They may be available to order on the company website if they ship to the Philippines. Did you check?

    1. Lol. Oh perfect!!! No, not strong, just average. But….. They have new scented polish available (mint, pomegranate, raspberry, quite a few). They just came out like a couple days ago on Ulta.com. I haven’t tried but they sound adorable.

  3. wow, I just emailed Ulta last week about this brand and asking the ingredients. as I have sensitivities.I love the small cute bottles and colors, and now you telling us the great wear time I def want to get some.Do you know the ingredients? Is there any way you could share a picture of write down the ingredients pleaseeee? I would be so much appreciative:) Could you reply please and happy holidays dear :)Love your blog xoxo

  4. I would love to try 2B Colours Feathers Nail Polishes.. It looks so awesome. But I don’t think it will be available in India, I will be asking my friend to get it for me from US.Thanks for review… I enjoy reading your reviews.

    1. Definitely have someone send them from the US. The Mega Colours are adorable and only 79 cents. I want to try to the new ones they just came out with.

    1. Well, remember the nails are not real. They are acrylic overlays. That’s why they are so perfectly even. I have to get them filled every 2 weeks but I’m too rough on my hands and break my natural nails or bite them! So, these are nails of steel. LOL

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