10 Tips On How To Have A Better Morning

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When someone tells me they wake up at 4AM and exercise and arrive at their office by 7AM, I can’t figure out how they do it!  I’ve just figured out how to get up when the alarm goes off the first time, make it to work at a respectable hour, and have a productive morning.  I have a ways to go before I’m on the 4AM jogging plan but I’ve definitely discovered some tips that will help you have a better morning.  Enabling yourself to have a better morning is actually more important than you may think it is.  The first few hours of the day, can have a significant impact on your overall productivity for your entire day.  The early morning hours sets the stage for the day.  It’s important the morning time is a positive aspect of your day that sets you up for success.

Knowing what sets the tone for a positive morning is the key to making mornings better .  So, how do you have a successful morning?  What things can you do differently or add to your routine that will make you feel less grumpy and more cheerful in the morning?  I’ve been keeping track of different things and here are 10 tips to help you have a better morning which will lead to an overall better day!

10 Tips on How to Have a Better Morning

1.  Let there be light!

Light is a dreadful thought when you are trying to wake up, right?  But actually, our parents may have been onto something when they pranced in our bedrooms at 6AM and abruptly raised the blinds.  Natural light is known to control the body’s Circadian system and affects your mood and perception (in a good way).   Allowing natural light into your bedroom and your home in the morning will improve your ability to wake up and it will also improve your mood.

2.  Set your alarm 15-20 minutes earlier

Earlier doesn’t sound good, I know.  You’d much rather press snooze a few times.  I’ve been there.  But instead of snoozing, wake up 15 minutes earlier and listen to the news for a few minutes, your favorite talk show, music (nothing depressing), or just stretch.  Give some thought to the things things you want to accomplish that day and imagine what the perfect day would look like.

3.   Prepare things the night before

You’d be surprised at what a long way this tip will go!  Pick out your outfit, make a to-do list, and make your lunch if you take a lunch to school or the office.  I go as far as putting my coffee cup out with a spoon and sweetener so it’s all ready to go for me in the morning.  I make sure there’s water in the coffee maker too!  Think of all the time saved just having your outfit picked out for the day.

Morning outfit

4.  Have a light breakfast with protein

There are no pancakes and sausages cooking on week days in my house and actually I prefer a light breakfast.  Not only because I like it to be portable (if need be) but because I don’t want to clean dishes in the morning and I don’t want to come home to dirty dishes in the afternoon.  Besides, I’m forever on a diet.  So, I’ve found a great option that meets all my criteria!  Snackwell’s Biscuit Thins have hit the shelves at Walmart and I’m onto them!  I’ve never had anything from Snackwell’s that wasn’t fantastic and these newbies are no exception.  When Snackwell’s came out with these new breakfast biscuits (but good for a snack any time of day), I was thrilled!  Plus, Snackwell’s is always health conscious and that’s another thing I love about the brand.

How to Have a Better Morning

Snackwell’s Biscuit Thins  are a great source of protein and fiber.  There is no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, and they are convenient and portable.  Plus, they are made with real coffee.  Coffee lovers rejoice!  Each serving comes in an individual package and they have amazing flavors:  Caramel Macchiato, French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, or Dark Chocolate Mocha.  If you feel like you want a little something more, let me tell me you, an apple or banana plus these biscuits is absolute perfection!  But the apple!  I’m stopping there – just try the apple.

Visit Walmart to buy the SnackWell’s Biscuit Thins and don’t forget to print the $1.00 off coupon available to use on your next visit! #BiscuitBreak

Have a better morning

5.  Goodbye kisses

Don’t under value the power of love!  Take a moment and say goodbye if you have children leaving for school.  Don’t just wave them off.  Kiss them on the cheek.  Say goodbye and give everyone in the house a kiss that you love.  Skip the fish but don’t forget the dogs and cats.  Connecting with those you love is a proven way to reduce stress.

Have a better morning

6.  Say positive affirmations

This may seem insignificant and my husband laughs at me but before you knock it, try it.  When you begin your day on a positive note, it sets the stage for things to follow.  Look in the mirror and compliment yourself or say something like “I am going to give the best presentation ever this afternoon” or “I am going to write the most personable and charming blog post I ever have ever written today”.   If you need a little inspiration, guess what?  You’re in luck because the Snackwell’s Biscuit Thins that I suggested for breakfast earlier have positive affirmations written on them.  How about that?  If you can’t think of one, just look at the message on the biscuit and read it out loud.  You can even put some context around it but use it as inspiration and a reminder that saying positive affirmations makes a difference.

Snackwell's Biscuit Thins positive affirmations

7.    Leave the phone in the other room

Unless there is a specific need to be checking for something on your phone, set it aside while you are trying to get out of the house.  If the phone rings, of course, answer it.  But don’t get caught up with Instagram, Twitter, texting friends, and other things that can wait for a mid-morning break.  Honestly, I have lost 30 minutes to an hour of my morning without even realizing it getting caught up in social media in the morning on my phone.  Determine what is essential to what you need to achieve in the morning and stick with that.  Time will fly by so quick if you hit the world of Instagram, you will be chasing after yourself for hours to come.   Don’t go there.  Wait and check that stuff later when the time is right.

8.  Arrive on time

Whether it’s work, an appointment, or your office at the top of the stairs, you should have a window of time that you plan to arrive each day and make it.  If you have your morning planned out right and you laid out your clothes the night before, planned a convenient breakfast, and don’t get caught up on your phone – then you will make it on time to where ever you need to be.  If you have to rush out the door and sacrifice goodbyes and breakfast, you will feel stressed.  I’ve raced out the door, tossed my laptop bag on the seat of my car, grabbed a breakfast from my freezer that I didn’t want, and sped off to work countless times.  I race in the door feeling as if I’ve let everyone down, including myself, especially when I have a fresh speeding ticket in my purse.  No lies here.  It has happened several times.  Stick to your plans and avoid the distractions so you can arrive on time.

9.  Have a mid-morning snack

Once I settle in at work, I look forward to a cup of tea or coffee and a mid-morning snack.  It sort of breaks up the day a bit and makes lunch arrive a bit quicker.  This is also a great time for you to turn away from what you are doing for 15 or 20 minutes and assess how your day is going.  Are you on track?  Do you need to make any adjustments?  Also, this is a good time while snacking to check Twitter or Instagram and see what’s going on in the world of social media.  Just don’t let time get away from you.  If you are afraid it will, set you alarm as a reminder.  Use this time to revitalize and keep your momentum going.  I like to keep Snackwell’s Biscuit Thins in my office for snacking too.  Since they are made with real coffee, it’s a great pick me up and a very enjoyable morning snack.

10.  Have a positive attitude

This is so important.  I think people fail to realize how much your attitude affects the way you interact with people and your ability to be productive.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive especially if you aren’t feeling yourself or something or someone has upset you.  Granted there are times you just need to step away but usually the things that you encounter on a typical day present an option.  You can let the little things bother you or you can approach them logically.  Are they really significant enough to let them affect your attitude?  The more positive you are, the better the influence you are on others.  You will be more productive, creative, and patient if you maintain a positive attitude.  This is especially important in the morning.  If you go sour early on, you risk impacting your productivity and how your feel for the entire day.  You can also have affect how others feel.

Change is not always easy but if you need to make a lot of changes to improve your mornings, take things slowly.  You don’t have to do all it once and building new habits takes time.   Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t make changes to improve but rather convince yourself that you can.  Then introduce changes at your own pace.  If you need to reevaluate your schedule because your commute is longer or you need more time to get your kids off to school, then do that and make adjustments.  Keep making adjustments until your have a good solid routine.  Assess things a week or a month down the road and  I bet you have better and brighter mornings that lead to better days.

Do you have a tip to share that would be help people have a better morning?  If you do, then you must share!  I would certainly love to hear from you and I always love to receive comments.

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22 thoughts on “10 Tips On How To Have A Better Morning

    1. I used to press snooze a few times and then I would just turn the alarm off (not evening knowing I was doing it) and wake up an hour or more late. After a few major failures with that routine, I had to think about some changes. Morning are really hard for me! =(

  1. All of this sounds great, and I am always going to bed early wanting to wake up early and work out and feel refreshed… but I always wake up feeling like grumpy cat! lol! I guess all I can do is keep trying harder!

  2. Those are really all great tips and I just love those affirmations. I’ve found that when I say something positive my days go back so much nicer. I love that Snackwell Biscuit Thins also has them on there so I can read them daily too.

  3. I truly love this list, I am going to give it a try tomorrow with my family. I always remind myself eating a proper breakfast or at least providing myself with a delicious snack like Snackwells is very important when it comes to keeping your energy up.

    1. I had 2 packages of those biscuits today. I think I like them a little too much! I hope the tips work for you. They have really helped me and I struggle so much in the mornings!

  4. Great tips! For me, preparing the night before makes the WORLD of difference. If I haven’t made my lunch the night before, you can guarantee I’m grabbing a hot pocket out of the freezer!

  5. Ugh.. 4:00AM .. I don’t want to fathom being awake at that hour unless I’ve stayed up that late or need to be up that early for something really important. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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