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People always ask me what the best makeup products are and what do I repurchase.  I thought I’d put together a list of my top 10 favorite makeup products that I simply can’t live without.  Despite everything I purchase and experiment with, this the makeup that I use on a regular basis and always have on my vanity.  And when I’m traveling?  These are things that always go with me!

The 10 Best Makeup Products 

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

The Magic Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite foundation but no matter what foundation I’m wearing, I always mix it with Flawless Filter before applying it to my skin.  I love the radiant finish it gives without going over the top, making me look too dewy, or unnatural.  Flawless Filter is perfection and truly gives skin a flawless finish.

TIP: One VERY important thing to note is on many people, Flawless Filter will oxidize a bit.  Choose a shade that is lighter than what you would normally use.   I wear the Magic Foundation in Shade 6 and have Flawless Filter in shades 1 and 3.best makeup Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in A Palette

This product is new to my makeup collection but I fell in love with it instantly!  Now, I want all the Instant Look in A Palette combinations.  This one has been hit or miss for a lot of reviewers but I’m in love it for several reasons.  First, these are ideal for travel and the blush shades are beautiful!  Second, all the shades coordinate and can be used to create a beautiful eye look (including the blush and highlight).  I also love the highlighter in this palette.  This is the Smokey Palette but there are several others that I imagine are equally as beautiful.

10 best makeup productsTatcha Silk Canvas

I don’t use makeup primers often but this year I discovered Tatcha Silk Canvas.  I can’t put this down!  When I’m wearing this under foundation, my skin is flawless.  It hides pores and other imperfections and makeup goes on more evenly with this as a base.  A big benefit of this product is the protective barrier it creates between makeup and your skin.  It helps to prevent clogged pores that can lead to breakouts.  Tatcha has also incorporated anti-aging ingredients including green tea, and algae to help restore skin and radiance. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I’ve probably tried every concealer on the market because I’m obsessed with the skin under my eyes.  This is the best concealer I’ve ever used.  There are a few others that I really like but nothing has beat the results I get from this concealer.  NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer doesn’t just perfect the under eye area, it offers long-term benefits to improve skin resilience and increase hydration.  The formula contains vitamin E, magnolia bark extract, and grapeseed oil.  The beneficial ingredients also help to reduce the appearance of redness.  I can’t live without this concealer!

best makeup concealer NARS

Tom Ford Lip Color in Spanish Pink

I’ve never been disappointed by a Tom Ford product, especially the lipsticks!  The luminosity and finish of the Tom Ford Lipsticks are amazing!  It’s hard to find a nude lipstick that isn’t too peach or pink.  Leave it to Tom Ford to create the perfect one!  Spanish Pink is the ideal pink nude shade.  Regardless of your skin tone, this shade finishes off any look with the most beautiful glow!  Don’t bother trying the dupes because none of them have the same luminosity, saturated color, or exotic ingredients used in Tom Ford Lipsticks.  These are long wearing and truly one of a kind!  Worth every cent!  I am obsessed with this shade and when I’m not sure what to wear, I just reach for this one and I love it every single time!

Best makeup nude lipstick

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage

Another must-have is the Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage.  I could survive with this palette alone.  The only thing I need anything else for is a pop of color.  This palette has three neutral matte shades and one brown satin. Each shade blends out perfectly and I feel like the formula is different with the eyeshadows in this palette.  I will use this palette with every eyeshadow look I create.  The colors literally blend themselves.  You don’t even need a great brush (although that makes the experience even better).  The colors are pigmented, long-wearing, perfect neutral shades, and blend effortlessly.  Not every Tom Ford eyeshadow applies like these but whatever they did with Cocoa Mirage is positively magical.

Tom Ford Quad Cocoa Mirage

Givenchy Prisme Libre Powder

Givenchy has various shades of this powder and I own every one for light and medium skin!  I use this as a finishing powder and it transforms my makeup.  I am not a huge fan of translucent powder to set my foundation, I find a light dusting of MAC Studio Fix or Mineralized Powder works best for me.  Once all my makeup is on, I use a super soft blue squirrel brush to dust this all over my face and the finish is absolutely flawless.  

If I had to pick a favorite shade, it would be Taffetas Beige. The color combinations in all the Givenchy Prisme Libre powders even out the appearance of skin tone, enhance radiance and provide a matte finish.  The formula and the pigments are treated with an exclusive process that creates a perfectly uniform and natural-looking result.

Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Tom Ford Liquid Liner

One of the things I loved about the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner was the brush applicator.  However, I discussed why the Kat Von D product is a huge fail in a previous article.  What a piece of crap that liner truly is!  I was so happy to discover a great liquid eyeliner.  The Tom Ford Liquid Liner trumps all others.  It has a brush tip applicator on one end that continuously works (unlike the Kat Von D one which WILL crap out on you) and the other end is a fine felt tip.  The liner is jet black and it lasts all day with no fade.  What I love the most is the precision line you can create with either tip of this pen.  It’s just unbeatable.  Once I got my hands on this liner, I threw away all the others I had.  While it’s more expensive, I only have to buy one now.  I used to buy several because I was continuously disappointed or looking for something a little better than what I had.  This one is simply the best!

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Setting under eye makeup was always a problem for me until I discovered Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder.  Many translucent setting powders or high definition powders will introduce flashback (you’ve probably seen the makeup malfunction photos on the red carpet with this problem).  This powder doesn’t create any flashback.  It sets the undereye makeup without ever creasing, looking cakey, or chalky.  Also, if you compare it to other powders you use to set your undereye products, you’ll be able to see how this offers a subtle brightening effect.  A little goes a long way.  I’ve found the jar will last me about two years!  
Color corrector

Lancome Camouflage Color Corrector

I struggled for a long time to conceal dark circles under my eyes until I discovered the Lancome Color Corrector.  I use the peach (orange-red) but they also make a red shade for darker skin.  Other shades are available to conceal redness, brighten, and highlight.  These Lancome products are highly pigmented and this lends to their effectiveness. Plus, a tiny amount goes a long way.  This corrector is thick but it doesn’t sit on top of the skin, it blends out well.  I’ve found it to the best at hiding the blue tinge from dark under eye circles.

I hope this list helps you discover new makeup products that will work for you!  Always keep in mind (at least in the United States), most stores like Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta, and other large retailers will let you return a product even if you opened it and tested it.  

What are some of your absolute holy grail makeup products?  If you have some amazing to share, please leave it in the comments below.  I’m sure others will love to hear your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “10 Best Luxury Makeup Products

    1. I use Flawless Filter every day!!! Sometimes I apply it under the makeup and other times I blend it with my foundation. It creates a beautiful finish! Just keep in mind it can oxidize a little bit so go a tad lighter vs darker. xoxoxoxo you will LOVE it.

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  2. All the products listed here are sound good. I really liked all reviews. I wish I could use at least few of them. If I change the brands frequently will it damage the skin? I was looking for beauty tips and found your blog. Because of my sensitive skin type I am using Vegan friendly beauty products now. Well I really like to have Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage from your list.

    1. I change brands all the time and it has never damaged my skin or anyone I know. If you have sensitivities to certain ingredients, you would need to be on the lookout for that so you don’t react to an ingredient that you are getting exposed to. I must check out the vegan products you mentioned!

      Lots of love and Happy New Year!

  3. Some really gorgeous products showcased here, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous picks with us! I have heard some really positive things about Spanish Pink, a friend of mine wore that on her wedding day actually as far as memory recalls 🙂

    Charlotte Tilbury are a gorgeous brand, and picked a pro makeup artist to work with the line on my hubby and I’s wedding day, really very impressed with the product quality and the professionalism of the artist on our big day.

    Haven’t tried too much from Laura Mercier but I love a good translucent powder, and quite keen to discover more from her brand.

    Hope you’re well and wishing you a very Happy Saturday!

    Laura xo

    1. Spanish Pink would be so beautiful on a bride. Somehow, it makes the complexion look glowy but I’m not sure what is it. Something in the color base, I’m sure. It’s simply stunning! For bridal makeup, you will love Charlotte Tilbury. It’s so gorgeous! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Kisses! xox


  4. These are great products! Thanks for sharing your faves! I won a giveaway a while back and got some Charlotte Tillburry pieces I loved, but I’ve not yet replaced them yet. maybe one day 🙂

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and your 2019 has been off to a great start 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you and a lovely weekend to you too! The Charlotte Tilbury line is absolutely WONDERFUL. I just got their liquid contour (comes in a tube) and OMG, that stuff is amazing. It’s really a great line. Happy 2019! XOX

  5. I agree on the CT Instant Look in a Palette! I love bringing mine for travel – I have the Beauty Glow version and all the products inside work so nicely together.
    The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer would be one of my favourites if only I can find a good shade match. The formula is so nice.

    Everyone has been raving about that Tatcha Silk Canvas. I need to touch it in-store to see if I like it. Usually I prefer more fluid hydrating primers than pore filling ones.

    I bought the Givenchy Prisme Libre Powder in Mousseline Pastel and I don’t love it… it looks ashy on me and doesn’t perform any better than drugstore loose powders.
    Ya know, I need to go back to that Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Right now I’m using the ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder which is rather drying, contrary to its name!

    A luxury product that lives up to the hype for me is the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – it makes the skin so flawless!

    1. Some people were so disappointed by the Look in a Palettes but I love the smokey one. God, it’s the greatest thing for travel EVER! I definitely am going to order more and I will be doing more business travel in 2019, so I’m glad to find a LOVE for travel too! So, for the NARS.. did you know they added a bunch of new shades? I always mix shades too and for NARS foundation, I always used Santa Fe which was a tad yellow for me. Now, with their new shades, I can get a better match which I’m thrilled about! If I couldn’t use Radiant Creamy, I do love Shape Tape (although it’s more drying) and several others come in for a close #2!

      So, for the Givenchy powders… I’d suggest trying a different shade. There are apricot, pink, and blue/green based. The Mousseline Pastel is blue-green and very fair. Try the Voile Rose … it’s warm and apricot based. You may just have the wrong shade, they are all quite different. I have like 6 or 7 and I’m beyond obsessed. I have the ByTerry powder too but that one is a tad white so I feel like I may get flashback – have you ever gotten it with that product?

      I absolutely MUST try the Armani Silk Foundation. OMG, I got to go to Neiman where I can do an in-person color match. I just picked up NARS Sheer Glow last night at Sephora for lighter makeup days in 1.5 which is now a perfect match!

      Happy New Year babe!! Cheers to 2019! XXOXOXO

  6. These all sound so dreamy! That Tom Ford eye quad looks like just what everyone needs in their life! ? I love high end make-up, it’s truly such an experience using them. My holy grail will always be Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation; I adore a good dewy foundation. I also adore Chanel lipsticks. Even though they don’t last extremely long on the lips, there’s just something magical about them and I can’t get enough.

    1. That Tom Ford quad is my life! I use it every day and then if I want to add any color, I build that in with another palette. The formula is just so incredibly good with the shadows in this palette. So, the Lancome Foundations are number 2 for me in my foundation favorites and I love that they have a lot of variations in shades so almost anymore can get a good match. I don’t have many Chanel lipsticks (maybe 1) – but that’s because I am hooked in Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I should try more Chanel. Thanks for stopping in! oxoxoo Happy New Year to you and your fur baby friends!

      1. I really need to try the Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. ? I suppose it’s a good thing they aren’t that easily accessible here in SA. ? Well, Tom Ford is the easiest to come by but my nearest counter is just that bit out of my way and Charlotte Tilbury I could only shop online here. I am sure I would just fall head over heels for their products. ? Especially since you like them, I trust your opinion. I am just a huge Chanel cosmetics fan in general though. I love their base products too and there is a counter very close to me. ? Happy New Year to you and Gigi too. ? And soon your new little guy will be home with you too. ? xxx

        1. I love them both for different products. The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are more affordable but the Tom Ford nudes have a bigger range of shades. The Charlotte Tilbury nudes pull peach on me whereas TF has every nude possible from peach – pink – beige – mauve… I love Chanel too. I just get caught at the Tom Ford counter before I can anywhere else and then by that time, it’s all over. But that Spanish Pink lipstick they have – OMG – to die for!

          Happy New Year! XOXOXO

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